How To Fix A Patchy Beard


You may know Claude Monet for his beautiful water lily paintings he made that are hanging in Musee d’Orsay in Paris, but you may not have known that he had a beard of epic proportions. In fact, many of our greatest heroes have marked their virility with long, dignifying beards.Easy

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What did Galileo, Sophocles, Friedrich Engels, Abraham Lincoln, and (fill in your favorite bearded gentleman here) have in common? Their beards of course! (And maybe a handy bottle of Polished Gentleman’s Thickening Shampoo from too)

fix a patchy beard

Some of us are not so lucky, though. Those of us who struggle with scraps of hair seemingly plastered haphazardly across our face are left continually wondering how to fix a patchy beard. “Is it simply my lack of willpower?” one might wonder. Alas, most patchy beards come down to genetics.

While every man is self-conscious about some part of his beard, the truth is that some men are just lucky. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do about it.

In this article, we’re going to review the best products that will help when you are wondering how to fix a patchy beard. We’ll discuss beard growth spray, beard growth cream, along beard growth vitamins as well as the beard growth stages and some quick morning fixes for a less-than-stellar beard. If you aren’t lucky enough to have been born from a hairy tribe, then fear not, you may still be able to grow the beard of your dreams.

Why is your beard patchy?

It’s important to understand why your beard is patchy so you know which products will work best for the circumstances. Also knowing how much growth that you might expect will help you manage your expectations so you don’t get disappointed with the results.

Here are some factors that affect your beard growth.

Your age

If you are under the age of 25 and your beard is patchy, then you may just need to wait. Your beard growth doesn’t fully fill in until you hit about 25 years old.

That’s not to say there is nothing you can do to fill it in, but your beard won’t reach its full potential until you are early to mid 20’s.

Expect to have modest results from doing one of the methods outlined below as far as products. You can really hedge your bets by adding a couple or more products into your routine to help things along.

Alopecia Barbae

Alopecia is a little understood autoimmune syndrome in which your body starts to reject your hair. Nobody really understands why this happens, but it seems to be genetic.

In some cases it can from stress, too.

Why you have it won’t be immediately clear. But it is is clear when you have it since you will tend to lose hair in spots about the size of a quarter.

A regular old patchy beard may manifest itself in thin wispy hairs in spots, but not usually in fully bald circles.

You can definitely try the products listed below and see some results. The problem would be that you have to continue their use or your hair will fall out again.

In some cases you may need to have a prescription of steroids to fight it.

I would definitely try some essential oils to get started plus the beard vitamins.

Skin conditions

This is probably the easiest of the issues to deal with as to why your beard may be patchy.

If you have folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm or acne, then the treatments will be pretty straightforward.

Try a beard oil that promotes growth and you should find your condition clearing up and your beard coming back to life.

In addition to that, then definitely go for the shampoo and conditioner with essential oils that you’ll see below.

These things together will disinfect your skin and get rid of any bacteria or fungus that might be clogging your pores and preventing your beard from growing.

They will also stimulate the skin so it brings some blood flow back to the area to nourish your hair follicles after the conditions is cleared up.


Sometimes you just the short end of the genetic stick and your beard is thin and wispy thanks to your ancestors.

That isn’t to say there is nothing you can do, but your results, if you have any, will be modest.

There are two things you can do to improve your lot.

Take a look at the type of hair where it is patchy. If that hair is thin, wispy and more like peach fuzz, then you have a fighting chance at some of the products listed below working for you. What you can expect in this case is for those fuzzy hairs getting strengthened so they can start growing thicker and stronger. This will make it look less patchy.

Another way you can fill in those patches is with the shampoo and conditioner as it can add some volume to your hair thanks to the essential oils present in them.

When the hairs have volume it hides the patchiness somewhat.

What you won’t be able to do is grow hair where there are no roots. If your patchyness is more like baldness, then there is not much else you can do.

Beard Growth Spray: Maxx Beard

beard growth spray

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Maxx Beard is a beard growth spray designed to stimulate hair growth. Made with Niacin, Biotin, Kopyrrol, and essential oils for hair health, Maxx Beard is the perfect natural method to fix a patchy beard. While it won’t transform you into a caveman overnight, you will notice significant growth if you apply the beard growth spray consistently for 6-8 weeks.

The difference won’t be enormous, but most men who use it report that patchy sections of their beard gradually fill in and the rest of their beard becomes thicker and denser. You do have to apply it every day for an extended period of time before you see results, but if you’re patient, you’ll reap the benefits. Results may differ from beard to beard, but it is effective on beards of all shapes and sizes.

While it does have a slight odor, the smell should dissipate within 20-30 minutes and certainly before you leave the house in the morning for work. To apply it, I simply take the dropper and squeeze a bit of beard growth spray on the patchy sections of your beard. Then rub it in with your finger to help it absorb.

Make sure you are patient when you start using this, or any other beard growth oil. It is going to take a while before you see results. Give it a couple of months before you decide if it is working for you or not. Typically in about three months you will see some growth.

If your patchiness is due to genetics or youthful age, then this is a good product to see if it can get your beard going. If you have alopecia, then it may have little effect.

Even if it doesn’t help reduce the patchiness of your beard, the areas with full hair will definitely look better. Your facial hair will look fuller and thicker and have a much healthier shine to it. The point really is for your beard to look better, so without any extra growth you’ll at least achieve that.

Beard Growth Cream: Bossman Fortifying Conditioner

beard growth cream

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Bossman beard conditioner helps stimulate beard growth by targeting your pores rather than your hair itself. The idea is that in creating a healthier base, your entire beard will be healthier. After washing your beard with beard soap, run a dime-sized amount of this conditioner into your beard and let it sit for two minutes before rinsing it out.

There is one unique ingredient in this conditioner that sustain beard growth: mango butter. Mango butter is extracted from the pit of the fruit and has been used for cooking for centuries all over the world. It’s filled with vitamins A, C, and E as well as Oleic acid, Stearic acid, Palmitic acid, Linoleic acid, and Arainidic acid.

Not only can it protect your hair and skin from UVA rays from the sun, but it’s also an emollient. So, it also keeps the face soft and reduces inflammation, which, in turn, keeps hair follicles open and prevent bacterial infections, both of which contribute to hair loss.

Briefly on how to fix a patchy beard, this beard growth cream will help nourish the skin on your face back to health so your facial hair has the optimal conditions for growth. This conditioner works with your body to allow your hair to grow as normally. It really isn’t intended to stimulate hair where it doesn’t exist, but it will make your beard look noticeably fuller.

Your beard should also grow faster. Since your pores will be cleaned out, it should give your follicles a boost.

Beard Growth Shampoo: Lipogaine

fix a patchy beard

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This isn’t technically a beard product, but it’s made with high quality ingredients meant to stimulate hair growth. So, it is quite useful for anyone looking to grow a fuller beard. Originally it was made as a natural alternative to shampoos filled with harsh chemicals. It’s ideal for anyone experiencing thinning hair whether from age or illness.

Lipogaine Hair Rejuvenating Shampoo is made with biotin, caffeine, argan oil, castor oil, and saw palmetto. Biotin and caffeine are both known to improve hair growth. The former is a B-vitamin that is crucial to health of your hair, nails, and skin. You should be able to find biotin in egg yolks, nuts, soy, legumes, bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms, and organ meats. However, as a 2015 study found, supplements can improve hair growth by improving the body’s production of keratin, an essential protein that makes up your hair.

You may not have known that by sipping your morning coffee you’re also helping your hair grow. Caffeine has been known to help regulate the hair growth cycle.

Instead of relying on your morning cup of joe to work from the inside out, your putting it on your skin and letting its stimulating properties work directly on your scalp. It purportedly extends the growth cycle of your hair so you’ll have more of your hair growing for longer. Try it out on your beard and see if it works as well as other have reported it to work on their head hair.

Combined with Biotin and nourishing oils, this shampoo has helped not only beard enthusiasts, but cancer patients.

After losing her hair due to chemotherapy, one happy user commented the following on how to fix a patchy beard:

“After losing my hair to chemotherapy I relied on other breast cancer patient’s blogs to obtain any advice for a product that would legitimately grow hair faster. I bought two different products, Lipogaine being one of them. After using up the first product I began using the Lipogaine….wow…what a difference. All my family and friends immediately commented on the speed of my hair growth. What normally would have been 6″ of hair growth within a 12 month period, this product gave me a good 9″ of hair growth. When you are bald and trying to get past the memories of strong chemo, this extra 3″ of hair is a gift. I am almost in tears thinking about it. It is an effective product and you do not need much in order to create a generous lather. Even my hair stylist was shocked to see me back in the salon so soon after chemo. Great product.”

Because it’s so gentle, Lipogaine is perfect to use on your face. It’s made with all-natural ingredients and won’t strip your skin of its essential oils.

Use this in conjunction with other beard growth products like a supplement or even some essential oils and you should see some nice regrowth. It won’t grow hair where there are no follicles, so don’t expect it to fill in all areas, but it will rejuvenate hair follicles with dead or dying roots.

Beard Growth Shampoo: Polished Gentleman Beard Shampoo and Conditioner

fix a patchy beard

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If you want to fix a patchy beard, Polished Gentleman beard shampoo and conditioner is a great choice. It’s made with natural ingredients and packed with important nutrients. You’ll find that it contains raw manuka honey, biotin, eucalyptus oil, argan oil, tea tree oil, and rosemary oil. The tea tree oil and rosemary oil in particular will help stimulate hair growth. Not only will it help fight against dandruff, dry skin, acne, and warts, but it’s meant to stimulate your hair right at the follicle.

One of the main benefits is that it increases circulation in the skin. This blood flow brings nutrients to the follicle. With these added nutrients, the hair gets nourished and will grow faster and thicker to give your beard an appearance of fullness.

If you are taking supplements, then they have a much better chance of working when your blood flow to the follicles is increased.

To use it, simply massage a dime-sized amount into your beard for a few minutes before rinsing it out with warm water. Though you should make sure to use it consistently over a few months, if you keep it up, you’ll see the effects after several weeks.

Over-the-Counter Beard Growth Medication: Kirkland’s Minoxidil

fix a patchy beard

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As it turns out, you can grow a fuller beard just like you can fix a balding head–with minoxidil, also familiarly known by the brand name Rogaine. Minoxidil was originally created to solve male-pattern baldness, but it can also be used to stimulate beard growth. In fact, it’s even used for eyebrows and chest hair.

It’s completely safe. However, if you’re not using it on the head, it could have some unwanted side effects. If you’re taking the medication orally or topically, you could have unwanted hair growth on your upper lip, back, forehead etc. When used on your head as it was originally intended to be used, hair will grow in the spot it was placed.

For hair growth, minoxidil is generally applied topically in the form of shampoo, drops, or a foam. In these forms, unwanted hair growth is extremely rare because only about 4% can enter the bloodstream if used externally. While we have to mention these side effects, the truth is they are very rare especially now that the pill is rarely used. You can even find clinical trials of minoxidil for beard use in particular, this study, for example, which was published in 2014.

The great thing about minoxidil, is it really WORKS. While nourishing shampoos and creams can help fill out a thinning beard, minoxidil will boost hair growth significantly and noticeably. There’s no playing around here. It might, however, dry out the area where you apply it, so you’ll have to make sure to use a moisturizer. If you need substantial beard growth though, minoxidil is the way to go.

Minoxidil is the only over the counter topical medication that the FDA agrees does actually grow hair. It can take a while to start working though. In fact, six months is not unheard of.

If after using it for more than six months and you haven’t seen any more growth then it pretty much is not going to work.

Even though it does actually work, it doesn’t work for everybody and in every scenario. If it doesn’t regrow your hair then you may just need to use a thickening shampoo or something to make the beard appear fuller to fill in the patches.

Beard Growth Stages

If you want to know how to fix a patchy beard, you’re going to need to be able to identify the regular beard growth stages. There are certain beard products that you should start using at certain points of your beard-growing journey. So, keep this guide on hand over the next few months so you know what tools to bring in when in growing your beard.

Light Stubble (0-3 Weeks):

During the first few weeks of your beard-growing journey, you really don’t need to do too much damage control. In fact, enjoy it. If you’ve been shaving every day, this should feel like a welcome relief. Some men like to start right away by shaping their beard and applying beard oil, but the truth is that your hair follicles should be producing plenty of oil on their own. These weeks, your beard should start with a light stubble and grow to a heavy stubble.

This is the ideal time to start taking a beard growth supplement if that is your plan. It takes a while to start working so the earlier you are in your beard growth phase, the better.

On a side note, according to Psychology Today, women find this type of beard the most attractive on men!

Patchy Beard (4-6 Weeks):

By this time, your beard isn’t quite full yet, but it’s definitely no longer stubble. At this point, your beard may not be coming in properly everywhere. You might even be asking yourself about how to fix a patchy beard. If this is the case, don’t worry yet. Even if you have some gapping around your lips or near your ears, your beard should fill in more evenly given the time.

If you’ve gotten this far though, your beard is probably starting to feel pretty itchy. At this point, the natural sebum oil created by your hair follicles isn’t enough to moisturize your whole beard. You should ideally pick up some beard oil at this point to help nourish and soften your beard. You might also want to add a beard brush to your arsenal of tools. A beard brush will not only spread the oil evenly throughout your beard, but can also help you to get those unruly hairs to face the right direction.

Use beard oils that will stimulate circulation to bring necessary nutrients to your beard. Alos, look for ingredients like tea tree oil, rosemary oil, castor oil and pumpkin seed oil to disinfect the skin to clear out your pores and create an environment that is favorable to growing your beard hair. Using a beard brush in addition to making sure the oil is evenly applied will also increase your beard growth.

Getting Bushy (6-7 weeks):

Now, it looks like you’re starting to grow a real beard. You might be tempted to trim and shape your beard at this point, but resist the temptation. If you don’t have experience with hair trimmers, you’ll want to go to a professional barber to have them shape it for you. You can always touch up your beard to your liking during the week, but one little slip could undo weeks of hard work and patience.

At this point, you’ll want to start using a beard shampoo. Once your hair is more than an inch long, you’ll have to start being more careful about washing it properly. Like the hair on your head, your beard collects dust, dirt, grime, and oil, and you need to scrub it out a couple times a week to keep it clean.

Full Beard:

Congratulations! You have a full beard! Make sure to keep grooming it properly to keep the hair healthy, and maybe you can make it to a yeard (beard grown for a year)!

How to Fix a Beard: Quick Fixes

Okay, so maybe you’re not into these all-natural beard products and you don’t really want to try any supplements, but you still have patches. You want to know how to fix a patchy beard with quick, easy solutions.

1. Let it grow! Let it grow!

If you have a patchy beard, the best solution might just be to wait. It might grow in on its own if you’re patient.

2. Brush it out!

Get out that beard brush. A beard brush can help you cover up patchy spaces. Instead of brushing your hair in the direction of growth, use the brush to brush hair over the sparse places on your beard.

3. Grow out your mustache

You might be able to cover up gaps in your beard with an extra long mustache.

4. Utilize your cheek line strategically

We usually advise men to trim their cheek line along the line from their ear to their lip. However, if you have less hair growth on the sides of your face, you might consider angling the cheek line so that it hits your jawline at the thickest part of your beard. Instead of allowing them to grow in unevenly, use your trimmer to trick the eye into believing the hair is thicker than it might actually be.

5. Take it short

Instead of allowing your facial hair to grow into a patchy beard, keep it short. A neat, trim beard will look much better than a patchy beard, and no one will know the difference.

6. Don’t emphasize your flaws

If you have patchy cheeks or an empty chin, then get a cool haircut or pay more attention to your mustache. If you highlight your assets, you’ll draw the attention away from your flaws. A great ‘do will draw the eye upward away from a patchy beard, for instance.

If you are just keen on how to fix a patchy beard you’re not keen on the beard growth sprays and beard growth creams, try these quick fixes to cover up a patchy beard. Your beard may never be like these men’s beards (after all, genetics does play a large part), but it will suffice on a busy morning!

Final Thoughts on How to Grow a Thick Beard

Patchy beards can be extremely irritating. Not only does it look ridiculous, but it can take a toll on your ego. A few awkward clumps of hair do not make a beard. Leave us a comment in the box below to let us know how you cover up patches in your beard and which of these tips you want to try.


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