Top 10 Best Portable Camping Toilets in 2023 – Reviews

Best Portable Camping Toilets

Camping requires everyone to have the right accessories for a successful expedition. Although carrying many items can cause inconveniences, some are essential. Of all the camping gear you are planning to carry, the portable camping toilets should be at the top of the list. Whether it’s RV camping, hiking or any other type of camping, there are toilets designed for that work.

There are varieties of portable camping toilets that people can select. Also, depending on the complexity, they differ regarding the available features. Buying a portable Camping toilet always will rely on a variety of aspects. Some of these aspects include the size, capacity and the ease of waste disposal. Also, the type of toilet is a vital choice aspect for every camper.

The Best Portable Camping Toilet Buying Guides:

For successful buying of a camping toilet, here are some of the useful tips. Some of the vital aspects are explained below.

Type of toilet

The camping toilets come in a variety of designs. This creates room for people to select their best suited for their budget and camping needs. One of the camping toilets is self-contained, which come with dual tanks. It commonly looks like a standard home toilet. The compartments are detachable and can be separated for easy waste disposal. Also, the majority of these toilets come with a flushing mechanism.
Besides, there is another type of self-contained toilets that utilize chemicals to fight odors. They normally have lockable bowls which also assist in keeping away the smell. However, these toilets are bulky which can make their portability a problem as well as huge water requirements.

The other type is the bag design camping toilets. These do not have tanks which enables them to be easily portable. Amazingly, they are capable of fitting in a camping bag hence reducing your luggage. The good thing out these bags is some brands sell them with deodorizing gels which helps in eliminating odors. Also, some gels have dedicating effect which helps in eliminating urine and moisture.
The last type of the camping toilet is the legged ones. These have a great self-standing design which allows easy utilization. Users normally use them when seated while the general setup is tool-free and straightforward.


The size of your selected toilet needs to be as compact as possible. Normally, it all depends on your camping needs. When on RV, it needs to be the right size and compatible with your vehicle. The dimensions are all important when it comes to comfort when using the toilet. Height is great for ensuring comfort. Typically, the toilets come in a range of heights 12 to 15 inches high and can go up to 20 inches. However, for the bucket and bag style toilets, they are flexible, and the height can be adjusted easily.


The volume of your choice toilet is vital to ensure you can use it conveniently. When you have several people using the toilet, its ideal to have the ideal sized to enable a smooth time. The more users, toilet need to be large to avoid constant emptying.


Despite being used outdoors, it doesn’t mean it should compromise the comfort. The construction should be contoured to minimize the strains when squatting while out there in the woods. The height and the general construction should allow ultimate comfort.

Best Portable Camping Toilets in 2023


10. PLAYBERG Portable Toilet for Camping and Hiking

By: Playberg

PLAYBERG Portable Toilet for Camping and Hiking

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The Playberg travel toilet is a great option when going outdoors. The toilet is a lightweight meaning you can carry without any hassle. Made of plastic, it becomes easy to carry without adding much weight. The design resembles real toilet hence using is comfortable and won’t cause extreme strains due to squatting for long. The shape also is realistic to keep the operation as natural as possible.

Apart from the realistic design, the toilet is versatile. It is usable as a seat and has a lid. Therefore, it cuts the number of seats you can carry when going outdoors. On the other hand, the integrated toilet paper holder improved usability convenience. To keep your tent and odor free, this toilet comes with a removable lid.


  • Realistic designed
  • Convertible to seat
  • Integrated toilet paper holder


  • Not flushable

9. Leopard Outdoor T-Type 3 Directional Flush Portable 5.3 GallonTravel Toilet with Storage Bag 

By: Leopard Outdoor

Leopard Outdoor T-Type 3 Directional Flush Portable 5.3 GallonTravel Toilet with Storage Bag 

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The leopard outdoor directional travel toilet is the new way of managing waste when going outdoors. The toilet is one of the ideal ways since it has modern features and designed for convenience. With new 3 directional T-type flush mechanism, it cleans the bowl smoothly and without causing noise. Moreover, the top surface is broad making it ideal for the comfort when using the toilet. The construction is outstanding since it utilizes strong polyethylene making it capable of supporting heavy weight without cracking or breaking.

Carrying this toilet is comfortable and straightforward. It weighs only 11.5 pounds and comes with a bag enhanced with straps. To ensure the toilet can serve several people with less emptying, it has a large waste tank. It can hold 3gallons wastewater and 5.3 gallons fresh water tanks. Enhanced with a lid, it means there are no bad odors once the toilet is not in use. Its versatile and can be used in RVs, Boat and for long distance drivers.


  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • Large bowl surface
  • Large foldable storage bag
  • Lightweight


  • Takes time to break solids

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8. JAXPETY 5 Gallon Flush Porta Potti Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping Toilet

By: Jaxpety

JAXPETY 5 Gallon Flush Porta Potti Outdoor Indoor Travel Camping Toilet

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With Jaxpety travel toilet, it’s a good product that can be used indoors and outdoors. The modern toilet is designed to make camping and any other outdoor trip enjoyable and successful. It comes with an adult sized seat which allows easy and comfortable sitting. The body is strong to withstand heavy weight without collapsing. With self-contained design, it has internal water and waste tank and can hold up to 5 gallons.

Installing this unit is simple and firm. In fact, with secure latch and clamp, it fits perfectly to support all people using this toilet. The flushing mechanism is superb in ensuring the toilet remain clean and free from bad odors. The splash free and easy waste discharge is ideal for maintaining personal hygiene. For travelers or campers, it’s a great option as well as suited for use indoors.


  • Splash free
  • East waste discharge
  • Sturdy ABS plastic


  • Unideal for water scarce areas

7. Zimmer Portable Camping Porta Potty with 5 Gallons Waste Tank 

By: Zimmer

Zimmer Portable Camping Porta Potty with 5 Gallons Waste Tank

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It’s not a prudent way to leave waste everywhere when you go camping. Solution to this is getting a reliable portable toilet. The Zimmer porta potty is an outstanding product designed for all members in a camping mission. It’s a full-size toilet with all features found in a home toilet. The large 3 gallons freshwater tank allows flushing without continually adding water. Amazingly, the lower wastewater compartment can hold up to 5 gallons.

Unlike other cheap toilets, this has a tight seal that prevents water and odor leakage. Therefore, even when enjoying your time during hot days, it won’t ruin your comfort with unpleasant smells. The construction entails heavy-duty polyethylene materials that can withstand outdoor conditions without compromising the strength. To install this toilet, it has integrated easy to detach latches that hold it in process. For easy portability, this unit weighs only 9.75 pounds.


  • High-density polyethylene materials
  • Leakproof sealing
  • Large waste tank
  • Adult size


  • A bit costly

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6. Thetford Porta Potti 320P RV, Marine, and Camping Portable Toilet

By: Thetford

Thetford Porta Potti 320P RV, Marine, and Camping Portable Toilet

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The Thetford multipurpose portable toilet one of the ideal choices when going outdoors. The sleekly designed unit is compact enough to allow easy carrying. With its small size, this toilet is suited for a variety of applications like RV camping, marine, and other activities. Enhanced with ergonomic handle, this unit is super easy to lift and carry. To keep it functioning excellently, the toilet comes with a bellows push pump for smooth and convenient cleaning.

The building of this unit features superb and durable materials that ensure it last for years. On the other hand, the exclusive rotating spout allows quick and easy waste disposal. The seat is removable to facilitate cleaning while the sealed valves keep odors inside the tank. This ensures that there are no awful smells in your vehicle, boat or anywhere where you are using it. This toilet has a 4.2-gallon freshwater tank, and 3.2 gallons waste water compartment.


  • Removable lid
  • Versatile applications
  • Large freshwater tank
  • Anti-leaking seals


  • Fewer flushing than rivals

5. SereneLife Portable Piston Flush Toilet Potty Seat

By: SereneLife

SereneLife Portable Piston Flush Toilet Potty Seat

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The SereneLife potty seat is the ultimate ways to ensures your camping is thrilling. It makes answering a nature all simple and comfortable just like when at home. Unlike the bucket type toilets, this one is flushable and enhanced with a piston pump. This makes cleaning easy and smooth. With pump enhanced with a 3-way flush nozzle, it enables water saving and allows up to 50 flushes. Additionally, the 3.4 gallons water tanks give the toilet enough water before refilling. Besides, the 5.4 gallons of wastewater tank takes time before emptying.

To keep your place tidy, the toilet comes with a covered seat. This prevents leaks whether water or odor hence keeping the room clean and enjoyable. With a rugged design, it has a strong body that can hold even the heavyweight without collapsing. The materials used are corrosion resistant which allows the unit to be used outdoors without any effects of weather elements. Overall, this unit is versatile and ideal for use in various activities like road trips, hiking, and other outdoor activities.


  • Rugged construction
  • Comfortable handle
  • Piston pump
  • Corrosion resistant


  • Small hole

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4. PartySaving Outdoor Camping Boat Portable Toilet Potty

By: PartySaving

PartySaving Outdoor Camping Boat Portable Toilet Potty

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This self-contained outdoor toilet is the ideal option for people who love camping and other outdoor activities. It’s compact units that don’t create a storage problem. Enjoying 2.6 gallons water reservoir, it gives the user a considerable number of flushes. The pump is powerful and efficient which enable perfect cleaning and rinsing. This ensures you can use it without experiencing an awful smell.

The spacious sitting platform is ideal and accommodates adults comfortably. It has a 10 inches hole which means there is no struggling like with other potties. The screwing cap is designed to fit perfectly and conceal tent inside without leaking. Emptying the waste tank is easy and involve pulling the lever. With this unit, it offers sturdy and durable construction for reliable performance.


  • Flushing enabled
  • Spacious seat
  • Generous water tank
  • Heavy-weight support


  • Smells when open halfway

3. Cleanwaste Portable Toilet with Waste Kit

By: Cleanwaste

Cleanwaste Portable Toilet with Waste Kit  

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Avoid dumping waste irresponsibly by arming yourself with reliable toilets. The Cleanwaste portable toilet is the great way to enjoy your trip without dirtying the environment. This unit is uniquely made compared to others that is aimed at easing the whole process. The legs are foldable which means you can collapse them when traveling. Also, there is no assembly needed meaning it’s ready to use the toilet.

If you have been suffering due to weak portable toilets, this one eliminates all these problems. It has a sturdy structure that can carry up to 500 pounds. The cover is removable and versatile where you can use it as ground support. With dimension resembling a real toilet, it offers great comfort, especially for adults. The mesh holder prevents slipping to maintain the highest level of hygiene.


  • Extra strong frame
  • No assembly needed
  • Foldable legs


  • No flushing mechanism

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2. Porta Potti 565E Thetford 92306 Portable Toilet

By: Porta Potti

Porta Potti 565E Thetford 92306 Portable Toilet

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Porta Potti is a top of the line portable toilet that is designed for a variety of outdoor applications. It is one of the sleek toilets available on the market today due to professional construction. The round and curved edges add a contemporary look. With increased bowl size, it means comfortable sitting without experiencing strains in your back. Also, the height is optimal or easy to use by everyone.

The amazing thing about this toilet is it utilizes a battery powered flushing mechanism. This allows everyone including the kids to have an easy time when using the toilet. The construction entails high artistry which eliminates any water or odor leak hence great option for campers and travelers. To keep it in position, this toilet comes with an anchoring kit for comfortable use even when on the road. Emptying the waste is easy and the toilet comes with a rotating spout.


  • Electric operated the flush
  • Odor and leakproof
  • Stylish design
  • Floor securing lit


  • Expensive price tag

1. Camco Portable Travel Toilet

By: Camco

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

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Nature call can happen anywhere. To be on the safe side, the ideal thing is to invest in a portable toilet. The Camco travel toilet is one of versatile investment. Whether it’s in a boat, RV or road, the toilet is an effective pick. The large capacity 5.3 holding tank is ideal when many people are using this toilet. Also, the flushing tank has 2. 5 gallons capacity which enables it to enjoy numerous flushing without the need to refill it constantly.

Featuring a standard design, the toilet is ergonomic and provides a comfortable sitting platform. Keeping this unit is your RV or boat won’t cause stress as it has perfectly sealing seals. They prevent any gas leak or water hence keeping the interior habitable. The bellows flushing type is great in enabling the toilet to remain clean and also is easy to flush. For improved durability, this unit has a sturdy construction that allows it to support heavy adults.


  • Large holding tank
  • Integrated handles
  • Side attachment latches


  • None


Portable toilets are the ultimate when it comes to camping and other outdoor activities. Instead of walking miles to get washrooms, having a handy one gives you all you need. With these traveling portable toilets, now is possible to enjoy camping life.


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