There are going to be even more PC players in FIFA 21


FIFA is a top-rated and successful game series developed by EA Sports.

FIFA is very fun to play, it gives you the feeling of controlling a whole football match on your fun, and it has the best experience when you play it with your friends.

Many Youtubers have their YouTube channels based on FIFA, and they upload FIFA gaming videos, and their channels are pretty successful, and they earn a lot of money from those videos. FIFA has been one of the best game series, and it is still trendy.

FIFA is available on all platforms, but it is mostly played on consoles like PS4 and Xbox, but this time a word has spread out that there might be more PC players this time than console players. Here’s why.

Why will there be more PC players in FIFA 21?

The reason why there are going to be more PC players in FIFA this time is that the PC gaming community is growing.

More and more people are building their own gaming PCs, and many console players have also started to switch to PC. The FIFA community was huge on consoles, and PC FIFA was not considered popular, but this time as more people have switched to PC, we might see a more significant FIFA community on PC.

This is because all the major games these days have become Esports games, which means there are a bunch of competitive tournaments for those games. Because of this, console players have a considerable disadvantage as they have only 60 FPS, and many of the significant Esports games are full of PC players. The console players cannot play with them because those games do not support cross-platform.

All the PC players have better graphics and much higher FPS, so they have a considerable advantage. This is why console players are switching to PC, and this is the reason why there might be more FIFA 21 players on PC than consoles.

By the way, some people might say players are used to playing on a controller, how are they going to play with keyboard mouse so quickly, well if you didn’t know, a PC can support any console’s controller. It doesn’t matter if it is an Xbox controller or a PS4 controller, you can easily connect it to your PC and play on the controller if it is more comfortable for you.

Release date and System requirements

OSWindows 7/8.1/10 64 bit
CPUIntel Core i3-6100 / Athlon X4 880K
GPURadeon HD 7850 / GeForce GTX 660 or Equivalent
Storage50 GB

The release date of FIFA 21 was announced by EA a month ago. It is releasing on 6th October 2023.
Now to know if your gaming PC can run FIFA 21, you need to look at the system requirements.

Here are the minimum requirements of FIFA 21.


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