Top 10 Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls in 2023

Best Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

The use of slow feeder dog bowls has increased over the last few years. They help to cut down the feeding speed of your pets. There are many benefits associated with them including minimizing chocking, bloating, gastrointestinal discomforts, and more problems. Additionally, the pets get mental attention when eating along the edges and mazes thanks to their interior designs. The health benefits of slow feeder dog bowls are long-term, and the dog will love it too. We have analyzed the best ones on the market to save you the hassle of getting what you deserve. Read this review of the top 10 best slow feeder dog bowls in 2023.

List of top 10 Best Slow feeder dog bowls

10. Our Pets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

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This OurPetsDuraPet Slow Feed Bowl will maximize the eating time of your dog. The manufacturer made it the bottom with a permanently bonded ring. Therefore, it does not skid. As the dog eats, there will be no tipping and sliding which may cause spills.

This slow feeder dog bowl has a good design that will prevent any possible digestive problems that result from fast feeding. The material used is of high-quality; the stainless steel is sturdy and does not rust. Additionally, it is cleaning it a breeze since it is dishwasher safe. It holds up to 3 cups of dry food. The permanently bonded ring keeps the bowl in one position and prevents noises.

9. Slow Feeder Dog Bowl Bloat Stop Dog Food Bowl Maze Interactive Puzzle Non Skid Feeder

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If you need slow feeder dog bowls that can hold 360g/13.3oz, you should consider this one. It measures 7.8”. You can use it for a puppy or medium-size dog. In addition to this, the material is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

The bowl has a unique design that makes the amount of food go further. This makes your dog satisfied even after eating a small amount. Also, the dog eats slowly and cannot chock. The design features small rubber feet that have anti-skid pads. Therefore, the pet will not put the food in every corner of the room. This bowl is not only easy to use but also easy to clean. Alternatively, you can use a dishwasher.

This bowl has a height of 2.1 inches, and it is 5 inches wide. It is collapsible; simply pop up and fold away. You can put 1.5 cups of food, or 12 fluid ounces of water.

8. Dog Bowls Slow Feeder Fun Stop Bloat Dog Bowl Pet Non-Slip Drink Water Bowl Square Base

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For all the dogs with overeating behavior, obesity, bloat, and regurgitation, the problems can be solved using this bowl. The bowl promotes healthy eating, weight management and reduces indigestion. Your pets can enjoy a more balanced and healthier meal. In addition, it has a reasonable distance between valleys and ridges that slows down the eating speed.

It has a great interior and exterior design. For the interior, it is smooth to prevent hurting the tongue and the mouth. On the other hand, the exterior features a wide base to increase the surface area. Thus, a pet cannot knock it down. The bottom has four anti-skid pads which prevent the bowl from unnecessary movements. The material used, ABS plastic is food-safe in that, it does not contain toxic materials. It is also environmentally friendly and easy to clean.

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This bowl measures 7.5ich in bottom diameter; 6.3-inch bowl diameter; and 1.8 inches in height. It has a capacity of 1.5-2 cups of food. The advantage is that the construction material used is very durable.

7. JASGOOD Dog Feeder Slow Eating Pet Bowl Eco-Friendly Durable Non-Toxic

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The materials of these slow feeder dog bowls are food-safe. They are also BPA, Phthalate-free and sturdy. Additionally, it is recyclable. After your dog has eaten, washing this bowl is a piece of cake. You can use it to prevent choking, preventing indigestion, and vomiting.

It has a good design of the nature that illustrates the foraging process of wild dogs in their environment. Therefore, each eating session will become happy gaming time and healthy moments. Also, eating time increases since the dog can’t reach a large amount of food while eating. It measures 19.6 cm (7.7inches) diameter and 4.5 cm (1.7inch) high. It is lightweight with 186 grams.

The bowl can hold up to 1.5 cups (9oz) of dry pet food. One advantage is that the dog feels full on a smaller amount of food. The material used is also eco-friendly and does not contain toxins that would harm your dog.

6. IAMUQ Slow Feeders – Dog Bowl – Pet Interactive Fun Health Slow Feeder

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The IAMUQ slow feeder is one of the best slow feeder dog bowls on the market today. It is ideal for small and medium dog breeds. With 2 cups of food in it, your dog will eat to satisfaction. It slows down the eating speed, and the dog won’t start begging for more.

This bowl has an incredible design aimed at increasing the feeding time by 4 to 8 times. Thus, a dog eating from it does not experience bloating, gagging, choking, or vomiting. Biting a large amount of food makes the dog gulp it without chewing. With this bowl, gulping is reduced. Moreover, it provokes dogs to think about how to get the food more efficiently.

This bowl has a solid construction and is reusable. It is also easy to clean. The bowl works for both cats and dogs.

5. Mr. Peanut’s Stainless Steel Interactive Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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It is time to give a fun and healthy challenging meal for your pet. This bowl teaches the pets on chasing their food and reduces gobbling. Therefore, it makes the meal time feel more like a hunt. The material, stainless steel, is fantastic. It is non-toxic and contains no BPA.

This bowl is shatterproof. In addition, cleaning is easy, and you can use a dishwasher. The design makes your pet drink or eats at a slower pace. This prevents, vomiting, choking, indigestion, and bloating. These slow feeder dog bowls are available in different sizes; depending, on the kibble type, the medium one holds 1 to 2 cups of food, and the larger one holds 2.5 to 3.5 cups of food.

One advantage is that you can use the bowl for both dry and wet foods. You can also use it to regulate the speed and amount of calories your pet takes. The stainless steel is sturdy and does not rust.

4. NEATER PET BRANDS Slow Feed Bowl Stainless Steel

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If you have elevated feeders or neater feeder Deluxe, you can buy this bowl and fit it inside. However, these slow feeder dog bowls are only recommended for large dogs. It has a full construction of stainless steel. Therefore, it is eco-friendly and non-toxic. If your dog has been swallowing food faster, you can create more feeding time with this product. Additionally, it is ideal for weight management.

The bowl has a good design that allows it to fit in most elevated feeders that can hold 2-quart bowls. It has a diameter of 8.25inch and a depth of 2.75 inches. With the slow eating bowl in place, no more choking, bloating, gastrointestinal discomforts, and vomiting.

One advantage is that it is dishwasher safe. However, it can only be used for large sizes of dogs.

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3. Ootdpet Fun Feeder Dog Bowl Slow Feeder Stop Bloat

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Is your dog having canine obesity or experiencing regurgitation and bloating? The solution might be lying in these slow feeder dog bowls. They are ideal for fast eaters. Not only do they increase eating time but also promote fun, healthy eating.

The bowl top measures 18.5cm (7.2 Inch) in diameter while the bottom diameter is 20.5cm/(8 Inch). The height is 1.7inch (4.5cm). The material used, ABS plastic, is food-safe. It is also high-strength and durable. This bowl does not skid thanks to its four silicone anti-slip pads at the base. The interior design contains mazes that increase feeding time and make it a fun, interactive bowl.

The advantage of this bowl is that it is phthalate free. Its weight is 280grams only. You can choose from either the purple or blue colors.

One setback, however, it is challenging for puppies and kittens to feed on it.

2. Dog Games Outward Hound Fun Feeder Drop Teal

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Did you know that it is possible to make your dog eat 10 times slower? This is possible with these slow feeder dog bowls. Thus, Fun Feeder Slo-Bowls promote fun and healthy eating. When the dog forages for food throughout the mazes and patterns, time to digest the food is naturally allocated.

The design features a non-slip base. Thus, the food remains in the same position. The manufacturer used food-safe materials to construct it; they are PVC, BPA, and Phthalate free. The X-small Fun Feeder Slo-Bowl holds 3/4 cup, the Small one holds 2 cups, and the large one holds up to 4 cups of dry kibble.

You should not mind using either dry or wet food in this bowl. The fact that veterinarians recommend it tells a lot.

1. Siensync Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, Non Slip Puzzle Bowl Fun Feeder

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This is a food safe feeder bowl that will exceed your expectations. Having been made with ABS material of high-strength, you cannot doubt its durability. In addition to that, it is phthalate, PVC, and BPA free.

The mealtime becomes fun and challenging when you use this bowl for your dog. It allows your pets to be as the Mother Nature intended and minimize boredom.  You can use it for all sizes of dogs: large, medium, and small. The design focuses on reducing the feeding speed but not to frustrate your pet. It has a maze design inside. It is, therefore, easy to control the amount of calories intake to prevent obesity.

This bowl makes the pet satisfied with a small serving. Cleaning it is also a breeze since it is top-rack dishwasher safe. The material is non-toxic and eco-friendly. You can use it for either your dog or your cat.

The Benefits of using Slow Feeder Dog Bowls

  • Non-toxic – The materials used to make most of these slow feeder dog bowls are BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. This makes them food-safe.
  • Increase feeding time– some of these slow feeder dog bowls can increase the feeding time from 4 to 10 times. The dogs that eat too fast learn to eat slower and get satisfied with a small amount of food.
  • Weight management – Each bowl carries a certain amount of dry or wet food. You can control the calories that your dog or cat takes to prevent obesity and other conditions.
  • Fun and healthy feeding – With slow feeder dog bowls, it is possible to prevent fast eating that may result in bloating, vomiting, or chocking. The maze designs give the pets an interactive session with their meals and reduce boredom.

Final words

Most veterinaries recommend the use of slow feeder dog bowls. With these products, you can manage your dog’s lifestyle. This buyer’s guide has discussed the best bowls on the market this year.

The only way to enjoy slow feeder dog bowls is having one for your cat or dog. The list has all the information you needed to make a purchase. Therefore, you should not hesitate to get one.


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