5 Best Quiet Hair Dryer 2023 that Will Make Noise Lower


Do you use a hair dryer every day? Does the noise bother you?

Using a hair dryer in the morning is not only a ritual for you but is also awakens everybody around you with the high-pitched noise. Using such a high noise so close to ear every day can not only make you irritated but also impacts your hearing.

This is why we have compiled a list of five quiet hair dryers which offer all the features of a normal hair dryer at a reduced noise. The five models that have made it to our list are:

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Conair 1875 Watt Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer

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This dryer from Conair used ionic technology which is quieter as compared to other technologies and controls frizz and static to a great extent. It is lightweight and is easy to hold for long periods. The quiet toned motor and the hinged filter allow air to flow smoothly without any noise. The dryer comes with a concentrator and a diffuser. These attachments help to dry the hair with precision and control. The cool shot feature helps in locking the heat in the hair and enhancing the shine. It has two heat and speed settings which help to control the temperature easily. The automatic shut-off feature prevents any mishaps as it shuts the dryer down if it gets wet in water or falls on the floor. It also comes with a hanging ring which makes it easy to store the dryer. The long cord is great to use in larger rooms. The price is great for people on a budget as you get all the features without the noise.

What we like about it:The ionic technology and the silent performance of this dryer make it a good option for daily use. At this price, this is one of the cheapest quiet hair dryers available in the market.

BIO IONIC Whisper Light Pro-Dryer

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As the name suggests, this dryer is as quiet as a whisper. It has a 1400 watt motor which dries the hair effectively in just a few minutes. The dryer is made up of nanolonic mineral which hydrates the hair and gives a smooth look. The dryer is very lightweight and comes with a long cord for ease of use. It is a great hair styling tool if you travel often. The heat and speed can be controlled by a button. It works on all types of hair from fine thin hair to thick coarse hair. The removable filter makes it easy to clean the dryer at regular intervals. The cool shot feature keeps the hair smooth and voluminous for longer periods of time. The price of this dryer is very high but the fast and effective results make it one of the most popular quiet dryers out in the market.

What we like about it:This bio-ionic dryer is as silent as it can be and gives a fuller and smooth look to the hair. It dries hair in a jiffy and twice as fast as regular dryers. The mineral complex keeps the frizz at bay and hydrates dry hair.

Revlon Quiet Pro Ionic Hair Dryer

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If you are looking for a quality budget dryer, this model from Revlon is energy-efficient and has all the features of a regular dryer. It dries the hair quietly and has 30% more ions to fight frizz and keep the hair smooth. The dryer comes with a concentrator which helps to dry separate portions of the hair. The motor of this dryer has the capacity of 1600 watts which is good for daily use. The cool shot button allows you to dry your hair with cool air in case the heat is too high for the hair. The heat settings are situated on the lower side of the handle which is a good thing as the position keeps them away from the fingers while using the dryer. The lightweight body and the easy grip feature make this dryer perfect to dry long hair as you have to hold the dryer for a comparatively longer time. The price is good and the quality of this dryer is amazing.

What we like about it:This is one of the quietest hair dryers available in the market and is cost-effective also. The lightweight body and powerful motor give you hydrated and smooth hair every morning without the noise.

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Centrix Q-Zone Dryer

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Another good option with a moderate price tag, this dryer is a great tool to own at this price. The classy design with a concentrator makes it easy to dry the hair with precision. The ceramic tourmaline distributes heat evenly and reduces frizz from the hair. The ionic technology seals the moisture in the hair. The dryer comes with a high-speed motor and has two speed settings to choose from. It has dual cool shot buttons on the front and back side of the grip. The noise that this dryer generates while operating is around 65-70 decibels. The ergonomic design with a cage-like filter makes this dryer easy to clean and there is access to the intake vent so you can take the lint out. The dryer has on and off button on the top so that you don’t accidentally press them while operating the dryer. The price of this dryer is moderate but the sophisticated ergonomic design with multiple features make it worth the 100 dollars.

What we like about it:This dryer looks very classy and gives you salon-like finish with its ceramic tourmaline element. The dryer is very quiet and the dual cool shot buttons make it easier to control the heat from both sides.

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MHD 1875W Professional Infrared Ion Hair Dryer

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Available in a normal size and a mini size, this ionic dryer from MHD comes with a powerful AC motor which dries the hair quietly. It uses infrared technology to give a soft and smooth look to the hair without the frizz. It also adds volume to the hair and keeps it that way for longer periods. It has 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings which make it suitable for all type of hair. The dryer comes with two attachments which are the concentrator and the diffuser. The cord of the dryer is 9 feet long which makes it possible to use the dryer in large rooms. The removable filter is easy to clean and makes the dryer look cleaner as compared to other models. You can use the 1000W mini size for traveling purposes if you find this model too powerful or bulky. The price of this dryer is moderate but you can get it on huge discounts on online sites or buy the mini version which performs in a similar way but has a smaller motor.

What we like about it:The size options of this dryer allow you to choose the model depending on your budget. It dries the hair faster than any other models and keeps them in good shape throughout the day.

Buyer Guide:

Quiet hair dryers are a boon for people who like to use quiet hair styling tools in the morning. These dryers offer all the features of regular hair dryers without the humming noise. Quiet hair dryers are not only less irritating on the ears but also have many health benefits. They reduce the risk of hearing loss and help you start your mornings with a calm mind. These dryers are not very easy to find. The following features should be considered when buying quiet hair dryers to get the ideal dryer for your hair:

  • Hair Type & Length

Decide which hair dryer suits your hair type and works for your hair length. Quiet hair dryers can be a bit heavier as compared to normal dryers and take more time to dry the hair. If you have long thick hair which takes time to dry, go for a model which has a powerful motor which does not make a lot of noise. If you have short hair, you can go for light dryers with smaller motors. Use a concentrator if you have curly or fine hair and use a diffuser if you have thicker hair.

  • Decibel Level

Normal hair dryers create noise that is well above 85 decibel which is the safe limit for the human ear. Prolonged exposure to noise above 85 decibels can harm your hearing and since hair dryers are used almost daily and very close to the ear, it is better to go for quieter dryers. These dryers create noise of 60-80 decibels which is a safe level for daily use. Some high-end models go as low as 30 decibels with their dryer models but those models can be very expensive for home usage and are better suited for salons.

  • Motor & Wattage

All these models of hair dryers have an AC motor which makes lesser noise as compared to DC motors. Normally dryers with wattage from 1400 to 1600 watts are really quiet and can serve the purpose efficiently. Dryers above 1875 watts create a bit more noise and they become louder as the wattage of the motor goes higher. The motor can make the dryer a bit heavy as compared to a DC motor but the lesser noise is worth the extra weight.

  • Temperature & Heat Settings

Continuous exposure to high heat can also create an impact on the hearing abilities and cause damage to the skin of the outer ear. Dryers with adjustable heat and temperature settings should be chosen to be able to control the heat. Check if the dryer has the cool shot feature which helps to reduce frizz and add shine to the hair. Do not opt for the highest heat setting if you have thinner hair. Use it moderately only when required.

  • Price

If you want a feature, there is always a price for it. Quiet hair dryers cost much more than regular hair dryers as they use better technology to control the noise. These dryers can cost anywhere between 30$ to 200$ depending on the brand and features. There are many good dryers available at a great price for people on a budget. These models perform equally well as their luxury counterparts. You can check online for best discounts available on your preferred model.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should follow while buying and using a quiet hair dryer to get great results:

  • Quiet hair dryers can take a bit longer as compared to regular hair dryers to dry your hair as they have AC motors and lower wattage but they are beneficial for your ears.
  • Check if the dryer as the dual air flow feature which reduces operational noise further by providing smooth air flow between the motor and the body of the dryer.
  • Using hair dryers continuously can damage your hair. Give your hair a break once a week and let them dry naturally.
  • Keep the dryer in the travel pouch that it comes with when traveling to keep the spinning motor away from dirt and lint.
  • Opt for cool shot feature when you want to lock the hair style for longer periods. This also reduces the heat damage.
  • Apply a heat protectant or serum before drying your hair to protect them from the high heat which makes the hair look dry and dull.

So these are some of the most popular quiet hair dryers available in the market for those who love to start their day without noise. These hair dryers will help you dry your hair without irritating your family members or pets. There are a lot of other benefits of using quiet hair dryers and they are soothing to the ear. This buyer guide is an easy way to decide which dryer suits your requirements most efficiently.Some tips to be aware of while purchasing and using a noiseless hair dryer:

  • Always before purchasing a noiseless hair dryer check that it is equipped with three different kinds of heat settings, also known as the airflow settings. It also allows you to control the temperature and keep it constant without any fluctuations.
  • You should use the airflow setting feature as checks the temperature of the dryer almost 20 times in a second and maintains a balanced temperature suitable for your skin.
  • It is essential to check the speed at which dryer works because that measures the capability of the dryer and how fast it will dry your hair. The ones with higher power consumption will do the work in lesser time but also consume more energy. So, checking the working speed is necessary before purchasing a quiet hair dryer.
  • It is important to check if the noiseless hair dryers work on the alternate current or AC motors which is why these hair dryers produce negligible noise while you dry your hairs. On the contrary, louder ones work on the direct current or DC motors.
  • It is recommended that you use advanced temperature control methods in your hair dryer as this helps in decrease hair fall as not all hairs withstand all kinds of temperature. The advanced control just makes a hair dryer better and more responsive to the temperature requirements.
  • A dryer’s setting ranges from about 1200 to 2000 watts which should be used according to the hair type for preventing hair damage and also to save energy it should be used according to the requirements.
  • Make sure that while drying your hair you do not get too close to the dryer as there is always a risk of the hairs getting entangled and as wet hair is a good conductor of electricity, due precaution should be taken.
  • To minimise hair fall It is also advised to get an Ionic hair dryer as the negative ions or ionic condition keeps the hair strands healthy and soft which further decreases the static in hair.
  • You should use the hair dryers equipped with infrared technology to heat as it will dry your hair faster. This is recommended for quick drying and is also comparatively healthier for your hairs.
  • You should switch of the hairdryer before plugging it out of the socket as it will help in keeping the hairdryer in good condition for long time.

Here are some Common  questions which people ask while purchasing a Noiseless Hair Dryer:

Q: How do you know which quiet hair dryer is the best?

A: To know which hair dryer is good or will serve you the best, you have to quickly take a look at its features and also it’s built. The important features that decide what makes a quiet hair dryer best on the market is its motor quality, the voltage flexibility feature, whether the Hairdryer is equipped with Iconic technology or not, etc.

Q: What is the most important thing to look for while purchasing a noiseless hair dryer?

A: It is essential to check the motor type while purchasing a good noiseless hair dryer since that is what makes up for the sound or noise control. The most important feature of a quiet hair dryer is that it doesn’t make any noise and that function is completely dependant on the Motor type. Apart from that, you must check the temperature controls, the flexibility of the dryer, how easy it is to use, the weight of the dryer and also if the accessories are perfect.

Q: What is Dual Voltage?

A: With the Dual Voltage facility, the size of the dryer won’t matter as much, since the smaller ones will do equal work as that of a bigger sized hair dryer. This feature allows the quiet hair dryer to be flexible in voltage requirements and so a dryer equipped with dual voltage support will run equally good on 125 or 250 volts as well. The dual voltage will help the person while they travel around the world with different voltage settings. The voltage can be converted from 125 to 250 Volts with a switch and thus carried anywhere.

Q: What is Ionic Hair Dryer?

A: There is a wide variety of hair dryers available in the market but the noiseless or silent ones come with certain assets. The Iconic technology uses negative ions which helps the dryer in drying the hair faster than the normal or regular dryers. This does not damage the hair while using the higher power to dry the hair. So if in simple words if your quiet hair dryer is equipped with the “Iconic Technology” it is a better purchase though it may come slightly expensive.

Q: What is Tourmaline Technology?

A: Tourmaline is a similar technology to that of the one used in Ionic hair dryers. But the difference lies in the reduction of static which is available in case of the tourmaline technology. It dries your hair faster with a higher power while reducing the static in hair. The lesser the static in the hair the better.

Q: Safety Tips for using Noiseless Hairdryers?

A: Some of the safety tips for using the noiseless hair dryer are:

  • Always check the power cord before purchasing and using a hair dryer and if it is a cordless or wireless one then do take a look and make sure the accessories are in a good state. These are the essential things to look for as in case they are damaged or worn out they may cause harm.
  • One of the precautions that you always have to take while using a hair dryer is that you should never use the plugs if there is water nearby. If water comes in touch with dryer, first dry the dryer then use it. This will save the risk of any kind of short circuit that may occur if the dryer comes in contact with water and water being a good conductor of electricity may cause a short circuit.
  • It is always advised to make sure you switch off the dryer before plugging it off. This will increase the life and longevity of your Hairdryer.

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