10 Best Shower Caps 2023 (Enjoy Your Bath Time)


Are you tired of getting your hair wet every morning in the shower?

What you need is a good shower cap. Nobody likes to washes their hair every day and bathing with a bucket is not as comforting as taking a shower. When you are getting late for a meeting, the last thing you want is your hair getting wet accidentally. Wearing a shower cap can help you experience the joy of a shower without thinking about drying your hair every day. We have compiled a list of ten best shower caps available in the market which are stylish and good in terms of quality:

Editor Pick Best Shower Caps

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Goody Styling Essentials Shower Cap

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With three sizes to choose from, this shower cap comes in a classy and compact packaging which can be carried in any bag as it takes very little space. The pack is available in packs of 2 or 4 for people who like to buy them in bulk. The shower cap is fitted with an elastic around the edges for a secured fit. It fits all lengths of hair and is easy to dry after taking a shower. The cap is made up of a waterproof material which keeps the water and steam away from your hair.

What we like about it:This cap looks cute and comfortable for daily use and the affordable price makes it all the easy to try this shower cap.

Blue Dot Pattern Shower Cap

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Made with a vinyl material, this shower cap has a cute polka-dotted design all over. It comes in one universal size which corresponds to large/extra large size. The comfortable elastic band keeps the cap in place and forms a protective layer around your head. You can also use this cap with hot rollers to style the hair more effectively and achieve long-lasting results. The price of the cap is very affordable as compared to other shower caps available in the market.

What we like about it:The design of this shower cap is pretty and the ribbed plastic dries very easily within a few minutes. The elastic is soft and does not tug or pull the hair.

Betty Dain Fashionista Collection Mold Resistant Lined Shower Cap

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Available in four funky colors, this shower cap is lined with an eco-friendly PEVA lining which is resistant to molds and mildew. The cap has a bouffant-design which is suitable to fit all lengths of hair. The cap comes with a matching bow to add some style to your shower sessions. The elastic at the hem gives a unique shape to the cap which keeps all your hair in one place without sliding or falling. The cap can be washed easily if it starts to smell due to the accumulated water. The price is moderate.

What we like about it:The colorful fabric of this cap with the bow and hem design makes it the perfect shower accessory for fashionable women. The PEVA lining is an added advantage.

Honest Good Waterproof Nylon Eco-Friendly Peva Shower Cap

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Made with eco-friendly nylon material, this cap is available in one universal size which fits all head sizes. The material of free of PVC and phthalates and is completely waterproof. The cap has a stylish unisex print on the outside so it can be used by all members of the family. The fit is good and the elastic fits snugly around the head to keep all the water out. The price of the cap is really high as compared to other shower caps but you can find it at a discount online.

What we like about it:This cap is a bit expensive but the quality makes it worth the high price. The material of the cap and the soft elastic add to its list of features.

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Green Cherry Fashion Reusable Shower cap

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Available in two sizes i.e. adult size and kids’ size, this shower cap is available in 27 colors and designs which are all colorful and stylish. The shiny green cap with cherry prints makes this cap look all the more fashionable. It can also be used for hair coloring and perming if you need to cover your hair after any process. The kid’s size runs a bit small so if your child has long hair, buy the adult size only to get the right fit. The price is moderate as compared to the quality.

What we like about it:The prints available in this shower cap are really fun and exciting. The two sizes make it easier to choose a cap for adults and kids separately as most adult shower caps are too large for kids.

NPW Shower Cap Cupcake

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If you are looking for a shower cap with a unique shape to add some fun to your shower adventures, this cupcake cap from NPW is too cute and trendy. It is also available in a frog design if you want that shape. The cap comes in a compact packaging and does not allow water to get inside. This cap can also be gifted to somebody who loves innovative products. The cap has a diameter of around 11” so it is suitable for people with small heads. The price is moderate.

What we like about it:This is one of the cutest shower caps you can find in the market and is perfect for kids and adults alike. The quality of the cap is great as compared to the price.

Donna Premium Collection Super Jumbo Shower Cap Black

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Made for people with bigger head sizes, this super jumbo shower cap is available in five colors to choose from. It is great for people with long hair also and keeps every strand of hair dry because of its huge size. You can also shower with your curlers on wearing this cap as it does not stray from its place. The heavy vinyl material does not slip and is 100% waterproof. The price of the cap is affordable so you can buy it in 3-4 colors and interchange it every day.

What we like about it:The super jumbo size of this cap is perfect for people with long and thick hair or braided hairstyles. The cap does not move or slip from the head.

VANORIG Cute Double Layer Satin Lined Shower Cap

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With 6 colors to choose from, this double-layered cap from Vanorig has a cute heart print all over with a fun color combination. The material of the cap is satin with an inner waterproof TPR lining which prevents water from getting inside. The cap is washable and retains its shape even after multiple washes. The fabric is soft on the skin and the elastic keeps the cap in place. The price is a little high but the quality makes this cap worth the high price.

What we like about it:This cap is very soft on the outside with a waterproof internal lining. It lasts really long and does not gather molds or mildew if cleaned properly.

Huachnet Waterproof Double Layers Women’s Shower Cap

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Made with chiffon and EVA, this shower cap has an outer diameter of approximately 27 cm and an inside elastic diameter of around 11 cm. It is available in 14 color options and is very comfortable on the head. It is neither too tight nor too loose so you can wear it comfortably during cleaning also to protect your hair from the dust. It accommodates all lengths of hair as the space inside the cap is good in terms of volume. The price is affordable compared to the stylish design of the cap.

What we like about it:This cap is big enough to accommodate braided hairstyles and gives you a comfortable fit even if you wear it for long hours. The color options make it easy for you to choose.

Yueton Lady Salon Hair Cap

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Made with waterproof plastic and available in 8 colors, this salon hair cap from Yueton comes in a pack of 8 caps so it is very affordable. The caps are very durable in terms of quality and can last for months if used properly. The elastic used in the caps is also very comfortable on the skin and does not move when you are showering. It does not squeeze the head also like some other shower caps. The price of the pack is quite cheap when you get 8 caps at the price of one.

What we like about it:This pack of shower caps is perfect for people who like to change their caps frequently. The colors are great and the quality is worth the price.


Wearing a shower cap can not only protect your hair from the water and the steam on days when you do not want to wash your hair but they can also be worn during house cleaning sessions. These caps fit snugly and do not let the water enter inside if the material is of waterproof nature. There are some factors that you should keep in mind when buying shower caps to get a good product which is worth your money. Some of these factors include:

  • Material

The material of the cap should be 100% waterproof to keep your hair protected from water and steam. An outer lining of satin or nylon with an inner waterproof lining can also work as long as the water does not enter the cap from the sides. The elastic on the cap should be soft yet sturdy enough for providing a comfortable fit.

  • Size & Fit

Shower caps are mostly available in one universal size but some companies make different sizes for adults and kids. Check the size of the cap properly before purchasing it to see if it suits the size of your head.  The cap should neither be too tight nor too lose.

  • Price

You can get a good quality shower cap in around 3$ to 10$ depending on the quality of the cap. You can also buy a pack of 2, 3, or 6 caps to save some more money on your purchase. Go online to check any deals and discounts available on your favorite cap to get more value for your money.

Here are some general tips and tricks which you should follow when buying and using shower caps to get the most usage out of them:

  • You can use shower caps in many different ways other than to protect your hair. They can also be used to store shoes during traveling and can be used to cover kitchen bowls with leftover food.
  • Keep your shower cap inside a travel pouch when traveling with it to protect it from sharp objects.
  • Clean the cap once a month by washing it in the machine and then hanging it out to dry completely before the next use.
  • Do not let water collect inside your shower cap as this can lead to the growth of molds and mildew inside the cap.
  • Braid your hair and roll it up in a bun to fit any length of hair into a small-sized shower cap. You can alternatively also buy a larger cap which fits your hair comfortably.

So these are some of the most popular shower caps available in the market which protect your hair from the water while you take a hot shower to soothe yourself. These caps are sturdy and can be reused many times before replacing them with a new cap. The quality of these caps is good and they do not allow the water to get inside from any side. This buyer guide will help you find the right shower cap for your daily use. Keep these tips in mind to get most benefits of the cap.


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