10 Best Lightweight Professional Hair Dryers


Having a professional hair dryer for home use can help you dry your hair faster while reducing frizz and leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier and shinier.

So, here is a look at the 10 best lightweight professional hair dryers for home use.

Berta Professional Folding Blow Dryer 1875W Negative Ion Hair Dryer


The Berta folding blow dryer is a professional hair dryer that offers dual voltage and a folding handle, making it the ideal dryer to take when traveling.

It has a 1.8 meter long cord with a hanging loop and a cool shot button.

Users find this hair dryer easy and comfortable to hold and to control the settings with just one hand.

It runs extremely quietly and dries your hair quickly saving you time and energy. It is also easy to clean, which will help keep it running reliably for a longer period of time.

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Rusk Engineering Weightless Professional 2000 watt Hair Dryer


This Rusk weightless hair dryer has 7 heat/speed settings and a ceramic tourmaline technology.

It is light weight and has a long cord which makes drying your hair easier.

Users state that it is extremely durable and it shortens the time it takes to dry your hair.

The lightweight of this device doesn’t tire out your arm and it runs relatively quietly.

Users also review that this product leaves your hair with less frizz, looking silkier and feeling softer.

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Conair 1875 Watt Hair Dryer


The Conair Hair dryer comes with an ergonomic handle and 2 heat/speed settings High/low/off. While this is a basic hair dryer, it sells for a great price.

Most users find it to be extremely lightweight making it good for traveling. They also like the fact that it is easy to store.

It does dry their hair faster and it doesn’t get so hot that it burns your scalp or damages your hair. While it is not the most trendy of the professional hair dryers, it does an exceptional job especially considering its low price.

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xtava Allure Supreme 2200w Powerful Salon Quality Ionic Ceramic Blow Dryer


This xtava salon blow dryer has 2 speeds and 3 heat settings. It uses tourmaline ionic ceramic technology to add shine to your hair and to help prevent the frizz.

It has a nice long cord and a nozzle that allows you to direct the heat right where you want it. It is also extremely lightweight.

Users like that this hair device allows them to dry their hair quickly while leaving it frizz free and shining, and mention that it is great for traveling.

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium 3000 Dryer


This BaBylissPRO hair dryer has 6 heat/speed settings along with a cold shot.

It is light weight and uses far-infrared heat for quicker drying. It also comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

Users really like this hair product and state that it provides a good air flow which helps to dry their hair quickly. In addition, it straightens frizzy hair and leaves it looking and feeling healthy.

Users feel that it is a nice size and that it doesn’t heat too hot.

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Revlon RV544 Perfect Heat Fast Dry Speed Hair Dryer


This Revlon fast dry hair dryer is made using triple baked ceramic for even heat distribution and has a cold shot button as well as concentrator and diffuser attachments.

It has 2 heat/speed settings and is light weight and easy to hold without tiring your arm.

Users find that it allows them to dry their hair quickly and they enjoy the fact that it is lightweight and comfortable to use.

Using this device helps their hair come out silky and smooth.

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Rusk Engineering CTC Lite Technology Professional Lightweight 1900 watt Dryer


The Rusk Engineering Professional lightweight dryer is infused with titanium and ceramic for maximum heat transfer to your hair.

It has 7 heat/speed settings and is very lightweight.

It comes with a diffuser and concentrator, and is extremely quiet and easy for people to handle.

Users review that it helps to prevent frizz and that it has a lot of drying power even on the cool setting.

They also say that their hair flies smooth and soft not puffy.

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Conair 1875 watt Dual Voltage Folding Handle Hair Dryer


This Conair 1875 watt folding handle hair dryer emits negatively charged ions and has a folding handle that makes this device handy for travel.

It can be used both in the US and Europe as it has dual controls (though in Europe it only works on the low setting.)

Also, it has 2 heat/speed settings and a cool shot button.

Users find that it will last them for many years and that it does a great job at drying their hair quickly and leaving it smooth and shining.

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Wazor Hair Dryer 1875 watt Ceramic Blow Dryer Negative Ionic Dryer


This Wazor hair dryer is modern and sleek and extremely lightweight.

It has a negative Ion function and a 1.8m power cord. Users are amazed at the air power this dryer puts out especially since it runs relatively quietly.

This professional hair dryer cuts down on the time it takes to dry their hair and still leaves it soft and shining while helping to keep it frizz free.

Users finally like that it dries their hair quickly without causing damage to it.

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Whisper Light Conditioning Dryer Light Model No. B1-3114


The Whisper hair dryer is a modern and sleek hair dryer that is extremely lightweight.

It uses NanoIonic Hybrid technology and far infrared energy for better drying. It comes with a 5 year warranty.

Users really like the fact that it has an easy to clean filter, which helps to extend the useful life of the dryer.

It dries their hair quickly leaving it smooth and shining, and some users actually feel that it improves the looks of hair leaving it looking healthy and feeling soft.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best lightweight professional hair dryer to get that smooth professional salon look every day, then one of these hair dryers should fit the bill.

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