4 Different Types Of Hair To Care For- How Well Do You Know Your Hair?


If you are not really sure that what you are doing for the specific type of hair you have is right, here we have some quick tips to help you handle your hair the best way and according to your hair type.

So, let´s see, how well do you know your hair?

Straight Thin Hair

If you have straight thin hair, you probably feel that you have the worst type of hair since it lacks volume and might show less in quantity. Ok, I understand that there may be some issues you need to take care of with this type of hair but believe me there are a lot of other women who would wish to have straight hair like you and not spend the rest of their lives straightening curls and ironing hair.

What you really need if you have straight hair is a proper haircut that will add volume to your hair and some natural motion.

Straight hair should always look fresh and shiny, so you need to choose light hair volumizing products for thin hair.

To style thin hair, you surely need to make a volumizing hair spray your best friend and the Schwarzkopf Weightless Volumizing Hair Spray sure looks like a good product to try.

It is designed for both women and men and is specially designed for fine thin hair. It adds volume and lift ensuring flexibility and all day hold. Well, that last claim might not deliver to all the people equally since we all know how difficult is to keep thin hair perfect the whole day.

Nonetheless, this is a weightless product for thin hair that is formulated with beneficial for your hair health ingredients such as protein, plant extracts and vitamins. It also leaves hair soft and shiny something which is especially needed in all types of hair but especially in straight thin hair.

In addition, it is free of parabens as well as other harmful ingredients and contains a lot of good natural ingredients such as Rosemary, Caffeine, Aloe Vera leaf extract, Eucalyptus extract, Thyme extract and others.

If you can´t think of your fine hair without a volumizing mousse, you can also read our volumizing mousse for fine hair review.

One Last Tip to Go!

To prevent your hair from getting unnaturally volumized when you dry it, use a flat brush and not a round one.

Short Curly Hair

Most of the times, short curly hair are not oily but get frizzy. Short curly hair is usually dense and thick.

If you have this type of hair and you want to have a haircut, you surely need some professional advice by a hair stylist. Short curly hair does not look nice on every woman but looks better on those who have an oval face shape.

To control frizzy hair better, you need to apply a mixture of gel and styling cream on your wet hair soon after you finish washing it. This is because when the hair is hydrated, it doesn´t need to attract humidity from the environment and therefore it doesn´t frizz.

So, you need to choose anti frizz products with moisturizing ingredients. Our review on some of the best anti-humidity hair products will help you get an idea of some fine products.

Also, during the days that you don´t shampoo your hair, you can use a leave-in-conditioner such as ¨It´s a 10 Leave-In Conditioner¨ which is a very popular among users product.

It contains Keratin and replaces all the lost protein of your hair, detangling, defrizzing and adding shine to it. This product restores hydration which is what you need if you have short curly hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy.

One Last Tip to Go!

If you have short curly hair and you want to avoid the poodle effect, forget all about brushing. The only thing you need is a wide tooth comb.

Long Wavy Hair

This type of hair can either be thin wavy or thick wavy with natural curls. The sure thing is that if you have wavy hair, you are daily dealing with lots of difficulties when it comes to its care and styling.

What you really need to do if you have this type of hair is often visit your hairdresser to clear your split ends since the excessive use of hair iron tools and hair dryers weakens the hair and damages the ends.

If you are thinking to dye your hair, remember that the light does not reflect the same way on long wavy hair as it does on straight hair but it spreads, and therefore the color might look darker and your hair less shiny that what you would expect.

Hair products you should look for are the ones that are nourishing, moisturizing and specialized to preserve your curls and give them bounce without feeling heavy. In this case, you might want to have a look at our deep conditioning masks.

If you have wavy thin hair, replace the cream with a lighter but equally effective product. If you straighten your hair with a hair dryer, apply a leave-in antifrizz hair product on your wet hair.

The Arvazallia Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Conditioner is a good product to use in order to deal with frizz, protect your hair from the heat as well as provide it with hydration and nourishment. It also improves manageability and adds softness and shine to your hair.

One Last Tip to Go!

Here’s a way to revitalize your hair and give it a break from those hot styling tools. You can follow this treatment 2-3 times a month.

Shampoo your hair at night, pat it dry, apply a nourishing natural oil, comb it and pull it back low in to a tight shinion. Next morning, untie your hair and separate your curls without brushing your hair. You will see that your hair will be slick at the top and then wavy without getting frizzy.

Damaged Hair

Damaged hair is fragile, porous and looks dull because of the daily styling and straightening as well as dyeing. So what you really need is a restorative hair treatment at the hairdresser’s and then intensive hair care at home with some specialized hair care products.

The best treatment for damaged hair is natural oils. You can either use a product that is rich in nourishing oils once a week and leave it on the whole night as a mask or use natural oils on their own.

If your hair has gotten damaged from the daily styling (blow drying and straightening), you need to look for hair repair products. If they are damaged from the dyes, then use these products together with other ones that strengthen the hair and at the same time protect its color.

The Kerastase Elixir Ultime Oleo-complex Versatile Beautifying Oil is a concentrated product with emollient nourishing components including a complex of 4 wonderful oils. It can be used as a leave-in conditioner, offering deep hydration, revitalization, moisture and shine.

One Last Tip to Go!

If you have long hair that looks damaged, you should seriously think about sacrificing some centimetres of it to give it a healthier look and feel.

So, if you have recognized your hair type in any of the above types, I hope we have helped you learn a bit more about how to take care of your hair the best way. After all, beautiful hair can really make one´s day!


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