How Does The Moon Affect Your Hair?


Over the years, there have always been many myths circulating about how the Moon influences human beings, especially affecting human beauty and health.

In terms of Astrology, it is said that the Moon can influence our hormones, although there is no scientific proof for it.

However, there are many speculations about this, and one of the biggest myths related to the Moon and hair is about having a haircut or even dyeing your hair according to the lunar phases.

When to Have a Haircut according to the Moon Phases

As you may already know, moon has different phases,and according to these phases, there are some things you may want to keep in mind if you want to have a haircut or just change your hair style according to those phases.

NEW MOON: It can also be called “Changing Moon”.During this phase,it is not recommended to have a haircut or any other change in your hair, because it is not considered to be a favorable for your hair phase and can trigger hair loss.

FIRST QUARTER: If you want your hair to gain strength and grow longer and faster, then you have to cut it in the first quarter moon.

Here’s some tips:

  • It is even more efficient if you cut your hair one day before or at the same day that the phase changes.
  • It is recommended to get the haircut done some time between midday and 6 pm because there is an increase in the lunar attraction during this period.
  • For women it is advisable to cut their hair ends only.

FULL MOON: This phase is good for people with damaged hair and it is certainly recommended to have a haircut a day before this phase or at the same day between 06:00am and 12 at noon. This phase is good for growing healthy, abundant and strong hair.

LAST QUARTER: If you have a haircut during this phase, then the hair growth will be slow and your haircut will last longer, so in some cases people also like this option.
For this, you will have to cut your hair during the morning hours (06:00am until noon.)

When to Color your Hair according to the Moon Phases

The lunar calendar is not only useful in case you want to have a haircut but it also has an impact on choosing the right time to dye your hair or apply any other hair treatment.

According to the myth, the waning phase of the moon is the best one for the body, skin and hair. During this phase, we can get better results if we want to change our hair color since the hair dye will last longer and will look better and shinier.

To conclude, human beings´ welfare has always been very much related to the nature and the world around them, so believing that the Moon phases have an impact on your hair´s health and beauty can be seen as part of this concept.


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