Professional Advice On How To Get Silky Hair


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Silky hair is usually associated with healthy body and confident position in life. Beautiful hair fascinates and attracts attention. If you feel that your hair has lost its charm, there is a time to take care of it. Here are some effective tips for you.

Cold Water Shower Helps To Get Silky Hair

If you are wondering how to get smooth silky hair naturally, this is the first thing you need to do. This may not be the most pleasant procedure. Moreover, if you are not used to cold water, it can be a real challenge. So, my recommendation is to try to prepare your body and your head to this procedure by slowly lowering down the temperature of the water. It can take days or weeks till you will be able to rinse your hair with the cold water.

Why do you need to do this? Because this is how to get soft silky hair. Hot water opens up your hair cuticle, which is the outer layer of the hair, while cold closes them up. It is like your hair shrinks up and stays flat.

Don’t Rub Your Hair

After the shower, your main reflex is to rub your hair with a towel to remove all the water. That’s not the best idea of your “how to get silky smooth hair” plan. All the rubbing will cause nothing more than a breakage and frizz. Just wrap a towel over the wet hair. You may gently press the fabric to your hair to remove extra water.

Protect Your Hair From Yourself

Use special protective serum from your destructive attempts to dry hair while you are wondering how to get silky and straight hair. Of course, it is only natural to use a hair dryer after the shower and probably flat iron as well. However, these little tools damage your hair on a regular basis. Add hair dying from time to time, hair sprays and even best hot rollers and you will see Top 10 list of how to destroy your hair in no time. Try to make day offs for your hair whenever you can, allowing them to dry out themselves to solve the mystery of how to get your hair silky smooth and shiny. But if you can’t do this, use different heat protection serums. They don’t cost a fortune but can be lifesavers.

Trim The Ends Regularly

Split ends never made your hair look soft and beautiful. So, if you want to know how to get silky straight hair, take care of your trims. Even if roots look amazingly smooth and polished, eventually split ends will ruin the picture perfect.

Aloe Vera Mask And How To Get Smooth Silky Straight Hair Using It

This mask is not just a one-time saver from burns, it is a miracle maker if you are using it at least once in a month. It does not matter whether you are looking for how to get silky black hair naturally or you prefer beauty salons. Find a time to make this mask and hold it for 30 minutes on the hair. Enzymes in aloe vera will provide healthy growth of the hair, and keratin will restore damages.

You can use either plant, squashing it till you’ll have enough juice or already made gel. Just make sure that prepared gel does not contain alcohol. Dilute a small number of aloe vera in a cup of warm but not hot water, mixed it and spread on your hair. Seat still for half of an hour and rinse.

Don’t Wash Your Hair More Than It Needs

If you were wondering on how to get silky hair for men and women without too much effort, the key to success is stopping trying so hard. You don’t need to wash your head every day. Over-shampooing leads to the disappearance of natural oils, which protect the hair and make them shiny. Skip one or two days to understand how many times you actually need to wash your hair. If you feel uncomfortable try dry shampoo.

Satin Pillowcases

And here is another simple but working advice on how to get soft and silky hair at home. If you want smooth strands, sleep tight on satin instead of cotton. You will find pillowcases made from satin in almost every store that sells textile for bedrooms.

If you want to know how to get silky soft hair without visiting expensive beauty salons, prepare to change your daily schedule and habits. Your hair needs your support. Don’t overload it with every new cosmetics that you saw in commercials. And remember, your hair always reflects your inner state.


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