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About Russian Dog

The Black Russian could be a domestic dog who responds best to firm and consistent coaching. you have got to respect him or he will not tolerate your command. while not employment to try and do and lacking adequate early coaching, a Blackie might simply lose interest and harmful, and at that size, he might do some real harm.

He is this good it’s scary. If you are feeling that you just cannot abide by a dog who is smarter than you’re, then the Blackie won’t be an honest selection. keep in mind that the breed has traditionally been wont to work for the military and police (although currently the Blackie is most frequently found protective home and hearth).

That intelligence suggests that he trains quickly, however, will have a true stubborn streak, thus you would like to be the one guilty from the beginning. If you are into performance competitions, like nimbleness, obedience, or Schutzhund, this guy could be a natural entertainer UN agency is aware of the way to work for a crowd. He’ll also shine at search and rescue.

The Blackie is slow to mature, like most massive dogs. He housetrains simply, and he does not ought to be leash-trained as he’ll follow naturally whereas on a leash. This pet is additionally way more active outside than within the house.

He cannot be left outside to measure in a very kennel; he is simply too people-oriented. Besides, sometime he might begin defensive his kennel against you instead of defending your home. He should see your home as his so as to guard it.

Calm and quiet, the Blackie tends to be reserved with strangers, however not aggressive or keep toward them. He’ll settle for an alien that you just admit into the unit, however, he’ll take his time considering whether or not such an individual ought to be an admirer. However, if he feels the alien is threatening, then all bets are off — he will not waste an instant hesitant to defend those he loves.

Because the Blackie is thus intelligent, stubborn, and large, he is not an honest selection for first-time dog homeowners. as an example, if you do not need your adult Blackie on the furnishings or in your bed, you would like to begin outright by not permitting the puppy to be in those places. He will not hand over those habits once he is gotten away with them a time or two — his stubborn streak is simply too robust.


A powerful, well-built massive breed, the Black Russian’s weight will vary from 80 to 140 pounds (although 140 could be a bit on top of average). Males will be twenty-seven to thirty inches tall; females will be twenty-six to twenty-nine inches tall.


Black Russian Terriers are calm, confident, and brave. They have heavy stable nervous systems and radiate confidence. Bred by the military, they are confident, loyal, and reserved toward those they do not apprehend. by design designed shield} and protect, Blackies might become dangerous while not their celebrated emotional stability.

Highly intelligent, Blackies take well to firm direction and wish employment to perform, thus coaching is simple. begin early to offset a possible sense of over shielding. Blackies love kids and can guard those in their circle. they are house dogs and wish to want a part of the family — they don’t seem to be suited to life within the grounds. Blackies would like virtually constant attention and steering, and they’re going to become withdrawn if you do not provide them enough.

Temperament is plagued by a variety of things, together with heredity, training, and socialization. Puppies with nice temperaments are curious and mischievous, willing to approach individuals and be controlled by them. select the middle-of-the-road puppy, not the one who’s beating up his littermates or the one who’s concealing within the corner.


Your Blackie desires daily exercise and mental stimulation, a minimum of half an hour every day, together with walks, runs, disc games, obedience, or agility.

Hanging out alone within the back yard isn’t exercise; although that is what you meant, your Blackie can simply pay the time at the door waiting to be let back in. He includes a nice would like for human contact, thus he is perpetually happier once you are hanging out with him. once you are not wiggling with your companion, puzzle toys like Buster Cubes are a good thanks to keeping that active mind occupied.

The Blackie will sleep in associate degree lodging as long as he has adequate exercise. in very single-family living accommodations, he ought to have an enclosed yard.

Puppies do not would like the maximum amount laborious exercise as adults, and, in fact, you should not allow them to run on laborious surfaces like concrete or allow them to do loads of jumping till they are a minimum of a year to eighteen months recent. Otherwise, large-breed pups just like the Blackie could stress their still-developing skeletal systems, which may cause future joint issues.

Obedience categories will assist you to curb your Blackie’s behavior, as they assist satisfy, he would like for mental stimulation and work. He’ll respond well to coaching strategies that use positive reinforcement — rewards like praise, play, and food — and is probably going to gayly take commands from his trainer. He simply must apprehend who’s guilty.

Crate coaching edges each dog and could be a kind thanks to making sure that your Blackie does not have accidents within the house or get into things he should not. A crate is also an area wherever he will retreat for a nap. Crate coaching at a young age can facilitate your Blackie settle for confinement if he ever must be boarded or hospitalized.

Your Blackie does not need to pay all day in a very crate, however. it isn’t a jail, and he should not pay quite some hours at a time in it except once he is sleeping at midnight. Blackies are people-oriented dogs, and that they are not meant to pay their lives alone or in a very crate.


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