How to Color and Cover Gray Hair Easily at Home


Have you ever seen your favorite actor or actress on a TV show and immediately rushed to a salon to get the same hair color? Do you seek a simple and viable solution to your hair problems? If you say YES, I bet you love catching up with the latest trends. I believe hair coloring can boost your confidence amazingly. However, you should be selective in buying products to avoid drier, thinner or weaker hair.

Hello, my name is Clarissa and I am here to help you with products reviews and options to cover your gray hair. Whether you are trying to find the best way to cover grayness in your dark brown hair or want to find blonde hair color that covers gray, let me guide you with comprehensive reviews for different products. I have prepared a list of some great options to cover the gray hair color and look gorgeous.

This article includes all the key information: from spray that covers gray hair effectively to covering gray hair with henna. I have included only the best-selling products to cover your gray hair problems. Almost all of them include detailed instructions on how to cover your gray hair yourself.

How to Cover up Gray Hair Effectively?

How to Cover up Gray Hair Effectively?

Today, I want to talk about the available methods you can use to cover gray hair. If you are looking for the best way to cover gray hair for brunettes or highlights to cover gray on dark hair, you should always go for a reliable product which nourishes your hair.

Some products and ways to cover gray hair naturally are:

  • Henna. It is 100% natural product to cover gray hair for longer time period. You should not use it on dyed hair as you may not get the desired results. This natural hair dye strengthens and softens the hair. You can mix it with other ingredients like lemon juice to get different shades. The only problem is that the whole preparation and application process takes more time than other products.
  • Sprays, Mascaras and Touch-up powders: These are quick but temporary solutions to conceal the grown out roots in a few minutes. The color molecules of spray, mascara or powder settle on top of the gray hair fibres and are easily removed by shampoo. They are travel friendly and great for root touch-ups as they dry quickly. The only disadvantage is that they are not meant to last.
  • Home made products: Some natural ingredients like coffee, sage, rosemary, cinnamon, and beetroot juice are famous to lighten or cover gray hair. The ones I‘ve mentioned are 100% herbal and safe. But depending on your hair type and texture, you may not get desired results.
  • Hair coloring: For long lasting coverage of gray hair, coloring is the best option. They work on any type of hair and available in a wide range of shades. With little effort and budget, you can rock a new look. So, there is no need to book an appointment with the salon to color your hair. However, these may contain some chemicals that can damage your hair. Frequent washing and use of hot tools also make the color fade.

Top 15 great products to cover the gray hair

1. Style Edit Root Concealer Touch Up Spray

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Style Edit is well known for their result-oriented hair care range to meet all of your needs. It was founded with the objective to develop phenomenal products to help women achieve their most wanted hair goals. Their exclusive A-list collection will solve all of your hair related concerns. Well, if you are thinking about what is the best way to cover gray hair, I am here to help. I have been using this product for some time. It is a fantastic root concealer spray to cover up gray roots between hair colorings.

This temporary touch-up quickly hides your gray roots and extends your hair color a bit longer. So you don‘t need to visit your salon too often. It dries quickly and does not drip down your face. My hair grows fast and I don‘t want to keep coloring my hair after 2-3 weeks. This is one product I will recommend to all for concealing the fading roots. It perfectly mixes with your hair color giving it a natural shine.

It is great for a quick gray hair cover up and stays for quite long, until you wash it off with a shampoo, of course. Its results are amazing even on hot days or sweaty workouts.

very simple to apply;dries within minutes;hair looks natural after use.
used only as spot coverage.

2. L‘Oreal Paris Magic Root Cover Up Gray Concealer Spray

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For more than 100 years, L‘Oreal Paris has been developing beauty products to become the best cosmetic group worldwide. I absolutely love their products, especially the hair care range that contains no harmful chemicals.

Sometime back, I was wondering how often should I dye my hair to cover gray. But this product saved me from coloring my roots too frequently.

Just stop searching for a hair color to cover gray with highlights and save your money with this spray. It covers gray hair so perfectly that nobody will notice it. You can easily find a matching color from its wide range of natural shades. It is a lifesaver! Simply keep its narrow nozzle six inches away to spray on the gray area, comb it to mix with the rest of your hair and wait for a minute to let it dry. You will be amazed that very little amount of spraying is required for gray coverage. I recommend this product to those of you whose hair grows really fast, and they need to color the roots every 2-3 weeks. This will definitely extend the time ‘til your next salon visit.

affordable;quick results;easy application.
the hairline application needs a bit more effort.

3. 1 Pack Burgundy Red Henna Hair & Beard Color

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If your hair gets frizzy after coloring and you want to naturally cover gray hair, I have something great for you. I will explain how to cover gray hair naturally at home with henna. It has been used extensively as the best permanent hair color to cover gray hair in Arab, African and Indian cultures and represents good luck, positive energy and health.

This is a great product for covering gray hair for longer duration. It is easy to apply and leaves your hair or beard soft. It also leaves a nice smell after washing out. If you are considering changing your hair color but don‘t want to use chemicals, try out this henna dye and you won‘t be disappointed. This shade works great to revive your natural red color. It simply colors your gray hair and beard bright burgundy.

Just a word of caution: please read the instructions carefully on how to prepare henna for better results. This shade is suitable for coverage of gray or light hair for this specific shade. While the results may vary depending on your hair color, it will not lighten dark hair color.

no harmful ingredients;value for money;no harsh impact on hair;color lasts upto 3-4 weeks.
results vary due to actual hair color.

4. Garnier Nutrisse Nourishing Hair Color Creme

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Overall, Garnier definitely garners my praise for being a company making amazing products at drugstore prices. It is a brand of L‘Oréal Group with a history stretching back to 1904 when such products were literally non-existent.

I have this amazing product for ladies on a mission to find out what professional hair color covers gray the best. Look no further for how to cover gray hair roots as Garnier Nutrisse promises long-lasting gray coverage. It works for even the resistant grays so you don‘t have to worry about coloring hair again and again. If you are looking for a hair color to cover gray roots and afraid of chemicals, this is the best product for you. Its formula contains three natural ingredients, shea oils, olive, and avocado to give you salon quality hair look and feel. Instructions are easy to follow and the mixture does not drip from the hair. You can easily find your shade from Garnier‘s gorgeous colors range. I really liked the 20 Soft black variant for natural black shade. My hair did not feel dry after washing. Lastly, for a radiant and shiny look, don‘t forget to use the after-color conditioner.

easy to mix and apply;nice smell;leaves hair soft;no stain on the skin.
frequent washing fades the color.

5. COLOR WOW Root Cover Up

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If there is any powder-based remedy as effective as your best hair color to cover gray roots, it is COLOR WOW Root Cover up. Gail Federici, the founder of Federici Brands, is the brilliant mind behind this product.

This is a quick-fix and no-mess cover-up powder I recommend to those confused about what brand of hair color covers gray the best. It magically hides gray roots to give it a natural look. It is one of the most amazing products which does not drop off when it rains. It is lightweight, and I carry it anywhere in my purse, I also keep it on my bathroom counter. It‘s a great tool to keep with you for a quick fix when you are very active or busy. I really like it‘s brush as I can use it on my hair directly. Unlike sprays, you can easily press it down on your hair to cover even a small area. It is free of any dye or wax, and you can easily wash it off with a blue shampoo.

There are eight beautiful shades to choose from, and I am sure you will easily find one to cover your gray hair, eyebrows, gaps, and highlights.

suitable for sweaty workouts;easy to carry anywhere;natural looking hair.
the brush takes a little more time than spray.

6. Joan Rivers Great Hair Day Fill-In Powder

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I have always admired Joan Rivers as a force of nature. She launched Joan Rivers Beauty and dedicated it to helping people look and feel sensational. I truly love her passion and believe that when you look your best, you can be your best.

This product is simply genius: a pigmented pressed powder which will make you feel beautiful again. It is simply a hair makeup which covers your gray hair and make it look thick and full. For people who have thin hair or receding hairline, now you don‘t need to ponder on how to style your hair. The instructions are easy to follow. Make sure your scalp is dry. Use the pointy end of the brush to part your hair. Now dab the brush in powder carefully and apply along the scalp, move from back to forward. Just stop an inch before your hairline and blend it with the brush. You can easily find your perfect shade from six colors.

This amazing product works wonders for me, and I am sure you will this hair volumizing powder to cover gray hair naturally.

no mess or smell;stays longer till next hair wash;covers gray hair and makes it look thick and full;water proof.
few people think the brush is too small.

7. Just For Men Original Formula Men‘s Hair Color

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I have another best in home hair color to cover gray hair from Just for Men brand. This product promises that it only targets gray hair, which is absolutely correct. Its chemical formula does not bleach the hair, and just adds dye to your existing hair color. This way, the dark hair won‘t change the color but the gray hair will. Its quick, non-drip, and simple shampoo-in formula gives perfect coverage in just five minutes.

This is an ammonia free product that contains vitamin E, protein, chamomile and aloe to nourish and make your hair healthier and thicker. You will definitely feel soft and smooth hair after washing it off. The instructions suggest to try lighter shade first if the color selection is confusing for you.

Though this product is advertised as “Just for Men”, there is actually no dissimilarity in hair color for men and women. The main difference is the frequency and nature of use. Most men want gray hair coverage, not an overall complete color change. They usually cut hair often, so they use color more frequently. That‘s why marketers target both differently.

covers gray hair completely;visible results in a few minutes;lasts longer;targets only the gray hair.
marketed as just for men.

8. Clairol Nice ‘n‘ Easy Root Touch-Up

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Clairol is a division of Coty Inc. which specializes in developing hair care and coloring products. It was founded in 1904 in France. Clairol‘s products include some of the greatest names like Herbal Essences, Balsam and Nice ‘n‘ Easy.

This is an excellent product as it covers my roots very well. Its results are permanent and last up to 3 weeks. I have been using it for some time now. I picked the 6.5A Lightest Cool Brown shade as it perfectly mixes with my existing hair color and gives a natural look. It is absolutely foolproof to apply. The thicker formula is less runny and the overall application process took me around ten minutes, just as promised by the brand. I really liked the perfect size of brush for spreading the correct amount of dye. I have recommended it to my friends as the best professional hair color to cover gray hair and they are very satisfied with the results. It is a lifesaver product to use between salon visits.

suitable for any hair type or texture;long lasting color;the touch-up process only takes ten minutes;100% gray coverage.
contains just enough product to color the roots;people might go for regular Nice ‘n‘ Easy color due to the amount of product which costs the same.

9. L‘Oreal Paris Couleur Experte Color

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When a product goes by the name “Experte”, you should expect that it will definitely give you the exact results it promises. This is absolutely true for this product. It is the only product on my list that comes with a dual-system coloring kit combining all over color and highlights. You also get two sets of gloves in the kit.

I got a ginger twist as it perfectly blends with my recent hair color and I’m very happy with the results. The process is very easy but takes a bit of time.

First, you need to apply the base color to cover your grays. It lightens your hair a tone. Rinse it off and let it dry completely before applying the highlights. Honestly speaking, this process is tricky but the fingertip applicator works fine for me. It helps to get thin hair strands for a great look. Use the deep conditioner after the highlights. You will be amazed by your hair as it looks vibrant and silky.

I swear by this amazing product as it gives your hair rich color and salon-like look. Several people have asked me whether this is my natural hair color. This is the best hair color to cover gray hair, and I will keep buying this.

wide range of colors;easy application process;rich, vibrant color;salon-like look.
you will never want to go to the salon again.

10. Hannah Natural 100% Pure Henna Powder

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Hannah Hair Care LLC is a US-based firm which imports and distributes hair care products based on natural ingredients. This product is originally produced in India and imported by Hannah Hair Care LLC. It is the best permanent hair color to cover gray hair.

Well, the product is a complete kit with two portions of 50-gram henna, a pair of gloves and a shower cap. For better results, you should follow the henna to cover gray hair instructions. One packet was enough for me, but depending on your hair length, you may need another one. I used it with lemon juice and water to get yogurt-like consistency and placed it for a few hours at room temperature. Then I applied it on my hair and left it for 3-4 hours, and rinsed it off. The initial color I got was a beautiful copper toned red which darkened in the next 4-5 days. Don‘t worry if the initial result is orange/red color as it will deepen in a few days. You can also use it with ingredients like turmeric, beetroot juice, red or indigo henna powder to get different color variants.

This product is 100% natural with full gray coverage. It leaves your hair soft. I highly recommend it as the best hair color to cover grey African American hair.

100% pure, no chemicals;fine powder,great color.
only available in fifty-gram doses.

11. Everpro Gray Away Temporary Root Concealer

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Gray Away Womens was founded to resolve common hair issues by offering innovative solutions. Their high-performance range of hair care products include Gray Away crayons, magnetic powder, and temporary root concealer. Let‘s find out whether their products gives exceptional and quick results!

When I used the root concealer, I was surprised why it was not priced higher as it works so well. Temporary touch-up color has never looked natural on my hair. This product is amazing, just like magic in a can. Its self-adjusting color technology gives a natural looking finish to roots. I am sure the company honestly sticks to its mission, another plus point from me. It is water resistant but easily comes off in one hair wash. If you have a habit of wearing your glasses on your head, just be careful when applying the spray. Let it dry completely, otherwise the color may transfer from the glasses to your face.

This product is available in three shades, but they all blend well with any hair color. You just need to apply it on clean and dry hair. I recommend it as the best temporary hair color to cover gray hair suitable for anybody who wants to skip their salon visit.

does not contain harsh chemicals;thin nozzle spray for precise gray coverage;sweat resistant;washes out easily with shampoo.
available only in three shades.

12. L‘Oréal Paris Excellence Créme Permanent Hair Color

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I have been dying my hair successfully for some time now and I am a satisfied user of this product. I bought one in 5 medium brown shade and all I can say is WOW… I loved the intensity of this shade. This is another great product from L‘Oréal‘s hair care range worth trying. I never had issues with any of L‘Oréal‘s products and I am a huge fan of this gorgeous cover gray hair color range. It even works on the most stubborn grays and stays on hair for a longer time.

Its rich creme formula nourishes the hair and gives a glorious shine. You can apply it yourself as the instructions are easy to follow. Trust me, once you start using it, you will never switch back to another one. Your hair will thank you for choosing this brand. If you are 100 percent satisfied with this just like me, I would suggest not to jump to any other brand at all as it is incomparable- that‘s why it is called “Excellence”.

it‘s ceramide pre-color treatment protects your hair;the mixture does not drip off the face;beautifully blends with hair color;works with all hair types.
you will not change back to another product.

13. Revlon Colorsilk Beautiful Color

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Continuing with my best hair color to cover gray reviews, styling is incomplete without mentioning Revlon. It is US-based skincare, fragrance, and cosmetics making company founded by two brothers in 1932 – during the great depression. I am 100% satisfied with Revlon hair colors as they never mess around. If the product label says black, the result will be black! Its UV defense formula protects the color from the damage caused by UV rays, so you don‘t need to worry about going out on a sunny day.

This hair color range has been formulated with special 3D Gel technology which covers every hair from root to tip and gives you a natural looking and shining hair. You can easily use this specific shade as highlights to cover gray in dark hair as it will easily blend with the natural hair color delivering a uniform look. I recommended it to my friends and few salon clients, they all are very pleased with this product as it is multi-tonal and mixes with the natural hair. It is definitely better than the typical salon formulas. Frankly speaking, my hair actually looks better and I am so happy that I tried it. Highly recommended as the best hair color to cover gray.

ammonia free;nice smell;simple application process;hair feels silky soft after use.
frequent washing fades the color.

14. Premium Root Touch Up – CoverAge

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PROTÉGÉ Beauty prides itself in developing 100% Paraben, Sulphate, Phthalate, and cruelty-free skincare products. They have named this product perfectly well as it actually delivers what it promises. When I tried it, I was wondering about the name but oh boy… I loved it.

Can semi-permanent hair color cover gray? Yes, it can. Alternatively, you use a great product like this one for covering gray hair with highlights. It will save all the hassle of frequent trips to the salon just because your gray roots are visible.

I liked for its few qualities, it successfully conceals your gray roots. You just need to make sure that you are applying it on dry and clean hair. It usually stays longer until your next hair wash, but avoid deliberate hair rubbing as it will remove it. Another great plus point of this product is that it includes three natural minerals – Zinc, Mica and Talc. As these are reflective, they boost your hair shine. Its brush makes it easier to apply powder for gray cover up for hair and you look great within no time.

great brush for accurate application;non-sticky;does not stain skin.
comes off on rubbing.

15. Kiss Quick Cover Gray Hair Touch Up Brush

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Recently, I had to attend a wedding and I was so busy with my active schedule that I almost forgot about going to a salon to fix my gray hair. I simply wanted a temporary root touch-up which could save my time. Fortunately, Kiss has designed a “Mascara-type” brush for a quick color touch-up. It is my recommended cover your gray hair mascara for all busy people out there. Trust me, it would stay longer till you wash your hair or rub it hard. You can easily apply it to cover gray hair along the part line or hairline. Just wait for a few minutes and it will completely dry to give a natural look.

There are a variety of shades to choose your best hair color for covering gray. The mascara glides smoothly on any hair. It is moisture resistant, so it won‘t drip down in light rain. But I would suggest to remain careful and avoid going out during rain. My hair did not feel stiff as it includes Jojoba oil for moisture and shine. I definitely find it a speedy fix to cover gray hair.

great mascara brush for detailed coverage;looks natural;easily removed with shampoo.
not waterproof.

FAQ section:

  1. How to cover the gray hair naturally at home?

You can use sage and rosemary to cover gray hair. Sage is also a good option to darken black or dark brown hair. For long lasting and best results, I suggest applying henna. It also leaves your hair soft. You can also use the products mentioned in this article.

  1. Is covering gray hair with coffee works?

Yes, for a quick result. While it dyes your hair a bit darker, you might be able to cover gray with coffee naturally at home. It also depends on your hair texture. I would suggest to try other products mentioned in this article for a lasting change.

  1. What is the best method to keep the color of my natural dye?

While you love the look and feel of your hair after using natural dye, you also worry about color fading. Here are some tips to extend the duration of your colored hair:

  • avoid or limit the use of hot tools such as hair dryer;
  • always apply a heat protecting serum before using hot tools;
  • do not wash your hair frequently;
  • avoid using hot water for hair;
  • use a quality water filter in shower as heavy chemicals can fade hair color.

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  1. How to choose the best color for dyeing gray hair?

If you have naturally dark hair, I would suggest to choose the dye close to your natural hair color. I recommend you to go for a product that is two or three shades lighter than your hair color to cover gray area.

  1. Which products are harmful for gray hair?

You should only trust renowned brands as mentioned in this article to buy the best products for covering gray hair which are not harmful. You should also avoid products containing hydrogen peroxide to cover gray hair due to its damaging effects.

  1. Does cinnamon cover gray hair?

No, it lightens hair.

  1. Does sage tea cover gray hair?

It will not suddenly change the color nor it is a long lasting solution. The tea should be very strong and the process should be repeated frequently to attain desired results.



I am sure after reading this article, you can easily decide which product to select and how to cover your gray hair yourself. So get ready to get some gorgeous colors for your hair and don‘t forget to comment about the results. I would also like to share few factors to consider before going for gray hair coverage.

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You may also feel concerned about the damage hair coloring may cause. Indeed, it is tricky, but if you found a great product, stick to it. You should also decide whether you should go to Salon or can color your hair at home as gray hair might be difficult to tackle by yourself.

You should take professional help if you are worried about the damage chemical formulas may cause. It would be better not to purchase any brand as the chemical formulas of some products on the market are stronger than the ones used in salons.

Be sure to read the instructions before you try coloring hair at home. Seek professional advice to select the best shade for highlights to cover gray in brown hair. If this is your first attempt to change the color of your hair, I recommend visiting a salon instead of selecting the shade yourself.


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