10 Best Skin Lightening Cream for Hyperpigmentation 2023


Are you trying to get rid of hyperpigmentation using a safe and effective skincare product?Suffering from hyperpigmentation can make you feel unattractive as the dark spots can affect your confidence. These spots can usually be the size of a small freckle but can also be big in terms of size and stand out against your natural skin tone.

Using a cream which treats hyperpigmentation in a safe and effective manner can be a boon for people suffering from this skin condition and this is the reason why we have compiled a list of the ten best skin lightening creams for hyperpigmentation:

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Pink Madison  Dark Spot Corrector

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Made with 7% natural ingredients, this multipurpose dark spot corrector cream can be used on the face as well as the body and works well for removing brown spots. The main ingredients of this cream include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, green tea extracts, liquorice, glycolic acid and vitamin B5. The cream is suitable for all skin types and works well for sun spots also. Regular use helps to prevent further pigmentation and helps in skin lightening. The formula has a faint aloe vera fragrance and is light in terms of texture. The price of the cream is moderate.

What we like about it:The ingredients of this cream are very effective in lightening the skin and fading pigmentation. The quantity is good and the the cream can be used on the face as well as the neck portion to lighten the dark spots.

Olay Dark Spot Corrector Serum

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Available in five variants to choose from, the Olay dark spot corrector serum has a concentrated formula that repairs the skin on a cellular level and corrects hyperpigmentation with regular use. The serum comes in a pump bottle and the quantity is good as only a small quantity is required for each use. The hydrating formula shows visible results after just a couple of weeks of usage and lightens sunspots considerably. The main ingredients of the cream include retinol and niacinamide that are popular skin lightening agents. The price of this serum is a bit high but it is available at a great discount online.

What we like about it:Retinol helps to accelerate the cell renewal process and this serum uses this ingredient to fade pigmentation with regular use. The serum feels light on the skin and gets absorbed instantly into the skin.

YOUNG AND BRIGHT All-in-one Dark Spot Corrector

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Designed for mature skin, the Young & Bright dark spot corrector cream provides anti-aging benefits in addition to fading dark spots. It comes in a pump bottle so the product is not exposed to oxygen that decreases its efficiency. Regular use provides relief from symptoms of hyperpigmentation and sun damage. The formula uses aloe vera juice as the base ingredient and is rich is natural skin lightening agents. It also contains kokum butter, jojoba oil, witch hazel, and vitamin E that nourish the skin and help in getting rid of dark spots and dullness. The price of this cream is very high since it contains all natural ingredients.

What we like about it:This serum contains potent skin-lightening agents that are very beneficial for people suffering from hyperpigmentation. The formula can be used on all skin types and provides anti-aging benefits as well.

Heladerm Advanced Anti-Aging Illuminating Cream

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Enriched with Arnica oil, African ginger, vitamin K and ginseng extracts, the Heladerm skin brightening cream comes in a jar packaging and is designed to boost the production of collagen in the skin. The formula is gentle on the skin and is formulated without artificial fragrances and harmful chemicals. It is suitable for daily use and can be used to treat hyperpigmentation on the face and neck area. The cream shows visible results after around 2-3 weeks of usage. It has a soothing fragrance and works best for normal to combination skin. The price of this cream is high.

What we like about it:African ginger is rich in antioxidants and vitamin K helps to repair the skin by fading pigmentation gradually. The cream is a bit expensive but works well for reducing dark spots and sun damage.

Eucerin ANTI-PIGMENT Pigment Reducing Night Cream

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Eucerin is a well-known skincare brand that is known for its targeted skincare products and this night cream from Eucerin is a favourite of many celebrities. It is formulated using Butyl Resorcinol as an active ingredient which helps in regulating the cell renewal process. The cream claims to give results in 3-4 weeks and is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. The rich texture is suitable for night use as it repairs and nourishes the skin. The pump packaging is convenient to use and the quantity lasts for 2-3 months depending on the usage. The price of this night cream is moderate.

What we like about it:Butyl Resorcinol helps in boosting the production of collagen in the skin and acts as a filter for UV rays that can cause hyperpigmentation. This night cream works really well for treating age spots and uneven skin tone because of its repairing formula.

LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream Moisturizer

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If you are looking for a good moisturizer for mature pigmented skin, this retinol moisturizer from LilyAna Naturals is a good alternative to chemical-laden creams. It has a very lightweight texture which gets absorbed instantly into the skin without leaving any residue. The formula contains retinol, aloe vera juice, sunflower seed oil, dandelion extracts, jojoba oil, shea butter, green tea extracts, and vitamins E and B5. It is very nourishing so it is suitable for dry and sensitive skin as well. It has a faint scent that does not irritate the skin. The price of this cream is reasonable as compared to its quantity.

What we like about it:The ingredients of this cream are very beneficial in lightening and illuminating the skin and repairing dark spots. It takes some time to show visible results but works for all types of pigmentation and uneven skin as well.

PINPOXE Skin Brightening cream and Dark Spot Corrector

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Claiming to reduce symptoms of melasma and hyperpigmentation in six weeks of usage, this freckle-treatment cream has a potent formula and it is advised to do a patch test before applying it on the face. Main ingredients of this cream include witch hazel extract, arbutin, lactic acid, salicylic acid, and water. The formula is nourishing and moisturizes dry skin effectively. The cream comes in a jar packaging that is compact and travel-friendly. It does not have any harmful chemicals that can harm the skin but it is advisable to use a sunscreen as the skin becomes more sensitive after use. The price of this cream is a bit high as the quantity is not as much as regular creams.

What we like about it:The formula of this cream gives a mild lightening effect to the skin and fades dark spots and sun spots effectively in six weeks of usage. Witch hazel extracts soothe the skin and make the skin look radiant and fresh.

Jolie Advanced Lightening Cream

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A skin lightening product containing 2% hydroquinone, the Jolie cream has a lightweight texture that feels like a serum on the skin and gets absorbed quickly. The formula is paraben-free and contains light bleaching agents that reduce hyperpigmentation and uneven skin spots. The compact pump packaging is easy to use and does not occupy a lot of space. It has a soothing smell and is suitable for all skin types. Lavender oil and aloe vera extract help to soothe the skin and decrease itching as some skin types can react to bleaching agents. The price of this skin lightening cream is reasonable.

What we like about it:Hydroquinone helps to lighten the spots on the skin without any harmful side effects and the soothing aloe gel minimizes redness and itching. The formula is safe and quite effective on light pigmentation but also works on hyperpigmentation if used regularly.

Olay Dark Spot Corrector

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Olay has been a favourite brand for skincare products by many people across the world and this dark spot corrector is a bestseller because of its gentle yet effective formula. It has a light pleasant scent and fades dark spots and pigmentation in 7-8 weeks of usage. The cream is good for dry to normal skin and does not irritate the skin. The formula contains tone-correcting ingredients that help to give a natural and radiant complexion. Aloe vera extracts are used to add a soothing effect to the formula and hydrate the skin. The price of this cream is reasonable and the jar packaging is easy to use.

What we like about it:Olay dark spot corrector range is very popular for treating hyperpigmentation and this cream works well as a night cream to lighten dark spots and sun spots. It gives an even and lighter look to the skin with regular use.

Kiss Red E Dark Spot Corrector

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One of the most popular dark spot correctors available in the market, the Kiss Red E dark spot corrector is suitable for use all over the body and has a creamy and rich formula. It comes in a standard jar packaging and the quantity is much more as compared to other creams. The formula of this skin lightening cream is rich in ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and glycerine along with essential vitamins. It hydrates the skin efficiently and makes it look brighter and smoother. Regular use helps to prevent further pigmentation and the price of this cream is affordable as compared to other variants covered on this list.

What we like about it:This cream is affordable and quite effective in treat hyperpigmentation as it contains organic ingredients that nourish and repair the skin. The rich formula is suitable for normal to dry skin and prevents further melanin production also.

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Buyer Guide:

When you are buying a cream to treat hyperpigmentation, it is essential to understand that these creams or formulas take time to show visible results as the melanin pigment is deposited deep into the layers of the skin. Another important thing to keep in mind is that normal skin creams and moisturizers do not work effectively on hyperpigmentation as it needs special skin lightening agents. Here are some important factors that should be considered while buying a skin lightening cream for hyperpigmentation to get effective results:

  • Ingredients:

Creams that are formulated to treat hyperpigmentation contain skin lightening agents like hydroquinone or retinol that help to fade dark spots. Check the ingredient list of the cream to understand more about the formula. Go for ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter, allantoin, niacinamide etc that are quite beneficial for the skin and repair the skin on a cellular level. Avoid strong bleaching agents as these can strip the moisture from the skin and make it dry. You can also go for natural ingredients that lighten the skin naturally.

  • Skin Type:

Keep your skin type in mind when buying a cream to treat hyperpigmentation as these creams have a potent formula and can do more damage if used on the wrong skin type. If you have a sensitive skin, it is advisable to do a patch test of all skin lightening creams before using them on the face or the neck. Check the label of the cream carefully to understand which type of skin it is formulated for. You can go for a serum if you have an oily skin and a richer texture if you have a dry skin.

  • Side effects:

Skin lightening creams can have some harmful side effects if they are used more often than required. These creams contain bleaching agents that make the skin more sensitive to the UV rays of the sun so it is always advisable to wear the sunscreen after using such screens. You can do a patch test of the formula to check for any side effects before using it more regularly.

  • Customer Reviews:

Reading the customer reviews of the cream will give you a fair idea of its efficiency and results. These reviews will also help you understand more about the ingredients and the skin type that the cream works best on. Most users who share their review also share the cons of the product which will help you make a more informed decision.

Here are some additional tips for you to use to get rid of dark spots more easily using skin lightening creams:

  • Give these creams some time to show results and use them regularly every night to get visible results as they contain natural ingredients that take time to lighten the pigmented spots naturally.
  • Do not use any of the skin lightening creams formulated for hyperpigmentation under your eyes or near the eye area as the bleaching agents can damage the sensitive skin under the eye.
  • Go for creams that are free of parabens and artificial fragrances because the chemicals can harm the skin and can cause breakouts.
  • Avoid unnecessary exposure to sun rays if you are suffering from hyperpigmentation or are using any skin lightening cream as the UV rays can tan the skin faster in the presence of bleaching agents.
  • Use these creams only on spots or areas that are more pigmented as compared to others as they are designed for spot treatment.
  • Go for a tube packaging if you are looking for a travel-friendly option of your favourite skin lightening cream as jars are bulkier and can be difficult to use on the go.
  • Let the cream absorb completely into the skin before applying any other night cream or serum on top of it before sleeping as the formula might cause a reaction when used in combination with other products.
  • Avoid buying any skin lightening cream for treating hyperpigmentation that contains more than 2% hydroquinone as it can become potent over 2% and can cause damage to the skin cells.
  • Wash your face with a natural face cleanser thoroughly before using the cream to help the ingredients work more effectively and reach the deeper layers of the skin.

These are the ten best skin lightening creams available in the market that are great for treating hyperpigmentation and other dark spots on the skin. These creams contain lightening agents that remove pigmented spots and give your skin an even appearance. It is always wise to use these creams with a caution as the ingredients make the skin more sensitive and can cause temporary redness. This buyer guide will help you find the right cream for your skin type that gives visible results with regular use.

Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation? Which skin lightening cream do you use?


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