Our Guide To The Best Mens Body Lotions And Creams


While men lately have been rightly concerned about the well being of certain body parts, they tend to neglect their overall skin health.

We use eye creams to get rid of bags under our eyes, face cream to moisturize, hand cream to repair skin damage and lately have even been using products for our nether regions.

What about everything else?

Our skin is our biggest organ and 90% of it gets neglected.

Time to start using a men’s body lotion to nourish and hydrate the rest of our body.

The best mens body lotions and creams will hydrate your skin, improve circulation, improve the effects of aging and leave you smelling and feeling fantastic. Men’s body lotions with retinol can even help with reversing the effects of age by using an anti aging body lotion from Amazon.com.

In this article I will review the top 6 best mens body lotions that will help you take care of your specific skin problem.

If you don’t have time to read the whole article I made this handy comparison table to find the right skin lotion for men at a glance.

For more detailed reviews, then keep scrolling. You are sure to find the right one for your needs in this guide.

Benefits of Body Lotion for Men

Guys are not known for their adherence to a proper skin care routine. WOmen on the other hand have a cream or lotion for just about everything.

Guys just tend to not think they need them or they just don’t want to bother.

The ironic thing is that after the age of 30, men’s skin ages and shows damage at the same rate as women. So, men should be just as dedicated to taking care of their skin as their fairer counterparts do.

Here are some benefits to consider if you are on the fence about whether it is worth it to use a body lotion:

Rehydrate Dry Skin

More men than women tend to work in harsh environments. If you work outside year round, you know what your skin is like as a result. Dry, flaky, irritated and ashy. Even if you don’t work outside, the air in an office is not exactly skin friendly, either.

By using a body cream or butter, you can lock in the moisture in your skin, or replenish any moisture that is lacking, by applying a body lotion.

This will keep your skin plump, smooth and feeling good.

Eliminate Rough Spots

If you have dry patches or rough areas of skin then you can wipe them out by using the right hydrating cream for your body. Rough patches of skin can be itchy, unsightly or both. Get rid of them and heal your irritation by using a good nourishing lotion.


After a stressful day it is very therapeutic, both physically and mentally, to rub yourself down with a great smelling and moisturizing men’s body lotion.

The act itself is very Zen as it forces you to slow down. The scent of the lotion can be very calming, and the feeling of plump and glowing skin just puts your mind at ease.

Anti Aging

As we age, our skin takes a beating. Years of the negative effects of environment, sun exposure, bad diet or drinking, soap and water and stress can mean sagging, dry, irritated skin.

The best way to get your skin back to its glowing and youthful place is to apply body lotions everyday and opt for the best mens body lotions you can trust. Or, if not everyday, then at least a few times per week.

What to Look for in a Men’s Body Lotion

Actually, I should call this section what to avoid in a men’s body lotion.

The main reason to use a skin cream is to moisturize, but sometimes there are other ingredients that will have the opposite effect.

Generally, the cheap drugstore lotions and skin care products are laden with this stuff to keep things cheap. So I recommend to use only the best mens body lotions. Don’t hesitate to spend a few extra dollars for a quality body lotion, your skin will thank you for it.


Alcohol dries out your skin so it is a battle between the moisturizers present and alcohol. Which one will win? Don’t bother trying to find out. Just avoid this ingredient.

Parabens, Phthalates, Sulfates

These are preservatives that serve no function to your skin at all. They are present just to increase the shelf life of the product. Are they bad for you? Some studies suggest that there are some side effects that can be unpleasant. The FDA says there is nothing definitive but more studies need to be done to be sure.

Best bet is to avoid products with these since your skin doesn’t need them anyway.

Synthetic Fragrance

There is nothing wrong with a body lotion having a scent. In fact, that is a big part of the appeal of using one.

But, the scent should come from natural sources like essential oils. If the ingredient list mentions fragrance, especially when followed by a number, it means it is synthetic and proprietary so there is no way to know what it actually is.

Some fragrances could cause a disruption in your hormones.

Again, there is no reason for synthetic fragrances since there are natural essential oils that do a great job, so just avoid these.

How to choose the right body lotion

To make sure you are going to get the most out of your skin moisturizing lotion, you need to consider how it will work for you in particular. Everybody is different and there are so many variations of lotions that it pays to make sure you understand what you are getting.

Here are some factors to consider before you buy your skin cream.

Know your skin type

The most important factor in choosing the right lotion is to get the right one for your type of skin.

Dry Skin

To really combat dryness you’ll need something heavy duty. The entire purpose of a skin cream is to moisturize dry skin, but if yours is particularly dry then look for ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids. These acids strip away dead skin cells and unclog your pores which will allow for better absorption of the other ingredients in the lotion.

If you look for high strength creams you may find that they contain petrolatum, which is very good at moisturizing dry skin, but if you read the last section then you know I suggest you stay away from that ingredient. Read the label carefully.

Lanolin is very good at deeply penetrating dry skin, but vegans may not want to use it since it comes from sheep.

Hyaluronic acid is also something to look out for as it is highly moisturizing while also locking in the moisture. Your skin will feel soft and plump for much longer with the addition of this acid.

Oily Skin

You may feel like since you have oily skin that you are all set. The reality is that you need to use a skin cream that balances your sebum production and will rejuvenate your skin. You may have skin damage from sun or pollutants that can be cleansed with a good skin lotion for oily skin.

You also may be suffering from frequent acne due to the fact that your pores are often clogged and a skin cream will help that. Try to use a skin cream along with a good face wash to really beat back that excess oil.

Try a lightweight cream that goes on easy and is quickly absorbed.

It should be called non comedogenic and be oil free for the best results. There are lotions that contain bentonite clay that works great with oily skin as well as hyaluronic acid.

Sensitive Skin

Unfortunately, there are many skin moisturizers that contain ingredients that may have your skin feel irritated instead of rejuvenated after you’ve used them.

Since there are a lot of different acids used, it is tough to find a gentle formula that can work on your skin.

The first step is to find an all natural skin cream for sensitive skin. This may still lead to irritation, however, so make sure to read the label carefully.

You definitely want to avoid sodium lauryl sulfate as this is a major cause of discomfort for those with sensitive skin. And you definitely want to avoid any perfume or fragrance. That doesn’t mean you always need it to be without any scent at all. It’s just that perfume and fragrance generally mean there is a synthetic compound to give it a scent that will almost surely give you discomfort or a rash.

If you want some scent then look for the fragrance-free that has the scent come from essential oils like lavender or patchouli.

Also, avoid tea tree oil in your lotion. Even though it is all natural and has a lot of benefits, it can be quite irritating to those with sensitivity issues.

Our Guide to the Best Body Lotions for Men

Best Smelling Men’s Body Lotion

BEAST Body Lotion for Men Check Price on Amazon.com

The nice thing about being a guy these days is that we can use products dedicated to men that smell manly. Years ago you had to steal your wife or girlfriend’s and end up smelling like a flower bed.

This men’s scented body lotion is just the ticket for the guy who wants supple, healthy skin but still smell like a guy.

It’s kind of hard to describe the scent as there are a lot of essential oils at play here.

First and foremost, is the Arnica Mountain flower extract. This is also called mountain tobacco and gives a slightly tobacco aroma.

Next up are the more upfront aromas. Rosemary oil, chamomile, comfrey, cypress and lavender. All combined, they add up to a very masculine scent that is sure to please.

Ok, it smells good. How does it work?

There is a plethora of moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera, shea butter and Vitamin A to keep your skin soft and supple. The addition of caffeine increases blood flow and allows for nutrients to make their way to the skin from within.

It feels great going on, too. With menthol, eucalyptus, and green tea, it has a wonderfully invigorating tingle as it gets absorbed into the skin.

Enjoy the therapeutic effect of some aromatherapy as it works its anti aging magic on your skin.

You’ll notice a big difference in how your skin is softer, glowing and much more healthy looking in general.

Best Non Greasy Body Lotion for Men

Baxter of California Hydro Salve Body Lotion Check Price on Amazon.com

Guys with oily skin need to be careful when choosing a body lotion. Even if your skin is oily it can still benefit from the ingredients of a body moisturizer, but if it is too oily a formula or too heavy, then ti can end up clogging the pores and lead to break outs or rashes.

Luckily, there is this Baxter’s of California body lotion that goes on light and non greasy for those with oily skin.

That isn’t to say that this is a lightweight, it just goes on light. No matter how dry your skin is, either from working in a rough environment, from working out or just from the stresses of modern life, you can get your skin back to baby’s bottom level suppleness in no time.

It absorbs quickly to get to work right away.

The scent is citrusy, with a backbeat of musk for a manly, yet complex aroma.

Baxter claims this can be used to protect the vibrance of the colors of your tattoos, also. Not sure how or what it does to achieve that, but if you have tattoos and use this, I would love to hear about what you think in that regard in the comment section below.

This is a very versatile body lotion that can be used on any skin type, dry, oily, sensitive and dark skin can all benefit from it. It’s not considered as one of the best mens body lotions for nothing!

Best Men’s Body Lotion for Winter

Molton Brown Nourishing Body Lotion Check Price on Amazon.com

Winter time can pose a unique set of challenges when it comes to skin care.

The cold, dry air. The lack of sunlight on the skin. The sweating under layers of clothes. All this adds up to some unhealthy skin that aids in premature aging.

You can beat back the harmful effects of winter by using this Molton Brown body lotion for men, one of the best mens body lotions we have today.

Besides how effective it is at moisturizing and nourishing your skin, it also has a wonderfully warm scent of black peppercorn with some hints of vetiver and coriander. In the winter, this is just what the doctor ordered. It seems like it might be overpowering, but it is just the right amount to be smelled without being overbearing.

The black peppercorn is not just there for the aroma. It is an essential ingredient in this body cream to provide an antioxidant to rid the skin of its toxins. Which are plentiful in the winter, especially since our diets are generally lacking in antioxidant rich food in the darker months.

It goes on light and absorbs quickly, avoiding a greasy or heavy feeling on your skin.

Your dry skin will feel revitalized and hydrated. Use it before bed to reduce the effects of a long winter day and enjoy the smell while falling asleep.

Best Men’s Body Lotion for Summer

NIVEA Men Sensitive Protective Lotion Check Price on Amazon.com

When out and about in the summer you probably don’t think too much about how much skin is exposed except for when you’re at the beach.

Now you can kill two birds with one stone and get your skin back in a healthy routine all while protecting it from UV rays by using this one of the best mens body lotions.

This body lotion with SPF is great for rehydrating dry summer skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.

It has a lot of soothing properties that feel good when you apply it. If your skin is slightly burnt or just irritated from being dry, then the chamomile will feel so good when you put it on.

In addition to protecting from harmful UV rays with a SPF 15, it also tones the skin with Witch Hazel and plumps up the skin with glycerin.

The only two downsides are that it does contain alcohol and fragrance. Two of the big no nos that I am always on about when it comes to grooming products. The reason I can still feel good about recommending this is that it is a good idea to use a body cream with SPF in the summer since you’re not likely to even think about sunscreen when you’re just out walking around or doing errands.

For the negative effects of the alcohol, it has glycerin to counteract any dryness that could occur. And as far as synthetic fragrance, well, I don’t know. I wish they hadn’t used any, but if you don’t use it year round, then it should be fine.

In any case, it does work well at easing irritated skin during the summer, is gentle and does leave your skin feeling hydrated and soft.

Best Body Lotion for Black Men

Brickell Men’s Deep Moisture Body Lotion for Men Check Price on Amazon.com

Black skin has a unique set of challenges and requires a very good body lotion to address those issues.

On the one hand black men can have very oily skin that can easily result in clogged pores when using certain body lotions. Not only that, but it is also one of the best mens body lotions that is still highly effective and natural.

On the other hand, it can be dry and ashy and just not look especially healthy.

Using this Brickell Deep Moisture body lotion is ideal for black skin since it can go deep into the skin and really heal it without clogging pores.

If you’re a black guy with oily skin, this is ideal since it goes on light, is quickly absorbed and also tightens up the skin. Toning your skin to tighten those pores without clogging them will result in a nourished skin and exceptional looking skin tone.

If you suffer from dry and ashy skin, then the jojoba oil gets deep into the skin to rehydrate it, and keeps it that way by making sure the moisture stays in the skin.

The addition of Vitamin E will keep skin from going flaky and looking vibrant and healthy.

The scent comes from essential oils, so is all natural. With hints of lemongrass, peppermint and eucalyptus, it smells fresh and invigorating. The sensation is also quite refreshing due to the slightly menthol like quality from the peppermint and eucalyptus.

Best Men’s Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Jack Black Extra Rich Body Hydrator Check Price on Amazon.com

This excellent and considered one of the best mens body lotions by Jack Black is an intense, yet lightweight and non greasy treatment for very dry skin.

If you have very dry skin on your legs, or any other body part, really, then you will see some spectacular results. Don’t confuse it with the cool moisturizer body lotion they also have. That one is good as well, but this is specifically designed for those with very dry skin.

The secret, or not so secret, ingredient is argan oil. This oil, also called Moroccan oil, is ideal in skin and hair grooming products for its ability to help nourish and heal skin and hair. In this case, it rebuilds the skin cells to leave it healthy and  glowing.

It has some remarkable skin toning ingredients like Omega 6 and coffee seed oil.

You skin will come out moisturized, healthier than ever and plump.

The scent is slightly Mediterranean in that iot has the faint aroma of the olive oil present in it, plus a slight citrus scent.

The scent in general is very mild and not in your face.

If you live in a desert area like the Southwest US or need some extra help keeping your skin healthy in winter, then this is the ideal year round treatment for your flaky skin.

Final Thoughts on Men’s Body Lotion Reviews

Guys, get your grooming game on and start taking care of your skin. I am a broken record sometimes, but I really do believe this is a great time to be a guy. We have so many options for products that keep us looking, feeling and being our best that there is no reason not to.

Start using one of these best body lotions for men for skin repair or some anti aging body lotion to peel back some of the years.

You owe it to yourself to not neglect the rest of your skin, especially if you are taking care of your other parts!


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