How To Properly Wash Your Hair


We are so used to this procedure, it is so repetitive that we don’t actually pay too much attention to it.

At least, until our hair becomes dull and frayed. This is when we finally focus on this daily routine. Don’t let that happen. Here, I gathered the best options for you and your hair.

Hi, I’m Maggie and today I’m sharing another piece of advice on hair care.

How Often To Wash Hair?

This is an important question that can be heard in almost all beauty salons. The truth is it depends on your hair type. If you have oily hair you can wash it once a day or once in two daysDry and normal types of hair don’t need a shower so frequently. The best option is 2-3 times per week. Still, it must be decided individually. Every person is unique, as well as their hair. Find out what your hair really needs, by experimenting with the frequency of hair washing. There is no one can tell you how many times are you supposed to wash your hair, except you. Stop washing your hair every day and wait till you see that it is getting greasy. Now, wash it.

Rinse Your Hair Before Shampooing It

You need to wet the hair before washing it. This way it absorbs the water. Remember, that hot temperature opens cuticle, which is actually the defensive external layer of each hair strand. This allows shampoo to remove the dirt and cosmetic products that got trapped there.

But you must be really careful with the hot water, as while cuticles are open, the hair is defenseless and you can make harm to it. Use this opportunity to feed wholesome oils, vitamins and rub it into your hair. Still, if you feel that this is not the time for such procedures, wash it with cold water. Cuticles will stay closed this way. Mix the temperatures to reach the best effect.

Massage Your Head While Washing Hair

If you are wondering how to wash hair in the most beneficial way, you need to put at least minimal efforts to it. Your scalp and roots of hair need a massage every time you are in the shower. It intensifies the rush of blood, helps the hair to grow faster and stronger, and besides, it is really pleasant.

Don’t rush, focus on the quality and imagine that your moves help the hair right now. Massage entire scalp. And don’t use nails or you will harm your skin. It may take you only two minutes, but you will notice results in a few weeks.

Choosing Shampoo Is An Important Decision

Once you have decided on how often to wash hair, you may need to pick the main tool for the whole procedure. There are tons of various shampoos in every beauty store or amazon. There are hundreds of commercials of these shampoos. No wonder that you want to change yours every time you see a more attractive bottle.

And this is a huge mistake. HUGE! Shampoo developers do not care about your hair type, they naturally assume that you already know everything about it. If you picked the wrong shampoo it is your fault, according to them. So, read carefully the tag on each bottle.

Oil hair needs special shampoos with purifying functions. Dry type of hair needs extra moisturizing. Don’t forget to read the composition and label. If you are allergic to some of the chemicals, it is better to find out that before you start using shampoo. For people with allergies, there are lots of natural homemade shampoos offered by small businesses at the market.

Leave Conditioner In For Up To 8 Minutes

The whole procedure may be extended in time, but at least you receive results you wanted. Start to massage conditioner from roots to the ends. Don’t take too much of it. When you finish rubbing the product, take a wide tooth comb to slightly detangle your hair. Don’t pull and don’t put too much effort.

Washing your hair maybe not the most interesting thing to do. It is up to you whether you are ready to turn it to real cosmetic procedure and take the most of it or just continue to be envy with amazing hair of celebrities. Remember, you can always improve your look. Astonishing sleek hair begins with the shower.


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