Best Pomade for Men: What Items to Consider?


Are you new to hair grooming and have no idea on what features to look for in a pomade? There are products for shinier hair, better hold, reshaping, besides many other options. This article will help you on your journey to killing it in the looks game.

Why should you listen to me? I am a professional barber with more than fifteen years’ experience in the field. Over the years, I have accumulated an impressive client base that turns to me whenever they have any questions related to hair grooming and styling.

I am not one of those people who like to keep all the secrets of the trade to themselves. My main goal is to allow fantastic hair and beard styles blooming around, and it won’t be possible by remaining silent. Here, you will find a low and high hold pomade, a high shine and matte pomade, an oil and water pomade, and the explanations to each type.

Below, I have gathered the information on the nine best pomades and went through the different pomade brands and their specifics. Thus, you will know more about such haircare products and choose the right one for yourself.

Top 9 Pomades You Can Find on the Market

In this section, I have reviewed some of the best pomades currently available on the market. I have decided to limit myself to the Amazon listings because not all of us live in big cities where the barbershops are aplenty on each block. Yet, an absolute majority of men like and want to look great. Thus, I have picked out the best pomades you can get online and the ones that I have personally used at work.

1. Uppercut Deluxe Pomade – The Best Pomade for Men

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Do you like the men’s looks in the 1950s? The Uppercut Deluxe company likes those styles, too. This brand claims to care about its clients, and you can genuinely see its devotion to creating amazing grooming products.

I have used this Uppercut Deluxe pomade numerous times at work and will continue to do so until something better comes out (which is immensely unlikely). Moreover, I use the Uppercut Deluxe pomade for myself. This product is the go-to for me when a client does not have a preference in grooming products or just new to it at all.

Many men believe that this Uppercut Deluxe item is the best mens pomade currently available on the market, and I am an absolute advocate for this idea. The pomade has a considerable fan base for a good reason. This product allows one to create some iconic and unforgettable looks of the 1950s without any drawbacks.

This Uppercut Deluxe product is a water-based pomade, and you will get whole 3 ½ oz of the premium hair grooming substance. It is incredibly good at reshaping the hair and keeping that shape you gave it.

If you already have had experiences with other hair grooming pomades and were disappointed because of your hair becoming stiff, dry, and almost hay-like, that won’t be an issue with this solution. The manufacturer has thought about this aspect and somehow created a pomade that does not make your hair stiff after the application.

Your hair will retain a soft and silky feeling, and I find it the biggest advantage of this product. The ingredients of the pomade won’t hurt or damage you, your hair, or your scalp in any way.

The shine after application of this product is quite prominent and strong, and the solution ensures a sleek style. The pomade comes off easily after only one washing. It is not one of those pomades that you can’t get off after washing your head three times.

The item has a light but a very lasting scent of vanilla with some coconut notes. The smell is not strong enough to make your grooming water unnoticeable, but a person very close to your face would notice the pomade pretty much instantly.

This product suits all types of hair, be it straight, curly, wavy, kinky, short, medium-length, or long. One thing that you could pose as a con is that it is a bit pricier than other hair grooming options. However, you will get the product of the highest quality worth the cost.

Other than that, the Uppercut Deluxe pomade is an amazing and well-balanced solution. If you are new to hair grooming, or you have yet to find a pomade that will suit your preferences, I profoundly recommend trying this Uppercut Deluxe pomade.


  • Great at keeping the shape;
  • Hair stays soft;
  • Ensures a wonderful even shine;
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • Pricey.

2. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold – The Best Water Based Pomade

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Suavecito is another brand that has become a giant in the hair grooming industry over the years. Having a small and humbling start, Suavecito came to boast about a considerable fan base, and you can see the company’s products at car shows, barbershops, and tattoo expositions.

The Suavecito Pomade Original Hold item is the original mixture from which the company’s journey began. Now, it is one of the most popular products that the brand offers to its clients. Besides hair styling products, Suavecito manufactures a great clothing line to provide all men with access to the culture of the LA grooming scene.

Suavecito has initially made a point of creating hair grooming products inexpensive and available to all. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold is the rule setter in this case, as this hair grooming product is surprisingly cheap, yet being one of the best pomades out there.

If you opt for Suavecito Pomade Original Hold, you will get a tin with 4 oz of the hair product, and that’s quite a lot for such a low price. The hold of this pomade is medium-strong so that it will keep the hair shape you want the whole day through. Any hairstyle is possible with this product, thanks to the amazing hair reshaping possibilities of the Suavecito Pomade Original Hold.

When you put this solution on your hair, it will give you a creamy feeling. After a couple of seconds, the pomade will set in. Your hair won’t become heavier or stiffer, but you will feel like the hair become thicker.

This item works great on all types of hair. It is water-based so that the product can be washed off easily. The application of the pomade makes the hair soft and even soothes the scalp. So, Suavecito Pomade Original Hold is a great option for people with sensitive hair.

One of the best aspects of this pomade is its amazing scent. Suavecito claims that it is vanilla, but I have never experienced such a masculine and persisting vanilla scent. It would be great if you could smell it personally to understand whether it suits your style, but most of my clients adore the smell of this product, so it is worth the try.

All in all, Suavecito Pomade Original Hold is an affordable and high-quality option for all men. I also want to note that the manufacturer has a strict policy of not testing its products on animals nor including any animal ingredients in the hair products, and it is very progressive and socially-conscious.


  • Affordable;
  • Has an incredible smell;
  • Strong and effective;
  • Suitable for all hair types.


  • A strong vanilla scent may not fit some.

3. Deluxe Pomade by Dapper Dan – The Best Pomade for Long Hair

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Have you used any Dapper Dan haircare products? I have become a fan of this manufacturer after one use. It is an English based brand that was created as a protest to all the low-quality and weak hair grooming products. Dapper Dan puts much emphasis on the quality control of its products, so you can always expect the same high quality when ordering Dapper Dan items.

This Deluxe Pomade by Dapper Dan is a solution that will allow you to feel like a gentleman. It is the kind of vibe that this pomade brings to your style and look. If you like the great Jazz age and imagine being one of the characters in Gatsby, then this Dapper Dan product is for you.

The look of your hair will depend on the amount of the pomade you evenly put on your head. With most cosmetics, if you use not enough of the product, you will get greatly disappointed by the patchiness of the resulting application. However, with this Dapper Dan solution, your hair will get a great dry look.

This pomade has a medium hold and shine. Your hair will become much firmer and look pretty stylish with the use of this product. However, do not expect your hair to be greasy or flaky, as the resulting look will be well-balanced. Additionally, the pomade gives you a pretty big headroom in styling your hair and combing it afterward.

This Deluxe Pomade by Dapper Dan has an incredibly sweet citrus and vanilla scent. Although the scent is not too sweet, it may not suit your style. However, many of my clients favor this Deluxe Pomade a lot, especially those with long hair.

They say that this particular product is excellent for their hair, as it does not make it look greasy. That’s a common side-effect that many long-haired people experience from pomades, but the Deluxe Pomade by Dapper Dan will give only a pleasant feel.


  • You can comb your hair many times after styling it;
  • Great for men with long hair;
  • Allows Jazz age looks.


  • The scent may not suit you.

4. Layrite SuperHold Pomade – The Best Pomade for Thick Hair

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Have you tried numerous pomades, but none of them worked right or kept your hair in shape? If your hair is uncontrollably thick, then the Layrite SuperHold pomade is just for you.

This company is dedicated to satisfying their clients’ needs and wishes, and that’s why their product line-up includes various pomades for the greatest hair grooming effect. This Layrite SuperHold pomade is only one of the diverse Layrite product line.

As their products fit specific purposes, I recommend asking your barber about your hair type and structure to purchase the solution for the best result. This brand is highly popular among professional hairstylists, so you will probably spot Layrite products at any barbershop.

This Layrite SuperHold item is a strong holding pomade, meaning it can work wonders for the hard-to-control hair types. People with curly or wavy hair will adore this pomade, as it helps to realize even the craziest hairstyling ideas.

Moreover, you can achieve wet and disheveled looks with this pomade easily.

Although this product is water-based, I have discovered that Layrite SuperHold Pomade may be quite unsuitable for the weak hair types. So, people with thin hair should be aware that using this pomade for consecutive weeks may decrease the healthiness of the hair. Still, this pomade washes off incredibly easy, just like all other water-based solutions.

The smell of this Layrite SuperHold pomade is unique, as it is similar to a mild cream soda. It is a fascinating fragrance that goes well with most of the grooming waters for men.


  • Great for uncontrollable hair;
  • Ensures an extreme hold;
  • A prolonged shape holding.


  • Not for weak hair.

5. Suavecito Oil Based Pomade – The Best Oil Based Pomade

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A Suavecito product is once again on the list, and I have decided to include it because some people prefer oil-based pomades. Up until now, I have been reviewing water-based solutions. But what is so special about this particular item? As the name clearly states, it is oil-based, meaning there are some differences between this pomade and the Suavecito Original Hold one.

This Suavecito oil-based pomade has the same holding and reshaping strength, the same low price, as well as the recognizable Suavecito smell. However, that is where the similarities end, and the differences begin.

Because of the nature of oil-based hair products, this Suavecito pomade won’t wash away easily. In fact, you will have to wash your hair thoroughly at least two times to get the solution off. However, such a pomade offers extreme slickness and shine levels that water-based pomades simply can’t achieve.

If you are going for the John Travolta look in the movie Grease, then this pomade is for you. You will get 3 oz of Suavecito Oil Based Pomade in the tin when you buy it instead of 4 oz, like with the Original Hold. However, you don’t need to apply as much of oil-based products as it comes with water-based ones, so the tin will last for long.


  • Very affordable;
  • Extreme slickness and shine;
  • Holds shape greatly.


  • Hard to wash off.

6. Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade – The Best Matte Pomade

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Everybody is talking about the hair shine. But what if you do not like the shine that haircare products deliver and want only the strong hold? Here is my go-to matte pomade. It is made by Reuzel, another brand that is devoted to manufacturing the haircare products of the highest quality.

This Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade has an incredibly strong hold because the creators added special clay into the hairstyling substance. This product will provide you with a neat hair look throughout the day. Although there are some parts of clay in the mixture, the pomade is water-based so that it can be washed off easily.

The item emphasizes the natural texture of your hair, highlighting its beauty and not covering it. The matte finish works incredibly well with weak hair, making it look thicker. I use this pomade when I am tired from the slick look and want to give off a natural vibe.

Additionally, the Reuzel manufacturer incorporated a sweat-resistant formula into the mix so that you can run around the city the whole day and still attend business meetings in the evening looking fresh. If you need an even stronger hold than the average pomade gives, use more of Reuzel Clay Matte Pomade. As it is a matte solution, your hair will not be looking greasy or shiny.

One thing that can be highlighted as a con is the white chocolate peppermint candy fragrance. You will notice it immediately as you apply the pomade on your hair, and it will follow you the whole day. I love the smell, but if it is not for you, then you will have to look for another matte solution, as the fragrance of this one is extremely strong.


  • Does not shine, even if you apply too much product;
  • Impressive hold;
  • Sweat-resistant;
  • Wonderful for natural looks.


  • Has a strong smell.

7. Smooth Viking Pomade – The Best Pomade for Curly Hair

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Smooth Viking is a brand that is always brutally honest to its clients. This company lays out things like they are, and it is the reason why Smooth Vikings is one of the top-rated pomade brands on the list.

The company creates hair care products to revive the infamous Viking spirit and revamp it for the modern world. The pomade by Smooth Viking is a great solution to enhance your style and feel empowered with a stunning look.

The Smooth Viking company states that its pomade is made of the best ingredients, and that, of course, influences the price. For 2 oz of pomade, you will have to pay a greater fee compared to other similar products. However, it is the case when the price is more than reasonable.

The Smooth Viking’s mixture of premium ingredients resulted in a wonderful pomade that can work on even the curliest hair. As you apply this product on your hair, you will get an incredibly slick, shiny look, and an enormous reshaping leeway.

The hold of this pomade is pretty strong, so your hair will keep its shape the whole day through. Besides that, this product won’t weigh your hair down at all. This pomade is one of the lightest and strongest solutions currently available on the market.

The product has a nice smell of grape leaves that combines with most of the grooming waters neatly. As this Smooth Viking pomade is water-based, there is no reason to worry about getting the solution off your hair.


  • A light texture;
  • Has a great hold;
  • Amazing shine;
  • No grease.


  • A bit pricey.

8. Baxter of California Clay Pomade – The Best Clay Pomade

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If you are into the great looking game and are not afraid to spend big bucks on good products, then Baxter of California Clay Pomade is worth your attention. It is a luxury beauty brand, meaning the product line-up by this manufacturer is both high-quality and expensive.

This Baxter of California clay pomade has a combination of only natural ingredients, including kaolin clay and beeswax. There are no chemical shortcuts used for this product. It made the pomade extremely firm and strong in hair reshaping, as well as being matte. This solution will give you a perfect look as if you stepped out of a barbershop.

This pomade works excellently for achieving a natural manly look. However, it is great for messy and wet looks, too. All you need to do is to apply a bit more pomade than you do regularly to achieve a messy style. Also, this product has a pleasant lemon scent that can be a perfect choice for any man.

This Baxter of California Clay Pomade highlights the natural texture of your hair, as well as improves its volume. The solution will make your hair visually thicker and stronger.

However, because of the natural ingredients used, the pomade is much harder to wash off compared to other similar products. You will have difficulties with washing it off even from your hands after you apply the solution on your hair, and it can be quite frustrating for some.


  • Extreme hold;
  • Natural ingredients;
  • Excellent reshaping;
  • Ensures a wonderful matte look.


  • Expensive;
  • Hard to wash off.

9. American Crew Pomade – The Best Natural Pomade

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If you have not heard of the American Crew brand, you are probably new to the hair grooming scene. American Crew is one of the most established brands in the industry. It manufactures some of the top-rated hair care products, including hair gels, clay, pomades, conditioners, and so on.

I added this American Crew pomade to the list for quite a couple of reasons. This product is a great option if you are looking for a medium to strong hold and shine pomade. This solution will provide you with flexibility in hairstyling and reshaping.

One amazing aspect of this item is that it is an all-natural pomade, meaning the product is highly delicate to your hair. Even if you have brittle hair, this solution will neither break your hair nor damage your scalp. Also, the product is water-based so that it can be washed off easily.

One thing that I would consider a con of this solution is the lack of a distinct scent. As there are no chemical additives, the smell may seem weak and unclear to you. However, if such things don’t usually bother you, you can opt for this American Crew pomade.


  • All-natural;
  • Delicate to your hair and scalp;
  • Great for brittle hair;
  • Easily washable.


  • The scent may be too strong for some.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Right Pomade

If you want to make an informed decision when buying a pomade, then you have to know the main specifics of choosing such a product. Here are the main aspects that you need to keep in mind when comparing different pomades and their fit for your needs.

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There are two types of pomades, namely water-based and oil-based ones. Commonly, the former easily washes out. Besides, you can restyle your hair as much as you like throughout the day. The latter has a mineral oil base that provides you with incredible shine and hold.


This aspect refers to how good any pomade is at keeping the shape after you style your hair. Most products have medium-level holding capabilities. However, it may not suit all hair types, and that’s why there is a gradation system for pomade hold levels.

Hair Type

Your hair type defines which pomade you will go for in the end. Kinky hair requires strong hold, while straight hair allows you to concentrate on the scent and highlighting the hair texture.

Shine Level

Pomades usually add shine to your hair. If you do not want to have that Grease look, you can opt for matte products.


Some pomades can be easily washed off, while others require a lot more effort. Many factors influence this aspect, but the main one is whether the pomade is water- or oil-based.


Different products have different fragrances, and this factor is highly personal. It is possible to find a neutral-scented pomade if you don’t like sweet or mint scents.

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Answers to Common Pomade-Related Questions

pomade for men

I constantly see the same questions popping up regarding pomades. Thus, I have collected the most popular ones below to alleviate the trouble of looking up for information.

How Does Pomade Differ from Other Hair Styling Products?

Pomade can’t be mistaken with things like paste, gel, and clay. You can use a pomade to give your hair shape and shine throughout the day without making it look greasy. Although some pomades incorporate clay, it does not mean that they are clay-based. Thus, you will have a fresh, stylish look for long.

Will Pomade Hurt My Hair?

Unlike some other hair products, pomades tend to be much less harmful to the hair. Only a small percentage of water-based pomades can cause dandruff as a result of drying the scalp out. However, it can happen only with the use of low-quality solutions. It is even possible to make your pomade if you want to be sure about the ingredients used for it.

Can I Use Pomade in Combination with Other Hair Products?

You may combine a pomade with other hair products, but it is highly situational. You can test whether you can mix different hair products on one lock and see the effect before applying the solutions all over your head. Moreover, you can combine the products in your hand first to see if they react badly with each other.

If they produce some chemical reactions and change their color, become clumpy, or something else, then it is a no-go. In another case, you can combine the products without worry.

How Do I Apply the Pomade Correctly?

If there are no specific instructions written on your pomade, then the most common way of applying this product on your hair is the following:

  1. Wash and dry your hair, leaving it damp.
  2. Put a small amount of pomade (volume of a dime) on your fingertips.
  3. Rub the fingertips together, warming up the solution if there is any clay in it.
  4. Run fingers through your hair from the roots to the hairs’ ends.
  5. Shape your hair to your preferences.

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Final Remarks

In this article, I have gone through the nine amazing pomades for various uses. Each product excels at something specific, so I recommend going through the reviews once again and choose the hair grooming products based on your preferences and wishes.

My favorite product is the Uppercut Deluxe Pomade, and I can profoundly name it the best hair pomade for men. However, if it does not fit you or your hair, do not be discouraged from trying other items on this list. There is no universal product for everyone, and you need to choose the item that will fit your needs.

I hope that you have enjoyed this mens pomade review. Now, you should be more acquainted not only with the most popular pomades but also with the specifics of their use. Have you tried any of the pomades mentioned above? Did I list your favorite pomade? What is your preferred choice? Please share it with me in the comments section below.


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