best Party Hairstyles for the Ultimate Festive Look


Hello there! It’s Monica. Christmas is coming, and you know what that means – New Year’s parties with your family, friends, and loved ones! And what do you need for an amazing festive look, besides the most beautiful dress? That’s right – cute hairstyles for Christmas! Well, I’ve decided to go further and not limit myself to Christmassy hairstyles only. I wanted to make a top-list of holiday hairstyles that are suitable for any special occasion like weddings, proms, birthday parties, and so on.

Are you looking for the short hairstyles for a cocktail party? Eager to make the ultimate wedding style shine on that special day? Want to try out some easy party hairstyles for medium hair that take minimum time to make? Explore my favorite hairstyles for all hair lengths and textures, and I hope you’ll find something for you.

One more thing. Don’t underestimate the power of hair accessories. These party hairstyles look beautiful and elegant, but one little adornment can give your hair a whole new look. Experiment with hair accessories, pick the ones that fit your hair the best, and arrange them as you wish. If we’re talking the New Year’s Eve party, I prefer to look for new Christmas hair accessories on ASOS or Amazon. There is quite a wide choice. Just make sure to order accessories well in advance, so that you can shine and sparkle on the day X 🙂

Top 13 Party Hairstyles for All Hair Lengths and Textures

So, here are my personal favorites that are rather popular among many women. I’ve picked the party hairstyles for short hair and long tresses as well. Some blowouts look better on naturally curly hair, while others require a bone straight look. So, here they are!

Party Hairstyles for Short Hair – Curly Bridal Tenderness

With a shorter length, you still can make a sweet curly updo. Use floral accessories and framing tendrils to dress up a simple pinned updo. For instance, this Unicra wedding hair comb with the bead and rhinestones will look just fabulous in your hair! It’s very romantic and sweet, and it’s a great adornment for the wedding party hairstyles. Plus, you can change its shape by changing the bead, so that the hair comb fits your hairstyle perfectly.

And to define your curls in this updo, use the TRESemmé mega sculpting hair gel that will give you a strong hold and long-lasting shine. Its alcohol-free formula provides humidity resistance for a frizz-free look. After applying the gel, hair doesn’t feel sticky or wet. Use a blow-drier or let your hair air dry, and it shouldn’t get crunchy.

Perennial Classic: Top Knot for a Christmas Party

What can be more elegant and festive-looking than a classic top knot? When choosing among cocktail party hairstyles for long hair, don’t forget about it. Not only is this updo rather easy to create at home, but it’s also one of the most suitable Christmas party hairstyles for those who prefer to keep hair firmly off their face. For a slick, silky smooth finish, lock in your blowout with this TIGI Bed Head after party smoothing cream. It controls flyaways, smoothing and strengthening your locks. Also, this cream gives your hair this nice party flavor which is truly the cherry on top.

Hairstyles for New Year’s Party – Braided Style

If you prefer keeping your hair out of your face, try out this awesome braided look. You can wear two symmetrical braids framing your face that flowed into a lengthy side braid or simply make a braid with the top half of your hair and leave lower tresses unfastened. To make this hairstyle look festive, add some Christmas hair accessories like pins with gift boxes or the New Year tree.

And if you’re ready to shine at the Christmas party, try our these Princess crown hair clips by Butterfly Craze. They come in a big pack of 12 pieces, but even one piece is large enough to adorn your party hairstyle. So, you can gather all your girlfriends and wear these cute tiaras together! They’re suitable not only for Christmas but also for the weddings, proms, and little girl parties.

If your hair is naturally curly, you can enhance your unfasted waves with the Moroccan oil defining cream with advanced heat-activated technology. Argan oil and protein condition, detangle, and tame your curls, leaving them smooth and frizz-free. The product is safe for color-treated hair, and it doesn’t contain any sulfates or parabens.

Christmas Hair Accessories for the New Year Party

If you want something special for this New Year’s Eve, experiment with different pins, clips, and hair combs. No more Santa barrettes or headbands with antler! There are lots of beautiful Christmas hair accessories that you can wear pretty much any time of the year and on any special occasion.

My favorites are these crystal starfish hair pins by yeuton. They are advertised as bridal accessories, but I believe they’re much more versatile. It’s a great complement to romantic braids or a loose wavy ponytail that looks sweet, yet elegant. Ultimately, you are limited only by your imagination.

And what do you think of the orient style for your Christmas party? Of course, hairstyles from the East are very different, and all of them have their unique features. What I can say for sure is that they suit long, dark brown hair the most. So, if you’re looking for party hairstyles for long hair, that can be an excellent option for you.

There’s no need to create something extremely complicated with your hair – you can just curl it a little or make your natural curls more defined with the help of styling products. Loose waves will also look very tender with this turquoise chain headband by 759shop.

This simple and affordable adornment is a nice touch to cocktail party hairstyles for long hair. The only thing is, it may be hard to detangle it after the party 🙂

Floral Accessories for a Tender Look

What cute girl hairstyles for Christmas will make you look truly one-of-a-kind? It’s not very common to use floral pins and headbands as Christmas hair accessories, but if you want to really stand out for your creative hairstyle, I have a couple of suggestions for you. This flower crown by Ever Fairy looks almost like a chaplet made of natural flowers, reminding you of summer.

Made with handmade materials, this crown features adjustable size with the ribbon, so it fits most head sizes. You can use it to create the bridal, prom or birthday hairstyles. Also, it’s a lovely accessory for photoshoots. You can play with this adornment as you wish, but I like a low ponytail entwined with this flower crown. This hairstyle is pretty easy to make, yet it looks just charming.

If you like the idea of making a sweet floral hairstyle, there is one more option for you. These Vivivalue floral crowns with ribbons come in all shapes and sizes, so choosing the most beautiful one will definitely take some time 🙂 The size is also adjustable, so this hair accessory should fit almost all head sizes.

The crowns are handmade, so be careful with them. A couple of petals may fall out, but they can be easily glued. This floral wreath will adorn even the simplest hairstyle like loose hair. It looks awesome on both curly and straight tresses. It’s a great accessory for party hairstyles for short hair as well as longer one.

Wavy Bun with a Headband – Great Choice for Party Hairstyles for Long Hair

You can wear this updo with a loose finish on pretty much any festive occasion, from your wedding to the small Christmas party with your family and close friends. Plus, you can experiment with this hairstyle – for example, try out the curly side bun instead of a regular one.

This elegant headband by Goege will be a charming adornment to your party blowout. It suits the classic wedding or prom dress perfectly. Or, you can tuck these gorgeous handmade hair pins by Yean into your updo, so that they look like a full comb. By the way, butterfly hair accessories for weddings will be a very romantic touch, too.

If you have naturally curly hair, try out this TIGI Catwalk curls rock amplifier for your party hairstyles for long hair. Not only does it provide you with a strong hold, but it also enhances the natural texture of your curls. Also, this product helps to protect your blowout against humidity. It contains essential oils along with thermal and environmental protectants. Hair isn’t crispy or frizzy; it’s soft and ve-e-ery good-looking.

Exploring Cocktail Party Hairstyles Ideas: Temporary Hair Dye

Do you want to steal the show on the Halloween party? Be the most awesome girl on your birthday? This is a party hairstyle for those who’re not afraid to get some attention. Change your hair color for one night with the Vakker hair wax color styling cream mud with beeswax and castor oil.

The product is easy to apply, and it lasts until the next wash out. Not only does it make your look festive and lively but also provides medium hold. So, this color styling cream will suit party hairstyles for long hair perfectly.

If you’re ready to try out a new color, there is one more option for you. Take this Amscan Silver hair spray to finish your look for Halloween if you’re planning to appear as a senior. It adds a bit of shimmer to your hair which looks very in the spirit of a good party.

Just like the Vakker color styling cream, this product is available in various colors, so you’re not limited to the grey hair. A pink, yellow or green spray will definitely spice up any party hairstyle you choose to wear. Dye all your hair or just separate strands – however you like!

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair – Loose Waves with 3 Barrels Curling Iron

Romantic beach waves or more defined curls look awesome on long hair. Why don’t you try out this sophisticated (at first glance) tool called the 3-barrels curling iron that is actually pretty easy to use? Take this hair waver by Bluetop, for example.

It features the adjustable heat settings ranging from 176℉ to 446℉, meaning that you can select the right temperature for your hair type. This wave iron heats up in less than a minute, and its 1-inch wide barrels are perfect for making party hairstyles for long hair, whether you’re going to the prom or the wedding.

Glossy curls or loose waves make a lovely hairstyle for a special event. But if you want to complement it with cute hair accessories for a prom or a wedding, take a look at this bridal ribbon headband by Mariell. If you’re going to wear a boho-style dress to your wedding, this headband tiara with genuine freshwater pearls will suit it perfectly.

I guess you can also use this tiara instead of regular Christmas hair accessories like antler headbands or clips with snowmen. If you want to look sweet and elegant on Christmas, floral headbands like this one are the right choice.

Hairstyles with a Crown: Feeling Like a Princess

I bet every girl wants to look like a princess on her wedding, a prom or a birthday party. And what do you need for the ultimate princess look? The most beautiful dress in the world, the most elegant dress shoes, and last but not least – a queenly hairstyle!

And what makes your hair look truly majestic? That’s right, a tiara! My favorite one is this silver Makone crystal crown that will make any special occasion even more special and unforgettable. And if you prefer golden crown – here you are, the Stuffwholesale crown with bobby pins for those who desire the ultimate kinglike look.

These are primarily hair accessories for a wedding or a prom, and it’s hard to imagine wearing such a tiara in everyday life. You can choose pretty much any hairstyle you like, be it an intricate updo, tight curls or glossy straight hair. A gorgeous tiara will grace your bridal look, that’s for sure. And to finish your hairstyle, you can use this Paul Mitchell sculpting spray that adds control, body, and shine to your look. The spray provides medium, flexible hold and leaves hair feeling silky smooth. Just what you need to feel confident!

Party Hairstyles for Long Hair – Roman Goddess Updo with a Headband

Hair accessories in the spirit of ancient goddesses look awesome on longer hair. However, you can wear them on short hairstyles, too. This RechicGu headband is very versatile, and it can complement pretty much any style. For example, you can make a hairstyle using a twist faux braid or create a truly goddess-looking updo for a special event. And if you want something more casual, try out easy party hairstyles like a loose curly ponytail with a small braid on the side of your head. It still looks pretty Roman-style, even without any hair accessories.

If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, you should definitely try out Roman hairstyles someday. And to make your curls more bouncy, defined, and shiny, use the John Frieda frizz ease dream curls daily styling cream. It eliminates frizz, leaving hair smooth and silky.

Enriched with magnesium, it helps to restore the natural curl pattern and elasticity. The alcohol-free formula won’t dry your hair, so your curls will stay bouncy and soft to the touch. Make cute Christmas hairstyles for long hair or create a fantastic wedding look with your curls and this John Frieda styling cream.

Elegant Ponytail – My Favorite Among Easy Party Hairstyles

You’ve probably seen this hairstyle done by the famous Jennifer Love Hewitt. It looks very elegant and neat with a fringe. Simply part your hair on any side and make sure it’s deep on this side. Let your hair slip down smoothly onto your forehead to achieve that chic look.

You can curl your hair ends a little with the help of this Remington Pro curling wand with pearl ceramic technology. It features the 1”-1½” tapered barrel that lets you create unparalleled waves. The curling wand heats up in just 30 seconds, and it can reach the maximum temperature of 410°F. The digital controls have a temperature lock to keep the needed heat level for your hair type.

If you’re going to wear this elegant ponytail at New Year’s Eve, you can pick some Christmas hair accessories to complement it. Also, it’s a great style for cocktail parties or even a prom or a wedding, why not? To make your look more tender and sweet, take this beautiful rhinestone leaf tiara by Remedios. It’s a very elegant and subtle adornment that will suit your wedding or prom dress perfectly.

Place it on the top of your head, so that the tiara doesn’t mess up with a fringe if you have one. Since the size isn’t adjustable, it may look a bit different on your hair than on the hair of others. But still, this accessory is quite versatile, so I bet you will figure out how to arrange it on your hair the best way possible.

Polished Bridal Beehive with a Rhinestone Hair Comb

This elegant style is perfect for a wedding or a prom – it’s glamorous, polished, and silky smooth. Yet, it’s quite universal. To make this look more Christmassy, you can decorate it with various Christmas hair bands accessories. And to add sweetness and tenderness, take these awesome bridal hair combs by Jaciya.

They come in a pack of 4 different adornments, and it can be really hard to choose the best one! These silver hair combs are handmade with alloy wire, bead, and rhinestones, just like many other hair accessories. They look especially dramatic on dark to black hair, yet girls with any hair color can try them out.

For those with blonde hair, take a look at these roses hairpins by Rbenxia. They’re 1-inch wide, so you can decorate your beehive with a handful of pins arranged as you wish. They’re suitable not only for the polished beehive but also for pretty much all party hairstyles for short hair as well as longer locks. Total versatility!

Loose Waves with a Headband

If you don’t want anything too intricate for your party hairstyle, simply make your unfastened hair look a bit more festive by adding a small adornment. No matter whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight – just take these cute elastic headbands by Teenitor. There are as many as 5 different headbands in the pack. They’re made with rhinestones and beads, just like many other hair accessories.

These headbands can be easily stretched to fit your head size, and the circumference is about 20-26 inches. To me, they look festive and casual at the same time, so I can imaging wearing such a headband on a date or a meeting with your friends. At the same time, it’s a lovely hair accessory for the Birthday parties, Christmas celebration, and proms.

For curly girls out there, I’d recommend this Curling custard styling cream by Kinky Curly to enhance your wave pattern. Not only does it help to define your natural curls, but also helps to eliminate frizz and adds shine to your locks.

Plus, it provides you with a long-lasting hold which makes it perfect for party hairstyles. Hair doesn’t feel crunchy or greasy after using this product. This styling cream is made with natural ingredients: it contains chamomile, organic aloe vera juice, vitamin E, and more. Not a bad choice for your precious curls, right?

Party Hairstyles: FAQ and Tips

Party Hairstyles: FAQ and Tips
  • How to choose a hairstyle for different face shapes?

Let’s assume that you’ve already determined your face shape. So, those with a round face shape should choose styles that will help lengthen and frame your face at the same time, enhancing your bone structure. I’d recommend the cuts which are longer than chin length – for instance, long bob. Plus, round faces look good with bangs, so you can experiment with a fringe to finish your look.

If you have an oblong face shape, you may want to leave your hair loose. Waves or layers can help to add some roundness to your face shape. You probably want to avoid updos and those styles that require pulling your hair back as they typically put emphasis on the oblong shape. Still, there is something you can do about it. For example, if your hair is thick enough and voluminous, you can make a high curly ponytail. Thanks to the curls, this should add some volume and shift focus to your gorgeous hairstyle.

Finally, good news for those with oval face shape! You can wear pretty much any hairstyle you want because your facial features are already balanced due to your face’s natural symmetry. So, whether you’re looking for party hairstyles for short hair or cute curly hairstyles for Christmas – explore this guide to find the best style for you!

  • How to style African-American hair for a prom?

There are many beautiful hairstyles for thick and curly Afro-textured hair, both easy-to-make and more intricate. Personally, I like those tight coils and always offer my clients to keep their natural curls when making a prom hairstyle. But if you want to diversify your hair routine with a straightened, glossy look, you can achieve it with the help of a flat iron. For example, take this KIPOZI titanium flat iron or the Remington flat iron with anti-static technology. They both feature 1-inch wide heating plates that give you ultimate styling versatility.

  • How to protect my hairstyle against rain?

If the rain caught you by surprise, and you don’t have something to cover up your hair, the hairstyle will probably be ruined. At least, some styling products can somewhat protect your hair against high humidity. For example, this Kenra volume spray promises high-humidity resistance for up to 20 hours. Besides a great hold, it gives your hair extra shine, volume, and body. Or take this TRESemmé TRES TWO hairspray that provides you with a strong hold. Not only does it keep your updo from falling flat, but it also can be used as a finishing styling spray to protect your hair against humidity and frizz. You probably want to protect your cute hairstyles for birthday parties, proms, and weddings like nothing else, and good styling products can be a great help.

  • How to prolong the lifespan of my blowout?

Whether you’re looking for natural hairstyles for a cocktail party or cute Christmas hairstyles, you probably want your blowout to stay fresh and beautiful more than a couple of hours. First, wash your hair with a good clarifying shampoo to get rid of any build-up.

If your blowout requires extra volume, it’s better to skip conditioners, hair masks, and other smoothing products that can flatten hair. The same holds true for curls and waves. But if you want to achieve a bone straight look, conditioners and hair masks can be a great help. Apply them after washing your hair.

Finally, there are lots of styling products that can provide you with a firm hold. Take this L’oreal Paris Studio Line melting gel that gives you a great, yet flexible hold along with extra shine. And to enhance your natural curls, try out the Bed Head Masterpiece hairspray by TIGI. It restores shape to flattened curls, making them defined and soft to the touch.

  • How to pick up hair accessories for a wedding?

Obviously, you want your hairstyle to suit your wedding dress and the whole style of the ceremony. For instance, if you’re planning a boho-styled wedding, floral hair adornments will be a perfect choice. Take a look at this beautiful wedding headband by Unicra. Being almost 20-inches long, it smoothly goes down your curls. By changing the bead, you can arrange this headband with rhinestones on your hair pretty much anyway you want.

For a more classic or romantic wedding look, try out this Mariell hair comb with crystal leaves. It’s made with a metal comb and high-quality European crystals. Add this tender accessory to your bridal updo, a top knot, or a low-swept bun to make the right finishing touch.

  • What cute Christmas hairstyles can I wear with a Christmas cracker hat?

The New Year parties are that kind of parties where you probably want to look not just festive – but Christmassy festive. Sometimes, it requires donning a Christmas cracker hat which may not be the most flattering of hair adornments. Still, there are some hairstyles that suit cracker hats and don’t get ruined with this traditional accessory. For example, you can just keep your curls or straight hair and don a Christmas cracker hat without worrying about ruining your blowout.

The other option is to make lovely low pigtails that will let you position the cracker hat freely on the top of your head. Finally, if you’re ready to spend some time on making a cute Christmas hairstyle, try out low space buns. It’s an ideal choice for naturally curly hair. Just make sure to make your space buns low enough, so that the cracker hat will fit such a hairstyle.

Easy Party Hairstyles and Christmas Hair Accessories Make a Fantastic Look

Easy Party Hairstyles and Christmas Hair Accessories Make a Fantastic Look

You can wear these hairstyles pretty much on any special occasion, including the New Year’s Eve parties. They can be more festive and elegant if you’re going to some official event. And for a small house celebration with your friends and relatives, you can choose more “cozy” styles. There are so many cute short hairstyles for Christmas, not to mention styles for medium-length and long hair: creative Christmas tree braids with a green ribbon, a snowflake braid, a glitter roots bun.

As I said before, good hair accessories can totally reshape your look. I’ve chosen beautiful and tender hair combs, crowns, and headbands for this post. But there are so many options to explore that it’s really hard to choose between them! Besides the design, select for the materials, the brand, and the price. And also read other people’s reviews to choose a high-quality adornment that won’t disappoint you. If you’re purchasing Christmas hair accessories on the Internet, it should be easier to find relevant reviews.

Ladies, what hairstyle for short hair would you prefer for a cocktail party? What easy party hairstyles for medium hair length can you recommend? What do you think of hair accessories for special occasions? Please, share your thoughts and ideas in the comment section below!

Have a good holiday and Merry Christmas to you and your family! See you soon!


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