16 Best Hair Combs For Men

Best Hair Combs For Men

A well groomed man keeps their hair, their beard, and mustache neat and stylish looking. Having the right tools for the job makes keeping yourself well groomed simpler and easier.

For example, having the right comb to keep your hair, mustache and beard neat and tidy is an essential part of daily grooming. So, here is a look at the 10 best hair combs for men.

Kent Men’s Handmade Comb (Set of 3)


This Kent men’s handmade comb set comes with three combs for your hair, beard, and mustache.

Each comb is made from high quality plastic materials and has soft rounded teeth that have been hand polished so they glide through your hair, mustache and beard without snagging, pulling or damaging hair.

The mustache comb is extremely tiny making it easy to carry in your back pocket or wallet.

If you are looking for the right comb set to meet all of your grooming needs, then these English made combs may be just what you are looking for.

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¨Rocky Mountain Barber Company¨ Wood Anti-Static Handmade Hair, Beard and Mustache Comb


Made from real wood with nicely spaced teeth, this Rocky Mountain Barber Company hair, beard, and mustache comb is an ideal tool for the well kept man.

This wooden comb is sanded to perfection and extremely gently on the scalp or the chin. It also won’t snag or damage your hair and is designed to provide you with years of use.

Not only is this comb highly functional but it is also attractive and will look good on your dresser.

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Kent Handmade Comb R7T


Made in England, this Kent handmade comb is two ended with one end having coarse teeth and the other end having fine teeth.

It is only about 5 inches long and will glide through your hair without pulling or snagging.

This comb like all Kent combs is rugged, durable and made from high quality plastic.

It is extremely gentle on the scalp or chin while still being able to untangle and tame hair and beards.

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pureGlo Green Sandalwood Handmade Hair Comb


The pureGloHair sandalwood Comb is a no static comb made from sandalwood that has a wonderful natural aroma of its own.

It is handmade from wood and buffalo horn and comes in a premium gift box.This comb works on all hair types, but is especially good for coarse hair.

Its teeth are said to be made of horn and the wooden handle is sturdy and doesn’t pull or damage hair.

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Ace Classic Dressing Hair Comb


The Ace Classic dressing hair comb is one of the most popular inexpensive combs on the market today.

It is 7.5 inches long and is extremely durable. In addition, it has coarse wide teeth and is made for all different hair types and thicknesses.

Made of plastic, this comb is easy to clean and some users state that it seems to massage their scalp. Also, it is a nice size and easy to use.

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Kent Handmade 8 Inch Wet/Thick Coarse hair Rake Comb (10T)


This Kent handmade 8 inch comb is designed for wet/thick and coarse hair.

Handmade in England of high quality plastic, this comb does not break or damage hair. Its teeth are evenly spaced and it works equally well on both wet and dry hair.

It also works well on thick coarse beards untangling the beard and keeping it looking neat and tidy.

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Magic 10 Piece Professional Styling Comb Set


The Magic professional  comb set contains 10 various styles of combs designed to meet all of your hair grooming needs.

This set has such combs as a rat tail comb, Pick, Lifter, curl rake, teasing comb and much more.

Made of heavy duty plastic, this set is ideal for use by the entire family including men, women and children. There are combs suitable for beards and mustaches as well as the hair on your head.

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Repsol Care Handmade Boar Bristle Wooden Hair Brush and Comb Kit for Men


This Repsol Care Boar Bristle Wooden hair brush and comb kit is an attractive and highly functional kit for keeping your beard and mustache looking its best day in and day out.

The brush in this set is 100% boar bristles and the comb is anti-static and snag free. These products come with a 90 day money back guarantee and a cotton travel bag.

While this set is designed to be used on your hair, beard and mustache, most users find it ideal for maintaining their beard.

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Kent-The Handmade Comb 12-T


This Kent handmade comb measures 146mm and is of a medium size for thick coarse hair.

It is made of non-petroleum based plastic and is great for keeping your beards neat and tidy.

It is durable and small enough to fit into the pocket of your jeans or breast pocket of your shirt. Moreover, it is extremely high durable and will last for years with reasonable care.

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Percy Nobleman Hair Comb


This Percy Nobleman Hair comb comes in a tortoise shell design and is made from lightweight, durable plastic.

Users find that it is nice looking and extremely durable with smooth teeth that glide through a man’s hair or beard.

Its teeth smoothen and untangle hair while gently massaging the scalp. With proper care, this hair comb should last for years of daily use.

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2 Klawz Hair Comb for Men

2 Klawz Hair Comb for Men

This Klawz pearwood hair comb is a high quality comb with both fine and wide teeth.

This comb is solid and high quality with sanded teeth that gives this comb a satin like finish. This comb is excellent for both head or beard and has a real masculine looks.

Users like the feel of the wooden teeth stating that it great for untangling wiry beard hair and for combing through thick hair.

They state that this comb is durable and sure to last for years with proper care.

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Kent Handmade Gentleman’s Folding Pocket Comb

Kent Handmade Gentleman's Folding Pocket Comb

This Kent folding pocket comb is 4 inches long when folded and opens to 7.75 inches when opened.

Users find this comb great for both their hair and beard and fits into a pocket making it the perfect comb for travel and for touch up during work.

This comb is extremely sturdy and smoothens the hair very well. Users like that this comb folds and unfolds easily and is durable and comfortable to use.

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Kent 7 Inch Coarse/Fine tooth Comb for Men

Kent 7 Inch Coarse Fine tooth Comb for Men

This Kent 7 inch coarse and fine tooth comb is 7 inches long (16t) and made from cellulose acetate.

This comb is durable and has rounded teeth that helps to untangle hair and glides through the hair without snagging.

This comb works exceptionally well with hair products such as pomades and the comb can be easily washed.

Users find that this comb has a nice weight and feels good both in the hand and in the hair.

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Professional Quality Pocket Combs

Professional Quality Pocket Combs

If you are one of those men who are constantly losing good quality pocket combs, this container filled with 72 combs may be the answer to the problem.

Each comb is 5 inches long and fits neatly into almost any pocket. These comb are break resistant ( You can bend them almost in half.)

These combs also have coarse and fine teeth which are quite durable. Best of all there are enough combs for the entire family to have their own for years to come.

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Tough and Tumble Metal Comb “The Revolve” with Leather Sheath

Tough and Tumble Metal Comb “The Revolve” with Leather Sheath

This Metal comb by Rough and Tumble is Heavy weight and hand finished. Users find that this comb is sturdy and unbreakable and will last a lifetime.

The ring on this comb makes it extremely easy to remove from the sheath. The sheath itself is masculine looking and extremely handy.

The metal teeth on this comb glides through the hair and works great for detangling beards.

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Striking Viking Folding Wood Comb

Striking Viking Folding Wood Comb

The Striking Viking Folding wood comb is made from sandalwood and is perfect to use for both the head and the beard.

This comb fits easily in the pocket and is extremely well made and durable. When opened the comb fits the hand well.

The wooden teeth on these combs reduces snagging when combing your hair or beard and the users love the natural scent of this comb and the fact that there is less static when combing with wooden combs.

This comb is extremely durable and will last for years with proper care.

To conclude, if you are looking for the best comb for men to keep the hair on their head and face looking well groomed, then one of these combs make a great choice.

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