Safety Razor And Shaving Brush travel Case Reviews


If you wet shave and travel, you might need to carry your safety razor and shaving brush in a separate small case which will not only protect your favorite grooming tools but will also keep them neat and elegant looking.

A safety razor or shaving brush travel case can also be handy if you have a short trip and you don’t want to carry a lot of your grooming gear with you which you normally put in your toiletry bag.

That way, you will not need to carry your toiletry bag, which takes a lot of space, and you can go minimal and lighter for sure. But even if you take your travel kit with you, this small case will keep you, your kit and razor stay safe and sound.

So, while a simple safety razor or a brush case will provide all the protection you need, finding such a case may not be so easy as there are simply not many functional and good quality products like that.

Still, after some research, we have found some of the best looking and good quality cases to review.

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective/Travel Case by Parker

Genuine Leather Double Edge Safety Razor Protective Travel Case

Parker makes a wide variety of wet shaving products and so it only seems natural that they would make a safety razor case that would fit a large variety of safety razors.

Still, it is useful to know that this Parker DE travel case is 5 inches long so if you have an extra long razor like 6 inches long, it will definitely not fit into this case.

Overall, this is a simply made case without any bells or whistles or fancy designs. It is just what it looks like to be, a good quality, handy and elegant safety razor travel case.

Other features include:

  • Genuine leather case with felt lining to protect your razor from scratches.
  • Suitable for Parker, Gillette and Merkur safety razors.
  • Snap lock design holds the razor inside the holder.
  • Great for long as well as short handle double edge razors.

User Reviews

The vast majority of users who purchased this case really liked it and felt it did not only protect their razor and everything else in their suitcase but their fingers as well. They also find it is very useful both for travel and storage.

They are pleased with its quality and think it is good value for the price. In addition, they love the fact that both short and long handle DE razors can fit nicely into it.

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Parker Genuine Leather Shaving Brush Protective/Travel Case

Parker Genuine Leather Shaving Brush Protective Travel Case

The Parker Shaving Brush Protective/Travel case is a perfect partner to your safety razor case and makes a great way to travel with your favorite shaving brush without fearing that it will get damaged.

It also makes a great gift which the recipient will highly appreciate since there are good chances that he does not have such a case.

This is a nice looking handmade genuine leather case that is perfect for all standard shaving brushes that have 20-25mm knots, and protects both the bristles and the handle while you are traveling or when in storage. Its leather is quite firm but not inflexible.

Let’s have a look at some more of its features:

  • Genuine Parker Product.
  • Good quality for durability.
  • Clasp works fine.
  • Nice deal for the price.

User Reviews

Reviews for this shaving brush case are very positive. Users say that this product keeps the bristles neat and straight, and the brush itself at a perfect shape.

This is a well designed simple case in which the brush fits great. It even lets it dry perfectly if you place it into the case when it is a little damp.

One or two users mentioned that they had to drag it from its bristles to take it out with the risk of damaging them, but then this should not be the case since there is a gap at the bottom which is big enough to push the brush out by the handle using your finger.

A few people mentioned that the case has a strong smell when you first open it but this is just the natural leather smell which can get better after you let the product air out for a while.

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Timor Black Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

Timor Black Leather Safety Razor Travel Case

The country of origin for the Timor Safety Razor Travel Case is Germany. What this case has that none of the previous models have is a loop inside it to keep the handle as well as a back pocket for blade storage.

The case is made from black cowhide cushioned leather which feels soft and has a press which is studded on the flap. It is also worthwhile mentioning that this item is not suitable for the Merkur Vision 2000 and the Merkur 760 Futur Safety Razor.

Although the leather is nice (internally it is unprotected) there has not been any negative feedback regarding potential water damage.

User Reviews

Users say that this is a nice well made leather case with a quality feel to it. It fits their safety razor fine and is great for travelling.

They also think that the pocket on the back, whose purpose is to hold a blade dispenser, is actually very useful.

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Merkur Simply Beautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Protective & Travel Case

Merkur Simply Beautiful Double Edge Safety Razor Protective & Travel Case

The Merkur Simply Beautiful DE Safety Razor Protective Case is a simply designed and made safety razor case that allows you to travel with your double edge safety razor.

The case is lined to protect your razor and it has a snap top which can keep both the razor and its blade safe. However, there seem to be some sellers who are selling a knock off version of this case.

User Reviews

Reviews for this safety razor case are slightly above average mainly because many users did not receive the case they expected to get. Some users felt that the case they received was cheaply made and they did not like the fact that the closure snap was exposed and scratched their razor.

Others found that this razor is:

  • Made of adequately thick material.
  • Good overall design.

In conclusion, a safety razor and shaving brush travel case can make an excellent gift for those DE shaving fans who simply cannot go anywhere without taking their safety razor or shaving brush with them but still want to keep it neat and safe.

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