5 Best Shampoos For Colored Hair 2023 (Colored Hair with Ultimate Look)


Do you love coloring your hair but are tired of the maintenance demanded by colored hair?

Colored hair can look gorgeous when done the right way but it needs some special attention when it comes to hair care products. A good shampoo is necessary for maintaining the radiance and health of the color and to extend its life. Using a normal shampoo for colored hair can not only dull the color but also reduces its life and you will need to color your hair more frequently. There are many good shampoos available for colored hair but we have compiled a list of best colored shampoos for treating your hair the right way:

Editor Pick Best Shampoos For Colored Hair

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Wella Brilliance Shampoo for Fine to Normal Colored Hair

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Available in two sizes, this shampoo from Wella is specially designed for color-treated hair. It has a fresh and soothing fragrance and makes the hair really soft and smooth without dulling the color. It works for all types of hair and keeps the color looking radiant and glossy without making the hair look limp. It also extends the life of the color and removes any residue and dirt from the scalp effectively. The bottle is big enough to last for 3-4 months if used normally. Another good thing about this shampoo is that it has nourishing ingredients and a creamy formula to effectively clean the scalp and hair of all the dirt and oil. You can use this shampoo daily or every other day for maintaining your hair color. The shampoo also has a conditioner from the same range which enhances the shine and hydrates the hair. At this price, this shampoo is the ideal shampoo for colored hair if you have normal or fine hair.

What we like about it:The ingredients of this shampoo are rich and moisturizing to take care of the dryness. It cleans the hair efficiently without harming the color. The size and price of the shampoo are great.

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Dove Color Care Shampoo

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The unique color lock technology used in this shampoo maintains the vibrancy of the hair color and claims to keep the color shiny and glossy for up to 8 weeks. This version from Dove is formulated with a lesser amount of sulphates as compared to their normal versions. It contains fiber actives and micromoisture-serum which strengthen the hair and hydrate it. The presence of citric acid brings shine to the hair and makes the color look glossy. The fragrance of this shampoo is mild. Regular usage controls frizz and repairs spilt-ends also. It does not make the hair feel oily or heavy even after 2-3 days of wash. You can use it with the regular conditioner from the same range or a leave-in conditioner from the color care range. The leave-in conditioner from this range is popular for its results on curly hair and rough hair with split-ends. The price of this shampoo is good as compared to the quantity and results it gives.

What we like about it:The unique formula of this shampoo makes it a great option if you want long-lasting color. The ingredients make the hair look hydrated and healthy without weighing them down. The packaging is travel-friendly and easy to use.

L’Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Moisture Shampoo

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If you are looking for a paraben-free & sulfate-free shampoo, this is the most popular option available in the market at this price. It is infused with rosemary and juniper which clarify the scalp and give a healthy shine to the hair. It also contains other natural botanic ingredients which are beneficial for the hair and maintain the color after frequent washes. The shampoo balances the oils of the scalp to give you moisturized and glossy hair. The anti-fade technology used in this shampoo works in restoring the shine and gloss of the hair color. Another great feature of this shampoo is that it has UV filters which protect the hair from sun damage which can dull the shine and make the hair look aged. The fragrance is fresh and light and not very strong. L’Oreal also makes a conditioner and a hair treatment in this range which are meant to be used together for ideal results. The price of this shampoo is lesser as compared to other shampoos available in the market.

What we like about it:Sulfate-free shampoos are rare to find and colored hair needs such a formula for maintaining the shine and hydration levels. The botanical extracts of this shampoo make it a gentle formula for everyday use.

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Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Color Safe Shampoo

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Enriched with rose extracts, this shampoo from Herbal Essences comes in an easy to use pump bottle which lasts for around 3 months if used every other day. It also contains passion fruit extracts which make the hair color vibrant and shiny. The botanical silk present in the formula mimics the natural protein of the hair and forms strong bonds to strengthen the hair. It cleanses the scalp and hair of all the dirt and oil to give you fresh and clean hair. It does not leave any residue in the hair. The fragrance of this shampoo is very fresh and lingers in the hair all day long. The faint rose smell is also good for the sensitive scalp. The shampoo is also a great option for fine hair as it adds volume to the hair. The price is moderate and the quantity of this bottle is very good. The pump makes this shampoo good for traveling too.

What we like about it:The fragrance of this shampoo is great and keeps you feeling fresh all day. The formula keeps the color of the hair as it is and controls excess oil to give you healthy and shiny hair with added moisture.

Fekkai Technician Color Care Shampoo

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This shampoo uses pure grape seed oil to effectively clean the scalp without fading the color. The rich formula of this shampoo contains antioxidants which protect the hair from sun damage and repair it from inside. It maintains the color and enhances its richness to give you gorgeous hair every day. The shampoo is very gentle on the hair and keeps it looking healthy and glossy is used regularly. It lathers well and removes all the dirt and impurities from the hair without making it greasy. The shampoo also works for chemically straightened hair or over-processed hair to reverse the damage and restore the health. It is available in multiple sizes and there are a conditioner and a hair mask also available in this range for colored hair. The packaging is easy to use and you just need a small amount of shampoo for each wash as it lathers a lot. The price is moderate but the results of this shampoo make it worth it.

What we like about it:This shampoo is ideal for color-treated hair and the nourishing formula with essential oils hydrate the hair to give it shine. The antioxidants protect the color from fading.

Buyer Guide

When you get your hair colored, the last thing you need is a wrong shampoo stripping the color down to a dull and unattractive hue. While we have given you the list of ten best shampoos for colored hair, here are some basic factors you should consider before buying a shampoo to clean colored hair:

  • Ingredients

Coloring your hair can reduce the production of natural oils in the scalp and make the hair look dry. Look for formulas with nourishing ingredients like Cocamidopropyl betaine, tricedeth, sodium myreth, and citric acid. Avoid harsh chemicals which can damage the hair in the long run. Parabens and sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils so it is better to use shampoos which are formulated without them.

  • Formula

The formula of the shampoo should be such that it is easy to rinse out completely out of the hair to avoid any residue accumulation in the scalp. The consistency should be creamy as colored hair can be a bit drier as compared to natural hair. The formula should be gentle on the hair and not leave any residue which clogs the pores of the scalp and reduces hair growth.

  • Type of Hair

Determine the type of hair you have and which formula is suited better for your type before finalizing on a shampoo. Buy a voluminous shampoo if you have fine hair and a clarifying shampoo for daily use. Do not go for shampoos with chemicals or fragrances if you have sensitive hair and scalp. Curly hair or wavy hair should go for shampoos which give definition to the curls without making them rough or unruly.

  • Packaging

Shampoos are a daily requirement and the packaging should be such that it is easy to use yet big enough so that you do not have to run to the mall every other week. Large packs also prove to be cheaper as compared to small bottles. If you are traveling, buy a small compact size as using a regular shampoo even once can cause a lot of damage to the color.

  • Customer reviews

Check customer reviews online to get a genuine idea about the shampoo you are considering and whether it works or not on colored hair. There are a lot of shampoos available online and these reviews will help you find the right one which restores the color and shine of the hair. Look for users who have your hair type and have got ideal results from the shampoo. It is, however, possible that the results might differ due to other reasons like usage, the extent of hair damage, hair type, etc.

  • Price

Shampoos can generally cost anywhere between 7$ to 40$ depending on the brand. Organic shampoos with natural ingredients tend to cost more. Do not buy a really expensive shampoo as there are a lot of good budget options available which work equally well or even better. If you have a favorite shampoo which works for your hair but is expensive, you can alternate between that shampoo and a gentle cleansing shampoo for best results.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a shampoo for cleansing colored hair:

  • Always make sure that you rinse the shampoo completely to avoid residue build-up in the scalp.
  • Use a conditioner which is also formulated for colored hair to get healthy shiny hair with enhanced hydration.
  • Color-treated hair should not be washed with shampoos containing SLS which is a color-stripping ingredient. Formaldehyde also dries the hair and gives a dull look.
  • Coloring your hair can make it dry and rough due to the chemicals present in the color. Drink enough water and use a hydrating mask weekly to moisturize the hair and improve its health.
  • A shampoo is a daily requirement and using a luxury brand can prove to be expensive. If you want to use an expensive shampoo, us it alternately with a basic shampoo for colored hair to cut down the costs.
  • Do not wash your hair very often as this can dull the shine and strip the color quickly than it is supposed to last.
  • Use a sun hat or an umbrella while stepping out in the sun to protect the hair from sun damage which is the major cause of color fading.

So these are some of the most popular shampoos for washing colored hair which maintain the shade and cleanse the hair effectively. They also make the hair look healthy and voluminous. This buyer guide will help you find the right shampoo for your gorgeous mane. Colored hair needs some gentle love and extra protection to stop the color from looking dull and aged and these shampoos provide that extra dose of nourishment. Choose the one which suits your requirements and has good ingredients which are beneficial for the hair.

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