Top 11 Best Christmas Tree Stands Reviews in 2023

Christmas Tree Stands

Most people incorporate a tree to celebrate the holidays. The best Christmas tree stand is an excellent alternative to keep the festive mood extended. It is compact but supports a large tree with a sizeable trunk diameter. Also, you don’t need to use special setup tools to finish the placement. In this review, we look at the best Christmas tree stands in 2023.

List Of The Best Christmas Tree Stands In 2023

EasyGoProducts EGP-TREE-002 InstaTree XXL Fast & Easy Christmas Stand-Holds Tree…Check It Now
Dyno Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand – for Real Trees Up to 10′Check It Now
Good Tidings C163 Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand, GreenCheck It Now
Cinco C-148 Classic Tree Stand For Up To 10′ Trees, MediumCheck It Now
National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 7.5-Feet to 8-Feet Trees, Fits…Check It Now
Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Christmas Tree Stand for Up to 7.5ft…Check It Now
Home Heritage Rotating Christmas Tree Stand with Plug for Trees up to 9 Feet…Check It Now
Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand for Trees 5 to 12 FootCheck It Now
JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand, for Trees Up to 12-Feet, 1.7-Gallon…Check It Now
Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand, GreenCheck It Now

#11. John Wright Company JWR61701 Cast Iron Heirloom Christmas Tree Stand

John Wright Company JWR61701 Cast Iron Heirloom Christmas Tree Stand

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By: Good Tidings

Clean lines and bold colors give this tree mount a classic look. Its red finish adds a pop of color that works well during the Christmas season. Not only that but also this tone is popular among most age groups from the young to the old. Cast in iron, this item has an enamel coat that helps to resist chipping and rusting. You don’t have to worry about damage, hence gives you value for money to add it as a family decor for an extended period. The brass-plated hardware and centering spike offer better stability than the other tree stands to hold an 8ft live tree steadily.

Measuring 14″ square, this accessory comes with a 6″ deep reservoir. The dimensions take minimal floor space, perfect for most places. You can use it in your living room during the festivities to bring out a cheery mood. Besides, if you have a friend, loved one, or family member that needs an attractive and yet functional tree holder, this is an excellent gift. It is lightweight and easy to use as you mount your Christmas tree.In Short:

  • Has a bold color with clean lines for a classic look
  • Suitable for Christmas holiday
  • Supports up to 8ft tree
  • Quality rust-resistant enamel coating
  • Deep 6-inch reservoir

#10. EasyGoProducts EGP-TREE-002 InstaTree XXL

EasyGoProducts EGP-TREE-002 InstaTree XXL

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By: EasyGoProducts

This holder is among the best Christmas tree stands that give you a more advanced operation. Using the ergonomic foot pedal, you can adjust the tree trunk to a secure position. Not only that, but the lever lets you tighten the setting while holding the tree straight. This makes it easier to mount without assistance or the use of special tools to give you a smooth operation. The pedal is made of quality material that can withstand constant foot pressure and still delivers the expected service. With a wide and sturdy structure, it holds trunks that have between 1.5 to the 6.5-inch diameter and under 14.5 feet.

As earlier stated, the foot pedal adjusts the position safely, but you can also control the tension of your trunk grip. Then, it locks the angle for more convenience and safety to prevent unnecessary movements. In addition, this accessory features a water level indicator that shows the waterline and when you need to add more. It’s easy to read and eliminates the need for removing your trunk to see the water point. Plus, a large water tank is spacious to lessen the times you add in liquid.In Short:

  • It comes with an easy to use foot lever
  • Simple mounting and tightening the tree position
  • Supports up to 14.5ft trees
  • Suitable for trunks between 1.5-6.5 inches
  • Convenient waterline indicator

#9. Dyno Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand

Dyno Swivel Straight 1-Minute Christmas Tree Stand

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By: Dyno

Getting the best Christmas tree stand that gives you maximum stability can be difficult. You don’t have to search anymore for one because Dyno is made with safety in mind. Using quality material, it supports up to 10ft real tree without breaking, wearing out, or deteriorating in performance. That means you can use it for an extended time for all Christmas holidays, saving you money. With straight swivel functionality, the installation is quicker and more comfortable, just under 1 minute. Hold your tree straight and mount on the holder by clamping, raising, and swiveling it directly on the stand.

Moreover, this product has a large water tank that accommodates water up to 3.5 quarts. That is more than enough to prevent constant filling, unlike the other designs. An advantage is the lovely green finish. It blends well with most Christmas decorations such as ornaments, lighting, and much more. The color also has a lively feel suitable for most rooms like the living area. Manufactured in China, it is appealing and uses small floor space. It measures 20 x 20 x 10.5 inches for easy setup. With around 10 pound-weight, it is easier to install, uninstall, and even clean. Now you have additional decor for the holidays.In Short:

  • Provides maximum tree stability
  • Ideal for trees with under 10ft height
  • Smooth-swiveling function
  • Simple to mount by clamping, raising and placing
  • A functional Christmas decoration

#8. Good Tidings CNCC163 Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand, Black

Good Tidings CNCC163 Cinco Tabletop Christmas Tree Stand, Black

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By: Good Tidings

Let us look at another best Christmas tree stand from a reliable company known as Good Tidings. Boasting of a black finish, it has a lasting appeal suitable for all occasions. The color wipes clean and coordinates well with other Christmas decors such as an ornament, table cloths, and much more. The Cinco tree mount comes with a patented reservoir that holds water securely. Not only that, but the spill guard is an excellent element to prevent leaks when mounting your tree. This item features cut-away sides and an elevated bolt post to avoid damage to the bottom branches. They will look healthy for an extended time to get you through the Christmas holidays.

Made of anti-break polypropylene, it delivers great strength to bear constant pressures. Also, the material is weather-proof perfect for both low and high temperatures. The tempered steel spikes are easy to maintain and clean. They are also rust-proof and keep your tree from twisting or shifting after mounting. In addition, this holder

is quick to assemble and take down than the other brands. With a dimension of 14 x 14 x 8 inches, it holds up to 5ft tree height and has a 3-inch diameter. Besides, its 1-pound weight makes it lightweight and yer sturdy to give you an excellent service.In Short:

  • The black finish offers a timeless appeal
  • It has a patented reservoir for holding water safely
  • A spill guard prevents leaks
  • Built from weather-proof and anti-break polypropylene
  • Lightweight 1-pound design

#7. Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand For Up To 10′ Trees, Medium

Cinco C-148E Express Tree Stand For Up To 10' Trees, Medium

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By: Good Tidings

If you are looking for the best Christmas tree stand with a medium size, you have found it. The Good Tidings holder is perfect for 10ft real trees to offer maximum support. Also, the truck size should be 7 inches to make the set up smooth. Hold your tree straight and swivel down to the mount to enjoy a stable service. Measuring 20 x 20 x 8 inches, the structure accommodates a large 2-gallon water reservoir. The tank is spacious and minimizes constant filling perfect for someone with a busy lifestyle.

An innovative push-pull ratchet system improves the assembly and disassemble. Push and the ratchet when setting up your tree to eliminate the use of special tools. This gadget has three galvanized pins in the base’s center to aid in quick locking and to centralize. That means your tree gets the perfect position and angle before the last adjustment. We take note of the neat leather fabric finish with a convenient deep spill guard plus and substantial screw holes. They work together to guarantee a reliable and lasting service that requires minimal maintenance.In Short:

  • It has a medium size that supports up to 10ft trees
  • Comes with a big 2-gallon water tank
  • Simple to use the pull-push ratchet
  • Strong and reliable galvanized pins
  • The spill guard prevents spills

#6. National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand For 7.5-Feet To 8-Feet Trees

National Tree 28-Inch Folding Tree Stand for 7.5-Feet to 8-Feet Trees

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By: National Tree Company

There is no need to use the bulky tree holders that require too many hassles and efforts for mounting. Instead, invest in the National Tree’s best Christmas stand that has a lightweight structure weighing just 3 pounds. That means easy placement to an ideal area that fits your home design as well as a holiday mood. With a compact frame measuring 28.8 x 7.5 x 2.5 inches, it occupies only the necessary floor room. Besides, this device fits a pole with a 1.25-inch diameter for the best stability.

With the included thumb screws, they secure your holder to a tree pole. Also, the clear guide makes assembly is a breeze. Follow the instructions and place your tree to start the decorating process. This accessory supports a tree that has between 7.5ft – 8ft height. For simple storage, fold the legs flat and put inside a closet, garage, and even attic. Made of sturdy steel, longevity is a guarantee. The material does not rust and brings out a shiny appeal to coordinate with the holiday mood.In Short:

  • Lightweight construction
  • Simple to install
  • The thumbscrews improve stability
  • Simple to fold the legs
  • Anti-rust and longlasting steel

#5. Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand

Best Choice Products 360-Degree Rotating Adjustable Christmas Tree Stand

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By: Best Choice Products

The overall dimensions for this tree stand are 26 inches long x 26 inches wide x 7.5 inches high. This size is perfect for medium to large spaces that have a high ceiling or open plan. Also, its sturdy weighted design can hold up to an 80-pound tree with a diameter between 0.9 to 1.25 inches. Set your 7.5ft tree and enjoy maximum stability for you to decorate it with your preferred ornaments.

With a 360-degree swivel, this item rotates in all directions making it more flexible than the other static models. It spins every 70 seconds as you showcase the lovely decor to your friends and visitors. Moreover, this product is durable and versatile, thanks to quality construction. It comes with three settings to give you a smooth operation. You can swivel the tree with lights on, turn lights on without spin or power off the lights. Plus, the inbuilt outlets in the base connect Christmas lights while preventing cords from getting wound up.In Short:

  • Compact dimension has a 26-inch width
  • Its sturdy design supports an 80-pound tree
  • Flexible 360-degree swivel function
  • The mount spins every 70 seconds
  • The prong outlets prevent wire entanglement

#4. Home Heritage Rotating Christmas Tree Stand With Plug

Home Heritage Rotating Christmas Tree Stand with Plug

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By: Home Heritage

The standard tree holders only support the tree without additional benefits. But you can invest in the Home Heritage stand that comes with a plug for a multipurpose service. Plug the cord into the bottom and then insert the base wire into the outlet. This lights up the tree for a bright effect to improve the current ambiance. Note that the included pre-lit trees have around 1700 bulbs for more brightness. It also saves space for mounting most lighting system to give you an easy assembly. With a 22-inch diameter, this accessory works well with 1, 1.125, and 1.1.75″ diameter Christmas tree poles. For more beauty, this device boasts of a gold finish that stands out from the typical, green, or black tones.

If you have a tree with less than 9ft height, this is an ideal mount. It also accommodates up to 120-pound weight without falling or toppling over. Now, you can showcase your tree to guests when they come for a visit. The finish, support, and design make it the perfect holiday gift to give to a loved one for the holidays. It swivels in a steady and smooth motion to reveal all the ornaments and decor your tree has.In Short:

  • Supports and lights up your tree
  • Quick plugging for a bright ambiance
  • For up to 9ft Christmas trees
  • A lovely gold tone
  • Steady and smooth motion

#3. Goliath Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand For Trees 5 To 12 Foot

Goliath welded steel Christmas Tree Stand for Trees 5 to 12 Foot

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By: Goliath Christmas Tree Stands

Get value for your money with the Goliath tree stand. Constructed with safety in mind, it ensures your tree doesn’t tip or fall over during and after installation. Using a heavy-duty material with premium powder-coating, it delivers maximum strength to keep your Christmas tree stable. The coat also prevents rust and corrosion from keeping the overall structure looking great at all times. Whether accidental splashes come into contact, you can wipe them off using a dry cloth. Another thing is the big tank that holds up to 9-gallon of water. This eliminates frequent filling that results in inconveniences and too many hassles. In addition, this item is perfect for multiple locations with a high ceiling or open-plan, such as a living room.

The design of this tree holder is perfect for trees between 5 to 12ft height. That means small, medium, and large Christmas trees get maximum support. Not only that, but the 28″ leg span has better steadiness to accommodate a 7-inch trunk. This accessory comes with four steel screws with end caps for durability and safety. Measuring 28 x 28 x 9 inches, it is spacious enough but uses only the required floor space. Mounting and placement are easy, thanks to its 9.8-pound lightweight construction.In Short:

  • Value for money and safe
  • Heavy-duty material is anti-rust
  • A large 9-gallon water tank
  • For places with high ceiling
  • Supportive steel screws with end caps

#2. JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

JACK-POST Welded Steel Christmas Tree Stand

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We love the Jack-post best Christmas tree stand because it supports tree with a 7-inch trunk and measuring under 12 feet. Its maximum height compatibility is more than other tree mounts to give you a stable service. With a 29.75-inch leg span, it has better stability as well as strength. We understand the constant reservoir water filling can get hectic. That’s why this item comes with a large tank that accommodates water up to 1.7 gallons. Not only that, but it is also easy to fill to give you a straightforward operation.

An added advantage is the four T-nut eye bolts made from welded tubular steel. The material is durable and longlasting without rusting, fading, or wearing out quickly. All the bolts hold your tree trunk in a secure position as the steel spike base improves stability. The four steel legs don’t flex under heavy tree load, making them extra safe. Made from zinc-dichromate hardware, the feet are corrosion-resistant and have an elegant gold-tone. The finish adds a sparkly element in your setup area for a pleasant, cheery mood.In Short:

  • Supportive construction holds up to 12ft tree
  • A sizeable 1.7-gallon tank minimizes constant filling
  • Easy to fill the reservoir
  • Rust-resistant four steel legs
  • Shinny feet have an elegant gold tone

#1. Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand, Green

Krinner Tree Genie Tree Genie XXL Christmas Tree Stand, Green

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By: Krinner

Krinner is the best Christmas tree stand that lasts for an extended time than the other compact holders. Designed with longevity in mind, it is made in Germany using quality material. Not only for a safe setup but ensures no harm to the environment. The finish comes in a lovely green color, which adds a Christmas or holiday feel in any setting. Use this gadget for holding your tree in your living room, outside, and more suitable locations. Note that your tree should be below 12ft and have a 7-inch width for secure placement and safety. The reservoir retains up to 11 liters of water and comes with a convenient water level indicator. Monitor the waterline to know when it’s time to add more liquid.

We love the foot pedal integrated into this equipment. Step lightly and pump to set up your tree in under one minute. No more using special tools, tightening screws, or hiring experts every time you mount your Christmas tree. If you have a loved one, this is a functional Christmas gift. It’s supportive, reliable, and attractive to suit most home designs. The diameter of this stand is 20 inches, and its base weighs 18 pounds. Both of these features work together to guarantee stable performance.In Short:

  • Lasts for a long time than other brands
  • Made in Germany using Eco-safe material
  • Supports up to 12ft Christmas tree
  • Convenient waterline indicator
  • The spacious tank holds up to 11 liters of water

The Best Christmas Tree Stands: Buyers’ Guide

During the Christmas holiday, most people celebrate by mounting a real or artificial tree in their home. For this reason, a tree mount comes in handy to offer maximum support. When you walk around in most stores, you will notice the design of these holders varies. Some are spacious while others enclosed. We have the following buying guide to give you a more natural choice when looking for the best Christmas tree stand.

Size of The Stand

Check the overall dimension of the tree holder. It should be able to hold your tree without too many hassles like forcing it to fit. Also, it’s always an excellent idea to measure your tree’s trunk beforehand to avoid inconveniences.

Maximum Weight And Height Limit

The other factor to consider is the maximum load and height your stand can support. Some models can hold up to 12ft and others below 9ft. It all depends on the height of your tree and its placement. Go through several designs and pick one that fits your Christmas tree requirements.

Swivel Mechanism

Another thing to consider when buying the best Christmas tree stand is its swivel mechanism. The advanced models can rotate every 70 seconds, making them the best for showcasing each tree angle. Also, you get to show off your decorations with lovely ornaments when friends and family come over. Note that some tree mounts don’t spin and remain in a static position.

Water Tank

Lastly, look at the design of the water reservoir. If you prefer less refiling times, consider a large one. Some models can hold up to 2 gallons, which is enough to keep your tree hydrated for some time. Also, the construction should be simple for smooth water filling action.

In Conclusion

You can use an inexpensive mount that holds your tree in a stable position. The best Christmas tree stands have quality construction that supports a large tree. Others are reliable enough to accommodate a 12ft tree without falling. Always check the multiple features beforehand to get one that has all your requirements.


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