Growing a Beard is Easy, But Maintaining Takes a Bit of Know How


If only growing a beard in all its glory was as simple as sitting back and waiting for it to grow.

Though lots of patience is required when growing out a beard, you do need some know how to grow a better beard.

It isn’t rocket science as I like to say, but if you want a beard that looks great and feels better you need to dedicate some time to it.

Don’t worry, it is not difficult and anybody can have a a great looking beard even if you struggle to grow a thick beard.

Just following the simple tips I am putting forth in this article will set you up for success. Read on to learn more about how growing a beard can change your life!

Can everyone grow a beard?

Yes, everybody can grow a beard. Unless you can’t.


Every guy on the planet should be able to grow a beard, but genes play a big part in how your beard will grow.

Unfortunately for some, this means that they may not be genetically predisposed to growing a beard.

However, I think many guys ask if they can grow a beard only because their beard is patchy. This is still a beard and really not the end of the world as you can still fix a patchy beard.

So I guess the real question is can everybody grow a full beard and the answer to that would be no, not everybody can have a thick, long beard. But can they have a beard, albeit thin and patchy? Yes.

What is the average age to start growing out a beard?

The answer to this depends highly on genetics. Most males will start growing some facial hair when they hit puberty. And everybody hits puberty at a different age thanks to genetics again.

But, can those thin, wispy and inconsistent strands of facial hair really be considered a beard?

The real answer is that usually growing a beard fully probably won’t start before turning 18. Some guys will grow a full beard earlier but most really start until after the age of 25.

Growing a beard depends highly on the flow of testosterone. And it doesn’t really settle in until you are in your 20’s.

If you are in your late teens and early 20’s and want to know how to grow a better beard the answer is to just wait. Of course, there are other tips and tricks to growing a beard which I will dive into deeper in this article.

Growing out a beard myths

Does shaving make a beard grow thicker and faster?

The answer is a resounding “No”. that is probably the biggest myth going for growing a beard.

It may seem like it is thicker but only because the root of the hair is thicker than the tip. So when you shave and stubble starts coming in, the exposed follicle is thicker. But it didn’t become thicker because you shaved. The root is still the same thickness as it was when the hair was fully grown.

It also seems that way because your fully grown hair is softer but when the stubble is just growing in it feels rough. The longer hair has been exposed for a long time to the effects of the sun, quality of your tap water, soaps, air pollution, and other factors. Basically, think of it like your hair being broken down over time and that causes it to soften.

Does sleeping on the same side of your face cause your beard to grow slower on that side?

Yet another myth is that you have to sleep on your back to grow a beard evenly. Sleeping on the same side is not going to slow down the growth of your beard on that side.

Don’t overthink this. Just follow some of the tips on how to grow a better beard and you don’t have to worry about anything. Your beard will look fuller and thicker than if you do nothing and you won’t have to worry about doing something wrong that might negatively affect your beard. Beards are pretty resilient creatures so you can just go about your day without thinking too much about it and they will grow the way they are going to grow.

How to grow out a beard

Following up on that last sentiment, you can do nothing and your beard will grow naturally on its own.

With some hacks and a little bit of thought, you can make your beard grow better and look healthier, fuller and thicker than if you just do nothing.

Here are some ideas on how to get beard growth hacks in your routine.

Tip #1 – Be Patient

This doesn’t exactly sound like a hack, and maybe it isn’t, but it is the most important aspect as well as being the best and cheapest way to growing a beard. And it is passive! It requires no effort.

Why is being patient important?

When you start the process it takes around a month before you see what type of beard will grow. It will have some thick spots and light spots, but you won’t really see the trend until you hit the 30 day mark.

Then it grows at around a half inch per month. And that is the best case scenario. Some guys see slower growth so it depends.

In a bit I will give you some tips on how to speed up the process.

The other thing is if you are under the age of 25, as I mentioned, your beard may not be able to fully grow so you may need to wait a few years to see your beard at its full glory.

What constitutes a full beard? It’s all subjective of course, but most guys would agree that once your beard is over an inch long it pretty much is the beard you have.

Another point you need to be very patient through is the itchy beard phase. There are ways to avoid it, but some guys just think it is the way it is when growing a beard that it is very uncomfortable. This results in the demise of some beard before their time. The guy just couldn’t get past that itchy phase.

Either follow the tips I laid out in the article I just linked to and deal with a more comfortable beard, or just try to power through it as eventually it gets better and less itchy.

Tip #2 – Use Beard Products

This tip is true of anybody growing a beard. Whether you won the genetic lottery and can grow a full beard at will or you are looking for how to get beard growth increased, you need to use products.


Keeping your beard and face clean will give your beard the basis for growth. A dirty beard combined with an oily face with pores clogged with dead skin cells does nothing for your beard.

In fact, it probably will slow down the growth speed and may even inhibit the growth of some roots altogether.

You shouldn’t use beard shampoo every day, only twice a week or so. Otherwise, you will strip the beard of the natural oils your face produces that keeps your beard healthy.

Beard Oil or Balm

Once your beard is washed and the follicles are opened up, they are ready to accept some nutrients and oils back into the cuticle.

This is when you need to add some beard oil or beard balm. They both act like conditioners by softening up your beard while also bringing the nutrients back to the hair from the sebum, the body’s natural oil, that you stripped with the shampoo.

Beard oils nourish your skin and beard and can even help with the growing a beard process. They can stimulate the skin which brings an increase in blood for the oxygen and nutrients the hair needs to grow faster, thicker and stronger.

If you want to know how to grow a better beard, you can’t do it without a beard conditioner.

What is the difference between oil and balm?

Obviously, a beard oil is an oil or combination of oils that is liquid. You can use this when your beard is shorter. Under an inch, I would say. If your beard is longer, you will need to use a lot more and that will weigh your beard down and make it look greasy.

A balm, on the other hand, has many of the same oils, but it also has a bit of wax and usually some butters like shea that give it a thickness.

If your beard is longer, then it pays to use a balm as it will absorb more slowly and goes on a lot lighter than an oil would.

Either one is good for your beard so it boils down more to personal preference than anything else.

Tip #3 – Brush it Out

A good beard brush serves many purposes and is indispensable when you are growing a beard.

After you’ve added beard oil or balm, the brush will make sure that it is evenly distributed so each follicle can get the benefits of it.

Then the brush will also stimulate the skin. This helps your beard grow fuller and faster.

When your skin is stimulated, it brings a lot of nutrients to the root of the hair by an increase in blood flow. This in turn then wakes up dormant roots that usually have thin and wispy hair. They will be replaced by thicker, longer and stronger follicles for a better beard.

It also exfoliates the skin so the pores are cleared of dead skin cells and the outer layer of skin is cleared away. With this new skin exposed and the pores cleaned, the roots have a better shot as growing out more smoothly.

Tip #4 – Go With What You Got

Not every beard is going to win you any beard contests. That’s just a fact and there is nothing wrong with it.

Your beard is you and whatever way it grows is unique to you.

So, instead of lamenting the fact that you can’t grow a Jason Momoa beard, just go with what you have.

Do a beard evaluation and determine what the strong parts of your beard are. Maybe the chin and mustache grow nice and thick while the cheeks are a little thin. Then grow a Van Dyke beard keeping the sides and throat short and accentuate the thick parts by growing it long on the chin and mustache sort of like a goatee.

There is a beard style for every type of beard growth out there so try to find one that works for your particular growth.

You should definitely figure out how you want to the beard to look. You should definitely edge the beard, like around the cheeks and at the bottom of the neck.

Keep the beard trimmed of the dead and split ends for a smooth look. You can even taper the beard into your hair if you keep your hair short on the sides.

Again, don’t just grow the beard and let it go. You have to maintain a certain style with it. And some styles won’t work so pick one that works for the beard that you have and not the one you want.

Tip #5 – Take Some Supplements

To really hedge your bets when it comes to how to grow out a beard, you should be taking some beard supplements.

It may seem like these beard growth pills are a sort of snake oil, but the truth is that they can work.

Some work better than others and some don’t do anything at all, so I recommend reading my full article on the best ones that I linked to for you to get an idea.

They do bring a boost of nourishment to your beard that can help it grow better.

My other recommendation is to temper your expectations. Using beard supplements is not like adding fertilizer to a plant and growing a prize winning pumpkin bigger than a man.

You may see results, but don’t expect them to be dramatic.

Different supplements will contain many different ingredients, but expect a few of the usual suspects.

Biotin is very common in many of them since it is the building block of hair. Many people get enough biotin just from a regular diet. But, the thinking is that there is always room for more so they add it in spades to the pills.

You should be looking for supplements that have zinc, lots of Omega 3 and Omega 12, The B Vitamins like B12 and B2 and Vitamin E.

Avoid the supplements that have any kind of DHT blocker like saw palmetto. This is what you should be looking for in a hair growth supplement for your head but not your beard. DHT is a form of testosterone which is one of the causes of hair loss. But, it is not responsible for patchy beard. And you don’t want to inhibit your testosterone in any way when you are trying to grow your beard. It seems like something you would want in your beard growth pills, but you really don’t.

Tip #6 – Change Your Mindset

Growing a beard may seem like something you really don’t have to think about, but there is a certain mindset that will see you through and is instrumental on how to grow a better beard.

This is basically another way of saying to just be confident. You’re going to attract attention to yourself when you are growing out a beard for the first time. And with that attention may come some comments. Some may be innocent enough, but some might actually be cutting and make you feel self conscious.

You’ll have to fend off the comments and looks and just soldier on while you wait for your beard to grow out better. This is especially true if you can’t grow a thick and full beard. Or if you are young and your beard is growing slowly.

The best thing to keep in mind is that your beard is for you. You’re not growing it to impress anybody, or at least you shouldn’t be. If they don’t like how it looks then that really is their problem. Don’t let it make you uncomfortable.

If you follow these steps on how to grow out a beard, then you are doing yourself a big favor and really making sure your beard looks the best it can. This may not chill the haters out there but at least you’re giving them less ammunition.

Final Thoughts

Is it worth it to do all of these things to grow a better beard? Well, let’s define better first of all. If you do nothing your beard will look alright for a while. Until you start getting split ends and brittle hair.

Then it will feel rough, look rough and may even start giving you some skin problems?

Think it’s worth it now to start taking care of your beard? If you do, then you will notice your beard looks thicker, took less time to grow and has a healthy sheen to it.

No matter what, it is always a good idea to take care of your beard when growing it out. Especially for the first time.

Do you have any questions about growing a beard or need more in depth beard care tips? Then leave a note for me by adding a comment to the box below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can to help you with your beard!


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