8 Best Plastic Dog Crates from small to gigantic dogs

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The dog is an animal that is kept by 80% of people as a pet and takes as a companion. So, they are much choosy for their comfort whether they are at home or are traveling. They use crates when no one is around to look after their dogs. The crates don’t let your dog go missing or hurt anyone. What kind of crate you require depends on the purpose. The market is full of many options in this manner which can make you confused about which to buy. Let’s review plastic dog crates.

Here 8 best dogs’ crates are selected after proper reviews and observations. You can pick from them for your ease and save time and money at the same time.

Basics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

The stress of taking your pet dog or leaving it at home while you have decided to move somewhere can be understood well by a pet lover. It’s not a child’s play to just put it in a car and start your ride. In such conditions, a plastic crate is needed of fine quality. There is a Basics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier which is reliable in this situation.


  • The doors are provided intentionally to release the stress of loading and unloading the dog.
  • This type of design has no issue of the vent and a dog can comfortably be inside it as it exhausts from two doors and ventilation is sufficient.
  • It can be unscrewed and screwed to attach and detach for security reasons.
  • On the top, there is a handle that can slide left or right and open it without any delay. It is
  • beneficial especially when you have to pat your dog and give him feed.
  • It offers the assurance of comfort and protection.
  • It’s simple to set up or assemble, with two parts that lock together to make a comfortable place for rest.
  • The front is made up of wires which don’t make the dog feel secluded and he can remain attached with the outside world.
  • Durable plastic is used which can’t be damaged if roughly used.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Basics Two-Door Top-Load Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

Sport pet design plastic kennel, easily fit in your house

A Sports crate with an exclusive design is much famous among pet lovers. It has many additional and unique facilities which bring ease and mental satisfaction to you and ultimately calm your dog if you lock it inside.


  • A 20 inches long and 13 inches high dog can easily sit inside such a crate.
  • The trained pets feel homely inside it.
  • The bed inside is waterproof and doesn’t make the dog uneasy in any weather.
  • It is approved by the airlines for travel.
  • Durable plastic is used to manufacture this crate with newness.
  • It is not a complicated crate and you will find no difficulty in evacuating the dog in an emergency.
  • The best part is the 4 wheels on which this crate is based. The wheels make it portable and you can drive it smoothly anywhere.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Sport pet design plastic kennel, easily fit in your house

Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel with perfect ventilation

This type of crate has some distinguishing qualities. It is a heavy-duty kennel and the whole set of it is made for your convenience.

  • A USA-based product is reliable, durable, and unbreakable for a long time.
  • It is designed as a traditional travel carrier with no disappointing features.


  • Ideal for training and traveling
  • 360 ventilation causes the required airflow and doesn’t disturb the sitting of the dog inside.
  • The whole crate is created with heavy-duty plastic shells.
  • Has a solid wire/steel door.
  • It is an eco-friendly crate.
  • Interior is designed in a way that it assures to keep your pet dry
  • Suitable for medium-sized dogs as it measures 28inches.
  • It is easy to assemble and you don’t need any tool to open it and fix it.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel with perfect ventilation

Collapsible Plastic Dog Crate, easy to handle

It is a brand new brand in the market, looks nice at home, and is not unattractive. This kind is really made to be aesthetically pleasing, unlike traditional wire den. It is available in all sizes: small, medium for the dog who weighs 50 pounds and you can get a large size too which suits best the dog that has a 75-pound weight. If you are going somewhere and want to stay for long, this crate is protective. There are other benefits aside from all these.


  • It’s not super light but weighs 12-15 pounds which can be easily carried.
  • Easy to use as it is on the eyes, 3 doors are easily accessible, perfect for cleaning.
  • Made of reinforced plastic, has high-strength steel mesh wire and high-quality aluminum.
  • Made to be extremely durable.
  • The round edges around the whole crate are for safety purposes and won’t hurt you especially if you have kids at home, this crate is the right selection.
  • There is no other product in the market similar to this; it has a handle on the door and you need not push it hard to get it open.
  • There is a circle on the top, turn it and unlock it, the middle of the crate folds down and then the front and the back sides are also folded on the top of the middle thus becoming flat for easy storage. Similarly, you can unfold it with the same pattern.
  • Simple to set up and take down with one hand.
  • There is a pan or tray at the bottom which can be slid to take off and wash it down.
  • It is extremely solid unlike folding metal crates.
  • There are small windows on the top, instead of opening the door you can open the window to pat the dog or provide it food. It saves you by not letting your dog escape.
  • The side walls are foldable individually like a shutter, whenever your dog wants to take a rest and you don’t want it to feel insecure about locking inside, just take the shutter up and let the dog take a nap in peace.
  • A proper den environment is provided in this crate.
  • A puppy divider is also given as an extra accessory, you can put that inside and fix
  • it according to the size of the dog and puppy. Like this, you need not buy multiple crates for more than one pet.
  • The handle in the front of the folded crate is to hold it and drag it or slide it under the bed, sofa, or anywhere by opening the wheel under the crate.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Collapsible Plastic Dog Crate, easy to handle

ECOFLEX Dog Crate with an unconventional style

The people who are obsessed with dogs as a pet and want to give all life’s comforts to their pet will for sure become happy on the arrival of ECOFLEX Dog Crate. Eco-Flex technology is a non-toxic recycled plastic and wood polymer composite. We can say, it’s partially plastic and partially wood. It is a combination of a home table, console, and dog kennel. This is a giant model, unlike other models. There are a lot of unique and advantageous features of it which are mentioned below.


  • It appears that it’s wood but it is made much out of plastic with an outstanding outer look as if it’s a part of the furniture.
  • No crack or splits will occur.
  • It is quite simple to clean by just wiping it out with a rag.
  • The bars are made of steel and it has steel latches with the shape of bones.
  • The door swings in both ways; inside and outside.
  • Screws are pre-drilled so you can open with your fingers to assemble and fold this crate.
  • Within five minutes, you can fold and unfold it. So, its installation is very easy.
  • Apparently looks like a table, much sturdy as far as putting things like tissue, lamp, speaker or stereo etc. on the top.
  • It is a large crate that can fit the dog of 80 pounds effortlessly.
  • The interior is 32.7 inches long, 20.9 wide, and 24 inches high.
  • The crate is almost square and available in different colors.
plastic dog crates


  • This is not suitable for the aggressive animals because out of anger they will scratch this kennel and spoil it.
  • It’s not a starter kennel for dogs
  • Higher price
  • Very beautiful layout and can be placed in any corner of the house.

Buy: ECOFLEX Dog Crate with unconventional style

Iris USA Pet Crate for large dogs

Pets are also family members and want a proper living standard. Iris USA Pet Crate is a stylish den for pet dogs in which they can easily sit, stand or lay down without feeling congested. It has sufficient space for your dog. It measures 38 inches, possibly good for large dogs too.


  • All sizes of pets can dwell in it.
  • Apparently, it seems to be of wire or wood frame but it’s made up of fine plastic which makes it lightweight.
  • The heavy gauge epoxy-coated wire sides make the whole layout much appealing.
  • The side walls are sliding to use as a door too. This aspect lets the large dog get in easily.
  • It has a lock latch and the best part is for security reasons.
  • The mesh roof is removable.
  • The tray at the bottom has non-skid rubber feet which don’t let the floor get scratches while dragging the crate and doesn’t create noise.
  • You can clean the tray by removing it.
  • Its roof is detachable; all the parts can be fixed and folded with less effort.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Iris USA Pet Crate for large dogs

MidWest Home Skudo Crate, ideal solution when traveling

MidWest Home Skudo Crate takes your pal anywhere easily without the threat of any hurt

or mishap. It is ready for any ride; through road or plane. This kennel has plenty of space for the pet to rest while traveling or staying at home. The small dogs love this new home.


  • Temperature control and ventilation are outstanding aspects.
  • It is manufactured with a carrying handle to grab it.
  • It can easily be slided in the car by occupying less space.
  • Push-lock is given to save your dog abruptly.
  • Maximum vent techniques are used which make the dog visible and in the eyes of the master.
  • Snap-lock buckles are the additional facility in this crate due to which you can fold it and form it in no time.
  • The plastic used in it is easy to clean without spotting any scratch.
  • There are perimeter holes in the surrounding of the carrier which support optional zip tie reinforcement.
  • Made of durable plastic.
plastic dog crates

Buy: MidWest Home Skudo Crate, ideal solution when traveling

Pet Gear 4 Door Crate, perfect from all angles

The nature of this kind of tray is very powerful as it is of heavy-duty mold plastic with steel inserts. Its durability is unquestionable. It is so customer-friendly that you can easily approach it from any side.


  • The edges of this crate are not sharp instead of rounded thus less threat for damage especially to the car in case of taking your pet somewhere.
  •  A 90-pound dog can easily live in this crate for a long time.
  • You can open it from anywhere as all four sides work as doors.
  • It has smooth wheels due to which you can pull it anywhere.
  • The handle is inbuilt for more ease in dragging.
  • The unique part is that this crate includes a Bolster Pad and Carry Storage Bag.
  • An internal easy pad is a major attraction to provide relaxing moments to the dogs.
  • The top is flat and can be used as a side table.
  • A spill-proof tray for water is a luxury in this commodity.
  • The top window can be lifted to communicate with your dog by touching it or providing its favorite feed and sometimes to refill the water bowl.
plastic dog crates

Buy: Pet Gear 4 Door Crate, perfect from all angles


It is not easy to just buy a crate for your dog without much information and comparison. It can be your wrong choice which can’t be liked by your dog. The topmost kennels are discussed to enlighten you with ample information to choose from according to your requirement. It makes perfect sense that people who keep pets want the best things for their pets and senses their needs automatically. So, your needs can be fulfilled after going through the features of the individual crate.


Q1: Are plastic crates great for dogs?

A: Plastic crates are extraordinary for canines that are continually voyaging. These cases keep dogs safe and sound during movement, regardless of which vehicle they are traveling in. At the point when you’re looking for a plastic kennel, you should pick a crate that is tough, very much ventilated, and aircraft endorsed if you intend to fly.

 Q2:Do dogs incline towards living in wire or plastic crates?

A: Wire pet crates and plastic kennels are both excellent items for dogs and felines. In the current era, wire pet crates offer accommodation and adaptability that generally settle the dog with convenience and are a superior decision for most pet guardians.

Q3: Which Kennels are best for dogs?

A: There are many selected products in 2023; listed in chronological order:

  • AmazonBasics
  • Folding Metal Dog Crate.
  • MidWest Homes for Pets XXL Giant Dog Crate.
  • MidWest iCrate Starter Kit.
  • Impact Stationary Dog Crate.
  • Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier.
  • The Dog Cave Single Door Crate.
  • AmazonBasics Portable Folding Soft Dog Travel Crate.
  • Sportsnet Designs Rolling Travel Dog Crate.

Q4: Do vets suggest crates?

A: Vet advice that in certain conditions, the utilization of a carton is best, for instance, they perform like assistance when the pet underwent some medical issues and need to be separated from other members at home. Sometimes for the matter of their rest after taking heavy doses, they need a proper kennel.


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