The Demo of the Remake of Resident Evil 3 is All Set to be Released


Resident Evil 2 was a massive success for Capcom has it allowed many players to experience the classic that kept everyone on their toes. It brought the Resident Evil series back to life with the remastered textures. The 1998 horror classic was built entirely from scratch, having all those iconic locations everyone loved from the Resident Evil series.

Now Capcom is back with another remake, and as we are trying hard to remain patient, Capcom released a demo for us to play and witness the game ourselves.

Resident Evil 3 is now out for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Capcom was careful not to give many details about what will go down in the demo, but they did stress that your ammo saving skills will be much needed here, so keep an eye on your ammo while playing. Capcom officially said that although the action is one of the first things in focus in Resident Evil 3 compared to the previous remastered installment, going in all Rambo won’t help you in surviving.

The fans of Resident evil won’t be sitting free this week as the playable demo of the Resident Evil 3 remake will keep them occupied. As to what the demo features, read on.

The demo will allow you to play with Jil Valentine as she tries to save the people of Racoon City with assistance from another protagonist Carlos Oliveira. Their rescue mission won’t be so easy as they will always be on the run, chased by their relentless Nemesis never resting to hunt them down. The Resident Evil 3: Raccoon City Demo also gives players a unique scavenger hunt to find Mr. Charlie statuettes, that are hidden and 20 in number, throughout the demo.

Even if you plan to skip the demo, think again as Capcom has something for you in the end that is exclusive to the demo. In a news release, Capcom added that the completion of the demo would award players with a never seen before cinematic that will only be available in the demo.

Capcom has a lot more for fans than expected; fans will get to try the multiplayer mode of the Resident Evil 3’s remake, which will be called Resident Evil Resistance and will be available to fans on March 27 in an open beta test. Daniel Fabron, one of the evil masterminds featured in the game mode along with four survivors from the game’s total six. The multiplayer mode Resident Evil Resistance is a multiplayer mode where the survivors will ago against a villainous mastermind, escaping a series of challenges.

The beta will come to an end when the complete game Resident Evil 3 launches on April 3.


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