10 Best Makeup Setting Sprays 2023 (Perfect Setting Your Whole Day)


Are you looking for a good makeup setting spray which keeps your makeup intact for the whole day?

Even the most beautiful makeup looks can be of no use if your makeup fades after a while. Using long-lasting makeup products can help to an extent but what you really need is a good makeup setting spray. It not only helps your makeup to stay longer but also gives a polished look to the skin. Finding a good makeup setting spray is a confusing job as most sprays do not work that well in prolonging the staying power of your makeup. We have compiled a list of ten best makeup setting sprays which work well and stay true to their claims:

Editor Pick Best Makeup Setting Sprays

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NYX Cosmetics Make Up Setting Spray

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This matte makeup spray from NYX cosmetics gives a shine-free look to your makeup and makes it stay for 10-12 hours. It comes in a black spray bottle which is easy to use and the spray mechanism also works well. It sets quickly and prevents your makeup from fading or transferring. It is suitable for all skin types but suits oily skin well. The texture of the spray is also soft on the skin and does not irritate it at all. The price is moderate as compared to the quantity.

What we like about it:The unique feature of this setting spray is that it not only keeps your makeup from fading but also gives a matte natural look.

e.l.f. Makeup Mist and Set

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With three sizes to choose from, this mist from E.L.F. is one of most affordable makeup sprays you can find online. It has a lightweight and comfortable formula which hydrates and skin and sets the makeup. It gives a dewy finish to the skin and adds radiance to the skin without making it look shiny. Make sure that you spray this on a straight face without smiling as it will create lines otherwise. It also works well in humidity. The price is really affordable.

What we like about it:The quality of this makeup setting spray is really good as compared to the price and it makes the makeup stay for long hours without transferring.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray

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Enriched with rosewater and aloe herb extracts, this face mist cum makeup setting spray is a favorite of many celebrities. It is a great face spray for dry and dehydrated skin as it replenishes the moisture levels of the skin instantly. It does not disturb makeup at all and helps it stay for 8-9 hours depending on the product used. You can use this mist before or after using makeup to rejuvenate your skin or set your makeup. The price of the makeup spray is affordable and the quantity is also worth it.

What we like about it:The formula of this mist is very gentle on the skin and has a beautiful fragrance which makes your skin look and feel fresh.

L.A. Girl PRO Setting Spray

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If you are looking for a non-sticky makeup setting spray which does not dry out the skin then this professional setting spray is a great option. It dries quickly to give you a natural look and keeps the makeup stay without fading. It is good for oily skin as it gives a matte finish to the skin. The formula of the face mist is comfortable and lightweight so it can be worn easily throughout the day. L.A. Girl products do not break out the skin so it can be used by acne-prone skin as well. The price is reasonable.

What we like about it:This setting spray is good for professional makeup for an event or wedding as it gives a matte look which photographs well.

Pixi – Makeup Fixing Mist

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If you have a higher budget, this makeup fixing mist from Pixi is a great product for dry and damaged skin. It not only sets the makeup but also repairs your skin to give you a healthy and radiant look. This mist is infused with rose water and green tea extracts which soothe inflamed skin and reduces redness. It prevents makeup from fading and creasing. It also balances the pH of the skin and is gentle enough for sensitive skin also. The price is high.

What we like about it:The soothing formula of this makeup mist is worth its high price and repairs your skin along with setting up the makeup.

MAC Prep + Prime Fix+

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One of the bestsellers from MAC, this prepping spray is a must for people with sensitive skin. It is quite multipurpose and can be used as a face mist, makeup setting spray, and primer. The formula is enriched with minerals which nourish the skin and create a smooth surface for makeup. It makes your makeup last for as long as you want. This makeup fixing mist is used by professionals all over the world and is quite popular in celebrity makeup bags too. The price is very high but its results make it worth it.

What we like about it:This makeup mist preps the skin for makeup and the mineral-rich formula makes the makeup last all day long.

Mary Kay® Makeup Finishing Spray

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One of the very few finishing sprays which make the makeup last for up to 16 hours, this spray from Mary Kay works in all kinds of climates and keeps your skin soft and fresh. The spray gives a natural finish to the makeup and is water-resistant also. It dries quickly and does not make your foundation look cakey or powdery. The spray has a mild scent which soothes the skin does not irritate it. The price is moderate for the quantity.

What we like about it:Mary Kay is known for its products for delicate skin and this makeup finishing spray is very good when it comes to making the makeup last for more than 15 hours.

ArtNaturals Natural Makeup Setting Spray

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Enriched with aloe vera, sage, and pomegranate extracts, this makeup spray from ArtNaturals gives a matte finish and is made up of 100% natural extracts. It also contains zinc, magnesium, and copper extracts which repair the skin and make it look healthier. The formula is rich in antioxidants which delay signs of aging and add to the radiance of the makeup. It can be used for all skin types and provides a cooling effect. The price is moderate.

What we like about it:The mineral-rich formula of this spray has many natural extracts which nourish and repair the skin and set makeup simultaneously.

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Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray

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If your makeup settles into fine lines, this long-lasting makeup spray from Urban Decay is a must try. The micro-fine mist has a soothing scent which makes the skin feel moisturized and soft. It also works well in humid weather and controls sweat so that the makeup stays for long. The bottle is easy to carry and is easy to be used for touch-ups also. The price is moderate but the quantity lasts for 3-4 months if used regularly.

What we like about it:The UD All Nighter Makeup spray is a must-have if you wear makeup for long hours and do not want to retouch it after every few hours. The formula absorbs easily and has a soothing fragrance.

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Maybelline Facestudio Master Fix Wear-Boosting Setting Spray

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The Maybelline Facestudio range has some good products and this setting spray is one of them. It is available in 2 types of packagings and the spray bottle is handy enough for traveling. It prevents your makeup from melting in the heat and keeps the colors looking vibrant even after a few hours. It also seals in the foundation and keeps it from setting into fine lines. The price of the spray is a bit high as compared to other makeup setting sprays.

What we like about it:This face spray is a good option if you travel often and want to carry a retouching spray. It also keeps the colors intact.

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Investing in a good makeup fixing spray can make your makeup look a hundred times better and stay for a much longer time than usual. It is a great product to use for special occasions like weddings and events which require your makeup to look proper and fresh even after a couple of hours. There are a few criteria that must be kept in mind when buying a makeup fixing spray as some products are not as good as others. Some of these factors include:

  • Skin Type

It is very important that you determine your skin type before choosing a makeup spray as different sprays are formulated for different skin types. The other option is to choose a spray which is suitable for all skin types. People with dry skin should choose hydrating sprays while people with oily skin should use a matte finish spray. Pay more attention to this point if you have sensitive skin.

  • Formula

Some formula of makeup setting sprays can be too strong for your skin type and can lead to redness and irritation or even break you out. Look for soothing formulas with a pleasing scent which feel and look comfortable on your skin. Ingredients like aloe vera, lavender, minerals, and herb extracts should be chosen as they repair the skin as well.

  • Staying Power

The most important job of any makeup fixing spray is to set your makeup and make it last longer than it stays usually. Buy a fixing spray which lasts for at least 10-11 hours and makes your makeup look fresh and vibrant when used. Test the staying power of different sprays by using a trial pack and then waiting for at least 10 hours to see how your makeup looks at the end of the day.

  • Price

You can get a good makeup spray in around 5 $ – 30 $ depending on the brand and the quantity. Look for discount coupons which can help you get your favorite makeup mist at a cheaper rate. Get a smaller bottle first to test the spray on your skin before splurging on a bigger pack.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a makeup fixing spray to get best results:

  • Do not spray the fixing mist too close to the face as it can disturb the makeup. Spray it from a distance to cover the face well.
  • If you want to prolong the makeup staying power even further, use a primer with the fixing spray to make your makeup last for 18-20 hours.
  • Do not use a makeup spray which has a strong scent as this can irritate your skin and aggravate it further. A spray with a mild soothing scent is preferable.
  • You can also use a setting spray to intensify the colors of your eyeshadow by patting it with a brush on your eyeshadow.
  • Wait for some time for the makeup spray to set and dry before testing it as wiping or touching it before setting can lead to smudges.

So these are ten of the most popular makeup setting sprays available in the market which are great in terms of performance and finish. These sprays not only make your makeup last longer but also make your skin look like a celebrity. A good makeup fixing spray can change your life as it can rejuvenate your dull and tired skin for an important event instantly and keeps your makeup intact. Use this buyer guide to find a spray which suits your skin and does not let your makeup budge even in a hot and humid climate.


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