7 Best Ultrasonic Cleaners to Buy in 2023 [Detailed Reviews]

Best Ultrasonic Cleaner

While some people still prefer to tend to their clothes and home accessories themselves, there is an option for those who do value their time. Manual, hand-cleaning days are long gone, and cleaning gets easier with effective ultrasonic cleaning.

It’s highly efficient, has reduced power and water consumption, and demands little from the user.
In this article, I’d like to focus on this modern type of home comfort. Versatile and effortless to use, automated cleaners are a great add-on to house maintenance. Yes, the best ultrasonic cleaner is hard to find, but let me give you a hand.

Top 7 Best Ultrasonic Cleaner Options to Consider in 2023

When looking for top-rated ultrasonic cleaners, the product range is truly unfathomable. These advances have begun popping up only recently, but there are already more than enough options for us. Though I’ve used only a couple of them so far, I’ve asked around to make a list of products for your consideration.

Varying in sizes, core materials, frequency rates, and other features, ultrasonic machines can offer you a lot. Take a look at the following products to find a good one for you and your home and know how to use an ultrasonic cleaner to clean your jewelry. The ultrasonic cleaner reviews are followed by a little how-to guide below to help you make up your mind.

1. VIVOHOME Professional 3L Cleaner — Best Ultrasonic Cleaner for Multiple Purposes

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VIVOHOME is an acclaimed home comfort producer whose items have been a great help for me for years. Designed for thorough and gentle cleaning, the company’s ultrasonic machine is a durable piece of equipment suitable for everyone. While it’s perfect for indoor item cleaning, the appliance has a lot more to offer.

Made of stainless steel and covered with a corrosion-resistant coating, the cleaner can serve longer than any other similar model. The steel thickness comes to 1/16, which results in the lightness and portability. With the steel sheet wrapping the machine, it can contain up to 1 gallon of water and cleaning solutions.

With the temperature ranging from 30 to 180℉, the cleaner has an increased dirt and rust dissolution capacity. When filled with water, choose the temperature, set up the timer, and add an agent if necessary. Ultrasonic waves will create cavitation to dissolve the unnatural layers on metal and plastic objects while causing no damage to surfaces.Positives:

  • Efficient frequency;
  • Temperature regulation;
  • Lightweight;
  • Versatile.

Could be better:

  • Needs to cool down before emptying.

2. iSonic P4820-WSB — Compact Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner for Home

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Compact and neat, the appliance is not just any home comfort that takes up little space in the house. It’s perfectly suitable for small and light-duty items, like rings, necklaces, glasses, etc., guaranteeing fast cleaning and safety. Moreover, it’s very economizing, thus not leeching your monthly power usage.

Weighing only 6lbs and coming to around 14 inches in width, the cleaner is easy to carry and handle. It can be placed on the table or kitchen counter without scuffing them and packed neatly into the case to be stored in the closet or cabinet.

Among others, this portable ultrasonic cleaner stands out due to its efficient energy use and little water consumption. You need around 0.7 of a gallon to fill up the container sufficiently without running the risk of overheating or burning it.

The lightweight mesh is a great tool for placing minute or fragile items. It’s made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and to have the least impact on the objects. For cleaning, let the cleaner cool down, drain the water, and remove the mesh. Apply a wet towel and some dish soap if necessary.Positives:

  • Portable and compact;
  • Decent temperature range;
  • Safe;
  • Heavy-duty plastic cover.

Could be better:

  • Light-duty items only.

3. Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner — Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner for Precious Belongings

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Despite being intended for jewelry, the appliance is well-suited from cleaning small objects, like accessories, rings, etc. Effortless to use and even easier to maintain, the appliance is great for light-duty maintenance. When utilized properly, it ensures the longevity and spotless look of your belongings.

The overall capacity is over 40,000 Hz, which is rather impressive for a machine of this size. It operates with a variety of different-temperature cycles to provide thorough cleaning to even the most resistant dirt, rust, wax, etc. Using the button in the center of the panel, you can regulate the time of each maintenance.

To prevent objects from getting stuck inside, there is a sturdy tray that keeps them together. As it goes with the most efficient ultrasonic cleaning machines, you can add agents to accelerate dirt dissolution. However, it’s not necessary due to the amplified frequency and high-temperature range. Don’t forget to change the water after each cleaning to ensure a 100% result.Positives:

  • The tempered plastic body;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • 5-step cleaning cycle;
  • Ultralightweight.

Could be better:

  • No temperature regulation.

4. InvisiClean Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner — Well-Ventilated Portable Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Well-designed for such a compact size, this cleaner can offer double the power a regular ultrasonic jewelry cleaner has. Thanks to the enhanced transducers, the vibrations created inside the device are capable enough to deal with both minor dirt and petrified rust. Apart from it, the appliance does well with soft plastic, causing no damage or melting.

Narrower than 9 inches, the machine is very portable and can be easily packed in a box or case. To ensure comfort, the stainless-steel basket inside is somewhat smaller than the device to have composed support while dealing with small-sized personal-use items. Since such models are usually damaged by the produced heat, the manufacturers have embedded the device with a fan to cool it down.

As for cleaning, the machine is an elite choice for oxidized items, which are covered in tarnished rust. Normally, it doesn’t require any additional agent but only tap water to clean off the corrosion, whereas the average cleaning comes up to less than an hour.Positives:

  • Fan-ventilated to decrease the heat;
  • Powerful;
  • Not aggressive to plastic;
  • In-built timer.

Could be better:

  • Increased energy consumption.

5. H&B Luxuries Industrial Grade Cleaner — Professional Home Ultrasonic Cleaner

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If you need a heated ultrasonic cleaner for professional use, like dental and medical equipment, you might want to consider this one. Specifically elaborated for costly items, the machine can do its job without scuffing or damaging. Provided with a one-year warranty, the product is secured from contingencies and break-downs.

The outer frame is made of tough polypropylene, which makes the appliance resistant to dents and accidental drops. While the top is made of plastic, it seals the water tank (0.6 gals) watertight, preventing leaks and jumping.

Contrastingly, the core is made of stainless steel known for its corrosion resistance and temperature regulation.

Using a set of cycles, the cleaner is as efficient with metal objects as it is with plastic ones. The frequency is backed up by a 160-W transducer that softens the dirt and then separates it from the items, dissolving it in the water. Make sure to change the water to prevent sediments.Positives:

  • Sturdily designed;
  • Perfect for metal items;
  • Polishes items after cleaning;
  • Watertight.

Could be better:

  • Needs resetting the cycle each time.

6. LONOVE Multiple-Use Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

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This hi-tech portable ultrasonic cleaner is an effortless-to-use tool when it comes to maintaining silver accessories and silverware. Due to the reduced volume, the machine can process objects more efficiently, getting rid of impurities within a shorter time. Also, the noise impact is almost completely eliminated, making it one of the quietest products you can find online.

The volume amounts to 0.6 Qt, which is spacious enough for 1-2 small-sized objects. While the outer cover is made of ABS (hardened plastic), the inner part is completely stainless steel. These materials prevent dampness and bold, reducing the maintenance need to the minimum.

To tend to plastic and metal items, the machine takes around 3 minutes for processing. The top closes airtight to prevent overflowing and reduce the temperature of the device. It’s connected to a power source while processing to ensure the stability of the impact.Positives:

  • Small and neat;
  • One-button activation;
  • Consume little energy;
  • Sturdy cover.

Could be better:

  • Limited volume.

7. Kaimashi SUS 304 — Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner

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For heavy-duty maintenance and hefty items, you can consider this spacious machine with a heater and timer. It easily accommodates electronic devices and even guns, processing them with high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The brand has been around for almost a decade and knows what a home ultrasonic cleaner needs for efficiency.

Operating with 600-W transducers, it deals well with both regular cleaning and thorough tarnished-dirt dissolution. It’s equipped with the auto shut-off mode to spare energy while inactive and to prevent overheating of the items inside. The same applies to the basket that reduces the wave’s impact on belongings.

The right-hand panel has an output water tube to facilitate water changing. The water heats up to 140℉, which is the optimal rust and dirt dissolution range for metals. With the 40-kHz frequency, the machine is suitable for dental tools, knives, and accessories.Positives:

  • Large capacity;
  • Accelerated frequency;
  • Durability;
  • Easy-to-use control panel.

Could be better:

  • Somewhat buzzing.

Ultrasonic Cleaners: How and Which to Choose

Versatile and highly effective, cleaners come in handy both for personal items and home utilities. While finding one is not that big of a deal, determining whether it’s what you need is something different. To make the right choice, it’s vital to have at least the basic competence in the product. For this, let’s have an insight into the machine and see what it can offer in the long run.

How does an ultrasonic cleaner work?

Utilizing different-frequency sound waves, the cleaner induces cavitation that fills up the water tank. Constant acceleration leads to bubbling, which interacts with impurities stuck on the item surface. Getting through cracks and weak spots of the impurities, the sound waves force them to peel off the surface and later dissolve into the water.

Ultrasonic appliances are a modern way of maintaining fragile and hard-to-clean items, like jewelry, rings, dentures, and so on. Though they might be a little expensive, such devices have a wide range of benefits that people choose over manual cleaning. While the cavitation is tense and effective, it causes no deformities to metal, plastic, and rubber items.

What can you clean with ultrasonic cleaners?

Designed to deal with small-sized objects, the machines can come in handy with a variety of items. The waves are benign to metals (silver, gold, copper), plastic, and even ceramics. However, each of the pieces may require different specifications to be followed. Normally, plastic objects require low temperatures, while metals might need a lot of heat to get rid of the tarnished rust and dirt.

Things to consider when choosing ultrasonic cleaners:

If you’ve decided to purchase a cleaner, you should take into account different characteristics, like:


In general, the appliances are designed to be compact and portable since the items they process cannot exceed a certain size. The average commercial ultrasonic cleaner ranges from 9 to 14 inches in width. This size is optimal for placing the device in the kitchen or hiding it in the cupboard.

Despite the standard, there are even smaller appliances that can be 7 or 8 inches wide. Such reduced capacity serves as a compact place for maintaining only small-sized belongings, like jewelry, for example. It comes in handy when you need to travel or move a lot without dragging a large-scale machine with you.

white ultrasonic cleaner with blue door


The cavitation produced by the waves is determined by the frequency of your device. On average, a standard ultrasonic device has a frequency range of between 30 and 42Hz. Optimal for minor cleaning and regular maintenance, it gives the machine enough power to get rid of medium-thickness impurities. However, there are also heavy-duty cleaners that start with 60Hz and go higher. Such power is efficient for hard rust and dirt layers.

Cleaning solutions

While common tap water should work in most cases, some tarnished impurities and old stains can be hard to get rid of. To increase your cleaning chances, there are various solutions that help the cavitation process. For instance, Alkaline does well with metals and rust, acids can dissolve ferrous deposits, whereas caustic substances are superb at cleaning waxy stains and grease.

On the other hand, adding a solution all the time isn’t the best idea. Some materials, like wood and ceramics, are susceptible to acidity, which can damage or scrape the surface. In this case, it’s essential to know what material you’re dealing with and pay attention while choosing an agent.

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ceramic plates and cups

The Cleaning Process

To ensure the safety and efficiency of each procedure, you should follow a few simple steps:

  1. Prepare the machine. For this, change the water from previous cleanings and clear the button from sediments. Also, check the bottom for any damages of deficiencies to prevent an overload.
  2. Prepare the item/items. Clean the object of any grease, particles, and dirt that can get stuck in the machine. While the cavitation dissolves particles, it might have difficulty with large impurities.
  3. Set the optimal temperature and timing. To find out the advisable temperature for a specific material, look in the instruction booklet. The same refers to timing. Some objects may need a 5-step cycle, while others require only one or two.
  4. Clean the machine. After letting the appliance cool down, drain the water and clean the bottom. Also, look for any particles that may have got stuck in the drainage.

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Should you have some more questions for your ultrasonic cleaner comparison, take a look here!

Do ultrasonic cleaners really work?

Yes, they do. Moreover, the appliances have proven to be rather effective when it comes to dealing with high-resistance rust and tarnish. There is an approved antimicrobial activity of ultrasonic cleaners that impacts not the upper layers of impurities but interact with their crevices and cracks, destroying bacteria.

How much time does an ultrasonic cleaner take to clean the items?

Depending on the cycle, the device can take from 3 up to 60 minutes for a procedure. Choose your cycle based on the severity of the problem.

What fluid do you use in an ultrasonic cleaner?

Normally, all you need is water. However, you can also add an agent to increase your chances of dissolving the impurities more efficiently. Choose acidic solutions for ferrous deposits and Alkaline for iron and silver.

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An Ultrasonic Way of Dealing With Good-Old Dirt

As you can see, an ultrasonic cleaner has a lot of specifics to consider. Not only does it vary in frequency and size, but it can also act differently with various processed materials. Pick a large-sized machine to have a handy kitchen cleaner at your side, whereas you should consider a small-sized one for regularly maintaining your jewelry and precious belongings.

Anyway, I do hope this has been helpful. Tell me what brand have you used before? How did you find it? What about the solutions? Have you ever used Alkaline to deal with the rust? Make sure to leave your comments below!


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