How to French Braid Your Own Hair


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French braids is one of the most popular hairdos, being both stylish and timeless variant for multiple occasions. But it is pretty hard to french braid your own hair without help from your stylist or friend. For a basic french braid take three equal hair locks, take the left lock and put it over the middle one, combining with the right lock. Make the same moves with the right section. Learning how to french braid your own hair takes time so you can make it at a slow pace. And don’t forget to take a look in the mirror from time to time.

Learning How To Double French Braid Your Own Hair

When you come up with making a simple braid, you will surely want to know more about braids. Double frenching is your next step here.

This hairdo starts with creating a straight hair parting on the same line as your nose. Try to make it as straight as possible. Brush your hair and use a straightener to make the hair more manageable and flexible for braids. Take smaller hair sections, adding them as you proceed, and try to make the left and right braids look equal. Use a hairbrush to divide hair into equal parts. This will help you learn how to french braid your own hair in two without asking your family or friends to help you. Always use two mirrors to check yourself, because making hairdos on your own hair is different from working with other people’s hair.

How to French Braid Your Own Hair to The Side

If you have always wanted to know how to french braid your hair on the side, it’s entirely possible to do it at home; you only need a little bit of practice and patience. If you have bangs, brush them on one side and use as a part of one section of the braid. Take this into account when dividing your hair, because bangs section is thicker on the roots, but tends to become thinner at the ends. Use the bangs section first, putting it over the middle part and uniting it with the opposite section. Proceed until the end of each section, then join the braid with your ponytail, or your hair bun.

Try to be as attentive as possible to make your braid proportional. Learning how to side french braid your own hair will be easier as you practice more. Very soon you will gain the desired result.

How to French Braid Pigtails Your Own Hair

If you seek some fresh ideas, I recommend you to transform one of the best hairdos of your childhood: pigtails! Working with pigtails is a real joy, and such hairstyle will be like a breath of fresh air. Create two big pigtails, divided according to your hairline. They can be equal, or you can let a little bit of asymmetry in. Use your mirror to control yourself.

You can always return to the very beginning if something is not right. Fix your braids with scrunchies when you finish. Use these simple tips if you want to make sweet pigtails on your hair. You will be impressed with the result, I assure you.

How to Reverse French Braid Your Own Hair

Another creative idea is reversed french braids. Need to learn how to make reverse french braids on your hair? Brush your hair, divide into three sections and start making a classic french braid. The main difference is that in this case you have to put left section under the middle one, uniting it with the right one, and then take right section and put it under the middle one, while taking it to the left one. By adding small hair sections while making a braid, you move to the ends. Then you can finish it two ways: you can stop after exceeding the head section, or you can proceed with the tails section to the end.

Learning How to French Braid Your Own Hair Is Easy

The best thing about all these tips is that you don’t need any extra styling products to learn french braiding your hair. Just take a brush, a straightener, two mirrors and some scrunchies. You can always add some hair care products if you like. For example, some keratin-based products are often used for better styling. Be attentive, neat and patient, control your moves and don’t be afraid to start again. Practice is important here. You might need more than one evening to get to the core of the process, and it’s fine. Learning how to french braid hair, your own hair especially requires some time and efforts. But eventually, you will get excellent styling skills that will save you a bunch of money.

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