10 Natural Foods For Healthy Hair


Today, I will tell you about 10 natural foods that can help you have healthy hair that are more protected from deteriorating factors and look strong enough.

When you think about your hair health, it is better to think about its care in a more holistic way that combines both internal and external ways of boosting its appearance.

Taking care of it on a daily basis is important. It is obvious that a good nutrition by itself may not be enough to solve any hair problems, but it is true that a poor diet can severely affect your scalp and hair health by not providing your body with all those necessary nutrients that make your hair strong and shiny.

A balanced diet that is rich in proteins and amino acids promotes the health of the hair and makes any beauty hair treatment that you want to follow more effective.

Keep in mind that since the hair is composed of minerals, such as copper, magnesium and silicon, as well as keratin protein, the objective is to consume foods that contain these nutrients. So, let´s have a look at some of those beneficial healthy foods for beautiful hair.


Fatty fish like salmon and sardines, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, will make your hair look shiny and be more hydrated.

Omega-3 fatty acids improve its elasticity and firmness, and are not beneficial only for the hair but also help the skin look more hydrated as well as strengthen the nails. Apart from their beauty and health skin and hair care benefits, their general advantage to the body and mind is a well known fact.


You might think of beans as not one of those ¨looking forward to eat¨ natural foods but they are essential to strengthening the hair since they contain a lot of nutrients that especially help with hair growth such as Biotin that helps hair grow faster.

Mostly all types of beans contain protein, zinc, biotin and iron. One type of beans you should not miss are lentils because they are very rich in folic acid (vitamin B9). Folic acid helps to provide the necessary amount of oxygen to the scalp and skin as well as promotes hair growth and cell renewal.


Eggs is one of those natural foods that contain a lot of protein, and your hair needs a lot of protein to maintain its health. Eggs are also very rich in vitamin B12.

So, just try adding eggs to your weekly diet since a good intake of their protein will make your hair grow strong and fast.


Dried fruit and especially nuts are good for healthy hair. Walnuts are rich in minerals and vitamins. In particular, they contain a mineral called selenium that helps with the dry scalp.

Walnuts also contain zinc that prevents hair loss and omega 3 fatty acids which, as we have said, provide shine and strength to your hair. Raisins is also a good dry fruit to have for benefiting your hair since it is very rich in iron.


The carrot is a natural food that contains a lot of vitamin A which is beneficial for the hair as well as scalp. It can nourish and repair hair and is ideal for hair regeneration.

So, for a healthy scalp and hair, it is recommended that your diet is rich in carrots. You can have a quick snack by eating them raw or use them to create healthy juices or smoothies.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables like spinach, lettuce and chard as well as other types of vegetables like broccoli or cabbage are a good source of vitamins A and C, iron and calcium.

These nutrients are necessary for hair regeneration and keeping hair glossy and strong.


Any pepper like yellow, red or green is exceptionally nourishing for your hair. Peppers contain two essential nutrients, fluorine and silicon. I love eating red peppers raw but you can also mix them with carrots and have a super hair healthy smoothie.


Cucumbers are enjoyable vegetables that can easily be added to your hair healthy diet. They help with hair loss and make your hair grow strong since they boost cell nutrition. They also contain sulfur and silicon.


The onion is a vegetable that you should never run out of since not only is it necessary for just any type of dish you make but it is also very nourishing for your hair since it contains silicon, iron, phosphorus, potassium and calcium.

Onions will make your hair look healthy and vibrant, because they dissolve the toxins from the liver and intestine, and they are not only good for the hair but for the skin and nails as well.

Olive Oil

It is one of the best natural oils you can use to cook or even dress salads. It contains vitamin E which gives nutrition to the scalp and hair and has antioxidant benefits. For more information about the use of olive oil on your hair, you can read our article on the advantages and disadvantages of topically using olive oil on your hair.

In conclusion, by having a diet that is rich in the above natural foods, your hair will benefit variously from their nutrients, gaining a lot of strength, smoothness and gloss. It will also obviously be in a healthier condition and that will promote its growing quicker and stronger.


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