Top Tips On How To Fix Orange Hair


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My name is Olivia Sanders, and I am a personal styling consultant from Florida. I am familiar with multiple hair issues, and, in particular, I know how to fix a bad dye job.

How To Fix A Bad Hair Dye Job: Orange Hair Color Problem

Hair turns orange after the dyeing? No worries! It is a frequent problem even among my clients. This problem is known to both first-time dyers and those who have been dying their hair for years. If you have naturally dark hair and decided to dye it blonde, unprofessional dying might very soon make you look for an answer on how to fix orange roots with dark brown hair. In this case, it is impossible to wash the color out or hide it. The best option here is another hair coloring session. Dyeing orange roots in cold dark tone is a great choice. This way you will highlight blond locks and give your roots some rest until the next appointment with your stylist.

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How To Fix Orange Hair With Box Dye

Another option is to use dying toners and color balsams of cold tones. I highly recommend choosing blond colors with a cool undertone, such as ash blond or grey blond shades. You can also pay attention to additional after-dye support, such as coloring hair balsam. Purple and blue shampoos will help your hair remain beautiful long after box dying. Besides, it’s a perfect solution for those who want to know how to fix orange hair after bleaching, because coloring balsams will give you the desired color without damaging your hair.

Blonde Hair Gone Orange: How To Fix

Proper hair care is really important, and in cases when blond hair has turned orange, fixing it is an issue tied to your overall hair care routine. Seeking professional care in hair treatment and styling is essential. Shampoos with “silver” mark proved to be an excellent remedy for washing out orange pigment on an everyday basis.

Keep the shampoo on your hair for 1-2 minutes and then wash it thoroughly with warm water. This recipe works great not just for lightening up the darker hair tone, but also for washing out the bleached undesired tone of blond hair. Those two problems require using professional hair care and styling tools.

Major Advice On Fixing Bleached Hair That Turned Orange: Go To Professional Stylist

To sum up, I want to say that it is highly recommended to dye your hair at professional hair salons, especially if you’re going to change your dark hair color to blonde or to bleach your hair roots. Lack of knowledge in this area is the main reason women (and sometimes men) keep suffering from the awful orange tone.

Although this problem can be fixed after additional hair bleaching and dying it to cold tones, it is possible to give them rest and still look perfect. If you seek a solution of how to fix dyed hair that turned orange and want to keep your hair healthy, I’d recommend using professional hair shampoo with “silver” mark and coloring hair balsam. These products can remove undesired color without additional stress for your hair. All these tips will help you learn how to fix dyed hair that turned orange pretty fast without extra expenses.


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