The Best Hack Squat & Leg Press Machines (2021 Reviews)


Hack squats are squats performed with the aid of a machine. This form of exercise targets your quadriceps and your gluteus maximus – buttocks. Essentially, you place your feet on plates, bend your knees and push – then, return to starting position. You can adjust the level of intensity by adding weight. With leg presses, you are comfortably seated parallel or at an angle, and you either push straight away or up. Similar to hack squats, the leg press also works out your glutes, hamstring, and quads to a certain extent.

Since both hack squats and leg presses work major muscle groups in your butt, thighs, and hips, they’re considered great lower body workouts. Who doesn’t want a shapely lower body? Here, we have compiled a list of the top 25 hack squat and leg press machines to help give you the body of your dreams. All ratings and prices are based on Amazon and current at the time of publication.

1. Body Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym

Body Solid EXM3000LPS Light Commercial Gym

Current Rating: 3.8

The Body Solid EXM3000LPS Commercial Gym comes with a squat machine to perfect your workout routine. Whether you are exercising for maintenance, growth or weight loss, you won’t be disappointed. The seat comes with DuraFirm padding for comfort even during strenuous training sessions. In addition, the non-slip foot plate will keep your position firmly in place. Now, you can build and tone your rear and quadriceps with ease.

Key Features:

  • Up to three users
  • Limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty
  • DuraFirm pads

2. Body Solid G10B-LP Bi-Angular Gym with Leg Press Attachment

Body Solid G10B-LP Bi-Angular Gym with Leg Press Attachment

Current Rating: 4.8

Body Solid G10B-LP Bi-Angular Gym is all you need to get your body in tip-top shape. Weight training and squats are the most effective forms of exercise for weight loss, strength, endurance, to increase your metabolism and for a shapely and toned physique. Who doesn’t like having a strong and toned lower body? Instead of performing squats while standing, you can sit comfortably which is the best position to keep your back from potential injury. Yet, your body will continue to reap the benefits squats provide. Not to mention, this home gym comes with a lifetime warranty.

Key Features:

  • Bi-angular technology
  • DuraFirm padding
  • Lumbar support

3. Body Solid Leg Press

Current Rating: 4.1

The Body Solid Leg Press can be used by anyone, of all fitness levels. If you were to carry weights and perform squats from a standing position, you increase your potential for injury. With a squat machine, you get to add weights but also experience a smooth motion that prevents back strain. Still, you will feel the burn and resistance in your lower body–where you want it most. Body Solid is a trusted brand name in the gym world, and this machine will prove worthy of that reputation.

Key Features:

  • Quad track roller system
  • DuraFirm
  • Three lockout positions

4. Body Solid LP40S Leg Press for EXM4000S Home Gym

Current Rating: N/A

The Body Solid LP40S Leg Press attachment is the perfect squat machine with everything you need to get a perfected lower body. As you workout on this durable machine, you will see your rear and quadriceps firm and tone up over time. In fact, you should take before and after photos because you will certainly be pleased with the results. Plus, this attachment comes with a lifetime warranty which gives you ease of mind as you continue to put your health first for the rest of your life.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Consistent resistance
  • Smooth movement

5. Body Solid Pro Club Line SLE200G2 Leg Extension with 210-Pound Weight Stack

Current Rating: 5.0

Body Solid Pro Club Line SLE200G2 emulates the results of a squat by truly working your leg muscles. You can focus on the front or the rear. Setting up a leg day has never been easier. In addition, you’ll enjoy the DuraFirm padding for added comfort and support.

Key Features:

  • Strong mainframe
  • Smooth movement
  • Variable resistance

6. Body Solid SLP-500G

Current Rating: 4.0

The Body Solid SLP-500G will ensure you never feel insecure about your legs again. Nothing can compare to having a strong lower body as it enhances everything you do in life from walking to running to your stamina levels and lifting heavy loads. You need that lower body strength to carry your body in top form. The seat is padded with tear-resistant DuraFirm for comfort even when pushing your limits. Plus, it comes with a 310 lb weight stack, which is more than you need for strength training and body shaping.

Key Features:

  • DuraFirm
  • Pillow block
  • Friction-free movement

7. BodyCraft F660 Leg Press / Hip Sled

Current Rating: 4.0

The BodyCraft F660 leg press comes with linear bearings that never wear out. Plus, you can fold the foot plate away for hack squats. Start with a few reps per day and work your way up. You’ll love the fact that it also comes with a lifetime warranty. And, the smooth motion will remove any additional stresses from your body.

Key Features:

  • Linear bearings
  • Adjustable shoulder pads
  • Lifetime warranty

8. Inflight Fitness Seated Leg Press W/Shrouds

Current Rating: N/A

It is extremely difficult performing weighted squats while standing. Getting the proper form can take all of your focus. Instead, the Inflight Fitness Seated Leg Press is all you need to work on your lower body. You really don’t need anything else. The motion is smooth while offering the resistance you need to build and maintain muscle.

Key Features:

  • Eight seat positions
  • Lifetime warranty on weight and frame plates
  • Ball bearings at every pivot

9. Model HLS2000 Hack Squat/Leg Press

Current Rating: 2.9

The Model HLS2000 Hack Squat will give you a jump start on lower body fitness. For starters, it comes with an elongated back pad to provide much needed neck and back support. In addition, the foot plate is adjustable to give you a customized fit. Moreover, it has a massive weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. You can be certain that your workouts will be powerful with this machine.

Key Features:

  • Safety spotter arm system
  • Eight roller system
  • Commercial padding

10. Powerline BSGLPX Leg Press

Powerline BSGLPX Leg Press

Current Rating: 3.1

The Powerline BSGLPX will get your body in shape for a lifetime. It is easy to assemble and works with the Powerline home gym system. Plus, you can work your lower body in a variety of ways. Moreover, it comes with a limited 10-year warranty.

Key Features:

  • Limited 10-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Extra pulley
  • Durable construction

11. Powerline Home Gym with Leg Press

Current Rating: 4.0

The Powerline Home Gym is a fat buster for sure. Why work on just two body parts when you can work on them all? Still, you will never feel more comfortable doing seated squats with this machine. It already comes with a 160lb weight stack. Yet, you can upgrade the system to 210lbs. Depending on your leg and foot control, you can work your lower body in a variety of ways. Plus, it also comes with a 10-year Powerline warranty–that is more than enough time to get fit and stay fit.

Key Features:

  • 2:1 ratio
  • 10-year warranty
  • Comfortable hand grips

12. Powerline PVLP156X Vertical Leg Press

Current Rating: 4.3

The Powerline PVLP156X is the perfect way to get a shapely and toned lower body. You get pure isolation of your lower body for a targeted workout. And, you won’t want to get up either because it comes with an extra-thick back padding and contoured head and neck pad. Plus, it has a 400 lb capacity–which, is more than enough to get any body type in shape.

Key Features:

  • 400 lb. weight capacity
  • 10-year warranty on the frame
  • Extra-wide footplate

13. Powertec Fitness Levergym Squat

Current Rating: 4.0

The Powertec Fitness Levergym is an an unparalleled squat machine. It has a weight load capacity of 500 lbs, and offers the perfect resistance to tone your entire lower body. With the proper positioning of the wide foot plate, you take off all the stress from your knees and lower back. Not to mention, your thighs do the work.

Key Features:

  • Over 500lb weight capacity
  • Remove stress from lowerback and knees
  • Innovative slide handle bar

14. Promaxima Performance Plus Linear

Current Rating: N/A

The Promaxima Performance Plus is built to improve your lower body strength. As you push and release, you can feel your lower body burning fat while building much-needed muscle. The linear bearings never break, and ensure a smooth workout. Plus, it has a non-slip platform and thick-padded shoulder pads for a comfortable workout.

Key Features:

  • Linear bearings
  • Thick shoulder pads
  • Custom rubber grips

15. Promaxima Performance Plus P171AS

Current Rating: N/A

The Promaxima Performance Plus P171AS is the dream lower body machine. You no longer have to worry about straining your back when performing squats. Plus, you have durable hand grips to ensure only your legs are doing the work. The seat and back have thick padding to keep you seated comfortably and secure. Not to mention, the extra wide, non-slip plate will keep your feet firmly in place.

Key Features:

  • Powder coat finish
  • Bacteria-free upholstery
  • Non-slip foot platform

16. Promaxima Raptor Seated Leg Press 300lb Stack

Promaxima Raptor Seated Leg Press 300lb Stack

Current Rating: N/A

The Promaxima Raptor does live up to its name as a force in the lower body building world. All the upholstery is seamless to ensure a comfortable seated position. You can adjust the sliding seat to five positions. And, it has a 300 lb weight stack.

Key Features:

  • Powder coat finish
  • Seamless upholstery
  • Five position seat

17. SportsArt Fitness A989 Plate Loaded Hack Squat

Current Rating: N/A

The SportsArt Fitness A989 was designed professionally for club use, which makes it perfect for home use. You want a machine that will stand the test of time. It comes with linear bearings that never flatten and offer smooth, stress-free motion. The extra-wide, non-slip plate will keep your feet in place. The back and shoulder pads are thick for comfort during multiple, back-to-back reps. You can even remove and store your plates when not in use.

Key Features:

  • Olympic plates
  • Commercial-rated
  • Smooth motion

18. TDS Calf and Squat System

Current Rating: 5.0

This TDS squat system is perfect for your entire lower body as it also works your calves. The heavy-duty padding ensures comfort during exercise. Plus, you can load up to 1,000 lbs. And, the extra-wide, non-slip plate ensures you have the proper form and support when building your lower body muscles.
Key Features:

  • Heavy duty padding
  • 1,000lb capacity
  • HD pillow block bearings

19. TDS Mini Leg Press

Current Rating: 3.6

This TDS Mini Leg Press is perfect for your home or club gym, because it is as straightforward as it gets. You squat from a seated position, adding as much weight as you can safely handle. It comes with a large diamond plate for stability. Plus, it has a three-position carriage stop. You also get a lifetime warranty on all frame plates. And, it can hold up to 500 lbs.

Key Features:

  • Large diamond plate
  • 500lb capacity
  • Lifetime warranty

20. TDS Pro Sissy Squat

Current Rating: 3.9

The TDS Pro Squat machine will give you a great lower body workout from anywhere. You can enjoy its deluxe padding and powder-coated frame. Not to mention, it has a non-slip plate. And, the rear cushion is adjustable for comfort.

Key Features:

  • Deluxe padding
  • Powder coated
  • Non-slip plate

21. Weider Ultimate Body Works

Weider Ultimate Body Works

Current Rating: 4.4

Those in the fitness world know and trust the name, Weider. This machine will work your lower body and everywhere else, too. What makes it nice from a home gym perspective is its portability and affordability. The cable and pulley system give you reliable range of motion. This is the perfect system for all body types and fitness levels, as well.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable incline
  • 90-day warranty
  • Smooth resistance

22. XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616

Current Rating: 3.5

The XMark Leg Press Hack Squat XM-7616 has a 1,000 lb capacity. And, it also has four settings for the footboards and backrests. Still, you can depend on this machine for a consistent lower body workout. Even the three-inch DuraFirm cushions are tear resistant. Not to mention, this machine is ergonomically designed.

Key Features:

  • Ergonomically-designed
  • Scratch-resistant finish
  • Duracraft cushions

23. York ST Power Front Squat

Current Rating: 5.0

This York ST machine will help you become a squat master in no time. You get the benefits of a front squat and hack squat in one system. And, it comes with a two-tier safety catch. Plus, the non-slip foot plate will keep your feet in place.

Key Features:

  • Two-tier safety catch
  • Non-skid footplate
  • Built-in weight storage

24. Yukon Fitness Husky Hip and Leg Sled Lower Body Gym

Current Rating: 3.8

The Yukon Fitness Husky Hip and Leg Sled Lower Body Gym is going to give your lower body an extreme makeover. It comes with a built-in Olympic plate. And, it has a 1,000 lb capacity. Plus, the back pad is extra wide and fully adjustable. Depending on your comfort level, it offers multi-position stop locks.

Key Features:

  • Olympic plate
  • 1,000lb capacity
  • Multi-position stop locks

25. Yukon Seated Leg Press Attachment

Current Rating: N/A

The Yukon Leg Machine attachment works with the Yukon home gym system. It has 10 rollers to give a smooth workout. And, the safety handles offer a secure grip. Plus, the plate is non-slip. Your lower body will thank you for this targeted, muscle-building machine.

Key Features:

  • 10 rollers
  • Safety handles
  • Extra wide footplate

Regardless of age or fitness level, squats should play a role in everyone’s fitness routine. Not only do they work your legs and rear, but they also increase your metabolism, improve mobility and help to reach and maintain your ideal body weight.


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