Survival MMO Last Oasis has Server Issues that Caused the Game’s Server to go Offline


Last Oasis has gone offline, just after going into Early access, because of deep-routed server issues that the developers are struggling to find a fix.

Many online multiplayer based games have issues when launching into early access, and the Last Oasis is no exception. The game went online on March 26, but soon after, disaster followed, as many players couldn’t connect to the lobby. As time went by, the connection issues got worse, which eventually rendered the game unplayable for most of the players. The developers are working hard, trying to roll out updates as fast as possible, yet even after three days, the game hasn’t gotten any better. As the condition of the servers didn’t improve, and the game was unplayable to many, Donkey Crew has decided to give a complete refund to all players, no matter how many hours they played in the game. The serves are now offline for a week till Donkey Crew finds a way to fix its servers.

Last Oasis is based on an apocalyptic version of Earth where the green planet has its moon destroyed by a cataclysmic event that happened long ago. This caused a stop in Earth’s rotation, which had dangerous effects on the earth. The planet is now divided into two extreme environments. One of them being a desert has a hot climate and intense sunlight, while the other is a frozen hell that is permanently left in darkness. What’s left of humanity lives between these two extremes, always moving to places that can be inhabited or face their doom. Fortunately for humans, they have been able to develop spider-like transportation devices, machines powered by wind, and mobile bases. All this must be used for transportation, combat, and, most importantly, survival.

Donkey Crew issued a statement in which it told us that their coders have been working restlessly. A developer from the game studio said in a video update that although they have been giving day and night to fix this issue, the coders need their sleep as well. He further added that why was this issue missed by their testing phase and what did go so wrong that the game became unplayable. They are working hard to come with a fix.

Donkey Crew gave their explanation in earlier updates that the error began on Thursday when an issue not before seen by Donkey Crew came up and caused the central server to crash. This stopped the players from logging in. However, players that logged in earlier were able to play. Still, a significant amount of players were unable to move past the main menu, denying access to the game. The Donkey Crew studio has taken the weekend to work on it, but the issue remains, and a fix is still not in sight.

If you have purchased the Last Oasis and are not happy with what you got so far, Donkey crew has stated that Steam is offering refunds. Fingers crossed, as we hope for the game to have a successful launch the next time it launches.


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