Mistakes You Make When Using Hair Conditioner


Have you ever thought that your conditioner and the way you are using it might be at fault for you sometimes not being able to give your hair the looks you desire?

So, let´s have a look at the mistakes you make when using a conditioner and at the dos and don’ts that can help you achieve the hair appearance you like.

1) You apply conditioner at your hair roots

The roots of your hair don´t need conditioning at all since the scalp is naturally lubricated through the production of sebum. In addition, the hair roots are not damaged like the hair edges since they are the healthier part of the hair.
What you need to do is to apply conditioner only to the ends of your hair.

2) You use a lot of conditioner

Using a lot of conditioner weighs down hair especially if you have thin hair. In this case, use half of the recommended amount.

If you have very thick hair that can absorb conditioner, you can use the amount that is recommended on the bottle of the product.

3) You don’t use conditioner at all!

Even if your hair is easy to detangle or it´s oily, you need to use conditioner and especially if your hair is curly. Skipping the conditioner can lead to dull and fragile hair.

If you have oily hair, it is best to avoid products that contain silicone since they weigh down hair and increase oiliness.
If you have dry hair, you can use a leave in conditioner. You can find good options in our review of best leave in conditioners that are suitable for both men and women.

4) You don’t do a deep moisturizing hair treatment

Deep moisturizing hair treatments can regenerate dry and damaged hair. You can read more about them in our deep conditioner review. Another good way to nourish and repair hair is by applying natural oils to your hair.

Deep moisturizing treatments are advisable to be used at least once a week. If you have dry or color treated hair, you can apply them more often. Nevertheless, if you have very thin hair, it is better not to do them so often because they can weigh down your hair.

5) You are using 2-in-1 hair products

Theoretically, 2-in-1 hair products can ideally offer the best solution, but the fact is that the shampoos that contain conditioner as well are usually not so effective.

Especially if your hair is long (below the chin,) your hair edges need more intense and focused hair care which a 2-in-1 product will most possibly not be able to give.

6) You are not using the right hair products

A big mistake we often make is to use hair products that are not suitable for our hair type.

If you color treat your hair, you need to choose a conditioner for color treated hair and if you have very thin hair, you can choose a product that doesn´t need to be rinsed off and will deeply condition you hair without weighing it down.

A good way to restore your hair´s health and prevent it from future damages is to use good quality sulfate free conditioners.

7) You let the conditioner on your hair for a long time

Letting the conditioner on your hair for a long time will weigh it down and make it oily. Hair specialists agree that 2-3 minutes is the right period to let the conditioner on and expect it to function well.

Another tip is always to read the instructions first about how long to let the product on.

8) You always shampoo your hair first

It might sound weird but try once to first apply the conditioner on your hair and then shampoo it. Hair stylists do this trick on fashion models´ hair before fashion shows to add volume to their hair.

Using the conditioner first will moisturize your hair while the shampoo will get rid of the residues and make the hair lighter and fluffy.

In conclusion, using your conditioner the right way together with picking up the right products can give your hair a totally new look which you will surely enjoy.


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