Black Mouth Cur: A Best Companion Breed That Loves To Work


Blackmouth cur is not well-known as golden retrievers, poodles, or other breeds that used to see in parks. Blackmouth Cur is amazing dogs that demand more attention than they received from their owner. This dog breed is fun-loving, energetic, loyal to the master, and is very brave. You can make them a good working dog, and when they get attached to the master, you will find they are the best companion too!

Here we will be talking about the basics of this bread, including their brief history, physical character, personality, and health. By having read this article, you will be able to decide whether this breed is suitable for you or not!

Black Mouth Cur History

Black Mouth Cur

The black mouth cur has an unknown history from where they came, but they used to find in the United States since 1800. Most of the experts say the origin of this breed is Tennessee or Mississippi. But the details of this black mouth cur breed very elusively.

They were developed to be multi-functional dogs and they do most of the basics tasks from house guarding to farm dog. They can be a good family pet if they get really attached to you.

They are very capable of taking care of livestock, you can even make them excellent hunting or tracking dogs. They are very popular in the United States, but they have never become that popular in other regions of the globe.

 Physical Appearance

Black Mouth Cur

Blackmouth cur is mostly found in medium to large-sized dogs. Some are a bit more than 16 inches in height from the shoulder and weigh about 40 pounds. While the larger one approaches 10 inches taller and weighs about 100-pounds

You will see a black mouth cur breed with short coats with a variety of colors. Most of them have black muzzles and the body color might be red, brown, yellow, or black. Some of them even have brindle patterns. Some of the black mouth curs has coarse hairs while most of them have finer and softer hairs.

As a working dog, black mouth cur looks lean, muscular, and excellent athletic. They are always ready for action. They can travel longs distances easily because they are bestowed with longer legs. Some of them have ears with a black wash that looks great with the blackish muzzle.

Personality and Temperament

Now, people are recognizing this black mouth cur breed. More people are now adopting black mouth cur. The way you keep the dog, have a significant effect on their personality. On the other hand, working a black mouth cur can assist you in becoming your business dog.

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This dog breed is an intelligent breed and able to learn and adapt to a new environment. You can even easily train them for experienced masters in no time. They can learn new skills, follow your commands, and will perform your task with a quick attitude. Blackmouth cur loves his master – but I think they love work more than their master.

Blackmouth cur will not feel comfortable when adopted while having some other breeds also. If you want to adopt more than one along with this breed, then you should bring them at the same time. Otherwise, you will be needing dog behaviorist occasionally.

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Health & Grooming

Black Mouth Cur

Generally speaking, black mouth cur is a very healthy breed. They are not susceptible to most of the common diseases or disorders. This is, maybe, because of the fact that they are bred from a large pool of best dog breeds. Still, black mouth cur can be predisposed to a few health issues, like:

  • Epilepsy
  • Mange
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Ear infection
  • Eye disorders: retinal atrophy, Ectropion

These dogs don’t require a high cost for maintenance. Also, they don’t even require most of the grooming services. They only need brushing teeth once a week and a shampoo bath once a month for a healthy and groomed coat. The black mouth cur doesn’t even shed much and hence can be the ideal choice for allergy sufferers.

Like other breeds, yes, this breed also needs to trim their nails regularly and also preventative flea solution. Some say that black mouth cur is very susceptible to Mange.

Before adopting, black mouth cur breed, just make sure that you are considering the space you will provide to them and the time you will be giving them. They definitely need a larger space to play around and some time with their master.


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