Control Your Dog With These 8 Best Wireless Dog Fences in 2023

Wireless Dog Fences

I have always been a dog lover since a child. I love their bouncy and jumpy nature that makes them good playmates. Their activeness and always been there to protect you and your property. And of course not forgetting their faithfulness. I mean, isn’t the dog man’s best friend. These creatures are simply loveable. One thing that I used to get in trouble for was the dog crossing the boundary and getting into the neighbor’s yard.

At times, it would wander off, and I would become worried only for it to come back later. Occasionally, it would have scratches and bites from other animals or because of passing through a thicket. Erecting a perimeter fence to contain it was not only a time-consuming affair but also costly. And if not done properly, it would undermine the appearance of the property. This is why I went for the best wireless dog fence. Also known as the cordless fence has quite popular. During my search, I found out that these 8 devices below are among the best in the market.

List Of Best Wireless Dog Fences In 2023

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Free Spirit In-Ground Fence – Underground Wire Containment System – Waterproof,…Check It Now
Underground Fence – PetSafe Stubborn Dog Collar with 2 Free BatteriesCheck It Now
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#8 Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Electric Dog Fence System, Single Collar

Sit Boo-Boo Advanced Electric Dog Fence System, Single Collar

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By: Sit Boo-Boo

My brother has been using this dog fence for quite some time, and he says it has been a lifesaver. It works well with his Labrador, which is quite active. The relatively small unit installs very easily and does not need too much skill to operate. It has a good range, which makes it perfect for his homestead that is located in the farming region.

Compared to other units on the market, it is very effective and broadcasts a powerful signal all around. Chances of the dog going beyond the perimeter are minimal.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Good coverage
  • Works well with any dogs
  • Good quality and decently priced

#7 PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence (PIF-300)

PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence (PIF-300)

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By: PetSafe

The Petsafe POF-300 dog fence is popular among dog owners and usually featured in reviews. The unit is designed for most dogs, both small and large, and owners praise it for its simplicity and effectiveness. It is one of the lightest pieces on offer, and your pet won’t be weighed down by it.

In fact, I have observed dogs wearing the device and they seem not to notice they have it. The signal is strong and you can tell this by judging the dog by its behavior. It will stop dead on the track as soon as it exceeds the designated perimeter. Like other best types, setting the boundary is very easy.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Good radius
  • Easy to fit and program
  • Suitable for most dogs

#6 Free Spirit In-Ground Dog Containment System

Free Spirit In-Ground Dog Containment System

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By: Free Spirit

My neighbor’s dog used to be quite troublesome. It would sneak into our compound, ransack through the bin and at times, get into a confrontation with our husky. However, the incidences stopped, and I thought probably my neighbor had got rid of it. It is only after I saw it that I realized that my neighbor had invested in a wireless fence.

Just from the happenings, I could tell it was a good buy. The unit is very small but quite reliable. Tim, my neighbor, says it has not affected the dog’s liveliness and was very easy to fit. This wireless dog fence maintains a strong signal all through and he no longer worries about angry neighbors knocking at his door because of the dog.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Good quality and reliable
  • Fits nicely on most dogs
  • Strong signal and good range
  • Lightweight and portable

#5 Underground PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence With 2 Free Batteries

Underground PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence with 2 Free Batteries

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By: PetSafe

After tirelessly erecting a fence around his compound, Jim, my work colleague, still had issues confining the dog. It would at times, escape through the open gate or would scratch the ground below the fence. The frustration he had was evident from his daily complaints about the dog. As a solution, I advised him to pick a wireless dog fence and he, in turn, went for this unit.

I knew the Stubborn dog containment unit was a good bargain from the great reviews it was getting. Jim’s sentiment was also confirmation that the accessory works very well. He was able to use it within minutes without any help. All he did was to follow the simple instructions it came with.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Works great
  • Simple clear instructions
  • Excellent coverage
  • Cost-effective

#4 Dr.Tiger 2 Dog Electric Fence System, In-Ground Invisible Dog Containment, 650 Ft.

Dr.Tiger 2 Dog Electric Fence System, In-Ground Invisible Dog Containment, 650 Ft.

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By: Dr.Tiger

This portable dog system has amazing coverage, and this is among the key reasons it is a popular choice. Many people are amazed by how such a small unit can deliver a powerful signal to confine their dog. The device is built of quality materials that are tolerant of dog sweat, moisture, dirt, rain and other things.

And true to the manufacturer’s assertions, fitting the device is straightforward. The Dr.Tiger Invisible dog fence relies on advanced technology that delivers a high frequency that will stop the dog from going too far. You can easily adjust it depending on the available space. Greater range for people with larger homesteads and a smaller radius for lesser space.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Works seamlessly
  • Top grade materials
  • Good engineering
  • Strong signal and reliable

#3 PetSafe Stubborn Wireless Dog Fence

PetSafe Stubborn Wireless Dog Fence

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By: PetSafe

I was using this invisible dog fence before I switched to the one I am currently using. I probably would still be using it if it weren’t for a small incident that messed it. The unit was well made to put-up with any dog’s active nature. The materials are not affected by sweat, dust, mud, moisture, or fur, and it easily fits on the animal without a struggle.

Furthermore, you can also adjust it according to the animal size. The unit is almost weightless and this meant that my pet activeness was not interfered with. I like how easy it is to adjust the signal and the portability. It is very safe to the dog, humans, and other environments since it does not contain any toxic compounds.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Good quality and affordable
  • Easy to fit
  • Easy to operate
  • Good for any dog

#2 Electric Premium Underground Dog Fence System

Electric Premium Underground Dog Fence System

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By: Extreme Dog Fence

The premium underground dog system from Extreme Dog Fence, in my opinion, is among the top invisible dog fences in the market. While I have never owned it, I know quite some people who use it. The reason I placed it on this review was that it has a very good frequency range, which makes it a good pick even for people with large spaces such as the farm.

In addition, This wireless dog fence is also simple in design and this comes handy for first-time users. Additionally, they can rely on the simple instructions that will guide them in the installation process. I like this device for its slim nature and lightweight as well as the strong straps that reduce chances of it getting lost or becoming loose.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Made of safe materials
  • Easy to adjust the frequency
  • Highly portable and versatile
  • Very effective and works great

#1 PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

PetSafe PIF00-12917 Stay & Play Wireless Fence

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By: PetSafe

I am at the moment using this dog fence, and so far, it has proven to be perfect. It was much easier to fit on my faithful friend compared to the one I had before and has a better frequency range too. The gadget has a smooth finish and will not injure the dog, and the strap can be adjusted easily. Those are the reasons that this is the best wireless dog fence on the market.

Moreover, it’s also safe for the user, dog, and environment, thanks to having no harmful compounds like phthalates, lead, or BPA. The device will not be affected by sweat, saliva, moisture, and dirt. The best thing is that it is very accurate, and it has never failed me since installation. Other than a mature dog, you can also fit the device on a puppy.Reasons To Buy This:

  • Easy to use
  • Works great
  • Easy to maintain
  • Good accuracy and range

Wireless Dog Fence – Demo Video

Watching the video below should give you an idea of the fence if you have never used it before:

Why Choose A Wireless Fence?

Many people including me, love the wireless fence because of the following:


Can you compare digging holes, inserting posts or poles, and nailing planks or wire netting around your home? Also, how long would it take to grow a good hedge? These were some of the reasons I love the invisible wire fence. It can be installed in only a matter of minutes and would work just as good if not better than the physical fence.

Easy Maintenance

Having grown up on a farm, I can tell you how I disliked repairing holes and gaps that had been created by our faithful hound, Bruno. The bully dog never got tired of digging holes beneath the fence. In fact, it seemed to be his favorite hobby other than chasing stray cats. I had to regularly patch holes, add extra planks, and refill the holes. However, with the invisible dog fence, such laborious takes are not necessary.


Truth be told, many people hate tiresome work. They will always look for an effortless shortcut to achieve the same goals. The cordless dog fence is a good example of working smart rather than working hard. You only need to identify the right piece, fit it well, program it nicely and let it do the work for you. Installing the unit and taking care of it is quite simple even for a new user.


You will find many dog fences that are completely safe for the dog, humans, other animals, and the environment. The best types are made of safe materials to prevent side effects, come in a seamless and smooth design to prevent injury to the dog or user, and are lightweight not to interfere with the dog’s movement. The normal fence may easily injure a dog in case it bumps into it. Sharp points, barbs, or spikes/thorns in a live fence/hedge are also dangerous.

Wireless Dog Fence Buyers Guide

When intending to purchase a wireless dog fence, you should have the following things in mind:

Area Covered

The unit relies on a transmitter and a receiver. It’s essential to know the size of the homestead and then making sure the unit can cover the area. It’s better to have a system that can cover a bigger area than that of your homestead instead of limiting the dog’s movement by choosing one with a small range.

Installation Ease

The dog fences come in different designs and sizes. Some are very simple and basic and easy to install. Others, however, are little complex and may require some extra knowledge. The transmitter should be placed where there are no obstacles. Placing it on a higher level is always advised.

Weather Friendly

A good containment system won’t be affected by the climate or weather. It will still deliver a strong signal in cold or freezing temperatures, in a heavy downpour, and also when it’s windy. In case, you live in a wet environment, or your dog loves taking a dip in the pool, then you should opt for a waterproof unit.


Always choose a product that will fit nicely on the dog. It should be lightweight to minimize inconvenience, have a smooth finish to prevent chaffing the animal’s fur or skin, and also feel comfortable. Most collars can easily be adjusted to fit different neck sizes.


Knowing how playful and dogs are, it’s paramount to pick a strongly built unit. It will withstand rough use, impact, bang, abrasion and more. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t undermine the dog’s comfort.


We can’t deny the fact that dogs are amazing and happy creatures. They will want to play with you and are always on the move. While this is a good thing, it may at times get out of hand. The furry friend will go beyond the boundary and cause a nuisance to other people and have you worried.

Fortunately, you can ensure they remain within the defined boundaries by using wireless dog fences. Unlike the normal type, you don’t need to dig holes, use poles/posts to erect the fence. The fence is invisible but will act just like the normal one. This review has featured the best wireless dog fences that will serve you and your dog right. Pick one and have a wonderful time with your faithful friend


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