What Type Of Hair Do I Have?


To know your type of hair means to be able to pick better hair care, including shampoo, hair masks, and even hair dye. There are multiple numbers of factors, but I picked the most crucial to identify the type of your hair. It does not take too much time.

Hello, everyone, Chloe is here again! I am a professional hairdresser, personal stylist, and hair beauty advisor.

Density Of Your Hair

Density or the number of hair you have on the head is crucial when you are trying to dye it and don’t know how much of the bottle you will use. It is a mistake to think that the diameter of hair defines its density. You can have thick density and thin individual strands. Look at mirror and take one section of your hair and pull it to another side. How well can you see your scalp?

  1. Thin density reveals your scalp easily.
  2. Medium density reveals scalp only partly, underneath your hair.
  3. Thick density does not allow you to see scalp so good, you can only see tiny white pieces of your skin.


Natural hair types are also divided by the diameter of the hair. One hair strand can tell you whether you have thick or thin hair and whether you need to use a conditioner or not. All you need is a single hair strand, pressed between your middle and index fingers:

  1. Thin hair barely feels between fingers. Sometimes it is hardly visible.
  2. Medium hair slightly feels between fingers.
  3. Thick hair is perfectly seen and felt.

Another way to reveal the type of your hair strand is to compare it to the standard sewing thread. Thick hair will be bigger than thread, while thin will not reach it. Medium hair will be equal to a thread.

Hair Porosity

It is vital information if you need to know how your hair absorbs water and moisturizers. Higher porosity means the hair absorbs and keeps products better. To find out the level of porosity, take a cup of water and put down hair strand:

  1. High porosity – the hair sinks entirely to the bottom of the cup. Owners of hair with high porosity are able to notice it after washing the hair. It dries up quickly.
  2. Normal or medium one shows the hair floating, half in the water, half on a surface. After the shower, such hair will be wet and not sticky.
  3. Low-level porosity shows hair floating on the surface. You will have to dry it longer than others and it poorly absorbs water.


The information of natural greasiness of your hair identifies the number of times you need to wash your hair per week. You will need it while you are picking shampoo. Wash your hair and go to bed, don’t use the hairdryer. After waking up, press clean tissue to the scalp. Check the amount of oil:

  1. Oily hair leaves heavily greasy marks on the tissue. You will probably need to wash your hair up to 5 days a week.
  2. Dry hair does not leave any marks of oil. You will need extra moisturizes for it.
  3. Combination hair leaves marks from specific regions of the scalp, not big.

Straight And Curly Hair Types

You may already know which type you have, but there are several details you can miss. Kinky, wavy, curly, straight. Do you know there are different types of these types? All you need is to look closely:

  1. Straight hair is simple to recognize. Usually, it is hard to curl, flat from roots to the ends.
  2. Wavy hair can be divided into think, thick and medium types. Besides that, wavy hair is in between straight and curly. There are slight curls to the end of the hair, usually with a thick diameter.
  3. Curly hair can be loose, tight and medium. Curls are almost irrespective of straightening. It takes a lot of time to make them straight. It tangles really quickly.
  4. Kinky hair can be soft, wiry and extra wiry. It is soft and fragile to damage. This type of hair needs additional care.

Now you are better educated on the existing types of hair and can determine your own. It allows you to buy right hair products and provide your daily care on the new level of professionalism. Test yourself before going to the beauty store next time.


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