Jack Of All Trades: The Most Talented Dutch Shepherds

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Dutch Shepherd is a Jack of all Trades. This dog was originally used by shepherds of the Netherlands. It is an intelligent dog and is highly trainable. Nowadays Dutch Shepherds are being used as police dogs, service dogs, and general companions also. They resemble German Shepherds and Dutch Shepherds as well. These three dogs have a common ancestry and have diverged a hundred years ago. They are healthy dogs and can be trained well.

The Dutch shepherd comes in different types of coats. They are a combination of many traits. They can be used to win competitions. The

y are loving, loyal, and affectionate dogs. They belong to the Herding Dogs Breed group. They have a height of 21 to 25 inches. They weigh 50 to 70 pounds and their life ranges from 12 to 15 years.



Dutch Shepherds come in three types of hairs, small hair, medium hair, and wire hair. The short-haired dogs can be kept as watchdogs. The wire-haired ones are found rarely. During World War 2 Dutch shepherds were used to serving the German military and their breed was stopped in the Netherlands. Due to this, the Dutch Shepherds were on the stage of disappearance.


Dutch Shepherds were watchdogs initially. They were used in the Dutch countryside to perform activities related to the fields. They were used for the purpose of herding sheep and other dogs. They were used to keep chicken out of gardens. They used to pull carts and acted as watchdogs.

Nowadays Dutch Shepherds are rarely found. Due to the use of modern farming techniques, the Dutch Shepherds are no more needed at the farms. These dogs were on the edge of extinct during World War 2 because some of them died due to starvation while others were captured by the German Military because they could easily be trained for any purpose.

After World War breeders bred them with unknown breeds to increase their number. Although the German Shepherds are still very rare, still they are used for search and rescue operations as they are very intelligent and are highly trainable. They can be used to participate and win in competitions in addition to performing the duty of herding in fields.


Watch Dogs

Dutch Shepherds are not very vocal but they are excellent watchdogs and bark on seeing any person entering into their area.

Fur Color

The colors of their fur are brindle and vary from red chestnut to sandy gold.


The Dutch Shepherds should be taken to veterinary for regular checkups. Their nails grow very fast so they should be cut occasionally and their ears should also be cleaned weekly to check for any wax or debris. This might lead to infections. Their teeth should be brushed regularly. They need a regular walk and play sessions. If they are not kept physically and mentally busy, they become bored and destructive.  Dog beds can be bought to make them feel comfortable. The dog’s car seat should be bought for travel purposes.


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The diet of a Dutch Shepherd should be devised to keep up with the energy levels of the medium to large-sized dogs. A nutritionist or a veterinarian doctor should be consulted for that purpose. Fish oil supplements should also be included in the diet of a Dutch Shepherd. This will help to keep their coat and skin shiny

Brushing and bathing

The short and medium-haired Dutch Shepherds need regular brushing in order to remove dead and loose hair, especially from the undercoat. The hair of the rough or wired hair one should not be brushed and should be shown to a professional twice a year, although their hair can be combed. They should be bathed keeping in mind that excessive baths can remove their natural skin’s oils. A hair cut can be done using dog scissors if required.


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The Dutch shepherd is a healthy dog; however, some of them develop hip dysplasia.


They are intelligent dogs who are competent in every field. Although they are good for search and rescue operations, quickness, steering, field training, and guiding dogs and for becoming a home companion. Moreover, They can be trained easily and can quickly pick up commands to make their owners feel happy. A confident trainer is required to train these dogs as setting up limits is important to train them.

That trainer can build up a strong relationship with the dog in order to keep him involved in the learning process. The dogs should be trained to deal properly with the guests. These dogs are very affectionate with family members especially children and other pets in the house. They are obedient and loving. However, lots of physical and mental exercise is required to keep them busy and restrain them from being destructive. Dog muzzle is used to keep him from barking.

Loyal and affectionate

Dutch Shepherds are very loyal and affectionate dogs. They should be trained to be affectionate since the beginning so that they might not feel uncomfortable when dealing with new animals and people.


It is true that Dutch Shepherd is a Jack of all Trades because of many reasons. It is fully loaded with the qualities like dutiful, vigilant, manageable, faithful, and dependable. The common thing about this breed is “intelligent expression and lively temperament”. The Dutch Shepherd is Jack of all Trades due to its hyperactive energy for this reason there is a dire need of engaging it in some outdoor activities. The absence of activity can bring about weariness and damaging conduct. Dutch Shepherds are best to keep as a safeguard at home.

Ability to work actively

Many of the short-haired Dutch Shepherd is engaged broadly all through Europe and the United States in some tasks, essentially in police administration, including search and rescue. Dutch Shepherd is the most reliable breed. This breed of dogs is sharp in agility trials, dutifulness, flyball, Schutzhund, tracking, dogs competitions on different occasions. Dutch Shepherds have a typical herding instinct which can be further trained to compete in herding trials.

Dutch Shepherd vs German Shepherd

If we talk about the differences between Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd, they both resemble some characteristics other than their appearances. Both are hard-working dogs who love to be involved in some tasks especially on farms and performing duties. The Dutch Shepherd becomes more attached with the whole family whereas the German Shepherd is more focused on its single master. The Dutch Shepherd is more energetic and has much intense energy thus much suitable for working. So, yes, Dutch Shepherd is a Jack of all Trades.


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