Best Hair Clips For Thick Hair


Many women with thick hair can find it difficult to create up dos and other hair styles because hair clips on the market are simply not designed to hold massive amounts of hair.

For those women with thicker hair, finding the best hair clips for thick hair can allow them more versatility in their hair styles and in styling their hair.

So, here is look at some of the best hair clips for thicker hair.

Prettyou 5.5 Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana Clip for Women (Pack of 2)

Prettyou 5.5 Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana Clip for Women

These hair claw banana clips for women are nice and long. They measure 5.5 inches each and are designed to hold longer and thicker hair than normal. They are also strong and hold hair extremely well.

Users say that these clips don’t hurt their head due to their curved shape and that they hold their hair neatly in place.
This set comes with two clips, one dark and one tortoise shell clip.

Both of them allow women with thicker hair to put their hair up on top of their heads.

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PuffCuff Original 5 Inch Clip

PuffCuff Original 5 Inch Clip

PuffCuff original 5 inch clip is designed for women (and men) with curly hair. It is round in shape and has nice teeth to hold curly hair in place.

It is also lightweight, black in color and made in the USA. The circular shape of this clip makes it easy for women to pull their hair into curly bun styles while keeping their hair’s volume and not compressing the curls.

Users find this product easy to use and they like the fact that it doesn’t pull hair or cause headaches.

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Minalo 6 Piece Plastic Alligator Hair Clips

Minalo 6 Piece Plastic Alligator Hair Clips

This set of 6 Minalo Alligator hair clips is colorful and designed to hold all different thicknesses of hair.

These clips are perfect for use when styling your hair because they allow you to separate different sections of your hair. They are 4.5 inches long and the high tension springs hold the hair well while styling or dying it.

They are also easy to use and users like the fun colors at which they are available. Overall, they are extremely useful and versatile.

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Caravan Canal Tubular Barrette for Thick Hair (Tortoise Shell)

Caravan Canal Tubular Barrette for Thick Hair (Tortoise Shell)

This Caravan Canal Tubular Barrette for thick hair measures 3.5 inches across the top and 2.5 inches across the bottom. It is made in France and has a strong clasp.

Its arched shape allows it to hold more and thicker hair. It also works great at holding thick hair both in an upswept do or at the back of the neck.

This barrette is very well made and the curved shape makes for more comfortable wear.

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6 Piece Salon Crock Hair Styling Clips: Plastic Alligator Clips (Rose red) by Mokale

Salon Crock Hair Styling clips

This 6 piece Salon Crock Hair Styling clips are designed for sectioning and styling both thick and thin hair.

These rose red (pink) alligator clips are double hinged and will hold all different thicknesses of hair. They are perfect for sectioning hair to dye or style it because they hold hair well without slipping or causing breakage.

They are 4 ½ inches long, lightweight and extremely versatile.

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DCNL Metal Strap Clips

DCNL Metal Strap Clips

These DCNL metal strap clips come in a set of 6 easy to close clips that are designed for both thick and thin hair.

This set comes with 4 dark (black) clips and 2 silver clips. They are 2.5 inches long and the claw back prevents the clips from slipping.

These hair accessories are great for people who want to hold back sections of their hair when creating different hair styles or sectioning for styling. They are also great for pulling back sections of hair quickly when working out as well as comfortable enough to wear all day long.

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Scunci Thick Hair Barrettes (Set of 3)

Scunci Thick Hair Barrettes

This set of 3 Scunci Thick Hair barrettes are slightly less than 4 inches long. They are simple colors that go with most outfits and are designed to hold thicker hairs.

Their countour shape fits the head well and keeps thick hair in place when it is put up.

They are not designed to hold the entire head of hair, but are rather designed to hold a portion of the hair when it is pulled back in order to create the hair style you want.

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Scunci No-Slip Grip Octopus Clips, 8.5cm (Set of 3)

Scunci No-Slip Grip Octopus Clips

This set of 3 Scunci no-slip grip Octopus Clips comes in natural, black and tortoise shell. These clips have 8 interlocking legs or tips that have a non-slip material inside of the surface of each of the legs.

They prevent hair from slipping out and are ideal for creating buns or a type of ponytail for women with thicker hair. These octopus clips are extremely comforting even when wearing all day long.

In addition, they are incredibly durable and sure to last for several years of regular use.

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Scunci No-slip Grip Hair Clip

Scunci No-slip Grip Hair Clip

This Scunci no-slip grip hair clip comes in black and brown (no color choice for buyer.) It is 3.5 inches on top and 1.5 inches deep.

This hair accessory is designed to create cascading hair styles and you can also use it for creating different hair styles while holding thick hair painlessly. The inside of it is designed to hold thicker hair and keep it from slipping.

Users state that it is comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

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Prettyou 5.5” Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana Clips for thick hair ( Set of 2)

Prettyou 5.5” Large Crystal Plastic Hair Claw Banana Clips

These 5.5 inch large crystal plastic hair claw banana clips are very pretty and delicate looking. They are extremely easy to use and hold a large amount of thick hair.

They are also perfect for creating those upswept styles and holding the hair in place all day long. They are strong and a great size.

Their curved shape fits the head well and allows users to create a number of hair styles simply and easily.

To conclude, if you are looking for the right clip to hold thicker hair, then one of the best hair clips for thick hair in this review may well be just what you are looking for.

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