13 Best Water Storage Containers – Products Review & Guides

Water Storage Containers

Stay prepared in case of emergencies with one of the best water storage containers in the market. They have a sturdy and safe construction that act as temporary water supplies during travels, storms, and water shortages. Not only that, but also some models can store food and other items for added safety. This item is affordable and requires zero to minimal maintenance. After use, clean the interior and exterior to remove dirt. Note that the style and size of these cans are different. Ensure you pick one that can support you or other camping buddies for an extended time. Apart from these benefits and secure features, we have reviewed the best water storage containers in 2023.

Best Water Storage Containers Review List

A.A 10 Gallon RV Fresh/Gray Water Tank – 17″ x 14″ x 10″ – BPA Free (10 Gallon)Check It Now
WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Emergency Water and Food Storage Container, 3.5…Check It Now
Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can Style Rigid Water ContainerCheck It Now
VINGLI 10 Gallon Tote Tank| Portable Wheeled Fresh Water Tank for…Check It Now
LCI Plastic Water Can, Desert Sand, 5-gallonCheck It Now
WaterStorageCube BPA-Free Collapsible Water Container 5.3 Gallon with Spigot,…Check It Now
Blue 55 Gallon Water Storage Tank by WaterPrepared – Emergency Water Barrel…Check It Now
2 Pack – 1 Gallon Plastic Bottle – Large Empty F-Style Jug Container with Child…Check It Now
Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water ContainerCheck It Now

#13. Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector Collapsible Tank

Goplus Portable Rain Barrel Water Collector Collapsible Tank

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By: Goplus

What comes to mind when you see or hear the name Goplus? Is it something close to water? That’s because this brand invests most of its time to making durable water products from tents, gadgets to this collapsible tank. It has a capacity of 60 gallons to hold rainwater suitable for emergencies or other purposes. During the rainy season, you can use this barrel to store water for cleaning, drinking, and even cooking. Not only that, but the design and efficiency does not cost too much. Made from quality PVC frame, it will not become brittle or crack in the wintertime for stability and longevity.

In addition, this container best water storage container acts as an emergency tank during short rains and drought. You can use the stored liquid to keep your lawn and garden healthy. Plus, its unique foldable style with a top mesh makes it stand out from the rest. This will give you secure storage and carry to enhance your portability needs. Boasting a natural-looking green color, the surface fits in with any garden, lawn, or backyard sight. Use the top mesh to keep out debris, animals, and bugs. Also, it’s easy to remove to give you quick cleaning and maintenance.In Short:

  • Has a large capacity of 60 gallons
  • Stores rainwater suitable for lawns and gardens
  • Its foldable design enhances carrying and storage
  • Lovely green color complements your yard or patio
  • Comes with a top mesh to keep out debris and animals

#12. Bluewave Lifestyle PK50GH-120V BPA Free Water Bottle

Bluewave Lifestyle PK50GH-120V BPA Free Water Bottle

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By: Bluewave Lifestyle

We understand when you want to drink water out of a can or container, it can drip or spill. This is usually affected by the design of the opening and even lid. To prevent this messy effect, you can buy the Bluewave Lifestyle container. It has a 120mm screw cap with a lovely white finish. Not only for beauty but also ensure you have a smooth pouring. Also, the lid features an air plug to help control tension and water resistance. In addition, this item is made from BPA-free and quality Eastman Tritan plastic. Now you can drink your water any time, not worrying about odors, chemicals, and even the nasty plastic aftertaste.

In addition, this accessory is economical and efficient thanks to its reusable design. It helps cut down plastic waste and, at the same time, give you a cost-effective service. We take note of the big mouth to accommodate liquids more easily. You don’t have to use additional accessories like funnels every time you fill in water. If you are planning to have an outdoor party in the backyard or other places, this is portable water storage. It can be used as a temporary drinking bay ideal for events, kitchen, home, and even parties.In Short:

  • The 120mm screw cap ensures smooth pouring
  • Made from BPA-free plastic for added safety
  • Its reusable design cuts down plastic waste in the environment
  • Has a wide mouth for easy filling of water
  • The portable structure makes it ideal for BBQs, events, parties

#11. Reliance Beverage Buddy Water Container BPA-Free

Reliance Beverage Buddy Water Container BPA-free

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By: Reliance Products

Preserving water for an extended time can leave some undesired taste in the mouth. This is if you use the low-quality-made cans made from unsafe plastic. You can enjoy the natural taste of water even after extending storage with the Reliance best water storage container. It is made from premium plastic free of BPA and other toxins, making it safe for kids and adults. The material will not leave an aftertaste or have harmful chemicals because of long-term storage. What’s more, this item comes with a large-cap to help you have a smooth filling. No more drips and other messes onto the surface or even clothes.

Furthermore, this container prides of a compact structure for ease of carrying as well as storage. Its low profile fits perfectly in standard refrigerators and even cabinets to let you access it quickly when in need. Plus, a considerable capacity of 4 gallons which is equivalent to 15 liters, is suitable for travels or small family. You can carry it for a hiking or camping trip to last you for several days if you use it for drinking purposes. Moreover, this unit has a sturdy carry handle to give you maximum portability comfort. Measuring 14 inches long x 11.3 inches high x 10.3 inches wide, it uses the least storage space. Note that it weighs 1.2 pounds when empty.In Short:

  • Designed from BPA-free plastic to prevent odors and aftertaste
  • Its large caps avoid spills when filling
  • A compact structure for quick storage
  • Easy carrying thanks to the sturdy handle
  • Accommodates 4 gallons of water

#10. Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 50 Gallon

Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 50 Gallon

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By: Good Ideas

The Rain Wizard has a 50-gallon capacity to ensure you enjoy pure water in case of drought and shortages. Its sturdy design will keep the fluid fresh and unchlorinated, making it a safe and convenient storage unit. Besides, you can collect rainwater to help reduce water consumption by 40%, hence decreases water bills in your households. We love the attractive style of this item for you to pick a preferred color. Not only to match or complement the backyard but also add a stylish element onto the placement area. What’s more, a secure screen mesh crafted from premium plastic keeps out animals and dirt to keep the stored liquid clean and contaminant-free.

When it comes to cleaning, remove the mesh, which is gentle on the skin. An added advantage is a unique front side overflow feature to keep the water from flooding against an outside wall. Also, a modern flat-back structure ensures this barrel sits right up for stability and to prevent buying additional downspout parts. Constructed from UV-resistant and BPA-free polyethylene resin, it’s secure and sleek. It brings out a vintage whiskey barrel appearance to your storage area.In Short:

  • Stores up to50 gallons of water suitable for water shortages
  • Keeps the liquid fresh and unchlorinated
  • Decreases daily consumption up to 40%
  • Sits right up thanks to its flat-back design
  • UV-resistant and BPA-free polyethylene resin

#9. A.A 10 Gallon RV Fresh/Gray Water Tank – 17″ X 14″ X 10″

A.A 10 Gallon RV Fresh:Gray Water Tank - 17 x 14 x 10

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By: A.A

The many designs for the best water storage containers in the market have different styles and functions. If you prefer using one with a rust-resistant design, you’ve found it. The A.A water tank is made of premium BPA-free material for appeal, safety, and durability. Not only that, but also this polyethylene is FDA-approved to keep the water free of contaminants, chemicals, odors, and aftertaste. What’s more, this gadget is versatile for use at home, horse trailers, RVs, and even for marine products. You get to enjoy a simple OEM installation or replacement to keep you prepared in case of water shortages.

This accessory measures 17 inches long x 14 inches wide x 10 inches tall without the fittings. It is compact and stable to occupy minimal storage space as well as improve usage. Note that the capacity is 10 gallons making it ideal for trips, hikes, camps, parties, and other outdoor adventures. We love the rotationally molded design in a one-piece structure to prevent bursting. In addition, the supplied 1.25-inch inlet lets you fill water more efficiently. Plus, three NPT connections measuring 3/8″ aid in balancing the water flow and pressures. Ensure you vent this gadget when you supply water for best service.In Short:

  • Made from BPA-free and rust-resistant material
  • An FDA-approved polyethylene keeps the water clean
  • Allows simple OEM installation or replacement
  • Comes with 1.25-inch inlet for quick filling
  • Large interior capacity of 10 gallons

#8. WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Emergency Water

WaterBrick 1833-0001 Stackable Emergency Water

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By: WaterBrick

When disaster strikes, such as drought, storms, and water shortages, you should be prepared. The WaterBrick is the best disaster relief container to let you store water and food. Not only that, but also you can keep other stuff dry for an extended time in case of emergencies. This unit can hold up to 27 pounds of dry foods or 3.5 gallons of water, making it ideal for a small family. It is constructed from safe and durable material with excellent wear-resistance. What this means is an extended use with low to zero maintenance. The lovely blue finish looks great and, at the same, prevent light entry. This inhibits bacteria growth to keep you safe from harm caused by bacteria and other contaminants.

Priding of a compact structure, transport and carrying are a breeze. In addition, the sturdy handle gives you the ultimate comfort free of hand fatigues and skin burns. You can store this container in a boat, car, or ATV depending on your desired placement area. Furthermore, the innovative stackable style maximizes small storage rooms suitable for cabinets and other locations. As a result, you enjoy a quick grab and go to carry or quench thirst.In Short:

  • Reliable design acts as a disaster relief container
  • Can accommodate water and food in case of emergencies
  • Water-resistant and longlasting material
  • The blue finish inhibits bacteria growth
  • Its compact structure supports quick grab and go action

#7. Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can

Reliance Products Jumbo-Tainer 7 Gallon Jerry Can

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By: Reliance Products

If you love traveling, you need one of the best water storage containers like this one to enhance your trip. With a 7-gallon capacity, it’s enough to use the whole day, whether in an area with or without clean water. Plus, the interior space is encased in an ergonomic structure with a lovely jumbo-container style. Not only for attractiveness but excellent water storage capabilities. This item comes with a tap-style spigot boasting of a white finish. The color looks great as it enhances the overall unit’s blue design. You can safely open and close it to minimize wastage and drips. Note that the dual handles have an excellent grip for secure holding, carrying, and usage.

We love the traditional style to suit most outdoor settings such as forest, swampy, and even dry areas. It brings out a contemporary feel you can match with your travel gear. Additionally, this unit costs under 20 dollars, making it affordable to most people. With a 2.6-pound weight when empty, you can store it quickly when not in use. Moreover, this product’s plastic construction will not have that plastic aftertaste or odor after extended storage.In Short:

  • Its jumbo-container style can hold up to 7 gallons of water
  • The tap-style spigot minimize water wastage
  • Lovely and stylish blue finish complements the outdoors
  • Weighs around 2.6 pounds when empty to improve storage
  • Affordable and safe plastic water container

#6. VINGLI Tote Tank| 10 Gal/ 20 Gal Portable Wheeled

VINGLI Tote Tank| 10 Gal: 20 Gal Portable Wheeled

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This 10-gallon container is easy to move around thanks to the quality wheels. You don’t need an extra pair of hands every time you transport your stored water. That makes it convenient and suitable for outdoor places such as camping sites, picnic, RV, and BBQ centers. Note that the two tires are made from abrasive-resistance material to roll smoothly on most grounds, especially smooth ones. This tank comes with integrated handles that promote transportation and handling convenience. You can control the movement direction as well as speed comfortably.

In addition, the special holes on the top let you extend the handle length to suit various portability needs. This gadget is lightweight and durable, thanks to its 9.3-pound food-grade plastic construction. The polyethylene is durable and wear-resistance, making it safe for storing water. You can use the stored liquid for drinking, washing hands, or cleaning food. In addition, a convenient wide-mouth comes in handy for fast filling and draining. Plus, the HDPE material is anti-sticky to give you easier cleanup time. Select either the blue or grey color from the two options to add style into the storage location.In Short:

  • Easy to move around with the two quality wheels
  • Comes in a 10-gallon capacity ideal for camping, RV and picnics
  • Made from premium polyethylene for strength and durability
  • Weighs 9.3 pounds to accommodate drinking and cleaning water

#5. LCI Plastic Water Can, Desert Sand, 5-Gallon

LCI Plastic Water Can, Desert Sand, 5-gallon

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Do you know you can preserve water in a sturdy and stylish container? Yes, you can with the LCI can with a lovely military design. It is made from BPA-free and wear-resistant plastic for durability and safety. Without BPA and other toxins, you can enjoy a clean-tasting and fresh, stored water. Whether you keep it for one day or weeks, the quality remains the same. In addition, this item has two color options, including green and tan, to blend in well in most outdoor settings. Besides, these tones make you stand out from the rest with a dull-looking finish. It has a 5-gallon capacity to take you through a hot day as it eliminates dry throats as thirst.

Costing just under 30 dollars, this unit is affordable and reliable. It measures 19 inches long x 14 inches wide x 6.3 inches tall, to give you simple storage and carrying. Plus, the included handle at the top offers more support and balance when holding this can. Note that this gadget weighs 6 pounds, making it a bit weighted when filled with water to improve stability. You can use it at a campsite, cabin, or home as a preparedness survival water storage. In addition, this unit comes with a wide mouth that promotes a quick filling. No more messes and wastage when pouring water through the capped opening.In Short:

  • The military design provides a sturdy and yet stylish service
  • Designed without using BPA for safe water storage and drinking
  • Comes in two color options including tan and green
  • Can be used as a cabin or camping preparedness water can
  • Its wide mouth quickens the filling process

#4. WaterStorageCube BPA Free Collapsible Water Container

WaterStorageCube BPA Free Collapsible Water Container

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By: WaterStorageCube

The WaterStorageCube is classy and convenient that other best water storage containers. It has a compact and reusable structure to give you easy portability as well as lightweight use. This design also is space-saving that promotes a quick stow away when not in use or travels. Also, in case of cold temperatures, the construction retains flexibility, making it super easy to fill, drain, dry, and reuse. The transparent look lets you view the remaining water level to minimize consumption in case in an outdoor location.

What’s more, carrying this tank is much more straightforward than the rest thanks to the soft molded handles. You can use them for outdoor activities like hunting, hiking, RV, backpacking, camping, picnic, parties, and even fishing. This gadget is designed with quality and non-toxic PE plastic for durability and Eco-safety. Not only that, but also the material is PVC, DEHP, and BPA free to eliminate water taste and odors, especially after long-term storage. The spigot has an advanced gasketless for leak-prevention and parts replacement. At the same time, it enhances the water flow as the thick lid bears heavy water pressure.In Short:

  • Its reusable and compact design facilitates easy carrying
  • The flexible design even in cold temperatures for smooth draining
  • Convenient, transparent structure to monitor the water level
  • Its PVC, DEHP and BPA free to eliminate water taste
  • Has advanced gasketless for leak-prevention

#3. Blue 55 Gallon Water Storage Tank By WaterPrepared

Blue 55 Gallon Water Storage Tank by WaterPrepared

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By: WaterPrepared

Just like its name, this tank ensures you are prepared in case of droughts and water shortages. Boasting a large capacity, it can hold up to 55 gallons of water suitable for the garage, garden, and even backyard locations. This will give you approximately 55 days of pure drinking water to minimize hydration cases. Also, this container has a blended plastic construction with excellent UV-resistance. Not only to protect the stored water from contaminants but also eliminates plastic aftertaste. To enjoy a secure rotation system, a garden hose spigot and large tank cap come in handy for extra safety.

Manufactured with high-density polyethylene, this unit is strong and resilient than other materials. It can handle pressures of stored water and usage for an extended time, making it cost-effective. The spigot design let you access the water quickly and efficiently. Simply connect the sturdy spigots to a garden hose as the valves provide maximum flexibility. Furthermore, this accessory stacks easily to save on space and time. It only measures 22 inches long x 28 inches wide x 30 inches wide suitable for any small or large location.In Short:

  • Suitable for water emergencies such as droughts
  • Provides approximately 55 days of daily consumption
  • UV-resistance and safe blended plastic construction
  • Simple connection to a garden hose
  • It has a space-saving and stackable design

#2. 2 Pack – 1 Gallon Plastic Bottle

2 Pack - 1 Gallon Plastic Bottle

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By: DilaBee

If you love carrying water to the office, work, or other places, we’ve got the best water storage container. It has a one-gallon capacity making it ideal for one or two people to enjoy a simple use and storage. Also, this capacity measures 10.2 inches tall x 7 inches long x 4.8 inches wide for a comfortable hold, carrying, and placement. We take note of the unique F-style making this item travel and user-friendly. Featuring kid-resistant lids, they provide an airtight service to eliminate leaks. Also, it can be used for both commercial and home applications.

This bottle is made in the USA using BPA-free plastic. The material is food-safe, hence safe for little ones, the elderly, and adults. Another benefit this HDPE element provides is multipurpose use to store oil, syrup, marinades, dressing, and even sauces. In addition, this unit looks good, thanks to its sturdy and robust white construction. Not only to resist most chemicals but give you a safe use. Use the top handle near the opening to carry and pour water with ease.In Short:

  • Has a one-gallon capacity suitable for one to two people
  • The compact and durable design facilitates secure carrying
  • The kid-resistant lid provides maximum airtight service
  • Ideal for storing water, marinades and more liquids
  • BPA-free plastic makes it safe for kids and adults

#1. Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

Reliance Products Aqua-Tainer 7 Gallon Rigid Water Container

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By: Reliance Products

Reliance Products has a variety of water containers with different sizes and styles. This one comes in an ergonomic structure suitable for emergency water storage and outdoor activities. Now you can carry clean water for hunting, hiking, RV, backpacking, camping, picnic, parties, and even fishing. Another thing this best water storage container boasts of is a spacious capacity of 7 gallons. It is enough for more than two people to quench thirst during a hot day after travels, such as hiking. Plus, rectangular shape with molded contour handle improves portability and hold.

Furthermore, this compact tank is space-saving and straightforward to manage. When not in use, stow away inside a cabinet, fridge and other places securely. You can quickly access the stored liquid, thanks to a unique hideaway spigot. It’s perfect for people and places that require on-demand water usage such as backyard get-togethers. Made from premium material, this container is safe and longlasting. You can use it for many years before the need for a replacement making it cost-effective.In Short:

  • The ergonomic structure is suitable for outdoor applications
  • Compact design allows secure and smooth carrying
  • Space-saving rectangular shape
  • A hideaway spigot facilitates quick dispensing
  • Longlasting and safe material

The Best Water Storage Container: Top Factors

Before buying one of the best water storage containers, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. The reason is that you’ll get to know which size suits your needs or the whole family and even the consumption rate. Not only that, but also you get better prepared in case of emergencies such as water shortages, storms, and even water line blocks. Let’s look at some factors that will help you pick the best water storage container.

Purpose of the Container

Do you plan to store for the whole family or just you? Knowing the number of people who will be using the stored water is important. This way, you’ll avoid water shortage in case of emergencies or during a trip. You can carry enough when traveling, especially if you have kids on the journey. If you know you have a small family, it’s a nice idea to go for a 55-gallon tank.

Portability and Storage

Another consideration for the best water storage container is the ease of transportation. In the event of water shortages or an emergency and you need to relocate, you need something easy to carry. The designs that have wheels, sturdy handles, and ergonomic structure, make movement a breeze. You’ll use less effort rolling on the surfaces while still carrying some other stuff. You can pick a tank with a capacity of 5-7 gallons for easy maneuvering and carrying.

The Construction Material

What material is the best water storage container made from? Most newer models use safe BPA-free plastic because it will not add odors, harmful chemicals and also leave that plastic aftertaste when drinking. At the same time, you can store your water for an extended time to keep it free of contaminants such as dirt, germs, bacteria, and other airborne particles. Remember that the material should be strong, whether it’s flexible or not, to give you an extended service.

The Reason For Storing The Water

Are you planning to buy the water container because of an emergency or for daily use? We understand water does not have an expiration date, but the elements in the environment affect its taste and quality. To be on the safer side, always replace the liquid yearly if not used at all. If you’re using one that is made from plastic, ensure it is food-grade for added safety. You can consume the stored water safely together with kids and pets.

Water Purification Methods

The different methods you can purify the stored water is also important. Some people use traditional ways such as boiling, to keep the water safe and germ-free. Although this way leaves the water tasting unpleasant, it kills parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Others use latest technologies like distillation, drops, and tablets. It all depends on which process fits your water preservation needs. Using tablets is an excellent method to purify large water amounts.


If the container has a blue finish, it has more benefits than just appeal. This color prevents light from penetrating inside the tank resulting in inhibition of bacteria growth. Not to keep you safe but ensure the stored liquid is germ-free.

Tight Seal

Lastly, consider the sealing mechanism the best water storage container has. The more airtight it is, the better to prevents contaminants and spills. You can also carry the tank easily even on rough terrains, without worry about fluid wastage.

To Finish Up

Whether you live in the city or remote area, at some point, you will have to use one of the best water storage containers. They let you store clean water for use in an emergency or travels. You can carry your item to a camping site, picnic area, school, or work, depending on the application. Not only that, but the newer designs have sturdy handles and lightweight structure to facilitates simple portability. Different models like the VINGLI Tote Tank has two wheels to smoothen the movement. Remember to check if the material is BPA-free to prevent yucky aftertaste and odors. And at the same time, kids can also drink the stored water safely. Select one of the best water storage containers above for durability and reliability.


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