10 Best Indoor Tanning Lotions 2023 (Make You Look a Beach Goddess)

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If you want to flaunt a gorgeous tan, indoor tanning lotions are a great option as they help to get the most natural tan. There are many types of tanning lotions available in the market like bronzers, accelerators, shimmering lotions, maximizers etc. All these types are designed to serve different purposes and you should choose a lotion depending upon which type of tan you want.

If you are looking for good tanning lotions, here are ten which are great in terms of quality and price:

Editor Pick Best Indoor Tanning Lotions

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Ed Hardy Coconut Kisses Golden Tanning Lotion

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Enriched with coconut milk and oil, this tanning lotion gives you a natural gold tan which makes you look like a beach goddess. The lotion also contains a blend which stimulates the production of melanin in the skin which gives it color. It also works to reduce cellulite and fat from the body with its gentle scrubbing action. The cocoa butter present in the formula hydrates the skin and gives an even finish with the tan while providing anti-aging benefits also. The fragrance of the lotion is great and it applies evenly on the body. The price is also moderate.

What we like about it:The rich and hydrating formula of this product gives a nice even tan on the skin without damaging it in any way. The anti-aging benefits and cellulite control are added advantages.

Just Natural Tanning Indoor Lotion

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This tanning lotion is a tanning cum skin care product as it contains all the ingredients which are great for the skin. The formula contains kokum butter, avocado oil, hazelnut, guava extract, papaya extract, aloe vera, coffee among other ingredients. All these ingredients make this lotion rich and hydrating. The product helps to get a natural tan and gives a beautiful glow to the skin. It also maintains the tan to make it last longer. The price is moderate as compared to the results of the product.

What we like about it:The formula of this lotion is great in terms of ingredients which improve the texture of the skin and make it appear youthful.

Australian Gold Smooth Faces Facial Intensifier Tanning Lotion

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Specially designed for sensitive skin, this lotion is enriched with coffee and vitamins which give a great natural glow to the skin. Coffee also makes the skin appear younger and firm. The sunflower seed oil and aloe vera moisturize the skin. The lotion makes the skin look even and polished with its shine-control and hypoallergenic formula. It does not break out the skin as the formula is very gentle. The price is also lesser as compared to the quantity it offers.

What we like about it:The product is very easy to use for indoor tanning and the coffee in the formula controls cellulite and makes the skin youthful and taut.

SunGodZ Apollo/Artemis 375X Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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A lotion with the goodness of argan oil, agave, and coconut oil is great for the skin and this product is just that and a lot more. It gives a dark and flawless tan to the skin without stripping away the skin of its natural oils. It is very easy to apply and takes just a few minutes to show its effects. The silky and smooth formula provides ample hydration to the skin and keeps the skin soft. The price is moderate.

What we like about it:This paraben-free lotion is hydrating for the skin and is great for people who want a darker tan which looks even and radiant.

Smile You’re Darker, Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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If you are looking for a tanning accelerator, this lotion is perfect for getting a bronzed look in a jiffy. It is enriched with botanical oils which nourish the skin and provide anti-aging benefits. It gives a deep tan which lasts for comparatively longer than other tanning lotions. The fragrance of this product is also fresh and subtle. The price is a little high as compared to other lotions but the results are worth it.

What we like about it:The cute packaging of this bottle with its nourishing formula makes this a perfect tanning lotion for getting a deep dark tan.

HONEY FACE FACTS Naturally Dark Hypoallergenic Facial Tanning Lotion

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The formula of this lotion is hypoallergenic and contains natural melanin enhancers. It contains vitamin E & A which control aging of the skin and give it an even look. The aloe vera extracts nourish the skin and help the tan to adhere to the skin. The compact tube packaging allows you to carry this tan everywhere with you. It works well for sensitive skin also. The price is a little high as compared to the quantity.

What we like about it:The compact packaging of this tanning lotion makes it convenient to carry it on a beach vacation to get an instant tan.

2014 Designer Skin Glam Slam Bronzer Tanning Lotion

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Rich in antioxidants, this lotion is made up of a powerful blend of tanning ingredients which give a deep color to the skin and control aging. The lotion also contains caffeine which improves the texture of the skin and prevents signs of aging. The opti-glow technology gives a radiant appearance to the skin. The refreshing kiwi-watermelon scent uplifts the mood. The price of this lotion is lesser than other brands.

What we like about it:The soothing and fresh fragrance of this lotion with its red tea-enriched formula makes it a great option for a tanning lotion which has anti-aging benefits.

SUN LABORATORIES Self Tanning Lotion

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Available in four sizes, this formula is enriched with hazelnut oil which moisturizes the skin and keeps it firm. The lotion is suitable for all skin types and is paraben-free. The formula is made up of natural ingredients which add color to the skin without harming it. It gives a great natural glow to the skin which lasts for a longer time as compared to other tanning lotions. The price of this product is moderate and you can choose a size which you are comfortable with.

What we like about it:The pump packaging allows control on the product and the size availability makes it easier to try the product before buying a full size.

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Fake Bake Flawless

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This tanning lotion comes with a professional mitt which makes it easy to apply the lotion on the skin without staining the fingers. It gives an instant golden tan to the skin which looks completely natural and even. The formula contains no artificial parabens or preservatives which can harm the skin in the long run. It is suitable for all skin types and absorbs quickly into the skin. The tropical scent adds to the tan with a beachy vibe.

What we like about it:This lotion is available in ten sizes so you can choose a size which suits your usage. The tanning mitt makes things easy for someone who does not like staining the hands.

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Natural Sunless Tanning Lotion

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If you are searching for a cruelty-free and vegan formula, this lotion is perfect as it is not tested on animals and is paraben-free. The non-comedogenic nature makes it suitable for sensitive skins also. The formula contains shea butter and vitamin E which hydrate the skin and keep it supple. The natural oils and antioxidants keep the skin youthful and firm. The price is moderate.

What we like about it:The natural ingredients of this lotion give you a great tan without weighing down on your conscience. The shea butter and oils nourish the skin and make the tan application smoother.

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When it comes to tanning, it is very important to go for a lotion which works for your skin type and provides just the right amount of tan you need. Some products are designed for giving deeper tans which can make you look like very dark. This buyer guide will help you to choose the right tanning lotion for your body and face which gives just the right amount of color to your skin. Keep the following factors in mind when choosing a lotion to get a great product:

  • Skin type and concern

It is essential to determine your skin type and concerns before going for tanning to see if it will suit your skin. People with sensitive skin should be very careful because tanning can peel the skin if the formula is too strong. Choose a product which is designed for your skin type and has a gentle formula.

  • Tanning requirement

Some products are designed to give a natural subtle glow to the skin while some tanning lotions have deep and dark tanning formulas. Determine the type of tan you want and which color will suit your skin tone. A deep red tan will suit darker skin tones and a natural gold tan will suit lighter skin tones.

  • Customer reviews

Read what the fellow customers have to say about a product before you take a plunge as you can get the most genuine reviews from people who have used the product before. You can go online to see what other people have to say about the product and how it worked for them.

  • Usage & instructions

With tanning lotions, the most important step is to follow all the instructions very carefully to avoid any mishaps. Leaving the tanning lotion for too long on the skin can burn the skin and lead to peeling. Some tanning lotions are meant to be absorbed into the skin but others need to be washed off. Follow the usage instructions of the product to get the ideal results.

  • Price

A tanning lotion is a product which is used once or twice the month so it is advisable to buy a quality product to avoid any skin injuries. A single bottle will last for a very long time. Tanning lotions generally cost anywhere between 20$ to 50$ depending on the quantity and brand. Look online for deals and discounts available on the product you are looking out for.

Here are some general tips and tricks you should keep in mind when buying and using a tanning lotion to get a great tan:

  • If you want to get a cooling sensation while getting a tan, go for cooling lotions which provide a relaxing cold sensation to the skin while tanning it. There are some tanning lotions which also provide a tingling sensation.
  • Always keep the lotion only for the time advised in the usage instructions to avoid getting a darker tan than required.
  • Avoid products which have a lot of harsh chemicals which can dry the skin and harm it if used continuously. Formulas with moisturizing ingredients should be preferred.
  • Choose a lotion which is easily absorbed into the skin and gives an even finish as a blotchy and uneven tan can look unattractive.
  • Keep the lotion away from the sun to keep the formula intact as the sun rays can disintegrate the product.
  • Using mitts to apply a tanning lotion makes things a lot less messy as the mitt can keep your fingers from staining. Wash your hands carefully before and after application of the product.

So these are some of the most popular tanning lotions available in the market which give you a great natural glow in the color you need without basking in the sun outside. These lotions are great in terms of formula and price and are available in all types of colors and consistencies. Choose a lotion from these options which works for your skin types and gives you a great tan. This buyer guide will help you find a product which you will love for its results. So go out and buy a tanning lotion for getting a gorgeous bronzed look for your next vacation.

Do you love to go for indoor tanning? Which is your favorite tanning lotion?


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