Why I Love My Men’s Skin Care Routine


So, like your average man, I don’t think too much of self-grooming and certainly never heard of a men’s skin care routine. However, one day I noticed an enormous pimple on my upper lip the day before my office’s biggest presentation.

I quickly borrowed something from one of the bottles on our vanity, evidently my girlfriend’s, and the pimple was barely noticeable by the time I had to get up in front of my boss.

So, the next day I thought to myself, you know, my skin felt really good afterward, and just for curiosity’s sake, I decided to try one of the other quadrillion bottles sitting in our bathroom.

Now, I don’t go even a single day without at least using my Vitamin C Facial Cleanser from Amazon.com.Hydrate

r and d
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Men's skin care routine
  • Brickell Men’s Face Scrub
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Thus started my men’s skin care journey. Though I will never understand quite what all of those creams and elixirs do that my girlfriend insists are necessary, I can attest to the fact that I look younger and better since I’ve started taking care of my skin….and I never break out anymore.

After years of fiddling around with different products and techniques, I’ve come up with the perfect men’s skin care kit. These products are what I’m going to share with you today, and no, a simple bottle of shaving cream isn’t going to cut it anymore.

Best age to start a skin care routine

It is never too early to start taking care of your skin.

The earlier you begin your men’s skin care routine, the younger your skin will look as you age.

Of course, the routine changes as you age so how you manage your men’s skin care is going to evolve.

Here are some tips on the best way for you to manage your men’s skin care by the decade.


When you are a teenager, your hormones are raging and this leads to some pretty annoying skin. If you aren’t taking care of your acne it leads to blemishes and acne scars as you are older.

Keep your skin’s sebum balanced by doing the following:

  • Wash your face with a good face wash every morning and night before bed. Make sure it is as natural as possible since you don’t want to dry out your skin and leave it irritated.
  • If you already have acne make sure you are taking care of it as naturally as possible, as well. You don’t want to just wait for the pimples to go away but you don’t want anything harsh to ruin your skin either.
  • Use a moisturizer every morning. This goes for if you have dry or oily skin. Even oily skin should be moisturized with a good lightweight lotion that will clear your pores and bring vital nutrients to your skin to balance your sebum.


I made the mistake when I was in my twenties to think my men’s skin care routine was done since I wasn’t breaking out much anymore.

What should I have been doing when I was in my twenties to have better skin now in my 40’s?

  • Exfoliate. You need to remove the dead skin cells from your pores not only to prevent acne, but also to help your skin look more youthful and less tired. You will also have some fresh skin exposed that is ready to absorb all of your other men’s skin care products.
  • Moisturize your skin every night with a good lightweight lotion that will absorb quickly and repair the damage your skin faces throughout the day.

Thirties and beyond

Your skin may be showing signs of sagging and wrinkles at this point. There’s nothing wrong with that but these are signs that your skin health may be in danger and you need to repair it.

  • Tone your skin with a Witch Hazel based toner. Avoid alcohol as it will dry out your skin and prematurely age it. These will tighten your skin and reduce wrinkles.
  • Shave with a good moisturizing shaving soap to reduce the damage to your skin by shaving. Even better, take up wet shaving for a closer shave that helps your skin
  • Use an eye cream to prevent and reduce the bags under your eyes for a more youthful appearance. These are different than just your regular face moisturizers so get one specifically for under your eyes.

Men’s Skincare Products For Men With Combination Skin: Rugged & Dapper Face Moisturizer for Men: 

Skin care products for men

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I started using the Rugged & Dapper Face Moisturizer for Men first because I started noticing a few fine lines and wrinkles on my forehead that started getting me worried.

As it turns out, wrinkles start to form pretty early!

I found the Rugged & Dapper Face Moisturizer for Men because I was looking for something that would get rid of those wrinkles without leaving oil and grease on my skin. Oh, and I also didn’t want to smell like strawberry shortcake.

Rugged & Dapper’s face moisturizer is mostly oil-based, so it’s very heavy. However, it absorbs immediately. It might be a bit too heavy for those hot and humid summer days, but for the winter it’s fantastic. It leaves my face looking brighter and fresher, and, yes, the fine lines on my face are considerably less noticeable since I started moisturizing regularly.

There’s no perfume or fragrance at all, and besides a faint hint of petroleum jelly, I still smell like a man.

Plus, because it contains jojoba oil, this moisture actually fights acne rather than causing it. While it may seem counterintuitive that oil is actually fighting oil, jojoba oil is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. In fact, jojoba oil is not an oil at all. It’s actually a type of wax that very closely resembles sebum oil, the oil your skin naturally produces.

If there’s only one product you buy today, buy this one for your men’s skin care routine. It’s your one-stop-shop skin lotion.

Skincare for Men Who Want Natural Products to Combat Oily Skin: Vitamin C Facial Cleanser

Skincare for men

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So back when I was a scrawny middle schooler, I would buy bottles of cleansers that cleaned my face of every natural bit of oil it had left. They left my skin feeling squeaky clean, but the oil would come back even more forcefully, and I started to feel like I was just destroying my skin and fighting a hopeless battle in the meantime.

I really like Vitamin C Facial Cleanser because it’s gentle and made with primarily natural ingredients. It does foam slightly, so you know their claim that it’s entirely natural is probably a stretch of the truth. There have to be some sulfates if it foams up a bit. That being said, it goes on very gently and leaves my skin bright and clear. I still have pretty oily skin, but washing with this cleanser generally takes care of it for me.

I do try to use moisturizer after I use this cleanser because it dries out my skin a bit, but the effect is not significant enough to make a big difference. You might figure that you’d want to wash your skin after you’ve taken the hair off, but you’d be wrong. I always make sure to use this cleanser before I shave because it prevents further infection.

If you drag a razor across dirty skin, you’re dragging all of that dirt and bacteria across your face. Imagine how much of that grime gets caught in a 6-blade razor like a Gillette!

Not exactly a pretty picture.

Plus, since this is a glycolic cleanser, it will act like an exfoliator too. Glycolic acid is a type of hydroxy acid that helps you shed dead skin cells. Your skin should naturally shed dead cells on its own; however, as you get older, it does so at a slower rate. Exfoliation can help you keep your skin looking young and bright. Better yet, glycolic acids work with pretty much any skin type.

Lastly, I really like how this is just a neutral cleanser. It’s not marketed for men or women. I generally don’t like when companies claim their skin products are specifically for men. In generally, men’s skin care is identical to women’s skin care. While women have different hormones and their skin may dry out at different times, we all need pretty much the same things: a good cleanser and a good moisturizer.

That, at least, doesn’t really change all that much.

There’s no vanilla coconut scent or some other absurd fragrance, but there’s no masculine scent either. The Vitamin C Facial Cleanser is just a great product to add to your men’s skin care regimen. Period.

Men’s Skincare for Men Who Shave Regularly: Brickell Men’s Face Scrub 

Skin care routine for men

Check Price on Amazon.com

Okay, so now I know what you’re saying. A face scrub? Really?

So, you don’t need it, but you sure will want it once you try it. A face scrub helps you exfoliate your skin. It’s not a cleanser, so it’s not meant for daily use, but it will clean out your pores.

Brickell Men’s Face Scrub is perfect for men with oily skin and men who shave regularly. A face scrub can reach into your pores and clean out all of that dead skin, dirt, and oil that regular face wash doesn’t reach. You should be using a cleanser twice a day for your men’s skin care–once in the morning, and once at night. You don’t have to use a face scrub twice a day though. Two to three times a week is more than enough, and if you have sensitive skin, you could probably even get away with once a week.

This will prevent those nasty, ingrown hairs and razor bumps you get when you’re careless. Exfoliators soften the hair and help it stand up right making it easy for your razor to glide right through.

If you exfoliate too often though, you’ll dry out your skin. You’ll be left with a bright red piece of sandpaper!

I also love that it’s made with coffee. Coffee is loaded with free-radical-fighting antioxidants, improves blood circulation, and stimulates cell re-growth. It’s not just the caffeine that’s making you look more alert. Coffee can help reduce the size of blood vessels and minimize some of the puffiness around your eyes.

Skincare For Men Who Go the Extra Mile: Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face

Skin care products for men

Check Price on Amazon.com

Mud on your face? I thought we were trying to clean up? Why would I start rolling around in the mud? Well, this isn’t just any mud. This is mud from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea lies on the southeastern border of Israel and is the lowest point on earth. It’s called the Dead Sea because its salinity levels are so high that nothing can live in it. The Aria Starr Dead Sea Mud Mask for Face detoxifies and cleanses like no other product. This is my go-to weekend treat. I will slap some on on Sunday morning or in the evening if I’m going out later, and it leaves my skin looking perfect. I’m practically glowing afterward. Full of minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc, sulfur, and bromide, this mask is the ultimate addition to any men’s skin care kit. It eliminates blackheads and acne, unclogs pores, and leaves your skin smoother, softer, and tighter. Essentially, it’s a miracle mask. Just leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and when you wash it off, you’ve got yourself clean skin. What men’s skin care could be simpler?

Anti-Aging Men’s Skincare Set: Kleem Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Set 

Skin care products for men

Check Price on Amazon.com

A few gray hairs make a man look distinguished, mature, but saggy, droopy folds of skin? I didn’t think so! The time to start using anti-aging products is in your twenties when your skin is still soft. You don’t want to wait until your fifties to try to undo years of damage with a drugstore wrinkle cream.

This vitamin C serum and retinol cream are premium personal care products offered to you at reasonable prices. As soon as you start using Kleem’s Organic Anti-Aging Skin Care Set, you’ll be a convert for life. You’ll need to have a little bit of patience, but if you’re willing to wait around to see results, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.

The scent is a faint lemon-citrus, and for an organic product, the price is pretty hard to beat.

Best of all, this men’s skin care kit can also help to even out the tone of your skin, lighten dark spots, and reduce acne. I’ll be honest that I don’t use this product all the time, but I hope that by using it regularly, I’ll stave off wrinkles until I’m really too old to care. I don’t very much fancy looking like a prune though.

Skincare For Men….Final Thoughts?

Any new and upcoming trend or sissy way to make your morning routine overly complicated? Do you have men’s skin care products you rely on? Give us your thoughts by commenting below.


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