5 Best Pheromones For Women 2023 (Falling in a Sweet time With You)


Are you a woman looking to spice up your relationship or to attract men with your enticing scent?

Women have long been known to attract men with their pleasing and enticing scent which stimulates the olfactory system of the body. This system sends signals to the brain which then arouses the person if the scent is sexually arousing and attractive. Pheromones are chemical substances in this scent which attract the opposite sex. They are released naturally in the body but you can use a pheromone perfume or oil to get more attention from men. We have compiled a list of five best pheromones available from women which arouse men romantically and sexually:

Editor Pick Best Pheromones For Women

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Raw Chemistry Pheromone Infused Women Oil

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Designed to appeal to the sexual receptors in the brain, this perfume oil contains Estratetraenol and copulins which are well-known pheromones. The oil has a potent blend of essential oils and human pheromones which when worn will make men attracted towards you as they mimic the natural pheromones released by the body. The oil comes in a compact bottle which is easy to carry. The scent of the oil is very pleasing and lasts really long when used on the pulse points of the body. The fragrance is light and clean and does not overpower your natural scent. Make sure that you apply it just before wearing your clothes to make it more faint and enticing.  It is slightly sweet and musky in nature. The oil can also be worn with your perfume as it does not interfere with other fragrances. You need to apply it on the wrists and neck and massage it into the skin. The price of the oil is moderate and the quantity will last for 6-7 months approximately.

What we like about it:This pheromone oil is perfect for special dates and romantic occasions when you need men to look at you in a different way. It attracts men as the fragrance is very sensual and attractive. The quantity is good for the price.

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Jelique Pure Instinct Pheromone Perfume oil

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If you are looking for a product which works with your own pheromones to give you a unique fragrance, this perfume oil from Jelique is the perfect option. It contains a unique blend of rare fragrance oils which combine with your own pheromones to give you a pleasing yet distinctive fragrance. This oil smells different on different people and lasts for really long. The scent of the oil smells like sandalwood but evolves into a more fruity smell. You can mix it with your body lotion or wear it with your other cologne to attract men and apply it on your neck, chest, and wrist. You can also add it to your bath water for a romantic bath experience. This will make the pheromone appear natural on the skin and will also enhance the lasting power. The formula is a little lighter than other oils so you have to use a little bit more product than usual for it to have a significant effect. The price of the oil is very affordable to you can use it generously also. The packaging is good for traveling.

What we like about it:This perfume oil is unique as it does not smell the same on everybody. It combines with your body fragrance to make your natural pheromones smell stronger than usual. The low price is an added advantage.

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Booty Parlor Flirty Little Secret Perfume Oil with Pheromones

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Made of plums, cedar, jasmine, raspberries, and sandalwood fragrances, this roller ball perfume has a sexy and enticing scent. It is very compact and easy to carry in your handbag for touch-ups. The base of the perfume is made with jojoba oil which moisturizes the skin and makes the perfume last longer than other perfumes. The formula is free of parabens. The fragrance lasts for 2-3 hours so the product lasts for lesser time than other perfumes as you reapply it often. The hint of vanilla and sandalwood in this fragrance makes it an apt scent for all occasions like casual or formal. The roller ball releases just the right amount of product so the fragrance is not very overpowering. Another unique thing about this compact roller ball perfume is that it layers beautifully with other body products from the brand Booty Parlor so that you do not have to worry about mixing different products. The price of the perfume is a little high but the compliments it receives make it worth the price.

What we like about it:This roller ball pheromone perfume is a must have the item in your handbag as it attracts men and elevates your mood and confidence also with its tempting scent.

PherX Pheromone Perfume for Women

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A pheromone spray made by doctors, this product contains the highest concentration of pheromones available in any pheromone perfume for women. The formula contains androstenol, androsterone, estratetraenol, and copulins which are different types of pheromones. Each bottle gives around 200 sprays which is great as most bottles give only 50-60 applications. It has a pleasing scent and lasts for the whole day if you spray it on the pulse points. It has a slightly musky tone but settles into a pleasurable fragrance. This product is famous for its effect on men and how it sparks the romance when used. The spray of the bottle lets out too much product so it becomes important to spray it carefully to avoid smelling too strong. You can carry this product easily in your handbag as the packaging is quite lightweight. The price of the spray is higher as compared to other pheromone perfumes for women but you can find it on a discount online if you are lucky.

What we like about it:This pheromone spray is a good product if you like musky scents which last all day. The quantity of the perfume is good and the results make it worth the high price.

Phermalabs Human Sex Premium Pheromone Perfume

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Made with powerful human sex pheromones, this perfume is a favorite of many because of its beautiful scent. It contains 25 mg of natural pheromones and can be used for both day and night occasions. The packaging is compact and very easy to use for touch-ups. The fragrance of the product is clean and has a faint woody appeal. It makes you feel more desirable and boosts your self-esteem tremendously. The lasting power of this product is great and you can wear it under your moisturizer for sealing the scent. One particular thing about this scent is that it becomes subtle over the day so make sure that you wear more than usual before you head out so that it does not vanish during the day. Wear it on the neck, wrists, and on the elbows so that the pulse points keep emitting the fragrance throughout the day. The price of the perfume is moderate but the quantity is good and one bottle will last for around 4-5 months if used moderately.

What we like about it:The good thing about this product is that it has a very pleasing effect on your personality and attracts people towards you and makes them comfortable with your personality.


Pheromones are natural chemicals which are produced by the body but sometimes an extra push can work wonders. Using a pheromone perfume makes men attracted towards you and enhances your confidence and physical appeal. There are some factors that you must consider when buying pheromones to get the right product which is designed to work for you. Some of these factors include:

  • Pheromone Concentration

Make sure that you buy a product which has a good pheromone concentration of around 18-25 percent as this is the concentration which seems natural and attracts men towards you. Any artificial fillers and fragrances can mask the natural pheromones in the product and make it smell like any other perfume. Practice with the application to find the ideal concentration which works with your body chemistry.

  • Fragrance

Decide whether you want to buy an unscented pheromone product or a scented one depending on how you are going to use it. Choose a fragrance which is clean and light so that it does not overpower your personality. Make sure that you pick up a product which matches your fragrance preferences. Each product smells differently on different persons as it blends with the natural pheromones of the body so keep this in mind when choosing the product.

  • Lasting Power

Another very important factor which should be considered in the case of pheromones is its lasting power. Go for a product which lasts for at least 4-5 hours on your skin and evolves into a subtle yet sensual fragrance. The packaging of the product should be compact enough to make it easy to carry it for reapplying it. Make sure that you reapply it very lightly and give it time to settle down on the skin.

  • Price

Pheromones can usually cost more than other normal perfumes as they have more potent ingredients. You can get a good pheromone perfume or oil in around 10$ to 40$ depending on the concentration and the brand. It is very important to invest in a good product which stays true to its claims. You can go online to find some deals which can help you save some money.

  • Customer Reviews

Reading the reviews of other people who have used the product can help you make an informed decision. While every pheromone product works differently for different individuals depending on their body chemistry, these reviews can help you gauge the potency of the formula and the lasting power.

Here are some tips and tricks which you follow when buying and using pheromone products to get maximum benefits:

  • Apply pheromones on the right body areas to get noticed. Wrists, neck, behind the ears, ankles, and behind the knees are pulse points which make the fragrance last longer.
  • Buy unscented pheromones if you are planning to mix the pheromone with your own perfume or cologne as a scented pheromone product can interfere with the fragrance of the cologne.
  • Some commercial perfumes also have some amount of pheromones in them so use these perfumes if you do not want to use multiple products.
  • Keep the pheromone roll-on in your handbag to use it in a case of any unplanned encounters.
  • Do not use too much product as this can make you smell very strong and artificial rather than natural and mysterious. Apply the perfume on clean skin after having a nice bath to make it more appealing.
  • Keep the product closed tightly when not in use as pheromone products have a volatile formula which can lose its potency over time if kept in the open.
  • Applying pheromone perfumes on the clothing enhances its lasting power and effectiveness significantly.
  • Eating a well-balanced diet which is free of body odor-causing ingredients like garlic and onion can also help to enhance your sexual appeal in front of men as body odor is a big turn-off for men.

So these are five of the most popular pheromones available in the market for women which are guaranteed to attract men towards you. Pheromones play a huge role in attracting the opposite sex and these products are made to give you a charismatic personality with enhanced sexuality. They are great for boosting your confidence and to enhance your sex appeal. Each of these products is designed to make men notice you in a different way. Use this buyer guide to find out the right product for you to make your man go crazy with your attractive scent. Keep these tips in mind to get more benefits of the product.


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