Saatva Mattress Review

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Manufactured by popular online sleep retailer Saatva, the Saatva mattress is a coil-on-coil innerspring bed available in a range of firmness and thickness options. The Saatva offers an excellent degree of customization for sleepers of almost any body type and with a variety of sleeping habits.

Saatva is an established e-commerce sleep brand. Founded 9 years ago, its mattresses have become some of the most well-known in the modern bed space. Saatva also owns the eco-friendly Loom and Leaf brand. They have a reputation for quality materials and well-engineered products with options to suit a range of customers. Coupled with a generous sleep trial and white glove delivery, it’s easy to see why the Saatva mattress has led the company from strength to strength.

In this review, we’re taking a closer look at the Saatva mattress, including its specifications, pros and cons, and why you may want to consider it as your next mattress purchase.

Saatva Mattress Overview

Saatva Mattress

Saatva Mattress

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The Saatva mattress is an innerspring, coil-on-coil mattress available in 11.5-inch or 14.5-inch thicknesses and the standard range of US sizes, from Twin to Cal King.

The bed is made up of five principal components:

  • Euro pillow top tucked under an organic cotton cover, which includes an antimicrobial fabric treatment. The cover is finished with an organic damask bronze trim.
  • The top layer of support consists of Individually-wrapped, 14.5 gauge (medium thickness) comfort coils that offer support while minimizing motion transfer. The individually wrapped coils also help to promote airflow and provide a pleasant bounciness to the bed.
  • Sandwiched between this and the base is a high-quality memory foam layer providing pressure relief and lumbar support, threaded with active wire for additional support. This is designed to release tension in the back and spine while you sleep.
  • The bottom layer is a steel coil base of tempered 13-gauge coils (very thick), creating a solid and durable foundation that will support the mattress throughout its lifespan. Like the upper layer of coils, these help to promote breathability throughout the mattress. The coils are tempered three times over and oven-baked for maximum strength.
  • Around the outer edge of the mattress is a dual perimeter system. Foam encasement helps to minimize sagging and improve durability, along with increasing the sleepable area.


There are three firmness options available for the Saatva. On a scale of ultra-soft to ultra-firm, the Saatva options available are medium-soft, medium-firm, and firm. Saatva labels these options as Plush Soft, Luxury Firm, and Firm, respectively.

This makes the Saatva suitable for most sleepers, from light through to heavy sleepers. Light sleepers will typically want to aim for the softer options, while heavier sleepers will want the extra firmness to prevent a lack of support due to sinkage. The choice of firmness level doesn’t affect the price.

The two thickness options can help to customize the mattress further, providing an added dose of comfort and support in addition to the chosen firmness option.


The bed’s price varies by the mattress dimensions, and the price for each size shown in the following table. Note that this cost will be higher if you’re adding optional extras, such as the adjustable base or foundation.

Twin XL$749
Cal King$1499

Saatva Mattress Pros and Cons

As with any mattress, the Saatva has its pros and cons. To help you decide whether the mattress is right for you, we take a close look at them below.

Customizable, available in a range of thickness and firmness options to suit most sleepersShort company tenure makes mattress lifespan hard to gauge
Little if any off-gassingDifficult to move due to weight
Long trial periodReturns can become pricey due to transportation fees
Strong edge support
Better durability, motion isolation, and cooling than comparable innersprings
Good level of bounce for bedroom activity

Saatva Mattress Breakdown

To help you establish whether the Saatva should be your mattress of choice, we’ve answered a few common questions. For more on our mattress review process, check out our methodology.

Is it made from quality materials?

Saatva is a byword for material quality among online mattress sellers. All materials used in the Saatva appear to be of high quality, and this is borne out by customer testimonials. The Saatva is also made using eco-friendly materials where possible.

Like many of its online competitors, there’s little long-term performance data due to Saatva’s relatively short operational period, but signs indicate that it’s a durable mattress that’s likely to last out its expected lifespan so long as proper usage is observed.

How long will it last?

Saatva’s FAQ states that the mattress should last 10-15 years if users follow the manufacturer’s advice. Innersprings can be susceptible to sagging as they age, so there’s no guarantee that the Saatva will remain in peak condition for its entire lifespan.

However, the materials used in the Saatva should keep it in good shape for many years. We expect it will last at least seven.

Heavier sleepers (particularly couples) are likely to experience a shorter mattress lifespan, which may provide some incentive to choose the Saatva HD.

How well does it conform to my body?

Saatva outperforms most innerspring beds for conforming thanks to its individually-wrapped coil-on-coil design and memory foam in its top layer. However, innersprings can’t match the conforming of a memory foam or latex bed. The Saatva’s strengths lie in offering support and comfort over conforming.

If you’re concerned that the bed won’t conform enough for you, you should consider opting for the softer firmness choice. This will allow more sinkage, creating at least some of the “hug” you might experience with other materials.

Is the edge supportive?

The Saatva bed features impressive edge support thanks to its dual-edge support design. The result is a large sleepable area perfect for edge sleepers. The mattress will also take edge sitting without noticeable sagging.

This an excellent feature if you’re looking for a bed with a large sleepable area. A lack of edge support can “shrink” the effective sleeping area of a mattress, so the Saatva’s robust support will ensure you’re not stuck with a bed that’s working below its expected dimensions.

Does it sleep hot?

Innerspring mattresses provide great airflow on average, and the coil-on-coil structure of the Saatva provides it with excellent cooling. As there are few foam components, heat retention isn’t much of an issue. The natural motion of the innersprings will help to move air around as you sleep instead of trapping it in the mattress.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

Many mattresses can emit odors when new. In extreme cases, these odors can be unpleasant and linger for a long time.

As an innerspring mattress, off-gassing from a Saatva is rare and minimal. If off-gassing does occur, it should dissipate within a few days at most, so it pays to be patient.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

The Saatva features motion isolation technology that allows it to provide better isolation than most coil beds, though it still doesn’t compare to the average all-foam bed. The Saatva provides a good middle-ground for couples who want a coil mattress without worrying about motion isolation.

Who is Best Suited for a Saatva Mattress?

The Saatva mattress suits a wide range of sleepers thanks to its multiple firmness and thickness options. These options can accommodate sleepers ranging from light to heavy body types.

Lightweight and side sleepers should avoid the firmer options, as the bed may not provide enough support and could lead to a “table-top” effect. Lighter sleepers can avoid this problem by opting for softer options. However, side sleepers may still struggle to get the full range of pressure point relief from the mattress.

Though the mattress will likely work for most heavy sleepers, they may find themselves better suited to the Saatva HD mattress, which offers more support.

The Saatva mattress is ideal for couples with an active sex life. Unlike many foam and latex mattresses, the Saatva’s innersprings are pleasantly bouncy. This can lead to some motion transfer during sleep, but the Saatva is engineered to minimize this possibility with its coil-on-coil, individually-wrapped design.

Side sleepers may particularly benefit from the Saatva’s extra edge support, as will heavier sleepers, who may experience sagging with other innerspring mattresses. The Saatva has a wide sleepable area, making it ideal for larger body types.

Ready to Buy a Saatva?

Before you make your final decision, let’s take a look at a few other key details you need to know about the Saatva mattress: its sleep trial, warranty, and shipping and delivery details.

Sleep Trial

Saatva offers a 120-day return policy, beginning on the date of delivery. If you’re unsatisfied with the mattress at that time, Saatva will collect and refund the mattress cost less a $99 transportation charge. Although there’s a generous window for the sleep trial, the transportation cost could be a concern for some buyers on a budget.


The Saatva warranty covers a non-prorated period of 15 years. For the first 2 years of the 15 year period, Saatva will replace a mattress determined as defective with a new mattress. After this point, Saatva will make repairs and re-cover a mattress, with a transportation cost of $99 each way.

Saatva also offers a “Fairness Replacement Option.” If opting for this, a customer will keep his or her original mattress if reporting a warranty issue and can have a new Saatva mattress delivered and installed at a discounted rate relative to the original mattress cost. This discount progressively reduces over the course of the 15-year warranty. When choosing this option, no transportation fees are applicable.

This warranty remains subject to proper usage per the manufacturer’s usage instructions.

Availability and Delivery

The Saatva mattress can be purchased via Saatva’s website. Delivery is free for customers in the contiguous US and includes in-home set-up with white glove delivery. There is also an option for mattress and frame removal at no additional charge. If returning the mattress during its trial period or returning on the warranty, a transportation charge of $99 will apply.

Customers will be given a 4-hour window on delivery day and there’s no cancellation fee should a customer need to reschedule their delivery.

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