5 Best Lip Primers 2023 – Make Healthy and Plumped Look

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Do you want your lipstick to stay for the whole day? Are you worried that a long-staying lipstick only stays for 2 hours on your lips?

If yes, the product you need is a lip primer. Lip primers are a great way to ensure that your lipstick stays for longer periods without feathering or fading. These primers prime your lips for even application and give the lips a healthy plumped look. If you love matte lipsticks, these lip primers can certainly enhance the staying power and give you a smooth canvas for applying the lipstick. There are so many types of lip primers available in the market that you can get confused about which product to buy. We have compiled a list of five best lip primers that keep your lipstick in place and give a nourished look to your lips:

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Elizabeth Arden Advanced Lip Fix Cream

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If you are looking for a lip primer which fixes deeper lines, this lip fix cream from Elizabeth Arden is good for dry uneven lips. It contains many natural extracts like chamomile, mistletoe, hops, sandalwood, and fennel which nourish the lips and give them a plumped look for applying lipstick. It has a smooth balm-like consistency and stays on the lips for more than 8 hours. It extends the staying power of lipsticks by sealing the color and there is no fading or smudging even after hours of wear. The primer also provides antioxidant protection to the lips to prevent environmental damage. The packaging of this primer is easy to use and compact enough for keeping it in your bag during traveling. The emollient formula and the color-sealing technology make this primer a lip balm and primer combined into one. The price is moderate and considering the fact that you get a multi-purpose product, this price doesn’t seem that high.

What we like about it:This primer cum lip cream has all the features of a lip balm and primer combined into one and it gives you a soft and smooth canvas for applying matte lipsticks easily which stays for hours.

Mary Kay TimeWise® Age-Fighting Lip Primer

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If you are looking for a primer which has anti-aging benefits, this product from Mary Kay is a good buy as it corrects fine lines around the lips and works on the wrinkles to give you smooth and beautiful lips. It comes in a tube-like packaging which is very easy to use as you can directly apply the primer like a lipstick. The tube packaging also protects the product from contamination. It prevents the lipsticks from feathering and smudging and keeps your lips moisturized. The color of the primer is clear so you can apply it under any lipstick and even wear it under neutral colors. The texture of the primer is comfortable on the lips and stays in place for the whole day without feeling heavy on the lips. This primer has been a favorite among celebrities for its long-lasting effects and soothing texture. The price of this primer is a bit high as compared to other models but the compact packaging and the anti-aging ingredients make it a great primer for the lips.

What we like about it:This compact lip primer is a good option for matured skin which needs anti-aging care. The primer corrects wrinkles and fine lines while working on your lips under your lipstick. The clear consistency is an added advantage.

E.L.F. Lip Primer and Plumper

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One of the cheapest lip primers available in the market, this product comes in a dual-sided packaging with a primer on one side and a lip plumper on the other side. The plumper gives a fuller appearance to the lips and the primer increases the lasting power of the lipstick. The primer is easy to use and can be used for touch-ups also. The plumper has a faint cinnamon scent which soothes the senses. It gives a tingling sensation when applied. The texture of the primer is light and creamy. One thing about this primer is that it has a faint neutral color which can alter the color of the lipsticks but gives your lips an even look. It is good for people with uneven lip color as it conceals the marks and darkened skin. The primer keeps your lipstick intact for 7-8 hours without fading. You can also use the lip plumper after exfoliating your lips to get a fresh and soft feeling on the lips. At 3 dollars, this product is a great way to get smooth and plumped lips.

What we like about it:At this price, this plumper and primer is one of the most inexpensive ways to get smooth and plumped lips easily. The plumper helps to give a fuller look and the primer makes the lipsticks last longer.

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NYX Cosmetics Lip Primer Nude

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Available in two colors, nude and deep nude, this pencil stick from NYX is what you need if you have dry and uneven lips. It enhances the color of the lipstick and gives a velvety smooth canvas for it to glide on. The primer comes in a stick-like packaging and the product can be applied directly on the lips. It also prevents bleeding of lip color and keeps it in its place for the whole day. You can also use extremely matte lipsticks with this primer as the formula is very emollient. The shades of this primer are not that dark and work for all skin tones. It applies sheer and does not change the color of the lipstick you are using on top of the primer. The price of this product is very less and it is one of the good budget options you can find in the lip primer category. Matte lipsticks can easily be applied over this primer because of its hydrating formula. NYX is one of those brands which make great products with good quality at a very reasonable price.

What we like about it:The price of this primer and its results make this product a must buy for lipstick lovers as it keeps the lipstick intact for hours and does not alter the color or the finish.

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Too Faced Cosmetics Lip Insurance

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One of the most expensive yet popular lip primers available in the market, this lip insurance primer from Too Faced locks your lipstick and lip gloss to give you a fade proof and smudge proof finish. It contains vitamin E which hydrates the lips and reduces sun damage. The formula of the primer is free of parabens, sulfates, and dyes which can harm the body as lip primers can get ingested. It applies evenly and dries quickly to give an even finish to the lip colors. It prevents feathering and makes the color look intense and vibrant. It does not leave a residue and has no tint so you can wear any lipstick or gloss easily. It comes in a tube packaging with an applicator which makes it easy to apply the primer over the lips. The price is high but the quantity of this primer is much more as compared to regular primers. The formula is also gentle enough for applying on lips which adds to the cost.

What we like about it:The paraben-free formula of this lip primer is safe for the lips and guarantees long-lasting color. The packaging and the applicator make this primer easy to use and carry around during traveling. It also works under lip glosses which is an additional advantage.


Using a lip primer can extend the staying power of your lipstick significantly. These five options are great in terms of performance and suit every budget. Once you know the options available in the market, a choice needs to be made depending upon the features of the primer and its reviews. The following factors need to be considered before buying a primer to get all the benefits:

  • Ingredients

Look for hydrating ingredients like vitamin E, essential oils, and natural extracts which treat the lips and make them look even after regular use. Formulas which are free of parabens and sulfates should be chosen as lip primers can be ingested by mistake and these chemicals can harm the body. People with matured lips with wrinkles and fine lines can go for formulas which have anti-aging benefits.

  • Texture

Soft and smooth consistency should be preferred which can glide on the lips easily and give you soft and nourished lips. Do not buy a primer which has rough particles or feels uncomfortable on the lips. The formula should dry quickly and seal the color for enhancing its staying power. You can buy a lip exfoliator to use before the primer for an even smoother finish.

  • Price

Lip primers can cost anywhere between 2$ to 30$ depending on the brand. Each of these primers has its individual features and should be chosen according to the requirement. The basic function of a lip primer is to extend the staying power of the lipstick and it should perform that efficiently. You can look online for deals available on your favorite lip primer to save some money.

  • Packaging

Primers which come with an applicator or can be used like a lip pencil are easy to use and travel with. Tub packs should be avoided as the product can get contaminated easily by fingers. The quantity of the primer should be neither too less nor too much as the products expire after a certain period of time.

  • Customer Reviews

Keep an eye on what fellow customers have to say about the lip primer you are considering as they can give you genuine reviews on how the product works and what are its advantages and disadvantages. You can even share your own concerns on an online forum about which product to buy and how it performs.

Here are some of the general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a lip primer to get smooth lips:

  • Scrub your lips regularly to get smooth lips and to get rid of dead skin cells. This helps the lip primer to adhere to the lips properly.
  • Apply a lip primer and then wait for it to settle in the fine lines before applying the lipstick to get an even finish and to enhance the staying power.
  • Using a lip pencil before the lipstick also helps to control feathering and gives a defined and contoured look to the lips.
  • Do not apply the primer when your lips are chapped as the primer can settle in the cuts and lines. Using a lip balm regularly will make your lips perfect for using the primer and the lipstick.
  • Reapply the lipstick after pressing a tissue between your lips to get long-lasting color and a smooth finish which stays like that even after several hours.
  • Use lip primers sparingly on special occasions and do not apply them on the inside portion of the lips for the risk of swallowing.
  • Look for primers which have anti-aging benefits to get multiple benefits with one product.
  • Keep your lips protected from sun damage by applying a lip balm with SPF in it as sun exposure can darken the lips.

So these are some of the most sought after lip primers which give your lips a smooth look and help with the feathering. You can apply any lipstick over the primer to get enviable lips. All these primers are made specifically for lips and are very different from face primers. Choose one out of these options depending on your usage and budget. This buyer guide will help you get an idea about which primer is suited for your lips.


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