10 Best Training Shoes For Women 2023 that Will Make Your Feet Healthy


Are you a fitness freak who loves to own a good pair of training shoes for daily workouts?

Training shoes are a must-have for women who like to keep themselves fit and active. They provide the right support to the foot and reduce chances of muscle injuries in the later stages of life. Wearing the wrong footwear while workouts can harm your body posture and create many problems if used for prolonged periods. There are many types of training shoes available in the market which are comfortable and stylish but these ten pairs are completely worth the money:

Editor Pick Best Training Shoes For Women

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Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe

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With six color options to choose from, these training shoes are made with lightweight TPU material which is fitted with a mesh for the skin to breathe. The outer sole is made up of rubber which provides a great grip on the treadmill or on the road. These shoes are made for countering difficult terrains and are good in terms of comfort and performance. They are not waterproof. The price is high but the design and comfort make them worth the money.

What we like about it:These shoes are great for people who like to run and need a pair of shoes which adapts to the shape of their foot while running. They are also suitable for trekking expeditions.

Aleader Women’s Lightweight Mesh Sport Running Shoes

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If you are looking for a lightweight pair of shoes for running, these lace-ups from Aleader are a good option. They are very light and easy to use and feel like you are walking barefoot. The outer sole is made up of hydrogrip which provides traction and the inner sole has a breathable lining for comfort. They look stylish and are available in 7 color options. The price of these shoes is very affordable and the durability is at par with other expensive training shoes available in the market.

What we like about it:Lightweight running shoes are hard to find and this pair is so light to wear and offers the ultimate grip and comfort. The mesh lining and the hydrogrip technology are great features at this price.

K-Swiss Women’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

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Shoes made with memory foam inner sole are good for gym workouts as they adapt to the shape of the foot. These shoes from K-Swiss use a memory foam inner bed and a rubber outsole with a leather upper to give you maximum comfort without any irritation to the foot. The K-Eva midsole keeps the foot in the right place and the tread pattern provides a sturdy grip to the feet. The shoes are available in ten colors and the price is moderate with respect to the quality and the workmanship.

What we like about it:The vibrant color options and the durable material are some of the good features of these shoes. The price is great for the sleek and stylish design that the shoes offer.

Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

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Premium white training shoes look extremely stylish and this pair of cross-training shoes from Champion emphasizes on this fact. They can be worn all day without any pain or exhaustion as the inner sole is very soft and comfortable. The shoes have a good design for heel and arch support. You can wear them while running, jogging, gym workouts etc for a great experience as they are so lightweight yet sturdy. The price is lesser as compared to other shoes.

What we like about it:The multiple color options available in these shoes and the soft and comfortable design make them great footwear for everyday use. The price is an added advantage.

New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe

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New Balance is known for its trainer shoes and these women’s shoes are one of the bestsellers from the brand. They are made up of leather and have a rubber sole for grip and comfort. The shoes are available in 14 colors and have a tape-like design on the outside which keeps the foot in place during extensive physical exercises. The shoes have padded collar and tongue for ankle support. The price is moderate and the shoes are completely worth the money.

What we like about it:The padded insole and tongue provide comfort to the foot and reduces chances of ankle injuries. The leather upper keeps the shoes protected from dirt and damage.

PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe

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These shoes have perforated side panels which let the skin breathe and keep the feet dry. The design is sleek and looks stylish with the fluorescent lines and patterns. These shoes are designed for regular gym exercises and are great for running and jogging too. There are 7 color options to choose from and the pop colored laces add a vibrant touch to the otherwise plain shoes. The price is a little higher than other options available in the market.

What we like about it:The synthetic fabric lining with a soft rubber sole make this shoe comfortable for a long day and the perforated side panels keep sweat in control by improving air circulation.

ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

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If you are looking for shoes which have gel soles for better shock absorption, Asics is thttps://www.amazon.com/ASICS-Womens-Training-Periwinkle-Midnight/dp/B00Q2KX4TG?tag=topratedhairc-20he brand you should consider. These shoes are made up of DuoMax support system which enhances stability and comfort. The gel cushion system at the bottom absorbs all shocks to avoid any jerk to the ankle. The blue and gray color combination looks trendy and there are 5 other color options also. The price of the shoes is moderate but you can get them on discount online.

What we like about it:Asics is known for its comfortable footwear and these shoes have all the good features that a training shoe must have in order to be fit for regular workouts. The stylish and durable design lasts for years if maintained properly.

RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

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Very few training shoes are made specifically keeping in mind the shape of a woman’s feet which is very different from a man’s feet. These shoes have a narrow heel and a more cushioned footbed which is ideal for women as the arch of their feet needs better support because of the shape. They are great for doing high-impact exercises and for all kinds of sports. The price is a little higher than other shoes.

What we like about it:The upper mesh of these shoes is made up of a breathable material which keeps the feet comfortable and dry. The pivot point on the sole gives side mobility to the shoes.

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Reebok Women’s Yourflex Trainette 8.0L MT Training Shoe

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If you are looking for shoes which can accommodate orthodontics, these shoes come with a removable ethylene vinyl acetate sock liner. They have a three-layered design with leather, mesh, and elastic jersey cover to enhance the comfort and breathability. The shoes are very lightweight and take very little space in your bag if you are traveling. They are available in five colors and the price is affordable if you search properly online.

What we like about it:Reeboks are a favorite of many athletes and these shoes are good for women who like to run regularly or carry out their jobs in shoes. The removable sock liner is good for accommodating orthodontics.

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Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 5 Shoe

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Nike is the preferred sports brand for many people because of its modern design and the comfort factor. There are around 23 color options in these shoes. The multidirectional flex grooves enhance the flexibility of the shoes in different terrains and add to the grip. The soles are made up of pylon which provides a lightweight cushion to the feet. The price is high but the brand is known for its quality and these shoes are well-made.

What we like about it:The injected pylon midsole and the multiple color options add a lot of glamor and comfort to these shoes and the flex grooves give a great grip on the road or the gym floor.

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Training shoes make your workouts more efficient by keeping your feet comfortable and supported. The right pair of such shoes can transform your exercise routine and reduces the risks of injury and sprains. While these ten training shoes are great in terms of features, you should always check the following basic factors before purchasing any shoes:

  • Size & Fit

Getting the right fit in training shoes is the most important criteria for selection as the wrong fit can impact your body in a negative way. Go for a size which is neither too tight nor too loose on your feet. A tight shoe can cause blisters on the skin and restrict your movement while a loose shoe can increase chances of a fall.

  • Outer Sole

Make sure the sole of the shoes has a good heel height for rigorous physical activities. Running on difficult terrains with shoes without proper sole can increase the chances of a tissue injury. The sole should have a proper tread for grip and the flexibility should also be considered.

  • Cushioning

The inner bottom sole of the shoes should be made using a soft cushion with memory foam as it adapts to the unique shape of the foot. This cushion absorbs shocks and enhances your workout efficiency by a great margin. Try the shoes to see if the cushion feels comfortable on the feet.

  • Price

Training shoes for women can generally cost anywhere between 20$ to 140$ depending on the engineering of the shoe. Invest in a good pair of shoes as they last for years without any injuries or damage. Search online for best deals available on the training shoes you want to purchase.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should consider while buying and using a pair of training shoes for women:

  • Avoid buying a pair of shoes for its looks as the fit and the comfort it provides are more important criteria.
  • Buy your shoes in the evening as your feet start to swell from the morning to around 4 P.M. Your feet size is at its highest point at around 5 P.M so buy the shoes as per that size.
  • All brands have different sizes for a particular feet length so it is advisable to get your foot measured at the store of a particular brand and then buy the shoes of the size that fits.
  • Do not buy shoes which are overly stiff as it can lead to arch pain and other foot conditions due to lack of flexibility.
  • Look for shoes that can be easily washed in the washing machine as training shoes can get quite dirty during your outdoor running sessions.
  • Do not wear the same shoes for regular day to day chores and workouts as both the situations need completely different footwear. Wearing your regular shoes to the gym can increase your chances of getting a foot injury.
  • Try the shoes in the store and walk around to see how it fits your feet and feels around your skin. Try it with and without socks to make sure that you can wear it both ways.

So these are some of the most popular training shoes available for women and they offer the utmost comfort and style without compromising on the quality and performance. Buy the shoes which suit your budget and have all the right features as listed in the buyer guide above. Wearing the right kind of training shoes will not only make your workout sessions more comfortable but will also help your body to avoid any strain or injury.


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