Brooklyn Bloom Mattress Review


Brooklyn Bedding is a well-known mattress company that has been producing high-quality products since the mid-’90s. It found renewed success in the past decade with a famous line of bed-in-a-box models. One of the newer products from the range is the Bloom mattress. This bed was designed for customers who were looking for an online hybrid mattress that was also environmentally friendly. It uses a similar design as other Brooklyn hybrids but focuses on all-natural and renewably farmed resources. This includes the sustainably sourced Joma Wool and OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified Talalay latex. Our in-depth Brooklyn Bedding Bloom mattress review will tell you everything you need to know about this environmentally friendly bed.

Brooklyn Bloom Mattress Overview

Brooklyn Bedding Bloom

Brooklyn Bloom

The Brooklyn Bloom mattress uses all-natural materials for a night of healthy and rejuvenating sleep.


The highlight of the Bloom mattress is its focus on naturally sources materials. The cover layer uses sustainably farmed Joma Wool and organic cotton for a light and breathable plush top. Inside the premium Euro top cover are three distinct layers. The top layer uses Talalay latex to give the bed comfortable surface focussed on pressure point relief—the latex is made from natural Talalay rubber and is OEKO-TEX Class 1 safe. The core of this mattress uses Brooklyn Bedding’s popular Quantum coil design. This layer is 8-inches thick and uses 1,189 individually wrapped springs for support and features a reinforced perimeter to maximize edge support. The bottom layer uses high-density foam to add durability and reinforce the coils as they compress. The wool, cotton, and latex used in the Bloom bed gives it more breathability than average latex beds, and all the materials are completely hypoallergenic.


There are three different firmness options for the Brooklyn bedding Bloom mattress: Soft, Medium, and Firm. There are multiple factors that are crucial to picking out the best firmness option for you, including sleep position, body type, weight, and whether you sleep alone or with a partner. On top of that, it’s also important to remember that each individual will have their own opinion on which option feels the most comfortable. Stomach sleepers and some back sleepers (especially those who weigh more than 230 pounds or under 130 pounds) will probably find that the Bloom Firm model is the most comfortable. This option provides more support while still giving you a comfortable top layer. The Soft model features a cover that allows you to sink much deeper into the mattress, which ideal for side sleepers. The conforming properties will allow your hips and shoulders to sink and help keep your spine aligned while you sleep. The Medium option combines comfort and support. Anyone who likes to change their sleeping position will appreciate the versatile Medium model, and it also is perfect for couples that have different sleeping preferences.


The Bloom mattress is available in every size from Twin to California King. The chart below tells you the price of each size before any discounts or sales.

Twin XL$1,249
California King$2,199

Brooklyn Bloom Mattress Pros and Cons

Made from all-natural materials and is completely hypoallergenicDoesn’t isolate motion as well as other hybrids
OEKO-TEX Class 1 CertificationLonger than average off-gassing period
Free shipping (in the continental states)Expensive option, especially compared to other Brooklyn beds
Ideal for hot sleepers
Three available firmness options
Long sleep trial and 10-year warranty

Brooklyn Bloom Mattress Breakdown

Below, we’ve answered some important questions to help you get a better understanding of the Bloom mattress. For more information about how we do our reviews, check out our methodology.

Is it made from quality materials?

Brooklyn mattresses ave a long history of being made from high-quality materials. The brand has increased its popularity in the past few years, thanks to its impressive line of bed-in-a-box models. The Bloom sets itself apart from the rest as being an eco-friendly option while still maintaining the high-end feel we’ve come to expect. The Bloom features a soft and breathable mattress cover made from all-natural cotton and sustainably sourced Joma Wool. The top comfort layer is made from natural Talalay rubber trees. This Talalay latex is OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified, which means it is produced with the strictest regulations on fertilizers and pesticides (resulting in an organic product that is hypoallergenic and non-toxic). Not only should users trust that the mattress is made from quality materials, but also sleep soundly knowing its environmentally friendly.

How long will it last?

The average lifespan of a mattress is six years, but the Bloom bed is expected to exceed that number. This product is backed by Brooklyn Bedding’s 10-year warranty, so any excessive wear and tear in the bed within that time is covered. The Quantum springs have proven to be long-lasting in many other mattresses that the company produces. The high-quality Talalay latex has proven to be a durable material, and the all-natural wool and cotton cover is long-lasting.

How well does it conform to my body?

The high-end latex used in the Bloom mattress closely conforms to the body, which gives excellent pressure point relief. This is especially true in the Soft model, which allows you to sink deeper into the mattress (ideal for people who like to sleep on their side). While the Firm option has less give to it, that doesn’t mean it won’t conform. It is made for people who sleep on their back or stomach, and the mattress adequately responds to your body weight to relieve pressure in the most crucial areas.

Is the edge supportive?

The Brooklyn Bloom has above average edge support. The bed uses a Quantum Edge design, which uses stiffer springs around the perimeter of the bed for reinforcement. Note that the softer latex used in the Bloom’s top layer will sink slightly when you sit on the edge, especially in the Medium and Soft models.

Does it sleep hot?

Every part of this mattress is designed to help you sleep cool. The Joma Wool and organic cotton are both very breathable, as well as having natural moisture eliminating qualities. With the 8-inch innerspring core, the Bloom allows for maximum airflow through the center of this mattress. The natural Talalay latex is a more breathable material than what’s used in most latex hybrid mattresses.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

The Brooklyn Bloom mattress does have an off-gassing period. Due to the compression process and the bedding material, there will be a noticeable scent when it is first unwrapped. Depending on the size and airflow in the room, the smell can be noticeable for a couple days, which is a longer period than some competing models.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

There is some motion transfer in the Bloom mattress. The Quantum coils make for a responsive bed, which is great for moving around, but not so good for the other person. The 3-inch thick layer of latex above the springs manages to isolate some motion, but it does not do as well as foam hybrid models or other beds offered by Brooklyn.

Who is Best Suited for a Brooklyn Bloom Mattress?

The Bloom mattress is constructed out of all-natural materials, which makes it the perfect choice for people who need hypoallergenic sleeping materials or want an environmentally friendly bed. The Brooklyn Bloom also offers a combination of breathable materials, which makes it a smart choice for people who tend to overheat or sweat while they’re sleeping. Something to keep in mind when looking at this mattress is the higher price point, which makes this bed less than ideal for shoppers on a budget. The three firmness options give shoppers a customized sleep experience.

The Medium option is a popular choice. As with all beds, the overall comfort is subjective, and people respond to the firmness levels differently. The mix of comfort and support make it ideal for people who change positions throughout the night, and couples who have different sleeping preferences. The noticeable bounce helps make this sleeping surface easier to change positions during sex and adjust how you’re sleeping. People who always sleep on their sides will prefer the Bloom model with softer top layers. The Soft model allows the heavier areas of your body to sink in but still provides crucial support wherever necessary. Back sleepers who prefer more support or weigh over 230 pounds will most likely find the Firm options more comfortable. The Firm is also ideal for stomach sleepers.

Ready to Buy a Brooklyn Bloom Mattress?

If you think that the Brooklyn Bloom mattress is right for you, check out the information below before making your purchase.

Sleep Trial

If you are interested in purchasing a Bloom bed, Brooklyn allows its customers to test out its mattresses for 120-nights risk-free. It can take at least a month to adjust to a new bed, which is why the trial requires you to use the bed for at least 30-days before making a decision. If you do decide that the Bloom isn’t for you during the trial period, the company will fully refund your purchase; you can donate the mattress to a local organization or Brooklyn’s customer service can help arrange for pick up.


Brooklyn Bedding mattresses come with a 10-year warranty for any bed purchased through the company directly. This non-prorated guarantee will replace any mattress that has defects in material or body impressions that measure more than 1-inch deep. The Bloom mattress needs to be used with a bed frame that has solid support (failure to do so might lead to faster wear and will void the warranty).

Availability and Delivery

Brooklyn Bedding mattresses are available through the company website as well as their physical locations in Arizona and Utah. The company also allows their beds to be sold in other showrooms across the country and some select models are made on Amazon. The Bloom mattress is shipped for free inside the continental United States via FedEx Ground. Shipping to Canada costs $150 while shipping to Alaska and Hawaii costs $50—customers can arrange for expedited shipping through customer service for an additional price based on location.

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