5 Best Pore Strips 2023 (Great way of Excellent Purity)


Tired of blackheads and whiteheads popping on your nose and chin?

The product you are looking out for is a pore strip. Pore strips are a great way to clean your skin regularly as they are so easy to use and take just a few minutes to keep your pores clean. They take out the dirt, blackheads, sebum, and oil trapped in your pores to give you a smooth and healthy skin which looks radiant and glowing. We have compiled a list of five best pore strips for you to get clean your pores easily in just a few minutes:

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Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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Available in two variants, this pack of 24 pore strips contains 12 nose strips and 12 face strips so that you can clean your entire face by removing blackheads, whiteheads, dirt, and oil. The strips unclog your pores and give you a smooth skin. The strips are unscented and hypoallergenic so they can be used by all skin types including sensitive skin. They are easy to use and stick to the skin comfortably. It works on stubborn blackheads also. It is advisable to follow this procedure with a toner to seal the pores once they are cleaned. It is also important to wet your skin before using these pore strips as they do not stick properly to dry skin and do not give the same results. Biore is known for its many variants of pore strips and you can choose the one which suits your fancy. Use these strips once a week or once every two weeks to keep blackheads away. The price of the product is great as it contains 24 pore strips which last for a long time.

What we like about it:These pore strips from Biore are great for all skin types and work efficiently in removing all impurities from the skin. The price is great for the quantity and the face strips are great for chin and forehead.

MEDca Deep Cleansing Pore Strips

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Made with hypoallergenic ingredients like titanium dioxide and water, these pore strips have a stronger formula as compared to other pore strips available in the market. Each pack contains 48 pore strips including 24 nose strips and 24 face strips. Each strip is individually sealed to maintain efficiency and it uses a magnet-like process to extract the dirt and blackheads from the pores and gives long-lasting results. The strips are dermatologically approved so there are no skin concerns and they are specifically made for deep cleansing so use them only once a month. People with sensitive skin should, however, test one strip before using them as the strong formula might cause irritation. They use glue to stick the strips on to the skin but the layer of glue is very thin so you will not feel it. The strips are stiff as compared to other brands but they give much better results. These strips are a lot cheaper than other expensive brands but work efficiently in removing blackheads. You can also find them at a discount online.

What we like about it:The material of these pore strips is suitable for all skin types and give much better results as compared to other pore strips. The stiff design sticks easily to the skin and makes the skin feel soft and clean.

[The Face Shop] Jeju Volcanic Lava Ash Nose Strips

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A product from the popular Korean Brand The Face Shop, these pore strips are an affordable option to other expensive strips available in the market. Made with Jeju bamboo, these volcanic ash pore strips control sebum, dirt, and blackheads to give you a baby smooth skin. Jeju Bamboo is known to extract dirt and oil from the pores and is used in many skincare products. Each box contains 7 nose strips which are a little hard in terms of texture. If you do not prefer hard strips, they are also available in a soft aloe vera version. The strips have a soothing fragrance so even people with a sensitive nose can use these strips. Another great feature of this product is that it removes even the smallest whiteheads which other pore strips cannot pick up. This makes your nose look and feel really smooth and shiny without any dirt, blackheads, or whiteheads. Korean skincare products are known for their gentle yet efficient products and these pore strips are a popular choice of many men and women who use pore strips to clean their skin. The price is affordable.

What we like about it:The Face Shop brand is famous for its bamboo-based products and these pore strips use volcanic ash and Jeju bamboo to clean your skin pores effectively.

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Purederm Nose Pore Strips

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If you want to try some charcoal-based skin care products, these pore strips from Purederm are a great option to consider. The box contains 24 individually-packed pore strips which can be used as per your convenience. The strips contain charcoal and witch hazel extracts which clean the skin and reduce pore size also. They also open the clogged pores and let your skin breathe naturally. The charcoal clarifies the skin and controls excess oil too. It removes the blackheads from the root to give you better results which last for 2 to 3 weeks. You can use these strips only for the nose and not on the chin or the forehead but you can cut the strips into small pieces for specific spot treatment. These pore strips come in many variants and you can choose the one which suits your skin type and concern. The price of the product is a little higher as compared to other pore strips available in the market but Purederm is a well-known brand in skin care masks and pore strips.

What we like about it:The activated charcoal used in these pore strips deep cleans the pores and makes the skin look radiant and fresh. The number of pore strips is good for weekly use and the pack will last for 5-6 months easily.

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NESURA Charcoal Pore Strips

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Another product which uses charcoal, these pore strips are an affordable option if you do not want to spend 10$ on blackhead removal. Each pack contains 8 pore strips which are enriched with charcoal for removing blackheads easily. You can use them on both nose and forehead as the shape adapts to the region. It does cause a slight pain during removal but also targets the dirt and sebum trapped inside the pores so it is worth it. The strips work well on all skin types but sensitive skins should do a patch test before using the strip to see if it suits them. You can wet your skin with warm water before using the strip to get even better results as warm water opens the pores and makes the process easier. It is advisable to keep the strip on the skin for at least 15 minutes or till it dries completely. You can look online for usage videos or instructions as the label has all the information in a foreign language. The price of the strips is lesser than many other pore strips but a little expensive for 8 strips.

What we like about it:These soft pore strips work best on dry skin as they moisturize and clean the skin effectively and remove blackheads, sebum, and oil in just a few minutes.

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Using pore strips regularly can make your skin look and feel cleaner as these strips not only remove blackheads but also control excess oil and sebum production. These strips come handy when you want to attend a special function and the blackheads are making your nose look unattractive. There are so many types of pore strips available in the market that it becomes confusing to choose one out of the many brands. There are some factors that you must keep in mind when buying pore strips to get the right product. Some of these factors include:

  • Type of Pore Strips

There are different types of pore strips available in the market. The most common ones are nose strips and face strips. The face strips can be used for chin and forehead regions. Choose the product based on the area of the face you want to focus upon. You can also buy a mixed pack containing both face and nose strips.

  • Packaging

Make sure that the product you purchase comes with individually wrapped pore strips to maintain their efficiency. Transfer the pore strips into an airtight container once you have opened the pack to keep them protected from air and moisture. You can also buy smaller packs for traveling.

  • Size & Quantity

Most pore strip packs contain at least 8 to 12 pore strips and some contain even 24 strips. They come in a universal size but you may need to cut them to size according to the shape of your nose or the area you want to use them on. If you have already tried the strips and they work for you, you can buy a bigger pack but go for a smaller pack if you are trying the product for the first time.

  • Price

Pore strips are very cheap as most brands keep them in the range of 4$ to 10$ for a pack of 8 to 24 pore strips. You can search online for deals and discounts available on your favorite pore strips to stash up your favorite blackhead removal product for emergencies. Do not buy very cheap products which use chemicals to mimic the effect of original pore strips.

  • Customer Reviews

Go online to read the experiences of other customers who have already used the product to see if it actually works on not. These reviews will give you a genuine idea of which strips are more efficient and provide better value for money. You can also learn some tips and techniques from these reviews to use the pore strips to their maximum potential.

Here are some general tips and tricks which you should keep in mind when buying and using pore strips:

  • Do not buy strips can contain skin-damaging ingredients and chemicals which can harm the skin in the long run.
  • Do not use pore strips on sensitive areas like around the eye and the mouth as they can cause skin damage to the delicate skin.
  • Exposing your skin to some steam before using a pore strip can also do wonders for your skin and makes the whole process painless and comfortable as the pores open up completely.
  • Open the sealed packaging of the pore strip only when you intend to use it as keeping it opened in the air can make it work less efficiently.
  • Do not moisturize your skin before applying pore strips as they work best on completely dry skin.
  • The ideal time to use pore strips is after taking a shower as your pores are open and can be cleaned more efficiently.
  • Applying a solution of baking soda plus water on the skin before using pore strips helps to soften dead skin and makes small blackheads come to the surface so the removal becomes easy.

So these are five of the most popular pore strips available in the market which clean your pores and help you eliminate blackheads and whiteheads along with the dirt trapped in your pores. These strips are great for achieving quick results before a special occasion or a party. You can choose from the multiple variants which are designed for different skin concerns. Use this buyer guide to get an idea of which factors you should consider while buying these pore strips and how can you get maximum benefits out of them.


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