Innovative Improvements in Hardware That Redefines How We Use Laptops In 2023


Every year companies are changing and improving their products to suit their customers’ needs. Some of these changes are amazing while some changes are just unusual and don’t seem very practical.

Both of these changes redefine how we’ll use laptops in the future and we might even need to read new laptop buying guides because of these changes.

So let’s take a look at some of the innovations that stand out when it comes to laptop hardware in 2023.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Review

One of the most surprising things in 2023 was the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook. What got people’s attention wasn’t the features but the price itself.  The Chromebook cost about $1000 which was insane.  People are asking questions like, “Who would buy such an expensive Chromebook!?” or “ Should I buy a Cheaper Chromebook?”

Well, there’s a reason for this and it’s because the Chromebook was meant to be a premium device with specs that competes with a lot of laptops. This device features 16GB of RAM and a 1TB SSD. It’s also powered by a 10 generation Intel Core processor. The specs are no joke and it’s definitely an upgrade compared to previous versions of the Chromebook but is that all there’s to it?

Not quite, what makes the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook unique is its design. The tablet/laptop is very light weighing only about 2.3 pounds and it’s very thin as well with specs of  11.9 x 8 x 0.4 inches. In fact, it’s the thinnest Chromebook in the world! So it definitely gets an A+ when it comes to portability.

Thinkpad X1 Fold

Thinkpad X1 Fold Review

Foldable gadgets aren’t really new to the market however this is the first attempt at a foldable laptop. Lenovo presents its Thinkpad X1 Fold,  its 13.3-inch laptop that allows itself to be folded to make it more portable. The device is also lightweight to boot, weighing only about 2.2 pounds.

Foldable laptops were only concepts at best and making a foldable laptop and charging $2500 off the bat sounds like a crazy idea but Lenovo somehow makes it work. They are confident that the laptop won’t break and that it will provide a truly unique experience for its users in this new year of 2023.

Lenovo’s Thinkpad X1 Fold could become a new trendsetter but we really won’t know until If it will succeed or not. But if all goes well, then other brands might follow and foldable laptops might become the new trend.

Microsoft Surface Neo

Microsoft Surface Neo Review

The Microsoft Surface Neo is a blessing to all multi-taskers.  Is the gadget a 2 in 1 or is it a 3 in 1 device? It’s hard to tell. What we know is that  It’s a laptop with dual 9-inch screens which makes it easy to do multiple things at once. It’s designed like a book which also allows for folding like the Thinkpad. We don’t even know if it should be called a laptop at this point but I guess that’s an innovation for you.

The Surface Neo isn’t out yet, so we really don’t know if it’s really practical or if it’s any good. But from what we can see, it’s an amazing innovation that redefines the definition of a laptop because it looks more like a phone to us than it is a laptop.

Nvidia GeForce MX 350

Nvidia has always had a good grasp on the laptop GPU market. Their GeForce MX series of GPUs were designed to make up for a subpar performance of Intel’s integrated graphic cards. These GPUs made by Nvidia have helped make lower-end laptops perform and run a lot of low-mid end games with no problems.

Nvidia is planning to release its new graphics card from the GeForce series, the Geforce MX 350. The company claims that this new graphics card will perform 2.5 faster than the latest integrated graphics card up to date. It will also be able to help a lot of lower end and cheaper laptops keep up with modern tasks like video editing and handling large media.

It’s also stated that the MX 350’s capabilities are somewhere between Nvidia’s GTX 960m and the GTX 1050. So gamers who don’t have the budget to buy a gaming laptop or PC can at least play some mid-end games when the MX350 comes out on future laptop models.

Macbook Pro 16

Macbook Pro 16 Review

One of the most anticipated releases of 2023 was the Macbook Pro 16. Released almost at the end of 2023, the MacBook Pro barely missed this list!

Apple has always been known for its state of the art hardware and high-spec laptops. And the most powerful notebooks of Apple are the MacBook Pros. Well, the MacBook Pro 16 is the most powerful MacBook that Apple has made so far.

What makes the MacBook Pro 16 such a big thing is because Apple listened to the criticisms and requests of customers about the previous version of the Macbook Pro. Apple took the criticism head-on and created a newer and better version of their Macbook.

The Macbook Pro 16 has almost double the performance of the Macbook Pro 15  with and it’s bigger too with its 16-inch screen. Despite having a larger screen, the Macbook Pro 16 has a slim design making it only slightly bulkier than its predecessor.

And last but not the least, the new Macbook Pro removed the annoying butterfly switch keyboard and replaced them with their previous Scissor switch keyboard. Now users can type easily and comfortably with these new sets of keyboards.


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