Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Review


While Brooklyn Bedding has been around for over two decades, its mattresses have received a lot more attention since the introduction of its first bed-in-a-box (unveiled in 2008). The original mattress was well-received, and the company continues to expand its line of online beds; one of the newest offerings is the Brooklyn Aurora mattress. The Aurora is a hybrid bed that uses a thick layer of support springs and topped with your choice of foam layers for a unique combination of support and comfort.

The mattress offers three different firmness options that each use specialized foam layers for extra comfort or support based on which model you prefer. A new feature that Brooklyn Bedding used for this bed is Phase-Changing Material. Used in the cover, this unique substance called TitanCool uses gel beads that liquefy at high temperatures to help absorb your body heat. The parts of your body that put the least amount of pressure on the mattress will get support from the solidified gel beads, and all this technology is wrapped up in a cool to the touch cover. This bed is an excellent choice because of its uncommon design features. To learn more about them, keep reading for an in-depth Brooklyn Aurora review.

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Overview

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

Aurora Mattress

This high-quality hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding is competitively priced and features unique materials.


The Aurora bed can be broken down into five basic layers, which vary slightly between the different firmness options. The top layer is designed to conform to your body and uses a technology called CopperFlex to keep you cool throughout the night. This soft foam layer is covered with polyester, rayon, and Phase-Change Material—a blend called TitanCool that gives the surface of the bed a stay-cool feeling.

The second and third layers are both firmer types of foam: TitanFlex foam that adjusts to your body and aids the comfort of the top layer, and Swirl Visco-Elastic memory foam designed to contour and give deep compression support. The Aurora mattress is 13 inches thick, and eight of those are dedicated to the innerspring core. A total of 1,189 individually wrapped Quantum coils give this mattress support and a little bit of bounce. Sitting underneath the springs is another dense foam layer that offers added durability and reinforcement for the core of this bed. While foam mattresses tend to be lightweight, the Aurora’s coils make for a relatively heavy bed, with a twin weighing 55 pounds and King weighing 130 pounds.


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress gives you the choice of three different firmness levels: Soft, Medium, and Firm. Everybody is going to feel their own way about how firm a mattress should be and makes it a good choice. Typically, though, we can judge which option is best based on your preferred sleep position. People who like to sleep on their stomach will want to try the Firm mattress; it keeps you from sinking in too far and putting a strain on your lower back and shoulder area. The Medium option tends to be a common choice among all shoppers thanks to its versatility; couples who prefer different sleeping positions can both get the support they need, and people who change sleep positions will feel comfortable in every situation. For dedicated side sleepers, the Soft mattress does an incredible job of relieving the pressure they are prone to feeling on firmer mattresses.


The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora is available in all six sizes from twin to California king. The table below lists the price of each before any discounts or sales.

Twin XL$1,249
California King$2,124

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Pros and Cons

The Aurora sleeps cool thanks to the phase-change and CopperFlex materialsTakes a full 30-days to break-in
Three available firmness optionsThe Aurora is very heavy and awkward to move
Long sleep trialOnly been available for a short time, so longevity is subjective
Coils give the Aurora good stability and bounce
Soft and Medium options are excellent for side sleepers who need extra cushion
Great for couples due to responsiveness, motion isolation, and firmness options

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Breakdown

To help give you a better feel for the Brooklyn bedding Aurora mattress, we’ve answered some key questions below. If you want to learn more about our review methodology, here is some information about our process.

Is it made from quality materials?

Brooklyn Bedding uses high-quality materials for the Aurora mattress. The Quantum coils are a favorite among the company’s hybrid constructions, and they have a history of providing support and responsiveness for many years. The TitanCool phase-changing material is a new feature from the company, but everything we know about it points to it being a high-grade feature. The comfort and support foams used in the Aurora have been used by Brooklyn in other mattresses, and they hold up well over time.

How long will it last?

While the Aurora bed hasn’t been on the market long enough to know for sure, Brooklyn Bedding’s track record and mattresses using similar materials point to this being a long-lasting mattress. It’s estimated that the Aurora mattress will last at least eight years with regular use, which is at the high end of “average.” Customers are also protected by the 10-year non-prorated warranty if there are any issues with its durability.

How well does it conform to my body?

This mattress uses CopperFlex and TitanFlex foam to conform to your body. The Aurora’s conforming qualities are one of its strongest features (specifically in the Soft and Medium models). While the top layers allow the heaviest parts of your body to sink for proper pressure point relief, the innerspring coil does a good job of keeping you from sinking too far.

Is the edge supportive?

The edge of this mattress features a strong level of support. The core of this bed uses what’s called a Quantum Edge design, which utilizes stiffer springs around the perimeter. This feature, as well as the dense layers of foam used in between, gives this bed exceptional overall edge support. You will notice some give in the top layers, especially with the Soft model.

Does it sleep hot?

While foam tends to trap a lot of body heat, the thick foam layers used in the upper half of the Aurora all include temperature regulating properties and materials. The top layers of all three models use CopperFlex to dissipate body heat, and the innerspring core of the Aurora allows sufficient airflow. A key feature that sets this mattress apart from others is the phase-changing TitanCool cover. This unique material transitions from a gel to a liquid-based on heat and pressure, which absorbs excess body heat to keep you feeling cool.

Will it off-gas when it’s delivered?

Since the Aurora is compressed and vacuum-sealed, there will be some off-gassing when it is first unboxed. The thick layers of foam also add to the original odor, although it shouldn’t be too strong. This smell is non-toxic and should evaporate within a few hours of the mattress sitting in an open room.

Will I feel my partner move during the night?

The Aurora mattress outperforms most hybrid models when it comes to isolating the motion of one partner moving around. The bed’s thick foam layers help keep you from the disturbances of your partner changing positions or getting up. Overall, the bed is about average in motion isolation when you compare it to every type of mattress. This is because of the Quantum coil center, which gives a noticeable bounce to the mattress.

Who is Best Suited for a Brooklyn Aurora Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses are a good choice for any sleeper thanks to its combination of useful features. The Aurora offers an excellent sleep experience, and the three firmness options give you the ability to customize your sleeping surface. Couples and combination sleepers will appreciate the Medium option that can accommodate any sleeping style. Dedicated side sleepers will find the conforming properties of the Soft version incredibly comfortable, while some back and stomach sleepers might prefer that Firm version over the Medium.

Heavier people and individuals who weigh under 130 pounds will both find that the firmer option gives great support and pressure point relief. Thanks to the coils used in the Aurora bed, this is also an excellent choice for couples because the resilience can accommodate sex and also helps people who tend to change their sleeping position throughout the night. The key feature of this Brooklyn bed is its temperature regulating properties. That means anybody who tends to overheat and sweat while sleeping will find this bed does a great job of keeping them cool.

Ready to Buy a Brooklyn Aurora Mattress?

Like what you’re reading? Then you’re almost ready to go get an Aurora mattress for yourself—but first, check out the important information below.

Sleep Trial

The Brooklyn Bedding Aurora bed comes with a 120-night sleep trial, and a required 30-day period before returning. In the 90-day period remaining, you can return the mattress at any point for a full refund. Brooklyn Bedding asks that you donate any unwanted mattress, but customer service can help coordinate pickup for people who cannot find a local organization.


All Brooklyn mattresses come with a 10-year non-prorated warranty. This covers any defects or impressions deeper than 1-inch. The company does require that their mattresses are kept on a suitable surface to prevent damage, and will not cover any damages caused by user error.

Availability and Delivery

Brooklyn bedding mattress can be bought at company stores in Arizona and Utah, as well as some partnered showrooms in California, Illinois, New York, Minnesota, and Montana. Any customer who buys this bed online can get it shipped free via FedEx Ground within the contiguous United States. Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska costs $75, and shipping to Canada costs $150—there is no white glove delivery available, but customer service can arrange expedited shipping for an additional cost.

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