10 Best Travel Hair Dryer 2023 that You Need to Pack


Can you travel without your hair dryer? If your answer is no, then you have come to just the right article.

When you plan a vacation, the first thing that is on your mind is which things you need to pack. Travelling can be tricky if you carry a lot of things that can add to the weight of your suitcases. Your hair dryer is an essential part of your hair routine but it can be bulky for traveling. This is the reason why we have compiled the list of best travel hair dryers which are great in terms of performance but are lightweight and compact. Here are the ten models which made it to the list:

Editor Pick Best Travel Hair Dryer

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Conair 1875 Watt Compact Folding Handle Styler / Hair Dryer

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This folding hair dryer is available in two colors and takes just a tiny amount of space in your handbag or suitcase. It comes with a dual voltage option so that you do not have to carry the adapter wherever you go. The size of the dryer is small but it is powerful enough to dry your hair is a jiffy. It has two heat and speed settings and a long cord which makes it easy to hold the dryer. The negative ion technology protects the hair from heat damage and reduces frizz. The price is great when compared to the quality.

What we like about it:The compact size and powerful performance of this dryer make it a great travel dryer at this price.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Travel Dryer

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BaByliss is known to make quality hair styling tools and this compact dryer is no different. It has a classy design and folds to fit into the smallest of spaces. The red color gives a colorful look to the dryer. The tourmaline controls the frizz and distributes heat evenly. The 1000-watt motor dries your hair without making them feel rough or burned. The price is a little high as compared to other travel dryers but it has all the features of an actual dryer and works well in all conditions. It is suitable for all types of hair and gives a smooth shiny look to the hair.

What we like about it:This hair dryer is very small in size and can fit in your purse easily. It has a powerful motor and is very lightweight also.

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Revlon Perfect Heat 1875W Fast Dry Compact Dryer

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With an 1875 watt motor, this is one of the most powerful travel hair dryers available in the market and is great for long hair. It comes with a concentrator which makes it easy to style the hair with precision and control. The cold shot setting helps you to set the hair and lock in the moisture. It has two heat settings and two speed settings for controlling the temperature. The dryer comes with the dual voltage option which makes it easy to use it in any part of the world. The price is moderate and the performance of the model makes it worth it.

What we like about it:The powerful motor of this dryer makes it a great option for drying long or thick hair. The classy design is another great addition.

Andis 1600-Watt MicroTurbo Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

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This little gem is a favorite of many people for its turbo power and compact size. It comes with lifeline shock protection of the motor and dual voltage options. The size of the dryer is so compact that it fits the palm of the hand and occupies very less space in your bag. The dryer styles all types of hair and takes less time as compared to other bigger models. It operates quietly and makes very less noise. You can use it anywhere during your travels without any difficulty in carrying or using it.

What we like about it:This dryer is one of the smallest travel dryers in size and gives a powerful performance. It can be used on any length of hair for styling them.

Remington D5000 Compact Travel Dryer

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If you are looking for a dryer which comes with an energy-saving option, this dryer from Remington is a great option. It comes with an eco-setting which consumes lesser energy. Available in two colors, the dryer has 3 heat settings and 2 speed settings. It comes with ionic technology which reduces static charge and frizz. The removable filter makes it easy to clean it regularly. The model comes with a warranty of two years.

What we like about it:The eco-setting of this model makes it environment-friendly and color options allow you to choose your preferred color.

Vidal Sasson VS784 1875W Travel Dryer

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This hair dryer has all the features of a regular hair dryer except the weight. The gray and black design looks classy. It is a very compact and lightweight foldable dryer which is specially designed for traveling. It has a tourmaline ceramic element which conditions the hair and controls frizz. The dryer has the dual voltage option and a cool shot feature also. The price is moderate and the quality is good.

What we like about it:The handy size of this dryer and the attractive design makes it a great travel tool to own. The price is also good.

BERTA 1000 Watts Mini Hair Dryer Ceramic Ions Travel Blow Dryer

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With one-year replacement and two years warranty, this dryer is the safest option if you are concerned about the quality. It comes with a double filter which can be removed and cleaned easily. The cool button makes it easy to dry the hair using cold air. The dryer has a hanging loop which allows you to hang it in your hotel room. The cord can swivel 360 degrees for easy hair styling. The price is a bit high.

What we like about it:This dryer is good in terms of the even heat distribution it provides while drying the hair. The hanging loop makes it easy to store the dryer.

Wazor Hair Dryer Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer Mini

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The lint filter of this dryer is removable which is a very good feature as it keeps the dryer working smoothly without any noise. The dryer is available in two attractive colors blue and purple. It comes with a safety net which prevents the hair from being sucked into the rear end of the dryer. The powerful motor allows easy styling of all types of hair and the cool shot button locks the style effortlessly. The price is high.

What we like about it:The colors and the design of this dryer make it a perfect addition to your travel vanity. The removable lint filter is a clever feature.

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Hot Tools Professional Ht1044 Ionic 1875 Watt Travel Dryer

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If you are looking for a compact hair dryer which gives a salon-like finish to your hair, this dryer from Hot Tools comes with a concentrator and a finger diffuser. These attachments are great for styling your hair and dry your hair at a faster speed. This dryer is great for curly hair also as the diffuser works in drying thick curls quickly without burning them. The price is an added benefit.

What we like about it:This is one of the few models available in the market which come with a finger diffuser so if you need precision, this dryer is a great option.

MHD Professional Mini Travel Hair Dryer

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One of the most expensive travel dryers in the market, this stylish model boasts of a classy design and vibrant color. It has a powerful motor which dries hair safely but quickly without damaging them. It comes with a double safety net and lint filter which can be removed for cleaning. The cord is sturdy and can be swiveled in 360 degrees for ease. The price is very high but the quality of this model is unbeatable.

What we like about it:The attractive curved design of this dryer has all the necessary features of a great travel dryer. It is lightweight and works on all types of hair.

Buyer Guide:

Now that we have compiled the list of best travel dryers for your vacations, it is time to look at the features you must check before buying these dryers. These features will help you choose a great hair styling tool which will make your hair look salon-styled in every photograph:

  • Weight and dimensions

The first and foremost thing to check when buying a travel dryer is its size. It should be very compact and lightweight so that you can fit it your backpack. Many models are foldable and some have small sizes by default. Check to see if the model you are choosing fits the palm of your hand easily and occupies minimum space in your bag.

  • Dual Voltage Compatibility

Another basic problem with regular dryers is that they are not compatible with the voltage input available in different parts of the worlds. Check the model to make sure that it has the dual voltage setting so that you do not have to carry an adapter with you all the time.

  • Material

The heating element of the dryer should be made up of ceramic and tourmaline which eliminate static charge and reduce frizz. They also make the hair look smooth and shiny by providing even heating. Cheap plastic packaging can melt in the heat and damage your hair.

  • Cord & motor

Look for models which have a powerful motor which can work on all types of hair. A retractable cord occupies less space and does not entangle. A hanging loop is another great addition which keeps the cord safely and saves space on the desk.

  • Attachments

Diffuser and concentrator are some of the common attachments that come with most models. These attachments make it easy to dry portions of hair quickly. Check if all the attachments of the dryer are in place and working correctly.

  • Price

Generally, travel hair dryers cost anywhere between 20$ to 80$ depending on the brand. All travel dryers have the same basic features and since this is not a daily requirement, you can look for options which cost lesser as compared to high-end models. You can also look online for discounts.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow when buying and using a travel hair dryer to get flawless hair during your travels:

  • Keep the dryer in the travel bag that comes with it to avoid the lint of the clothes getting entangled in the filter and blocking it.
  • Cleaning the lint filter regularly will prolong the life of your dryer and its motor.
  • Using a heat protectant before drying your hair protects the hair from damage and makes it look healthy and shiny.
  • When using the dryer at a foreign location, always check the voltage to make sure that the settings on the dryer have been changed to suit the voltage of the hotel room.
  • Travel dryers work well as a clothes dryer or gadget dryer too in case of emergencies so choose a model which has a powerful motor to dry thick long hair or clothes too.
  • Use the lower heat setting if you are using the dryer often and choose the high heat setting only when you are running short of time. High heat can damage the hair faster.

So these are some of the most popular travel hair dryers available in the market which are lightweight and have all the features of a regular professional dryer. They are perfect for drying your hair quickly and safely without damaging them. You can choose the model which fits your budget as all of them have similar features and work equally well.

Are you an avid traveler? Which is your favorite travel hair dryer?


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