The Medieval Survival Game Gloria Victis: Siege is Releasing on Steam this 2023


Steam is getting another medieval title by Black Eye Games and FIsh Tank Studio. Gloria Victis: Siege is a medieval survival game where you have to manage your resources if you want to stand a chance in the game. The game is dropping on steam in 2023.

In the day, you will get the chance to manage your resources and begin crafting for supplies, and when it goes dark, you roam throughout the city, exploring ruins and gathering supplies. Your enemies will include infectious diseases, injuries, and despair. Then there is growing tension between civilians along with the city’s last defender.

Moreover, some soldiers need your support because alone, they are destined to fall, and you don’t need that to happen, as the invaders are merciless.

Then we have the Midlanders who are mighty proud of their vast lands but are threatened by the enemy. These enemies come in several numbers from far away in the frosty North. The raiders are called Ismirs, and they invade the lands of the Midlanders just before the harvest season.

Everywhere the raiders go, devastation and ruin follow in their wake. They are set out to plunder supplies, set fire to entire villages, and spread bloodshed as they go. The civilians who are are left from the cruelty of the raiders are have barred themselves inside the city walls, hoping their army would rescue them.

As soon as the raiders arrive at the gate, they were met with the ruling lord in an open field, ready for battle. The men of the lord and the lord himself fell in combat, but they managed to send a messenger who had to make his way through the enemy lines to get help for his allies.

The destiny of the castle is now all yours to decide. Will you hold long enough for help to come, or will you die honourably in battle? The fate of the lands is now yours to decide.

Main Features of Gloria Victis: Siege

This is a brand new direction when it comes to medieval wars, as we see the perspective of the people and the challenges they have to face in their life as each day passes by.

We also have the power to choose, and you will have to make choices that will make you think about what to sacrifice and to keep on moving. You will have the option of keeping the soldiers’ strength productive while also taking care of your survival. Then we have the citizens and their morale which should also be kept in check.

The game also features a complete dev kit that will let you design your levels and tell their stories or re-create events that you events you experienced in the history of Gloria Victis. Additionally, the game has a beautiful atmosphere with stunning visuals and a soundtrack created by Marcin Przybyłowicz and Magdalena Urbańska, which will make your experience full of emotional, memorable moments.

You will also have to find ways to survive in the siege and to do that, you need to preserve your food and give time to your infrastructure so your supplies can be used with maximum efficiency.

If you want to know more about the game, visit them on Steam and Facebook.


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